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Intellectual property Tier 3

Impressive IP boutique Dumont, is highly sought after for its expert advice on patent work - covering filing, prosecution and litigation; and trade mark matters, including strategic advice on applications and protection; the team also handles copyright and unfair competition issues. The well-rounded team includes managing partner Laura Collada, hailed by clients as a ‘proactive, experienced and competent lawyer’; patents head Victor Garrido; trade marks head Christian Thomae, who is also very knowledgeable on copyright matters; and head of litigation, Israel Escobedo. The practice has developed particularly strong expertise and experience in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electrical, mechanical, biotech and IT sectors.


Laura Collada is a very proactive, experienced and competent lawyer’

Key clients

Boehringer Ingelheim International

Sulzer Managment

Samsung Electronics


Kraft Foods Group Brands


Lutron Technology Company

Sandvik Hyperion

Essity Hygiene / Health Aktiebolag

SZ DJI Technology

The practice

  • Dumont is a highly specialized, market-leading IP boutique fielding a sizeable team of two partners, 20 lawyers and 11 patent attorneys (engineers).
  • Dumont’s dedicated patents department offers expert advice on patent work, covering filling, prosecution and litigation.
  • Dumont’s dedicated trademarks team is fully equipped to advise on trademark matters including strategic advice on trademark applications and protection.
  • Dumont’s team also acts on all aspects of IP-related matters in regard to all types of corporate transactions, as well as handling copyright and unfair competition matters.
  • Dumont stands out for its broad industry expertise. The team has developed particularly strong expertise and experience in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, electrical, mechanic, biotech and IT sectors. Furthermore, the firm is fully equipped to handle both consumer and luxury goods portfolios.
  • Dumont is one of very few firms in Mexico that performs in-depth analysis relating to the examination of patent applications.
  • Dumont combines a high level of technical and legal expertise with tailored services, with advice carefully adapted to each client’s specific needs.
  • Dumont is committed to the highest standards of service, including utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure efficiency. The firm is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • Dumont is renowned for its expertise in negotiating and closing settlement agreements on behalf of its clients, thereby avoiding long-term, and potentially costly litigation.

The clients
Dumont’s client portfolio encompasses leading global, international and local corporations, including key players in the US, European and Asian (particularly Japanese) markets and a number of Fortune 500 companies.

  • Dumont draws its clients from a variety of sectors but stands out for its impressive client roster in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • Dumont advises global corporations on patents and trademark mandates, with key clients including Boehringer Ingelheim, ABB, Grünenthal, Siemens, KRAFT and Essity (formerly SCA Hygiene).

The team
Dumont’s large team comprises two partners, 20 lawyers and 11 patent attorneys. The team is led by highly experienced managing partner Laura Collada, who has more than 30 years of experience in the complete lifecycle of IP rights. Victor Garrido heads the firm’s patents practice; he focuses on issues related to the analysis and examination of patents, industrial designs, and utility models. Christian Thomae heads the firm’s trademarks practice; he specializes in trademarks, but also has expertise in patents, copyright, and other areas of IP law. Israel Escobedo heads the litigation (IP and Civil/Commercial) practice; he has over 13 years of experience and focuses on handling and supervising civil, commercial and criminal issues, in all procedural stages from the injunction to the Constitutional Appeal.

  • Dumont is one of the oldest IP firms in Mexico, with a loyal clientele, some of which have been using its services for more than 40 years, remaining with us and consistently using our services throughout mergers and financial crises.
  • Dumont stands out for its high-quality service. The team is one of the most responsive in the market, never leaving a client query unanswered for more than 24 hours.
  • Dumont is a leading patent filer in Mexico. The team is one of very few in Mexico that handles all types of work, from drafting to in-depth examination, litigation and enforcement. Dumont is widely recognized for its thorough and comprehensive advice on trademark mandates. The firm is a prominent advisor on matters ranging from strategic counselling to trademark application and protection.
  •  Dumont is the firm of choice for many key multinational companies.
  • Dumont is highly recommended by IP firms around the world. Dumont is frequently involved in high profile and highly complex cases in the IP arena in Mexico.
  • Dumont has the resources and technical knowledge to handle litigation cases before all levels of the courts, but the team is also highly appreciated for its advanced skills at the negotiation table, often avoiding long and costly litigation procedures for its clients.
  • Dumont has a stellar client roster. The team advises high profile global companies from numerous industry sectors: Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Fashion/Luxury Goods, Consumer Products, Electronics, Food & Beverages, and Tobacco.
Department Name Email Telephone
Enforcement and Litigation Laura Collada +525553226230
Copyright and IT Laura Collada +525553226230
Enforcement and Litigation Israel Escobedo +525553226230
Corporate, Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Israel Escobedo +525553226230
Copyright and IT Israel Escobedo +525553226230
Civil Litigation Israel Escobedo +525553226230
Anti-counterfeiting Israel Escobedo +525553226230
Patents Victor Garrido +525553226230
Patents Angelica Dominguez +525553226230
Patents Romeo Chora +525553226230
Trademarks Christian Thomae +525553226230
Trademarks Ariadna Galvez +525553226230
Public relations Marlis Schubert +525553226230
Photo Name Position Profile
Ms Laura Collada  photo Ms Laura Collada Managing Partner
Mr Israel Escobedo  photo Mr Israel Escobedo Head of Litigation
Mr Victor Garrido  photo Mr Victor Garrido Head of Patents
Mr Christian Thomae  photo Mr Christian Thomae Head of Trademarks
Other fee-earners : 35
Total staff : 80
INTA - International Trademark Association
AIPPI (Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)
ECTA (European Communities Trade Mark Association)
American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA)
Pharmaceutical Trademarks Group (PTMG)
UIA (Union International Des Advocate)
German Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright Law (GRUR)
Partners : 2
Number of NON-PARTNER LAWYERS in the team : 31
Patent Attorneys (Engineers) : 11