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Headed by Carlos Alvarez Pereira, Claudia Liévano, Felipe Alvarez Echeverry and Maria Lucia Laserna Angarita, Alvarez, Lievano, Laserna S.A.S‘s exclusive focus on labour law has led to praise for its ‘close and personalised service’ and ‘extensive expertise’ in the field. The firm has seen recent growth in audit processes and cases before the UGPP involving large multinationals, such as Unilever. Pereira specialises in litigation before the Supreme Court, including the representation of DIMAYOR, the professional soccer club association, in a union matter. Liévano designs internal strategies and advised Secretaria Distrital de Salud on its negotiations with public employees, involving multiple unions. Echeverry specialises in the aeronautical sector, working on collecting bargaining processes for clients such as Avianca. Audit specialist Laserna is heralded as an ‘excellent ally’ and an ‘exceptional professional‘, working with international clients. Associates María Fernanda Echeverry and Andrea Ortega are also recommended.

Practice head(s):

Carlos Alvarez Pereira; Claudia Lievano; Felipe Álvarez; Maria Lucia Laserna


‘What makes ALL’s practice unique is the close and personalised service. They are not long concepts and that only lawyers can understand, but they are practical and are always accompanied by personalised advice.’

‘The collaboration differentiates ALL from other firms. Maria Lucia Laserna is close, willing to collaborate on issues not only purely legal and conceptual, but also in the development of the company’s labour strategy.’

‘Maria Lucia Laserna is an excellent ally for the company’s labour relations area. She is not limited to giving concepts only, but helps us on a day-to-day basis with the company’s work strategy. She is close, gives good insight and advice and above all, any member of my team can contact her and she behaves as if she did with the president of the company.’

‘Extremely flexible. They seek to understand the client’s problems in greater depth than other equivalent lawyers. They “put on the shirt” of the clients and it shows in the quality of the service.’

‘Maria Lucia Laserna is deeply committed to her clients. She shows that she “hurts” the problems of her clients and, for this reason, she strives to find ways to solve those problems.’

‘Knowledge and attention of the service: they have extensive expertise in the practice of labour law. Evidencing all the perspectives that a company requires in this regard (occupational risks/good business practice, etc). They are also permanently updated.’

‘Relationship with customers. It is excellent, close and efficient. They understand clients’ needs and are available as a true ally.’

‘Maria Lucia Laserna. They differ from the members of other firms by their knowledge, their charisma, their efficiency, and their real and effective customer service.’

‘It is probably the best labour law firm in Colombia, with extensive experience in handling labour disputes, being consultants for Colombian companies with serious problems in this matter, which has served to provide them with considerable experience that they replicate with other clients. Álvarez Lievano Laserna’s speciality is effective insurance for business counselling. In addition, they are clear about their role in defending the employer without having to undermine the employee.’

‘The personal and constant treatment with the partners generates tranquility in the management of the company, that their affairs are attended by the most trained and successful professionals.’

‘Maria Lucia Laserna, without a doubt, is an exceptional professional in labour and social security law. Her legal advice is accurate, precise and effective to guide the company in its relations with employees, recognising the cultural differences of the organisations that it advises and providing adequate advice, which is adjusted to the needs and problems of the company.’

Key clients


Daimler de Colombia (Mercedes Benz)

Brenntag Colombia



ABB Colombia

Interconexión Eléctrica / Intercolombia / XM





Johnson & Johnson de Colombia

Sierracol Energy Arauca (formerly: Occidental de Colombia)

Banco BBVA Colombia



Comercial Allan

Bimbo de Colombia

British American Tobacco

Holcim Colombia


Banco Itaú Corpbanca Colomba

Secretaria Distrital de Salud



Alvarez Lievano Laserna Abogados is one of the largest boutique law firms in labor law in Colombia

Since Carlos Alvarez Pereira, founder of the firm, within its main objectives, together with its partners Claudia Liévano Triana, Felipe Alvarez Echeverry and Maria Lucía Laserna Angarita, has been to have a constant development in order to provide a unique and differentiated service to all its customers. All this leveraged in the professional development of their lawyers, automation of processes and the implementation of technology for daily work.

To always be at the forefront, have the best talent and have the best working environment for all lawyers working in the firm, Alvarez Lievano Laserna has a continuing education program where they give their junior lawyers the opportunity to continue their professional development through postgraduate programs that are mostly enlightened by the firm or through interest-free loans. Today, 100% of the firm’s lawyers have or are pursuing postgraduate programs in labour law, this guaranteeing that our clients work with the best talent.

The implementation of technology in the daily work on the firm has been important in recent years and has grown steadily. In 2019, the company launched its platform “ALL In One”. It was the result of a research that shows us that for people one of the most important assets within a company is information and the main challenge is to manage it easily, quickly and safely. For Alvarez Lievano Laserna, it is clear how important it is for our clients to access their information online. That is why the platform allows our clients to check online the status of all their processes, reports, access circulars with information of interest and have notifications every time their account is updated. This save a lot of time for our clients and gave them peace of having all their information in a highly secure and confidential place.
In addition to the platform, in the firm we have two top surveillance systems (CASETRACKING and VIGPRO). Online portals that are connected to the judicial platforms, where each of our clients’ processes is monitored. These two systems are supported by a trained administrative team who interact with all the infrastructure, which guarantees the tracking and traceability of our processes. With this fulfilling one of our differentiators that is to guarantee an integral attention to the clients.

