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Real estate Tier 3

ASBZ Advogados is equipped to advise on complex real estate development projects, acquisitions, financings and corporate ventures. The team also has good expertise on the litigation front. Clients include major developers and investment funds. Practice heads Marcelo Valença and Raquel de Moraes Laudanna Marinelli are both highly recommended by clients.


‘ASBZ has a team of experienced real estate lawyers that are reliable, creative and professional. They will continue to hammer away at issues until they find a solution they can recommend or simply and frankly tell you there is NO solution. In other words, you will always know with transparency if a decision can be taken or not. You never leave a deal wondering if you could have done it with an other law firm.’

‘The team has great knowledge in the area of local real estate legislation (which is extremely complex) regarding taxes, capability of foreclosing as well as clauses that will hold in a court in the event of a chapter 11.’

‘Marcelo Valença is a very experienced real estate lawyer that has done hundreds of real estate transactions which range from the simple to the highly complex. He is always willing to take on the most difficult of transactions and help the client get the deal done.’

‘Raquel Laudanna is an efficient lawyer and a great negotiator.’

Key clients

Hines do Brasil Empreendimentos

Cushman & Wakefield Consultoria Imobiliária

GE Global Operations

Banco J.P. Morgan

Beacon Ensino Médio e Fundamental

Associação Escola Graduada de São Paulo

7 Bridges Latin America LLC

Porte Engenharia e Urbanismo

Brookfield Group

Prologis Logistica

GGR Covepi Renda Fundo de Investimentos Imobiliários

BTG Pactual

Ujay Capital

Grupo São Joaquim

TMT: Cybersecurity and data privacy Tier 3

ASBZ Advogados is a solid performer in the field of data protection compliance consultancy, having recently advised extensively on the Brazilian General Data Protection law (LGPD). Department head Luiza Sato brings together expertise in the areas of digital law, IP and data protection, including data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT). Guilherme Braguim, who joined from Opice Blum, Bruno, Abrusio, Vainzof Advogados Associados in 2019, is another key individual; he is experienced in both contentious and non-contentious matters.

Practice head(s):


‘Top notch advice and up-to-date deep knowledge in a field that is evolving by the minute. Impressively efficient and able to find the angles that are the most relevant to my company’s activities.’

‘Luiza Sato is one of the most intelligent lawyers I have dealt with. She is as efficient as they come, is extremely creative and encourages and even challenges the client to also think outside the box.’

‘ASBZ has a great team. They are always careful and able to support us whenever we need. The lawyers that support us directly are Fernanda Catão and Luiza Sato. They are very supportive and careful. In the services they provide us, we feel that they have total knowledge of the subject, always updated and aware of what is going on. The understanding of the technological challenges and capabilities makes this team a champion.’

‘They are compromised and knowledgeable of both technology trends and law. This makes for an easy communication on different levels.’

Key clients

American Airlines

United Airlines

Air France / KLM

Fast Shop





CEVA Logistics




Instituto Devolver

Human Rights Watch

Fundação Zerrenner


Carteira Online





Corporate and M&A Tier 4

ASBZ Advogados has seen significant growth since its establishment in 2011, and has cemented a solid reputation in the corporate sphere. It has recently won a number of new clients operating in the agribusiness, energy and food sectors, among others, and it also stands out for its aviation-sector expertise. Key partners Ricardo Melaré and Gabriela Claro can draw on in-house and private practice experience, including at international firms. Gustavo Rached Taiar and associate Thiago Takuno receive praise.


The main difference between ASBZ team and other law firms is that they are all business oriented, they behave like entrepreneurs all the time. They are fast to understand the details of the negotiation, and always translate the legal terms, especially in M&A practice, to business language, so we can decide and proceed very fast in the negotiation causing no unnecessary noise to the other part of the negotiation.

It is also important to mention that the ASBZ office is completely different from other law firms; it looks like a start-up company, which makes them very agile. Lastly, all of the staff, not only the lawyers, make you feel like you are in your own company.

Gustavo Taiar is an exceptional lawyer, not only very knowledgeable but also very humble and always available.

The office is very well located in the heart of the commercial area of Sao Paulo. Very cool interior design. Doesn’t look like a law firm at all, and that is a good thing. The team is very friendly and accessible, there is no formality and they are very honest.

Gustavo Rached Taiar – very patient, he stands out bringing the most important things in the negotiation to our attention. He is very focused in our meetings, so we just need to explain one time our demands and situation. Another great thing is that the feedbacks is very fast.

