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Brazil > Intellectual property Tier 1

Full-service IP boutique Kasznar Leonardos Intellectual Property has robust, dedicated teams covering the breadth of IP litigation and prosecution services. On top of the team’s patent and trade mark infringement litigation successes for leading international and domestic clients, the practice also handles unfair competition cases and domain name disputes. Anti-piracy is a growing area of focus for the firm, which regularly assists software entities, copyright owners, technology platforms and rights management companies with license compliance programmes. Gabriel Francisco Leonardos has an impressive track record in high-stakes litigation before IP courts in Brazil, involving patents, trade marks, copyright and unfair competition. Contentious IP matters are a core area of activity for Claudio Roberto Barbosa, a go-to name for licensing agreements and data protection. Rafael Lacaz Amaral excels in IP litigation before state and federal courts and oversees the anti-piracy and compliance group. Aline Ferreira is singled out for her experience in the life sciences sector, which is also an area of focus for Anderson Ribeiro, who leads on transactional and regulatory issues. Other noteworthy practitioners include trade secrets expert Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete and the recently promoted Luciana Minada. Since publication, Ribeiro has left the firm (effective February 2022).

Practice head(s):

Gabriel Leonardos; Claudio Roberto Barbosa; Rafael Lacaz Amaral


‘Quick and objective service, flexible in negotiating prices and terms. High quality and very up-to-date advice.’ 

‘Kasznar team members have in-depth understanding of complicated technical matters, and provide excellent advice. They are friendly and have great communication skills.’

Kasznar Leonardos has a strong team both in the field of prosecution and litigation. What makes Kasznar Leonardos unique is that the prosecution team and litigation team have a close relation and overlaps in terms of the human resource. This collaboration between the two teams makes it possible to provide very strategic advice and comprehensive services to their clients.’

Claudio Barbosa is an attorney at law who is well experieced for patent litigations. His client-oriented and creative approach to any legal issues makes his services very attractive to clients. He can handle patent litigations in a wide range of technologies with help from his colleagues who handle prosecutions in the variety of technical fields.’

Tradition, expertise, great service, speed, technological expertise.’

Gabriel Leonardos, Ísis Moret Souza Valaziane, Gabriela Faulhaber e Silva, Vivian de Melo Silveira: the entire team always provides excellent service, with promptness, speed and high technical knowledge in the area.’

Brazil > Life sciences Tier 3

'Proactive in bringing solutions', Kasznar Leonardos Intellectual Property acts for a client base of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, agribusiness and medical devices companies, and has notable experience in representing clients in proceedings before the Ministry of Health and Anvisa. Although the firm is well known for its IP expertise, it has also developed an impressive regulatory life sciences practice; the firm has demonstrated its investment in this area through the promotion of two dedicated life sciences practitioners – Priscila Kashiwabara and Aline Ferreira – in recent years. The highly regarded Anderson Ribeiro is another key practitioner in this field; associates Matheus Montecasciano and Lucas Calabria also attract praise.

Practice head(s):

Anderson Ribeiro; Aline Ferreira; Priscila Kashiwabara


What differentiates this firm is the vast knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, not only in the procedural/litigation/administrative scope, but effectively in the functioning of the companies, the types of activities and interaction with the stakeholders etc., as if they worked at the company. This makes all the difference for both advisory and litigation services. In addition, they are very attentive and give feedback; they are proactive in bringing solutions.’

Anderson Ribeiro and Matheus Dias Montecasciano: They make us feel safe in the strategy and conduct of the processes. They are recognised within the scope of the pharmaceutical industry, providing services to other large multinational farms.’

It is originally an intellectual property agency that has evolved into an office to offer more services to its clients, including in the area of life sciences, in which, today, it seems to me to have one of the lawyers who best knows the market and is more technically skilled.’

Partner Anderson Ribeiro is the best active life sciences lawyer in Brazil. His lawyers Matheus Montecassino and Lucas Calabria are extremely competent.’

The firm has extensive knowledge and experience in health regulatory law, a subject that is little explored in Brazil.’

Anderson Ribeiro and Matheus Montecasciano are recommended.’

