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For some, specialist boutique Wöss & Partners‘ arbitration offering is simply ‘the best of the best’. The ‘technically impeccableHerfried Wöss, who is lauded for his ‘intellect and experience’, as well as for being able to see the ‘big picture’ and keeping ‘a steady hand on the tiller’, leads the practice with Adriana San Román, a highly-regarded ‘damages expert’. The team is frequently engaged in large construction, infrastructure, energy and damages-related arbitrations as party counsel, with individual members of the team also frequently sought after to act as president, panel member or sole arbitrator, or as damages experts or expert witnesses. Work highlights from 2021 include representing Engie/Tractebel de Monterrey as defendant in a $250m energy tariff arbitration where the practice achieved the reduction to null of the claims and the award of the counterclaim and the cost of arbitration. Since February 2022, the firm has established a collaboration agreement with Curitiba-based firm Braz Campos Advogados so as to mutually facilitate their international arbitration capabilities; Peru-qualified partner Christian Armando Carbajal, who formerly divided his time between Washington DC and Mexico, now divides his time between Sao Paolo y Curitiba as part of this association.

Practice head(s):

Herfried Wöss; Adriana San Román


‘Woss and partners has an extraordinary team led by Herfried Woss and Adriana San Roman. Their managing of complex and highly detailed cases is outstanding.’

‘Availability and facility to work. Attention to detail and exceptional case knowledge. Excellent handling of quantum and damage issues. Exceptional ability to communicate and argue the case in court.’

‘Herfried is exceptional in arguing a case in front of other arbitrators (probably his experience as an arbitrator facilitates his communication with his peers). Adriana has an exceptional quantum domain, rarely seen in offices.’

‘This firm is unique, not only because of its technical capacity, but also because the combination of its partners gives them an international reach in commercial and even investment arbitrations. They are world-renowned damages experts and their relatively small size ensures the personal involvement of partners in defending matters.’

‘Herfried Wöss is the best arbitration expert in Mexico. Either as an applicant or as an arbitrator. Technically impeccable and with an impeccable reputation and impartiality. Adriana San Román is the best damage expert I have ever had the opportunity to work with.’

‘The best of the best. Herfried Wöss and Adrian San Roman are superb. Lean teams of experts that are practical, a pleasure to work with and at the same time experts of the highest level.’

‘Adriana San Roman is astonishing. A damages expert, and former international lawyer, she is able to see issues from perspectives well beyond the view of most lawyers, and is able to put into perspective the legal vs. practical/pragmatic issues. Herfried Wöss has an intellect and experience that allows him to advise well beyond the issues on the page. He sees the big picture and always keeps a steady hand on the tiller.’

‘Herfried is undoubtedly one of the most experienced lawyers in international arbitration.’

Key clients





Wöss & Partners is highly specialized in commercial and investment arbitration, damages claims, international trade, infrastructure projects and energy including oil and gas. The firm recently won a US$240m energy tariff arbitration on behalf of the respondent, a large energy corporation, and achieved the rejection of all claims, the award of the counterclaim and of the cost and expenses of the arbitration.

Dr Wöss is currently sitting as president and arbitrator on large and complex arbitrations dealing with gas pipelines and major infrastructure projects including a gas pipeline project. He has recently been appointed co-arbitrator in an oil & gas construction dispute and adjudicator with respect to multiple claims related to an oil platform. He is also outstanding as party counsel in complex damages, infrastructure and energy arbitrations.

Adriana San Román has vast experience as counsel and damages expert in large infrastructure and energy arbitrations and litigations including oil platforms, aqueducts and hospital and industrial projects, and is also a member of the ICCA-ASIL Task Force on Damages in International Arbitrations. She was damages expert appointed by respondent in an oil platform construction project which lead to the rejection of a US$260m damages claim and the award of a US$80m counterclaim.

Dr Herfried Wöss and Adriana San Román are the principal authors of the leading Oxford University Press monograph “Damages in International Arbitration under Complex Long-term Contracts” and have recently authored chapters on “Damages in Investment Treaty Arbitration” and “Damages in Commercial Arbitration” in: José Rafael Mata Dona/Nikos Lavranos, International Arbitration and EU Law. Their damages arbitration and litigation portfolio as arbitrator, adjudicator, damages experts and consultants has recently exceeded the US$1bn threshold.