Thiago Takuno – very focused, every demand that we or the deal needs, he was ready to do it, and every time it was done very well. The communication was also a great factor, highly available, by WhatsApp, e-mail or phone. Last, his technical knowledge was a huge difference to make the deal done fast.

Key clients

United Airlines



El Al

Carteira Online


BTG Pactual

Arteon Z


Digital Smile Desing


Caixa Econômica Federal


Fortezza Partners

J Macedo

Louis Dreyfus Company


Tarpon Investimentos



Regina Festas

Sagmo Capital



Terra Santa Agro

Labour and employment Tier 4

ASBZ Advogados has a good track record for representing employers in complex labour disputes. The team also advises companies across a range of industries on strategic issues, including the negotiation of collective agreements, the drafting and review of internal policies, and internal investigations. In litigation, the lawyers have experience in judicial and administrative claims, including public civil actions, health and safety-related issues, and allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment. Decio Daidone Junior and Rodrigo Shiromoto are recommended for their contentious and non-contentious expertise.


‘This team is really amazing. They answer our requests quickly, technically and effectively. They have total control of the issues they conduct and know exactly what to do, making it easier for the manager to have the best decision.’

‘The ASBZ teams are always available and ready to help us. They also know our business and how to deal with our daily pressure, without losing the quality of the services provided.’

‘The team don’t limit their advice to legal aspects, combining a strategic vision of the business and legal advice. They know what they are doing.’

‘Rodrigo Shiromoto has great and solid technical know-how, availability and excellent client service with a vast knowledge of labour disputes.’

Key clients

Human Rights Watch

Astrazeneca do Brasil

Accenture do Brasil

Heineken Indústria de Bebidas

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Solenis Especialidades Químicas

United Airlines

Shire Farmacêutica  Brasil

Banco Modal

Emirates Airlines

Chiesi Farmacêutica

Comitê Paraolímpico Brasileiro

Protege – Prot. e Transp. de Valores

Ford Credit Serviços de Assessoria e Consultoria

Rádio e Televisão Bandeirantes

Solví Participações

Sandoz do Brasil Indústria Farmacêutica

Glenmark Farmacêutica

Restructuring and insolvency Tier 4

ASBZ Advogados is developing an increasingly strong position in the market, particularly in its advice to banks as creditors in refinancings and judicial reorganisations. Bruno Delgado Chiaradia is the key contact on the non-contentious side, with Aitan Canuto Cosenza Portela handling the litigation work. Clients also single out up-and-coming partner Leonardo Adriano Ribeiro Dias for praise.


‘ASBZ is an excellent law firm in Brazil and we worked with them with restructuring and insolvency area. They have a great team and can update our in-house lawyers with all the information and technical support that we need to decide the strategy of the deal.’

‘Leonardo Adriano Ribeiro Dias is our main contact and what makes the difference is his knowledge in the area, especially in insolvency, that give us all the fundamentals necessary to analyse the cases and support a decision.’

Key clients

Banco Santander (Brasil)

Banco Bradesco

Kirton Bank

Banco Original

Banco Itaú

Deutsche Leasing Finance GMBH

Mexichem Brasil Industria de Transformação Plástica

Roche Diabetes Care Brasil

DASA – Diagnósticos da América

United Airlines

Banco Fibra

China Construction Bank – Banco Múltiplo

Banco AndBank (Brasil)

Banco Modal

Tax Tier 4

ASBZ Advogados continues its strong upward trajectory, impressing clients with its wide range of tax expertise. Tax consultancy and structuring advice remain core areas of focus, though the firm is also very active in tax litigation and customs matters. Alexandre Gleria leads the young team, which includes Adriana Passaro, Adriano Gonzales Silveiro, who is noted for his strong expertise in social security-related tax issues, and Danilo Leal. Associate Antonio Moreno is also singled out for praise.

Practice head(s):


‘Technical team very well prepared and available to work in partnership with the client. Agility and creativity in the proposed solutions.’

‘ASBZ Advogados has helped the company to deal with relatively new topics. In all my experiences with them, they demonstrated a lot of energy to research, find precedents, tax thesis and ways to overcome technical difficulties.’

‘Flexibility in service, availability and attention to the client make the firm stand out. Special highlight for partner Adriana Passaro and her always helpful and friendly team able to support us at any time.’

‘I worked closely with three tax partners and felt like they were willing to work together regardless of billing and ownership of the account. They acted as one to share knowledge between them and get the most of value for me and my company.’

