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Employee benefits, executive compensation and retirement plans: design Tier 1

With an established base in Washington DC, boutique firm Groom Law Group, Chartered has notable strength across the full range of employee benefits and executive compensation services. Stephen Saxon is a standout name in the team, recommended for handling Title 1 issues pertaining to 401(k) investment services, and advising tax-exempt clients on IRS audits. Among the team's most celebrated attorneys are Jon Breyfogle, a leading figure for health and welfare issues, and David Levine, who advises plan sponsors on the redesign of retirement, health and welfare and executive plans. Other key figures in the team include Lisa Campbell, another health and welfare specialist; ERISA fiduciary compliance expert Jennifer EllerLouis Mazawey, who advises insurance companies and plan sponsor clients on the tax aspects of employee benefits matters; Brigen Winters, who is highly regarded for his expertise in advising employers, financial institutions and plan administrators on legislative policies; and ACA expert Seth Perretta.

Practice head(s):

David Levine; Seth Perretta; Jon Breyfogle; Lisa Campbell; Brigen Winters; Jennifer Eller

Other key lawyers:

Stephen Saxon; Elizabeth Dold; Mark Lofgren; Louis Mazawey; Michael Kreps

Key clients

Seattle Times

The McClatchy Company

March of Dimes

ERISA litigation Tier 2

Top benefits boutique Groom Law Group, Chartered fields a comprehensive Washington DC-based ERISA litigation bench led by Lars Golumbic. The team, which also includes renowned litigator Michael Prame, represents plan sponsors and fiduciaries in all fiduciary breach proceedings including excessive fee and prohibited transaction claims. Sarah Adams recently obtained successful results in church plan and retiree health plan litigation on behalf of a portfolio of service providers. Mark Nielsen is currently defending leading life insurer Aetna in numerous complex class action cases; claims concern the denial of benefits under clinical policies for experimental treatments.

Practice head(s):

Lars Golumbic

Other key lawyers:

Michael Prame; Sarah Adams; Mark Nielsen


‘Groom has one of the top ERISA litigation team in the country, specifically as it relates to ESOP litigation. No one has the same depth and breadth of ERISA experience.’

‘Lars Golumbic is the best ESOP litigator in the country.’

Key clients

Principal Financial Group

Konica Minolta

Horizon Actuarial Services

New York State Teamsters Conference Pension and Retirement Fund

The Segal Group

Aetna Life Insurance Co.

The Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

Stout Risius Ross

Horizon Bank d/b/a Horizon Trust & Investment Management

Wilmington Trust

Healthcare: health insurers Tier 3

Based in Washington DC, the team at Groom Law Group, Chartered handles a full range of contentious and non-contentious matters, and has focused on expanding its existing work managing the impact of the ACA on both employers and insurers. The firm also stands out for its specialized knowledge of HIPAA privacy and security issues, healthcare tax law. Practice co-heads Jon Breyfogle and Lisa Campbell have extensive careers working in government, giving them unique insight into the navigation of client relationships with state and federal agencies, and the development of compliant products. Seth Peretta and Ryan Temme are also recommended for their state and federal compliance work.

Practice head(s):

Jon Breyfogle; Lisa Campbell

Other key lawyers:

Seth Peretta; Ryan Temme

Groom Law Group has been at the forefront of developments in the nation’s benefits, health, and retirement laws since Congress passed ERISA in 1974, drawing many of its attorneys from the federal agencies that regulate employee benefits and forging strong ties with key players in all three branches of government.

With more than 80 attorneys dedicated to the employee benefits practice, Groom offers clients unparalleled coverage of issues and disputes arising from ERISA, the Tax Code, securities laws, ACA, HIPAA, COBRA, ADEA, and the many other laws that govern employee benefits. Working collaboratively across practice groups, Groom’s attorneys build upon their diverse backgrounds to share a common understanding of benefits, health, and retirement law that enables them to integrate their efforts across areas of specialization to produce the best results for their clients. The firm prides itself on offering state-of-the-art advice on best practices and emerging trends in employee benefits to a diverse group of clients across the country. Groom emphasizes a team approach to clients that assures responsive and efficient service.

