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Product liability, mass tort and class action - plaintiff Tier 1

The Lanier Law Firm represents plaintiffs in a range of product liability matters, with particular expertise in asbestos exposure, mesothelioma, medical malpractice and pharmaceutical liability litigations. Mark Lanier in Houston is the key contact at the firm.

Founded in 1990 by Mark Lanier, The Lanier Law Firm represents a variety of individuals and businesses from offices in Texas, California and New York. The firm is home to some of the country’s top trial attorneys and has a long track record of legal excellence.

In November 2017, Mark helped secure a $247m verdict against DePuy Orthopaedics Inc., a subsidiary of healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson, over Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implants. The verdict was won on behalf of six New York residents who claimed they were injured by the faulty medical devices. This verdict comes on the heels of two others won in March and December of 2016, both against DePuy and Johnson & Johnson. The March verdict was recognized by the National Law Journal as the Outstanding Medical Device Award for 2016, and as one of the Top 50 Verdicts of the Year. In the December verdict, Mark won over $1bn, which ranked as the fourth largest verdict in the nation for that year. Together, the two consecutive verdicts were ranked as the first and second largest products liability verdicts of 2016.

The Lanier Law Firm is well known for protecting clients’ rights both at trial and in settlement negotiations, and this vast experience extends to numerous areas of practice.

Areas of practice
Asbestos exposure and mesothelioma litigation: The Lanier Law Firm is one of the most experienced asbestos litigation law firms in the world. The firm’s expertise and reputation in these cases is based on more than two decades of experience with the specialized scientific and medical issues found in asbestos and toxic exposure lawsuits.

Pharmaceutical liability: The Lanier Law Firm has been named one of the country’s top law firms in cases involving dangerous prescription drugs and medical devices. The firm’s notable wins include the top pharmaceutical liability verdict in US history; the first Vioxx lawsuit to go to trial in the US; and a substantial settlement over the containers used by healthcare providers for hypodermic syringes.

Business litigation: in addition to representing individuals, The Lanier Law Firm provides significant experience for businesses in cases involving breach of contract, patent infringement, employment disputes, antitrust, fraud and other claims. The firm’s aggressive approach to business litigation has resulted in several noteworthy – and often highly confidential – recoveries for plaintiffs, in addition to complete defense victories.

In addition to these core capabilities, The Lanier Law Firm is regularly called on in regard to personal injury cases; FELA claims; maritime law cases; medical malpractice; product liability claims; and sports and entertainment litigation.

Department Name Email Telephone
Personal injury Jud Waltman
Personal injury Larry Wilson
Product liability Jud Waltman
Product liability Larry Wilson
Commercial litigation Rick Meadow
Commercial litigation Reagan Bradford
Medical malpractice Evan Janush
Medical malpractice Jud Waltman
Sports and entertainment Rick Meadow
Pharmaceutical liability Rick Meadow
Pharmaceutical liability Evan Janush
FELA claims Patrice McKinney
FELA claims Larry Wilson
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Number of Lawyers : 58
Firm founder : W Mark Lanier
Managing attorney for The Lanier Law Firm : Dara Hegar
National Mass Tort Leader : Rick Meadow
Managing attorney, New York office : Evan Janush
Managing attorney, Personal Injury and Product Liability : Jud Waltman
Managing Attorney, Business Litigation : Alex Brown