The integral attention for each one of the clients comes tied with a work of trust between the two parties. It is for this reason that we guarantee that each of the clients is attended directly by one of the partners with the team of experts that supports them. Regardless of guarantying the involvement of the partners, in the firm we like to give visibility to our senior lawyers and to constantly train all the lawyers in order to get them known. This differential does not have many firms in the country because they do not make visible the work of their employees.

As a firm that works exclusively in labour law, we have become experts and well known nationally in labour consulting, auditing, litigious, collective bargaining, separation plans, restructuring, immigration labour advisors and as a firm that can put the best In-House lawyers in companies whose need it.
The fields where we have grown the most recently are in audit processes and in cases related to the UGPP where we have had the opportunity to work with large multinationals such as Oxy, Frontera, Unilever, Cepsa, British American Tobacco, Sacyr, Bureau Veritas among others.

The main industries the firm work on are: energy oil and gas, education, air transportation, food and beverages, automobile and parts, construction and materials, financial services (banks, pension funds), pharmaceutical, telecommunications, technology, hardware and electronics among others.
Some of our key clients are: Ecopetrol, Frontera energy, Grupo Enel, Grupo ISA, Tigo-UNE, Oxy, Unilever, Bancamia, Bayer, Banco ITAU, BBVA, MANSAROVAR ENERGY, Universidad San Martin, Cerromatoso, AES CHIVOR, Experian, Scotiabank Colpatria, Movistar, Sodexo, Holcim, Bimbo, Roche, Terpel, LATAM Airlines, COPA Airlines Johnson & Johnson, Mazda, ETB, Bayer, Marriot Hotels, GNB Sudameris, Farmacias y Drogerias Cruz Verde, Bancoldex, Pelikan, Mercer, Lafayette, among many others.

Areas of practice
Employment relations: the firm advises a large number of companies in day-to-day employment matters, such as wages and hours, compliance, labor due diligence, compensation plans, disciplinary procedures, hiring and termination agreements, employment policies, discrimination and work harassment. The firm also provides legal support regarding the Colombian social security system.

Alternative dispute resolution and labor-management relations: this is one of the most traditional practice areas of the firm. Alvarez, Lievano, Lasana SAS throughout its history has handled critical labor situation for different companies and has been able to cope with the new alternatives that unions have found to exercise their right of association. The firm has advised national and multinational companies of different industries, including oil and gas, food, banking, mining, and energy companies, among others, and has dealt with the largest and most important unions in the country, exceeding the clients’ expectations in a number of occasions.

Proceedings before the Colombian Ministry of Labour and UGPP: the firm has successfully represented clients before the Ministry of Labor and UGPP.

Labor and employment (M&A transactions): the firm provides advice in the process of renegotiating working conditions of new employees to avoid differences that could lead to judicial suits alleging inequality, in the elaboration and subscription of successorship clauses, and in the proceedings before the Ministry of Labor in order to obtain permission for mass dismissals, if needed.

Litigation: this is one of the most renowned practice areas of the firm. Its prestige is due to its excellent group of highly skilled litigants.

Immigration: the firm provides legal advice in immigration aspects accompanying clients in the process of obtaining working visas, working permits, residence and the validation and homologation of professional credentials in Colombia.

Department Name Email Telephone
Head of collective bargaining, restructuring plans and separating plans Claudia Lievano Triana +571 236 2411
Head of litigation department Felipe Alvarez Echeverri +571 236 2411
Labour Consulting and litigations Carlos Alvarez Pereira +571 236 2411
Head of audit department and labour inspections Maria Lucia Laserna Angarita +571 236 2411
Litigation Department Carlos Arturo Barco Alzate +571 236 2411
Comercial and comunications department Juan Manuel Casadiego +571 236 2411
Finance and office administration Sandra Moreno +571 236 2411
Photo Name Position Profile
 Felipe Alvarez Echeverry  photo Felipe Alvarez Echeverry Partner at Alvarez Liévano Laserna Litigation department Director
 Carlos Alvarez Pereira  photo Carlos Alvarez Pereira Partner and founder at Alvarez Liévano Laserna
 Carlos Arturo Barco Alzate  photo Carlos Arturo Barco Alzate Partner of Álvarez Liévano Laserna. Leader of the Litigation and Training Area.
 Maria Lucia Laserna Angarita  photo Maria Lucia Laserna Angarita Parther at Alvarez Liévano Laserna.Leader of the audit department and labour inspections…
 Claudia Lievano Triana  photo Claudia Lievano Triana Partner of Alvarez Liévano, Laserna. Leader of collective bargaining, restructuring plans, separating…
Number of Lawyers : 44
Total staff : 40
English (fluent)
District of Colombia Bar
Partners : 5