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Mexico > Intellectual property Tier 3

The intellectual property and entertainment law practice at Müggenburg, Gorches y Peñalosa, S.C. (MGPS) is one of the key pillars of the firm. The ‘very knowledgeable and responsive’ practice is co-led by Esteban Gorches, one of the firm’s founding partners and who is known for his prowess in litigation; and of counsel Ana Esther Urquizo, a dedicated IP professional who concentrates on the development of prior search processes, strategies for trade mark and patent protection, and obtaining rights and maintenance actions. The pair are closely supported by senior associate Fernando Sánchez Tarasco, whose practice centres on litigation; and on the IP prosecution and protection side, the ‘knowledgeable and helpfulRicardo Gómez Hernández. José Antonio Navarro Reyes and Bernardo López Smith are further associate-level contacts on the litigation side.

Practice head(s):

Esteban Gorches; Ana Esther Urquizo


The legal team at Müggenburg, Gorches y Peñalosa is very knowledgeable and responsive. They explain the legal issues very clearly. Their analysis is very thorough and their legal recommendations are made after a careful consideration of what is in the client’s best interests.

I work primarily with Ana Esther Urquizo regarding trademarks and other intellectual property. Ana is very experienced and knowledgeable about these legal issues. She is very practical and provides clear and concise recommendations after carefully reviewing the situation. I can tell that she cares about the clients and wants to make sure that they achieve the best results.

Esteban Gorches and Ricardo Gómez Hernández are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Mexico > Dispute resolution: litigation Tier 4

Müggenburg, Gorches y Peñalosa, S.C. (MGPS) is admired for the seamless integration of its litigation and corporate practices, its overall offering supporting clients through the life-cycle of transactions with the security of a strong supporting team for potential derivative disputes. Esteban Gorches, one of the firm’s founding partners, has a focus on litigation across a variety of disciplines, including administrative law, IP and entertainment. He co-leads the team with Juan Luis Blanco Montoya, who has a broad dispute resolution practice encompasses administrative (and environmental), antitrust, civil and commercial litigation in relation to the energy sector, government procurement and infrastructure, among other matters. Senior associates Fernando Sánchez Tarasco (IP, administrative and amparo litigation), Bernardo López Smith (administrative and constitutional litigation, including antitrust), and José Antonio Navarro Reyes (IP and administrative litigation) constitute an experienced second line.

Practice head(s):

Esteban Gorches; Juan Luis Blanco Montoya


A highly integrated team in each matter.

Interested in discovering new avenues of argumentation in each case.

It is a solid team with experience not only in litigation but also in corporate law. This allows them to combine both practices efficiently.

‘The best quality they have is combining their practices to provide comprehensive customer service. We recently co-litigated a complex matter that involves inheritance, civil and litigation law. Also structures in several complex offshore jurisdictions (Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas). Here their skills substantially helped to obtain a favorable result for our mutual client. We dealt with Esteban Gorches and Pablo Saenz.

The firm has in-depth knowledge of the law (within its areas of specialization), with a notorious process of internal review and quality control before releasing the respective deliverables to its clients.

Esteban Gorches – deep knowledge of the law (within his areas of specialization), experience and neatness in his services.

It has a good team with the ability to understand complex issues that cover the legal and commercial part.

‘Their ability to understand the issues and reach the conclusion of the matter as proposed.

The firm: Our firm is formed by highly reputed and well experienced attorneys providing their clients with efficient and sophisticated legal services.
We have a unique advising model based on the expertise of trial attorneys practicing in all kinds of legal actions and law suits. We also have an experienced team providing transactional and corporate services, along with other highly specialized professionals practicing within our firm in other legal areas.

Our unique model is based on legal strategies enriched and implemented by trial attorneys, with an inclusive vision of corporate and transactional attorneys and with the added input of former in-house counselors. Additionally, most of our partners are lecturers at some of the most reputed Law schools of the country. The combination of these factors gives us the distinctive ability to offer our clients a 360° legal approach when it is so required by the particular matter entrusted to us.

We ask our legal professional staff to continually upgrade their legal education, which allows us to be a cutting-edge law firm.

Our clients are provided with one-on-one attention supported by our deep and detailed knowledge on their different industries and service sectors, which at the time contributes to anticipate and prevent potential contingencies and benefits maintaining an open communication channel that allows us to timely inform any changes to the in-force legislation that could affect our client’s interests.

As explained, we combine tradition and innovation; therefore, our clients favor us by considering our firm as their permanent advisors. Adding value through our distinctive manner of rendering services, grants our clientele tangible and direct benefits that result from our professional relationship.

Global focus: Since most of the matters in which we are involved have simultaneous effects in Mexico and other jurisdictions, one of our greatest assets is our international approach to law. This international approach has been consolidated through our broad multinational client portfolio as well as the solid expertise our attorneys have accumulated over the years through counseling multinational matters in their respective areas of expertise, which resulted in notable recognition of our firm and its legal staff.

In this regard, the firm represents and has represented clients of the most dynamic entrepreneurial sectors, well-known companies, and Fortune 500 global leaders in their fields.

Professional ethics code and legal qualifications: Our attorneys possess a solid professional background in ethics and law. Our partners, associates and interns have a broad experience in the Ethics Code ruling our profession and they act at all times; our internal code of ethics is based on those regulations, and the Professional Ethics Code of the Mexican Bar Association.

Our attorneys graduated from some of the most prestigious Law schools in the country and in order to be admitted into our firm, they must pass a rigorous selection process, in which each candidate is required to prove solid legal knowledge and criteria.

Additionally, we require our attorneys to be constantly informed about amendments and additions to the Mexican and international legal systems, which mainly consist in issuing new laws or amendments from current Acts, international treaties and court precedents.

Pro bono work: The firm acknowledges and promotes the importance of altruistic work and social responsibility and encourages its members to actively participate in handling matters with social impact and, as well as to provide free legal counsel to non-profit organizations and charity. We provide pro-bono advice to several institutions and foundations, such as Barra Mexicana, Colegio de Abogados, A.C., Fundación Barra Mexicana, A.C., Fundación Appleseed México, A.C., Bufete Jurídico Gratuito Social A.C. (Universidad Panamericana), Colegio Junípero, A.C., Christel House de Mexico, A.C. and Mexicanos Unidos Contra la Corrupción y la Impunidad.

Department Name Email Telephone
Public Relations Manager Patricia Rodriguez patricia.rodriguez@mgps.com.mx (52 55) 5246 3400
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Juan Luis Blanco M. photo Mr Juan Luis Blanco M. Juan Luis Blanco Montoya is a partner in Müggenburg, Gorches y Peñalosa,…
Pablo Gómez Sainz photo Pablo Gómez Sainz Partner
Esteban G. Gorches G photo Esteban G. Gorches G Founding Partner
Luis Gerardo Ramírez Villela photo Luis Gerardo Ramírez Villela Partner
Partners : 5
Other professionals : 20