Key clients

BioMarin Pharmaceutical


Albion Nutrition


Young Living Essential Oils

Solabia Biotecnológica

Besins Healthcare



Laboratório Catarinense

Amgen Brasil

Laboratorio Bergamo

Van Hessen

Work highlights

  • Acted for Stichting Sannamad in a leading case against Anvisa concerning the patentability of cannabis-based products.
  • Advised an international client on the feasibility analysis of product authorisation under the regime of cannabis-based products in Brazil.
  • Acted for Laboratório Químico Farmacêutico Bergamo in a case against a company which was offering and selling its medicine in public procurements in several states without price approval from the Chamber of Drug Market Regulation (CMED).

Kasznar Leonardos is an IP boutique with offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, recognized for its experience and excellence in services, provision in all IP areas. It acts as legal advisors on contractual matters, as industrial property agents with BPTO and as lawyers, arbitrators and mediators in litigation and extrajudicial dispute resolution.

In trademarks, the firm has significant expertise in obtaining and maintaining trademark registrations in Brazil and abroad. It also provides counsel regarding domain names and copyright registrations, assisting clients in all steps of the process.

In patents, the firm drafts, files and prosecutes patent applications from local and foreign companies, and counts on experts who cover a variety of specialities, such as aviation, auto, biotech, electronics, oil and gas, chemistry, information technology, telecoms, pharmacy and steel.

In litigation and legal advice, the firm also has strong teams, led by the highly recognized IP lawyer Gabriel Leonardos. It also provides development of anti-piracy programs. In contracts, the services include all stages related to negotiation, drafting and registration of IP licensing agreements before the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office (BPTO).

Among its partners, there are leading lawyers who have shaped, and continue to shape, Brazilian case law in IP matters, with a successful track record for clients.

History of the firm: Established in 1919, the firm has inherited an invaluable legacy: highly qualified practitioners and the experience of more than 100 years of history in the provision of services to register and protect the industrial and intellectual property rights of some of the largest and most important companies in the world, from the most diverse industries. The firm accompanies the growth of IP activities in the country, which gives it an advantage in the practice of law.

Named since 2012 as senior partners and IP experts Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete, Filipe Leonardos and Gabriel F Leonardos, hold leading positions in IP. The three of them have over 30 years’ experience in IP. With decades of experience as well, the other senior partners of the firm – Eduardo Colonna Rosman, Gustavo  Barbosa and João Luis Vianna – run the prestigious patent department.

Specialized in the management of intellectual assets, the firm has 24 partners, more than 260 employees and correspondents in every state in Brazil, as well as having a broad network of international partners. The team is made up of highly qualified practitioners to serve clients, among them multinational companies from all industry segments, such as oil and gas, energy, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, steel, aerospace, automotive, electronics, telecommunications and information technology.

Main areas of practice: Kasznar Leonardos provides Brazilian and foreign companies with a wide range of technical and judicial services in IP areas, such as trademarks; domain names; patents; industrial designs; copyrights; geographical indications; digital law; unfair competition; trade secrets and confidential data; technology transfer, franchising and licensing; litigation and dispute resolution; regulatory law in the health area; marketing law and entertainment; anti-counterfeiting; protection of plant varieties; and personal data protection. In these areas, Kasznar’s team acts as attorneys in the prosecution of applications; as legal advisors in licensing and other contract matters; as lawyers in litigation and arbitration; and as neutrals in arbitration and mediation. The firm’s multilingual staff speak several languages, including Portuguese, English, German, French, Spanish, Hungarian and Italian.

