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Insurance Tier 1

Ernesto Tzirulnik Advocacia is a top-class insurance and reinsurance boutique. During its nearly 40 years in practice the firm has established an excellent reputation in the market, particularly for its representation of policyholders on contentious and non-contentious issues. Most of the firm's lawyers work out of the São Paulo office, although there is also a team in Brasília. Ernesto Tzirulnik and Paulo Luiz de Toledo Piza are two of the lead partners.

Founded in 1984, Ernesto Tzirulnik Advocacia (ETAD) is internationally recognized as one of the most important law firms specializing in insurance and reinsurance law. ETAD advises clients on loss adjustment procedures, legal and regulatory issues; it sponsors complex insurance, reinsurance and brokerage lawsuits; and operates in contractual law cases, civil liability, and corporate conflicts.

Throughout history, ETAD has operated in cases of national and international repercussion involving electrical, chemical, mechanical, hydraulic, geological claims, many different contract and corporate disputes, the suchlike. ETAD promotes scientific research and public policies alongside the Brazilian Institute of Insurance Law – IBDS, and encourages cultural growth through the Ceará 202 Project.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner Ernesto Tzirulnik
Senior Partner Paulo Luiz De Toledo Piza
Wolf Ejzenberg
Carlos Eduardo S Leal De Carvalho
Tiago Moraes Gonçalves
Gustavo de Medeiros Melo
Julia Normande Lins
Dina Paula Marques Pereira Meirelles Bernardes
Vítor Xavier Boaventura
Carolina Cavalcanti
Gustavo Palheiro
Inaê Siqueira de Oliveira
Luca D'Arce Giannotti
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Paulo Luiz De Toledo Piza photo Mr Paulo Luiz De Toledo Piza Partner
Mr Ernesto Tzirulnik photo Mr Ernesto Tzirulnik Managing partner
Partners : 13

Since it was established, in 1984, Ernesto Tzirulnik Advocacia (ETAD) is committed to promoting cultural growth. It funds – without resorting to public incentives or sponsorship from third parties – the Ceará 202 Project to support various forms of artistic expression, like architecture, cinema, photography, and music.

Among other initiatives, the Ceará 202 Project is responsible for restoring the legacy of Jayme C. Fonseca Rodrigues (prolific Brazilian modernist architect of the 1930s-1940s), for promoting music concerts open to the public and for sponsoring talented Brazilian young musicians.

ETAD’s commitment to social development led to the early creation of a pro bono program that involves all members of its legal team. The majority of clients are non-profit organizations, marginalized communities and low-income people, and the bono practice spans different areas of law. There are
insurance cases – notably of health insurance or of property insurance for art-related associations – but also cases of family, private and intellectual property law etc.

The team of 12 lawyers is age, region and gender-diverse. The law firm is Sao Paulo-based, but gathers lawyers coming from 3 different regions of Brazil, which provides for diverse cultural and legal backgrounds within the team. It is part of ETAD’s policy to tailor teams for each case according to its specific needs, feeding a dynamic work environment, and to engage young members in high-profile cases as well, a practice that nurtures exchange regardless of age.

ETAD believes it has a part to play to build a better society, which involves the direct promotion of cultural projects through Ceará 202, the legal defense of cases it believes in and the strengthening of diversity within its own team.