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SPLAW is a law firm based in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil with quite a challenging underlying strategy. We aim at reconnecting the Law, lawyers and clients. We truly believe in building bridges. We dedicate our time to understanding our clients, their businesses, challenges and competitors. From a deeply focused and informed position, we truly communicate, forging cost-efficient, dynamic and creative approaches to tackle with impact the legal, regulatory and compliance challenges of our clients. Virtually all of our clients are relevant stakeholders and companies engaged in the Food; Life Science & Healthcare; and Technology sectors, industries. In-depth experience with such markets places us in a very privileged position, as we deeply and continuously applies on understanding such sectors, their developments, regulations, markets, competitors, challenges and, most of all, how the Law affects and changes them.


From a privileged and highly informed position, SPLAW proudly advises clients of such sectors on virtually all challenges, issues and topics, including:


Transactional Matters, including: (i) drafting and reviewing internal policies; (ii) negotiating and managing contracts and a full range of legal documents; (iii) providing contract interpretation and counsel; (iv) providing legal advice and resolving significant legal matters to support complex, strategic contractual relationships related to collaborations and other alliances;


Adapting and implementing effective and cross functional Business Conduct & Compliance programs, including by: (i) developing, adapting and carrying out policies and procedures; (ii) acting as outside Compliance Officers; (iii) providing daily and complete counselling for all business conduct, anti- corruption or compliance-related support to both local and international legal, regulatory, business conduct and business teams; (iv) assessing and acting upon business conduct issues; (v) creating, implementing compliance programs and training compliance-looking staff; and (vi) monitoring, auditing and enforcing internal rules and policies;


Working with Regulatory Affairs-related matters and developing Industry technology-related regulatory matters, including by: (i) providing day-to-day regulatory advice and counsel to cope with rules from Industry-regulating authorities; (ii) spotting, tracking and analyzing emerging regulatory issues; (iii) coordinating and framing responses to key regulatory developments in Brazil and, at times, elsewhere in Latin America; (iv) assisting in the development of perspectives, guidelines and policies related to end user-facing, safety, privacy and technology-related messages, product recalls, adverse events, traceability and related issues; and (v) providing legal analysis in addressing regulatory issues;


Acting as the first point of Government Affairs & Legislative Policy contact between the Brazilian authorities and the client, including by: (i) understanding and translating the attitudes and actions of authorities; (ii) providing full assistance for responding accurately and knowledgeably, (iii) creating and using legal opportunities within the system to provide position statements and opinions to current, proposed regulation; (iv) attending and representing clients in public audiences, trade associations and hearings; (v) implementing intelligence actions; and (vi) tracking changing legislation in the fields in which the client wishes to distribute its applications, products and services;


Assisting the client with all Intellectual Property-related matters, including (i) Brazilian IP-related clearance and FTO opinions; (ii) drafting Brazilian trademark prosecution documents and collaborating with foreign trademark counsel handling trademark prosecution and dispute matters; (iii) initiating and managing IP-related administrative conflicts and oppositions; reviewing and drafting license and other agreements involving the use, transfer of IP assets; supporting anti-counterfeiting and traceability efforts; and (vi) providing legal advice and resolving significant legal matters for research and development, including confidential information and know-how matters;


Representing clients in complex and routine Environmental, Biodiversity and Natural Resources-related litigation and rulemaking matters, with an emphasis on defending clients in administrative and enforcement litigation with the Brazilian Public Prosecution Offices, Ministry of Environment, Biodiversity offices and other authorities overseeing environment and biodiversity-related matters, including negotiations of a number of consent decrees, litigating challenges, securing permits, handling cases for remedial costs and natural resource damage claims, representing companies and trade associations and defending against prosecutions;


Counselling clients with significant experience in all aspects of Corporate Criminal and White-Collar defense and enforcement-related litigation, including internal investigations, client representation, management of parallel criminal and civil proceedings, extraditions and counseling on foreign criminal investigations and advice on voluntary disclosure and compliance issues;


Addressing challenging, complex transactions and Tax and Fiscal Benefits-related matters, providing creative, practical, business-oriented solutions to achieve goals in each deal and matters, including in connection with cross-border transactions, international planning, limited liability partnerships and corporations, M&A, private equity and other innovation companies-driven transactions, strategic restructurings and tax credit and recoupment laws and regulations; and


Legal and strategic advising clients on workforce and Labor, Benefits and Compensation-related matters, providing tax, litigation, and day-to-day counsel to companies and Boards of Directors on benefits, pension, compensation, and employment law issues, such as executive and employee compensation, hiring, and termination issues, governance and regulatory issues; union-related matters; downsizing, and change in management; discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims.

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