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Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 2

TripleOKlaw Advocates is primarily recognised for real estate finance with Tom Onyango a key name in this space. Jinaro Kibet provides further senior level expertise and senior associate Janet Othero is also noted.

Practice head(s):

Key clients

National Treasury 1 Yes

Starling Park LLP 3 No

Acorn Group

Uplands Meat Products

Vipingo Group of Companies



Imperial Healthcare East Africa

Dispute resolution Tier 2

TripleOKlaw Advocates has considerable dispute resolution experience, covering commercial litigation through to constitutional cases and arbitration. It has further prominence in cases involving financially-distressed corporates and bank insolvency litigation. John Ohaga is a key name for arbitration, while James Uduol has a strong record in constitutional litigation.

Practice head(s):

Key clients

Central Bank of Kenya


Kenya Airways

Kenya Pipeline Corporation

Housing Finance Corporation

Bidco Oil

Ernst & Young

Employment Tier 2

TripleOKlaw Advocates has a strong track record in the employment space. Immigration is a particular forte for the team with Jinaro Kibet noted for his experience in this area. John Ohaga is rated for disputes matters and Marysheila Onyango-Oduor handles a broad spread of employment work.

Practice head(s):


A fluid, versatile and dynamic team.

Fast and responsive approach to the matter at hand.

Key clients

Trademark East

Africa 6 No

Acorn Management

Services Limited 7 No

Hunter White

Consulting 1 Yes

Italian Trade Agency 1 Yes

BDP International 1 Yes

Qatar Airways 4 No

Safaricom PLC 8 No

Kenya Airways

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

TripleOKlaw Advocates has an increasingly impressive record acting for foreign investors, notably in transactions in the financial services and oil and gas sectors. Jinaro Kibet is the key partner.

Practice head(s):


Very personalised service and excellence customer service.

Jinaro Kibet is very professional in his work, has an extensive and deep understanding of commercial and corporate law, and is very practical in his approach to crafting solutions.

Key clients

National Treasury 1 Yes

Starling Park

Acorn Group

Uplands Meat Products

Vipingo Group



Real estate and construction Tier 3

TripleOKlaw Advocates has a wide-ranging real estate practice, covering both residential and commercial properties. The firm has handled a number of development projects. Tom Onyango and Jinaro Kibet are the key partners.

Practice head(s):


The customer experience and handling is top notch and the team is well experienced in different sectors which makes it easy for a customer to consult on any field without moving from one firm to the other.

Key clients

Echuka Country Estate

Cytun Insaat Sanayi


Kore Forests

Metropolitan Canon


JNC Brothers Company

Manish and Dhiresh Raichura

Nanyuki Holdings

The Firm: TripleOKLaw Advocates is one of the leading law firms in Kenya. Established in 2002, the firm is composed of eleven partners, namely James Ochieng’ Oduol, Tom Onyango, Jinaro Kibet, John Ohaga, Elias Masika, Marysheila Onyango-Oduor, Dr. Dan Kagagi, Stephen Mallowah, Catherine Kariuki, Brian Muindi and Janet Othero.

With a growing number of associates, currently standing at twenty three whom together with the partners, form a skilled team of lawyers with considerable expertise in a wide variety of practice areas and are known for being meticulous, hardworking, ethical and professional.

The Firm is structured to provide a wide range of specialized legal services in different practice areas and while it encourages its lawyers to concentrate on their areas of expertise, it also trains them to ensure that they are flexible enough to undertake new and challenging work that may not have been in their primary area of specialization.

In order to deliver efficient, relevant and professional services in this changing legal landscape, innovation has become an integral part of the firm’s strategy. We have invested heavily in technology in order to ensure that we meet our clients’ varying needs. The firm’s passion stems from the knowledge that our clients are the reason for our success. We have grown by creating a reputation for integrity and by providing approachable, responsive, practical and valuable legal services to our clients, both local and international.

The Firm is a member of Meritas Worldwide (, an established global alliance of independent full service law firms with a geographical presence across over 92 countries, in nine global regions: Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and the United States of America. This enables the Firm to navigate transnational legal issues with confidence as it is part of an alliance that has a positive, consultative approach to business and a common commitment to excellent client service. The rule of law may be complex and diverse across global jurisdictions but as a member firm of Meritas, TripleOKLaw is able to offer consistency and world class quality services that clients need to conduct business efficiently.

Areas of Practice

Dispute Resolution
We have worked to create a compelling reputation in dispute resolution, carving a niche in litigation, arbitration and mediation. Through the firm’s involvement in numerous landmark cases over the years, our lawyers have contributed immensely to the development of the jurisprudence in Kenya. The reason for the firm’s success is the fact that its advocates are serious creative thinkers, strong negotiators, and forceful litigators, backed by top quality strategic case management skills and their hard earned practical experience for which we believe there is no substitute in a legal practitioner.