Partner Christian Carbajal Valenzuela was lead-counsel in Tza Yap Shum v Peru and is the head of the Lima office while expanding into Brazil. He has recently participated in the preparation of a major ICC arbitration in New York under the laws of New York with respect to a large power plant and expert opinions for major third party funders.

Of Counsel Carlos Rodríguez Sámano was General Counsel of Gas Natural Fenosa, Waste Management and other prominent corporations for more than 30 years and is one of the leading energy lawyers in Mexico.

In 2020 Paolo Cammarota joined the firm as International Of Counsel. Paolo is a highly experienced litigation and arbitration lawyer in New York and founding partner of Cabrera Cammarota PLLC in New York. Prof Nikos Lavranos, secretary-general of the European Federation for Investment Law and Arbitration (EFILA) is supporting the investment arbitration team in upcoming investment arbitrations.

Dr A Devin Bray recently rejoined the firm as International Of Counsel. He was previously a lawyer in the practice of Judge Charles N Brower. He has extensive experience, in particular in investment arbitrations. Dr Bray wrote his doctorate on the issue of legitimate expectations. He is also a Barrister and Solicitor of the Law Society of Ontario. 

Prof DDr Adolf Peter is an  Austrian attorney on leave having practiced with Luther in Singapore and Graf & Pitkowitz in Vienna. He an International Of Counsel with Wöss & Partners and also an Associate Professor for Arbitration at the Shanghai University for Political Science and Law from where he attends the Asian market.

The Wöss & Partners international arbitration team comprises prominent experts in investment arbitration and international law and is counsel in arbitrations in Mexico, Peru, Germany, Guatemala and other countries, successfully representing major Mexican, German, Spanish and French infrastructure and energy companies.

Wöss & Partners has offices in Mexico City, Washington DC (1775 Eye Street NW, 20006)  and Vienna (Palais Aurora) as well as an associated office in Lima. The working languages of the firm are English, French, Dutch, German, Greek, Spanish and Portuguese. In Mexico, the firm also advises large and mid-sized companies with respect to all aspects of corporate and business law.

For further information, see: https://www.linkedin.com/company/15255831/ and our newly launched webpage: http://www.woessetpartners.com.

Wöss & Partners, S.C.: Torre Esmeralda I, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, 11000 Mexico City

Woess & Partners LLC: 1775 Eye Street NW, 20006 Washington DC, USA

Wöss & Partners Vienna representative office: Palais Aurora, Währinger Strasse 39/1.8, 1090 Vienna, Austria

Wöss & Partners Lima associated office with CEO Abogados: Avenida Brasil 2959, Suite 1101, Lima, Peru

International arbitration, damages, trade, infrastructure, energy Mag. Dr. Lic. Herfried Wöss, LL.M. (Exeter)hwoess@woessetpartners.com525526237100
International arbitration, damages, infrastructure, energy Lic. Adriana San Román, M.A. Finance & Investment (Exeter)asanroman@woessetpartners.com525526237100
International arbitration, infrastructure, energy, corporate Abog. Christian Carbajal, LL.M. (Warwick), FCIArb.ccarbajal@woessetpartners.com525526237100
Investment arbitration Prof Dr. Nikos Lavranos, LL.M. (Amsterdam)office@woessetpartners.com525526237100
International arbitration, infrastructure, energy Lic. Sergio M Rendón, LL.M. (Heidelberg)office@woessetpartners.com525526237100
International arbitration, trade, infrastructure Dr. Yahir Acosta Pérez, LL.M. (QMUL)office@woessetpartners.com525526237100
International arbitration (New York) Paolo Cammarota, Esq., J.D. (Stanford), M.A. (Yale)office@woessetpartners.com525526237100
Corporate, arbitration Lic. Víctor Manuel Osante Guzmanvosante@woessetpartners.com525526237100
International arbitration (Asia) Prof. DDr. Adolf Peter, M.A.office@woessetpartners.com525526237100
Energy Mtro. Carlos F. Rodríguez Sámanocrodriguez@woessetpartners.com525526237100
International arbitration, investment arbitration Dr. A. Devin Bray, LL.M. (Arizona)office@woessestpartners.com525526237100
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