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Advocacia Fernanda Hernandez
BRASILIA, DF, 71620-115

Public law Tier 5

The sizeable team at Brasília-based firm Advocacia Fernanda Hernandez  excels in litigation, including before the highest courts. Name partner Fernanda Guimaraes Hernandez is an 'exceptional lawyer'.

Dispute resolution (including White-collar crime) Tier 7

The 'dedicated' team at Advocacia Fernanda Hernandez 'has in-depth knowledge of the law and judicial decisions' and 'offers excellent strategies'. Based in Brasília, the firm has maintained a core focus on dispute resolution since its creation and particularly stands out for its Supreme Court litigation practice. Fernanda Guimaraes Hernandez and Bruna Macedo Moreth are singled out for praise.

Tax Tier 7

Based in Brasília, 'business-oriented' firm Advocacia Fernanda Hernandez specialises in complex litigation. 'Excellent professional' Fernanda Guimaraes Hernandez 'knows the way through the capital of the country'.

Advocacia Fernanda Hernandez is a Brazilian law firm, established in 1990 in Brasilia. From the very beginning, the firm has been deeply committed to its clients, always seeking the best outcomes through ethical principles and transparency. The firm aims to distinguish itself by providing its clients with sound guidance and personal attention.

The firm: Advocacia Fernanda Hernandez has solid experience of dealing with legal procedures in the various courts in Brazil, especially in Brasilia. Its lawyers are well-positioned to provide legal assistance in both judicial and extrajudicial matters within the Brazilian jurisdiction.

Furthermore, the firm has strong knowledge in acting as amicus curiae on matters submitted to trial in the Supreme Court and superior courts of Brazil in cases of general repercussion and repetitive petitions.

The firm also acts as a legal correspondent in Brasilia for the legal departments of various companies and for many law firms from the several localities in Brazil.

Areas of practice: Advocacia Fernanda Hernandez has its legal practice outlined by the following areas: constitutional, tax, administrative, labor, mining, real estate and civil law. The firm’s clients typically belong to the following sectors: civil construction, public sanitation, financial institutions, steel mills, food, the beverage industries, animal feed, sugar and alcohol fuel, data processing, petroleum, environmental engineering and mining, among others.

Languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.

Department Name Email Telephone
Tax, Constitutional, Civil and Administrative Law Fernanda Guimarães Hernandez
Labor and Social Security Luiz José Guimarães Falcão mfalcao@hernandez.adv.Br
Constitutional, Tax and Administrative Law Luciana Marques dos Reis Frattin
Constitutional, Tax and Administrative Law Blader Henrique de Lira Soares
Constitutional, Mining, Tax and Administrative Law Bruna Macedo Moreth
Tax and Administrative Law Rafaella Alencar Ribeiro
Constitutional, Mining, Tax and Administrative Law Isadora Cronemberger Caixeta
Constitutional, Tax and Administrative Law Rebeca Azevedo da Silva
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Luiz José Guimarães Falcão  photo Mr Luiz José Guimarães Falcão Senior Partner specialist in Labor Law.
Mrs Fernanda Hernandez  photo Mrs Fernanda Hernandez Senior partner specialist in Tax Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Social Security…
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