Corporate & Commercial Law
We provide bespoke commercial transaction services to our clients. We hold our clients’ hands through complex commercial transactions both locally and across borders. We also provide advice and direction to foreign companies in the establishment and registration of their investment enterprise locally. Due to new commercial trends, lawyers in this practice regularly deal with mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliance, management buyouts and agreements. We aim to support our clients’ strategic needs across various borders.

Real Estate & Banking
The firm’s Real Estate and Banking practice has rapidly grown in tandem with the Kenyan real estate sector that has experienced a boom in the recent years. The firm delivers a full range of services ranging from structuring and planning of complex banking and real estate transactions, acquisitions and disposal of property and perfection of securities. Through our developed networks, we advise our clients at every stage of their transactions and assist them in obtaining all the relevant approvals from the various government agencies.

Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT)
There have been enormous strides made in the technology and innovation space globally. Kenya, dubbed as the Silicon Savannah, is evidently an ICT hub with a developed Fintech and payments ecosystem. The industry is constantly evolving and has made significant leaps and bounds in regard to product development application and digital establishment. This has led to legislative and regulatory implications that govern roll out and use of these innovations. Our firm offers support to entities in the telecommunications, payments, financial services and technology sectors as they structure their organizations and negotiate complex transactions in this sphere. We guide clients as they set up in the Kenyan market, design their offerings to meet regulatory requirements, negotiate strategic partnerships, secure intellectual property rights and improve user experience. Our TMT team is well versed with the peculiarity of the Kenyan market and continuously works with clients to identify potential risks and mitigate exposure as they secure and structure contractual arrangements through their tailor-made advisory.

Energy & Natural Resources and Climate Change & Sustainability Practice
The latest frontier and deposits found in oil and gas in Kenya has led to increased interest and development of the sector, which in turn has driven the need for legal services by private companies and government institutions. Our practice is tailored to enabling private and public organizations deal with the risks brought about by the impact of climate change while fully exploiting the economic opportunities brought about by the need for adaptation. The firm has built resource capabilities in this area and provides services to upstream, midstream, downstream and integrated companies in oil and gas. In addition to this, it is also involved in several projects in the Kenyan renewable energy and mining industry which is proving to have potential for rapid growth and development.

Financial Services
We work closely with our clients to develop appropriate property and corporate strategies, identifying the financial needs of our client’s projects or their corporate finance requirements, and packaging bankable proposals for potential financiers and investors. We also structure and re-structure project and corporate finance.

Debt Recovery
We provide ancillary services in debt collection and debt recovery. Our polite, persuasive, persistent but professional approach produces better debt recovery results than traditional strong-arm tactics. We subscribe to ethical standards in debt collection and comprehend that debt collection is part of a continuing relationship between client and the debtor. Special attention is paid to case study, evaluation and assessment and establishing communication.

The Firm’s clients include: banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, telecommunications companies, manufacturing companies, aviation companies, property owners and developers, government agencies, state corporations, non-governmental organisations, energy, oil, gas and mining companies.

Department Name Email Telephone
Civil Litigation and Practice James Ochieng Oduol
Civil Litigation and Practice John M Ohaga
Civil Litigation and Practice Elias Masika
Civil Litigation and Practice Isaac Kiche
Arbitration/ADR James Ochieng Oduol
Arbitration/ADR John M Ohaga
Arbitration/ADR Kenvine Odhiambo
Energy and Natural Resources Noreen Kidunduhu
Media and intellectual property Jinaro K Kibet
Corporate and Commercial Jinaro K Kibet
Corporate and Commercial Bryan Muindi
Corporate and Commercial Catherine Kariuki
Corporate and Commercial Janet Othero
Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions Jinaro K Kibet
Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions Bryan Muindi
Real Estate and Banking Tom O Onyango
Real Estate and Banking Catherine Kariuki
Real Estate and Banking Janet Othero
Real Estate and Banking Renice Midar
Family Marysheila Onyango-Oduor
Environment Elias Masika
Maritime and Aviation Jinaro K Kibet
Maritime and Aviation Elias Masika
Tax and International Trade Brian Muindi
ICT and Intellectual Property Jinaro K Kibet
Transaction Advisory Tom O Onyango
Transaction Advisory Jinaro K Kibet
General Legal Practice Kenvine Odhiambo
General Legal Practice Isaac Kiche
Number of Lawyers : 34
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