‘Alexandre Gleria and Danilo Leal stood out with great technical knowledge and also great advisers in general. Associate Antonio Moreno led a big team to provide several different products in a seamless way.’

Key clients


United Airlines

CTEEP – Companhia de Transmissão de Energia Eletrica Paulista

Banco PAN

Uber Brasil Tecnologia

Mutant – Prime Sistemas de Atendimento ao Consumidor

Copa Airlines – Compania Panamena de Aviacion





Dispute resolution: Litigation Tier 6

ASBZ Advogados handles disputes involving a range of industries, including technology, energy, healthcare and consumer goods. The practice is jointly led by three partners: Alfredo Zucca Neto, whose experience in civil and commercial litigation spans more than two decades; Aitan Canuto Cosenza Portela, who excels in contentious matters pertaining to the energy and financial services sectors; and Christian Vieira, who is noted for corporate and construction disputes. Maurício Maríngolo is based in Brasília and leads on work related to the superior courts. Heloisa Vasconcellos is another name to note.


‘The partners actively participate in the proposed solutions for the business and are able to add technical knowledge, business vision and management skills.’

‘Aitan Portela is a businessman who practices law with excellence. Daniel Telles is an operator of the law that has evolved a lot, especially with regard to management skills. Maurício Maríngolo is a strategist. Felipe Gruber is a business partner capable of providing quick and adequate solutions to the company’s needs.’

Key clients


Banco Santander (Brasil)

CTEEP – Cia. De Transmissão de Energia Elétrica Paulista

WalMart Brasil

Tecnisa S.A.Rádio e Televisão Bandeirantes

Elo Participações

Sociedade de Senhoras do Hospital Sírio-Libanes

Dia Brasil Sociedade

Companhia Brasileira de Soluções e Seviços


Stone Pagamentos

Biosev Bioenergia

Mexichem Brasil Indústria de Transformação Plástica

Banco Bradesco

Bom Negócio Atividades de Internet


Prime Sistemas de Atendimento ao Consumidor

Tishman Speyer

Transport and shipping

ASBZ Advogados has established a good track record for advising foreign carriers on their operations in Brazil. Support ranges from major litigation claims, regulatory issues, labour advice, and corporate and tax matters. Practice head Guilherme Amaral has over 15 years of experience and is backed by a strong team of senior associates, including litigator and consumer law specialist Nicole Villa.

Practice head(s):

Key clients

United Airlines

Société Air France

American Airlines


Taca Peru


Alitalia Compagnia Aerea Italiana

Gol Linhas Aéreas

Sigapore Airlinesa

El Al Isarael

Aerovias del Coninente Americano

Kuehne & Nagel

Tampa Cargo

Law practice as a means, happiness as a goal: we exist to offer a unique work environment. We encourage and invest in the development of our legal team contributing to improving their quality of life. To help our clients achieve the best results, we are firm in our intent to develop creative solutions, based upon efficiency, responsibility and excellence. This is the essence of who we are, enabling us to develop close and long-lasting relationships so we will never be just another law firm.

The firm

ASBZ’s practice is directed towards obtaining the best results for clients, proposing innovative and efficient solutions, with responsibility and focused, safe and assertive propositions. Whether it is in the adoption of collective bargaining, advising on a corporate and tax structure that best serves the business plan or managing a lawsuit, the firm is fully committed to solving problems and has the know-how to do it quickly, based on a solid and safe technical approach. The firm believes in long-lasting and genuine relationships. It is open and flexible to do, ethically and respectfully, whatever it takes to get the best possible decision for the client in a variety of scenarios, while always acting with responsibility and excellence. With headquarters in S?o Paulo and offices in Bras?lia, as well as a broad network of associated offices all over Brazil, ASBZ is prepared to respond promptly to clients’ demands. ASBZ represents domestic and foreign corporations, financial institutions, investors, public sector and private companies in various industries, non-profit organizations and government entities. ASBZ offers a unique work environment that encourages and invests in the development of the legal team and contributes to improving quality of life. They are highly qualified to look at scenarios through a wider lens, and take a clearer, more impartial and understanding view. The office is open to different profiles and invests in the qualification of its professionals. Proactivity, which has been present since the foundation, is a mark of the ASBZ culture: the team is proactive, productive and practical. This corporate attitude is the driving force that leads the team to always question situations, to try to understand things and transform good ideas into reality.

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Corporate, commercial and M&A
Litigation, prevention and dispute resolution
Real estate and litigation
Insolvency and restructuring
Investment funds
Logistic and cargo transportation
Project finance
Sports and entertainment
Wealth management
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