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Environment Tier 1

Environmental boutique Milaré Advogados advises on the full range of environmental judicial and administrative procedures, tailoring services according to its sector-specific expertise. The overall practice, which further demonstrates strength in permitting, licensing and criminal matters, as well as environmental policy, is under the leadership of environmental law expert and former public prosecutor Édis Milaré. Roberta Jardim de Morais has significant experience in the agribusiness, forestry and paper, port, airport, railway and highway sectors. Priscila Santos Artigas leads on energy and mining-related mandates, while contaminated sites, solid waste, sanitation and oil and gas-related issues are coordinated by Rita Maria Borges Franco. Juliana Flávia Mattei's areas of focus include dangerous products, municipal issues and environmental matters in the retail, mining and steel industries.


‘The Milaré team is hands down the best legal practice in environmental law in Brazil. The depth of knowledge, client focused approach and amazing execution makes them the best in the country.’

‘Edis Milaré and Roberta Jardim de Morais’s work ethic, dedication and in-depth expertise is unmatched in the industry. The level of client service and fast turnaround with key issues pertaining to the case were impeccable. Simply put, without the guidance from them our case would have not achieved the successful outcome it had.’

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Danone Group



Capitale Energia


Itaipu Binacional


Norte Energia

Grupo Camargo Corrêa

Milare Advogados is a pioneering Brazilian law firm, one of the country’s first exclusively dedicated to environmental law and representing a broad spectrum of clients.

History: Founded in 1996, Milare Advogados relies on its managing partner and environmental law professor, Mr Edis Milare, a former public prosecutor who founded the Environmental Law Prosecutor’s Office in connection with the Public Attorney’s Office of Sao Paulo state. His environmental protection work in the Public Attorney’s Office was not only pioneering in the field but actually led the way in developing the body of Brazilian environmental law.

Main areas of practice: Milare Advogados is a boutique law firm, exclusively focused on all aspects of environmental law. The firm provides full services related to litigation, administrative procedures and legal and institutional counsel on environmental affairs.

The firm is specialized in environmental law and environmental management, while its attorneys are experts in environmental civil law, environmental criminal law, environmental administrative law and environmental management. The firm’s team deals with civil, administrative and criminal law arising in environmental cases. The team is not exclusively formed by lawyers, but also includes environmental planning engineers, license managers, management engineers, sociologists specializing in environmental policies and geographers.

It is important to highlight that Milare Advogados handles the most significant cases related to environmental law in Brazil. The firm deals with the most important projects in Brazil that have some relation to the environment. The firm also has extensive experience in obtaining environmental licenses for infrastructure and forestry projects, authorisation to access genetic resources, and administrative and court processes related to environmental law.

It is also important to highlight that Milare Advogados has an important role for the doctrine of environmental law as well. The Law of Environment, written by Professor Milare, is the most important book in the area and is now in its tenth edition. Another important book, coordinated by Professor Milare with the support of Milare Advogados, is the book about the new Brazilian Forestry Law (Codigo Florestal – Law 12.651/2012); this law established a completely new regime for the protection of forestry in Brazil, presenting important changes especially for agribusiness.

Department Name Email Telephone
Energy, mining and banking Priscila Santos Artigas E:
Agribusiness, real estate, audits, natural and genetic resources, biosafety, ports and airports, forestry, carbon and retail market, construction and engineering Roberta Jardim de Morais E:
Contaminated areas, allotments, solid waste, petrol and gas Rita Maria Borges Franco E:
Criminal environmental law and cultural heritage Édis Milaré E:
Photo Name Position Profile
Mrs Juliana Flávia Mattei  photo Mrs Juliana Flávia Mattei Leading Lawyer
Mrs Roberta Jardim de Morais  photo Mrs Roberta Jardim de Morais Leading Lawyer
Mrs Rita Maria Borges Franco  photo Mrs Rita Maria Borges Franco Leading Lawyer
Mr Lucas Milaré  photo Mr Lucas Milaré Partner
 Édis Milaré photo Édis Milaré Founder, Managing Partner and Consultant in Environmental Law of Milaré Advogados since…
Mrs Flávia Rocha Loures  photo Mrs Flávia Rocha Loures Leading Lawyer
Mrs Maria Clara Rodrigues Alves Gomes  photo Mrs Maria Clara Rodrigues Alves Gomes Senior Lawyer
Mr Thiago Sales Pereira  photo Mr Thiago Sales Pereira Senior Lawyer
Mrs Priscila Santos Artigas  photo Mrs Priscila Santos Artigas Leading Lawyer
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