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Honduras' oldest IP boutique Bufete Casco has a long history of advising major multinationals - particularly from the technology and pharmaceutical sectors - on IP prosecution and portfolio management in the country. The team has extensive experience in patent, trade mark and copyright matters; Beatriz Casco de Martínez focuses particularly on patents, while managing partner Leonardo Pablo Casco handles day-to-day trade mark matters. Leonardo Casco Fortin is highly renowned for his IP experience.

Practice head(s):

Leonardo Casco Fortin

The firm: Established prior to 1906, we are a family venture and the most solid law office in Honduras, having more than 100 years of experience dealing with industrial property matters.

Our commitment is to serve our clients with the best and most proactive service on a daily basis.  Our main expertise lies within the areas of patents, trademarks and copyrights, and we are the first 24/7 full time exclusive IP practice law firm.

Our offices are properly designed for this type of business and our employees have many years of training in these particular areas of IP law. We have the latest hardware and software systems specially designed for us.

It is the mission of the LIC. DANIEL CASCO L. / BUFETE CASO law firm to ensure its global, regional and national clients receive the most complete legal counseling in industrial property matters in Honduras.

Patent matters Beatriz Casco - patents@cascomark.com
Trademark matters Pablo Casco - mail@cascomark.com
Copyright Leonardo Casco - reforma@cascomark.com
Licensing Pablo Casco - mail@cascomark.com
Litigation Leonardo Casco - reforma@cascomark.com
International Trade Mark Association (INTA)