Litigation Aline Ferreiraaline.ferreira@kasznarleonardos.com
Regulatory/Life Sciences Anderson Ribeiroanderson.ribeiro@kasznarleonardos.com
Litigation Claudio Barbosaclaudio.barbosa@kasznarleonardos.com
Patents Eduardo Rosmaneduardo.rosman@kasznarleonardos.com
Litigation Elisabeth Kasznar Feketeelisabeth.kasznar@kasznarleonardos.com
Patents Fábio Ferreirafabio.ferreira@kasznarleonardos.com
Litigation/Marketing and Entertainment Law Fernanda Magalhãesfernanda.magalhaes@kasznarleonardos.com
Trademarks Filipe Leonardosfilipe.leonardos@kasznarleonardos.com
Trademarks Flávia Tremuraflavia.rodrigues@kasznarleonardos.com
Litigation Gabriel Leonardosgabriel.leonardos@kasznarleonardos.com
Litigation Gustavo Bacalhaugustavo.bacalhau@kasznarleonardos.com
Patents Gustavo Barbosagustavo.barbosa@kasznarleonardos.com
Litigation Ísis Valazianeisis.valaziane@kasznarleonardos.com
Patents João Viannajoao.vianna@kasznarleonardos.com
Litigation Luciana Minadaluciana.minada@kasznarleonardos.com
Trademarks Maria Pia Guerramaria.guerra@kasznarleonardos.com
Litigation Nancy Caigawanancy.caigawa@kasznarleonardos.com
Patents Patrícia Lopespatricia.lopes@kasznarleonardos.com
Patents Priscila Kashiwabarapriscila.kashiwabara@kasznarleonardos.com
Litigation Rafael Lacaz Amaralrafael.amaral@kasznarleonardos.com
Managing Partner Ronaldo Varellaronaldo.gomes@kasznarleonardos.com
Patents Rosane Tavaresrosane.tavares@kasznarleonardos.com
Patents Tarso Machadotarso.machado@kasznarleonardos.com
Patents Tatiana Silveiratatiana.silveira@kasznarleonardos.com
Rafael Lacaz Amaral photoMr Rafael Lacaz AmaralSenior Partner, Attorney at Law
Gustavo Bacalhau photo Gustavo BacalhauPartner; Attorney at Law
Maria Pia Guerra photo Maria Pia GuerraPartner, Attorney at Law, Executive Manager of I’B The IP Hub
Filipe da Cunha Leonardos photoMr Filipe da Cunha LeonardosSenior Partner, Attorney at Law
Fernanda Magalhães photo Fernanda MagalhãesPartner; Attorney at Law
Ísis Valaziane photo Ísis ValazianePartner, Attorney at Law
Partners : 24
Other fee-earners : 89
Total staff : 260
INTA - International Trademark Association
American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
AIPPI (The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)
Intellectual Property Owners (IPO)
IBA (International Bar Association)

Respect is a core principle of our work and a key reason for supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace. We value diversity and a respectful professional environment for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, color/race, age and physical/social conditions.

After five years promoting internal actions, we launched our Diversity and Inclusion Program (“DI Program”) in 2020, aiming to foster debates and to implement proactive measures inside and outside our office, focusing on the following themes: gender equity, racial equality, persons with disabilities and LGTBTI+ community. This initiative is supported by our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which reports to our firm’s Board of Directors, and our Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, which reports to the Human Resources Department.

As a result of our DI Program, an annual schedule of actions was created to promote awareness for and inform all employees. The following actions were promoted during 2020-2021:

  • LGBTI+ Pride Day (2020): two webinars and a large communication campaign
  • Lesbian Visibility Day (2020): publication of two reviews
  • National Day of Struggle for Persons With Disabilities (2020): informative campaign
  • National Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (2020): informative campaign
  • Black Awareness Day (2020): two webinars and a large communication campaign
  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities (2020): one webinar and a large communication campaign
  • International Human Rights Day (2020): informative campaign
  • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (2020): informative campaign
  • Trans Visibility Day (2021): one webinar
  • International Women’s Day (2021): one webinar and a large communication campaign
  • Nacional Day for the Elimination of LGBTIphobia (2021): informative campaign
  • LGBTI+ Pride Day (2021): one webinar and a large communication campaign
  • Nacional Day of Black, Latin American and Caribbean Women (2021): informative campaign
  • Lesbian Visibility Day (2021): a large communication campaign

Moreover, the following initiatives also occurred during the same period:

  • Creation of our Diversity and Inclusion Task Force (“DI Task Force”), the HR advisory staff group.
  • Conducting a demographic census of diversity and inclusion with all the employees
  • Conducting an Inclusive Leadership Workshop with all our partners and managers
  • Conducting selection processes without using demographic information such as age, address, race or sexual orientation
  • Joining “Empresas Sem Barreiras” (project that supports career advancement by making competitive hiring processes more inclusive for those Brazilians frequently facing racial discrimination)
  • Restructuring of our ethics and compliance policy to include diversity and inclusion topics
  • Implementation of a reporting channel
  • Joining “Incluir Direito” Project (initiative that creates a link between law firms and self-declared black law students, and offers greater professional opportunities to those students)
  • Joining United Nations Global Compact
  • Joining UN’s Women Empowerment Principles
  • Joining “Transempregos” (employment placement organization for Trans workers in Brazil)

Finally, it is worth mentioning that diversity and inclusion is one of the strategic basis of our firm and that a Diversity and Inclusion Committee was created to advise the Board of Directors on guidelines, best practices and strategic initiatives related to this important theme.