Main areas of practice
Employers: Groom offers practical experience and thoughtful advice for employers of all sizes across a diverse range of industries to assist with workplace and personnel issues, benefit design, plan funding and restructuring, executive compensation arrangements, litigation, advocacy, and more.

  • Retirement Plans: Groom’s expertise includes a broad range of retirement & pension plans, such as 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, defined benefit & cash balance plans, IRAs, & ESOPs.
  • Executive Compensation: We assist clients with the design, funding, and administration of plans that are advantageous to executives and comply with government regulation.
  • Fiduciary & Plan Governance: Our attorneys helped shape most major administrative initiatives related to ERISA fiduciary responsibility provisions—plan governance is our second nature.
  • Health & Welfare Benefits: Groom attorneys provide expert advice on benefits financing, contract negotiations, fiduciary issues, plan design and drafting, fringe benefits, and more.

Health services: In an evolving landscape, Groom attorneys provide sound counsel across an array of health and welfare matters, including advocacy and litigation, to expertly guide managed care organizations, insurance companies, trade associations, specialized health service companies, and others.

  • Federal Insurance Regulation: Groom advises the largest insurance companies, managed care organizations, and health care service providers on federal programs and insurance regulation.
  • State Insurance Regulation: Groom is uniquely positioned to help our clients understand state insurance law issues, especially given the growing body of overlapping federal laws.
  • Privacy & Security: Groom helps health plans, insurers, & service providers navigate privacy and security rules, including electronic recordkeeping, disclosures, & data sharing.
  • ERISA: Our attorneys’ deep knowledge of ERISA allows us to provide best-in-class counsel on the myriad of ERISA matters that can arise when designing and administering health related products and services.

Retirement services: Groom attorneys are widely recognized for their forward-thinking work in representing retirement plan sponsors and financial institutions, as well as complex litigation matters involving plan service providers, rabbi trusts and other executive compensation arrangements.

  • Financial Institutions & Advisers: We assist financial institutions and advisers with regard to the design and delivery of products and services in the retirement plan marketplace.
  • Investment of Plan Assets: Groom attorneys combine the right tools, resources, and comprehensive experience to tactfully advise clients on their most important plan investment projects.
  • Plan Services & Providers: Plan service providers rely on Groom for assistance with issues arising under ERISA, the Internal Revenue Code, and other applicable state and federal laws.
  • IRAs/HSAs: Our decades-long focus on health and retirement plans uniquely positions us to assist our clients in the development, marketing, and management of IRAs and HSAs.

Litigation: From complex class actions to federal agency investigations, Groom’s nationally recognized litigators use skill, toughness, and creativity to win successful outcomes for clients.

  • Plan Sponsor Litigation: Our litigation team applies skill and creativity to shape processes and generate positive outcomes for employers in their plan sponsor and fiduciary capacities.
  • Health Services Litigation: Groom’s litigation attorneys leverage the firm’s specialized focus on health care services to provide unparalleled litigation defense services to clients.
  • Retirement Services Litigation: Groom litigators have a proven track record of representing retirement service providers in complicated, “bet the company” litigation.

Policy: Groom’s policy professionals are able to achieve positive outcomes for clients by leveraging substantive expertise and extensive relationships in Washington, DC.

  • Employer Advocacy: Groom brings its specialized expertise, practical advice, and focused counsel to employers of all sizes and industries.
  • Health Services Advocacy: We work extensively on behalf of our clients to help shape healthcare policy at the state and federal level.
  • Retirement Services Advocacy: Drawing on our substantive experience and leveraging our inside-the-Beltway connections, Groom advances retirement policy for employers and service providers.
Department Name Email Telephone
Executive compensation Jeff Kroh
Fiduciary responsibility Jennifer Eller
Fiduciary responsibility Stephen Saxon
Governmental plans Ian Lanoff
Governmental plans David Powell
Health and welfare Jon Breyfogle
Health and welfare Seth Perretta
Litigation Lars Golumbic
Multi-employer/Taft-Hartley plans James Cole
Plan design and taxation Lou Mazawey
Plan design and taxation Mark Lofgren
Plan funding and restructuring Lars Golumbic
Plan funding and restructuring Michael Prame
Policy and legislation Brigen Winters
Number of Partners : 42
Number of Other Fee-Earners : 42
Managing Partner : Michael J Prame
Chairman : Jon W Breyfogle