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Labour and employment Tier 2

The busy and buoyant employment practice at Huck, Otranto, Camargo Advogados handles a range of contentious and non-contentious matters for its clients. Ongoing work includes representing a charity in a labour claim requesting job reinstatement and moral damages. ‘Very dedicated’ practice head Maria Fernanda de Medeiros Redi has broad knowledge of social security, variable pay schemes and health and safety issues. Drawing on over 20 years' experience, Célia Mara Peres provides labour consultancy and compliance advice to clients.

Real estate Tier 2

The 'very reliable' real estate department at Huck, Otranto, Camargo Advogados is 'always up-to-date with real estate law', and its lawyers are 'competent, attentive and punctual'. It is well versed in both urban and rural property, and also has notable expertise in the agribusiness sector. Clients include major developer, corporations and high-net-worth individuals. 'Admirable lawyer' Estela Maria Lemos Monteiro Soares de Camargo is 'well recognised and respected in São Paulo', and Thomaz Henrique Monteiro Whately is noted for his 'deep knowledge of rural property law and environmental law'. Thalita Duarte Henriques Pinto and Paulo Vitor Paula Santos Zampieri produce 'excellent work' and are 'decisive in complex issues'.

Bankruptcy and restructuring Tier 3

Huck, Otranto, Camargo Advogados maintains a varied practice, representing creditors and investors in addition to debtors and shareholders of distressed debt. Its areas of practice are similarly diverse; it advises on restructuring plans, the sale and acquisition of distressed assets, special situations and refinancing. Luis Gustavo Haddad and Luiz Felipe Pereira Gomes Lopes head the practice, which also includes Diego Billi Falcão.

Corporate and M&A Tier 3

Under the leadership of Luis Gustavo Haddad, the corporate and M&A department at Huck, Otranto, Camargo Advogados covers the gamut of corporate matters involving the entire life cycle of a company. Recent years have seen the firm maintaining strong relationships with longstanding clients, and also gaining a number of new clients, including foreign companies looking to invest in Brazil. In cross-border work, a team led by Hermes Marcelo Huck has been assisting bicycle sharing company Tembici Participações on acquisitions and associations in Brazil and in the expansion of its activities in Latin America. Elsewhere, Tiago Molina Ferreira advised Shift Capital on establishing an investment channel and negotiating a master franchise agreement with a major gym chain. Bruno Robert has a strong track record in advising start-ups, and Ana Carolina Barbuio Affonso is a key contact for corporate planning and succession matters.

Dispute resolution (including White-collar crime) Tier 3

'Innovative, entrepreneurial and creative', Huck, Otranto, Camargo Advogados is 'very strategic and able to anticipate the steps of the adversary'. Many of its partners are based in São Paulo, though it also has a Brasília office, which represents clients before the superior courts and regulatory agencies. Hermes Marcelo Huck, Rogério Carmona Bianco and Priscila Furgeri Morando are 'very focused on details of the case without losing sight of the big picture'. Also receiving praise are the 'incredibly collegial' Fabio Peixinho Gomes Corrêa and Bruno Robert, who is 'a stand-out star in claims involving regulatory aspects'. Guilherme Gomes Pereira heads the department.

Tax Tier 3

The busy, standalone tax practice at Huck, Otranto, Camargo Advogados handles a range of tax litigation and consultancy. Cross-border transactions and transfer pricing are particular areas of expertise. The firm also has an impressive private client and wealth planning practice; Isabel Garcia Calich da Fonseca is a name to note in this space. In recent work, a cross-departmental team including tax specialists Mauricio de Carvalho Silveira Bueno and João Paulo de Seixas Maia Krepel advised Tembici on its acquisition of a Chilean company. Ana  Flora Vaz Lobato Diaz joined from Machado Meyer Sendacz e Opice Advogados in 2018.

Huck Otranto Camargo was founded in 1993 by lawyers with long academic and professional experience and many years of joint services and professional relationship, which include Fabio de Campos Lilla, Hermes Marcelo Huck, Raquel Maria Sarno Otranto Colangelo and Estela Lemos Monteiro Soares de Camargo.

Both the founders and members who joined the law firm in subsequent years are known for their dedication, willingness to work hard, thorough provision of services, and intellectual involvement in law, both in theory and practice.

The law firm has a significant number of professors, doctors, masters and postgraduates, with diplomas awarded by the best universities in Brazil and abroad.

Trainees are selected only from the most traditional and reputable schools, and we favor organic growth, allowing for greater cohesion and permanence of the law firm culture. Most members have joined Huck Otranto Camargo since their internships.

Practice Areas

Litigation and Arbitration: Huck Otranto Camargo’s view is that each dispute is unique and deserves an individualized treatment. As a result of this approach, the litigation and arbitration area is today a major benchmark for the firm, which is ready to represent the clients’ interests in court proceedings, administrative bodies and arbitration courts.

Conflicts are entrusted to specific and interdisciplinary groups, aiming at high quality and efficient results. The ability to mobilize forces, take simultaneous initiatives and react promptly on different fronts has proved to be an important point to secure Huck Otranto Camargo’s advantageous position in dispute resolution.

This area is capable of serving customers all over Brazil and abroad. With the support of the Brasilia office, we are able to closely monitor the cases, both before the higher courts and the public administration entities.

Corporate Law: Law is an integral and inseparable part of planning, conducting, overcoming crises and reformulating business activities.

Huck Otranto Camargo’s corporate area is always up to date to consult and implement the different forms of business legal structuring in domestic and international operations. The team combines comprehensive and interdisciplinary approaches, with knowledge of the markets and their legal constraints, instruments and opportunities.

The firm has long and intense experience in the full range of corporate structuring and restructuring, procurement, modeling and negotiation of contracts – from agribusiness to the digital economy -, financing, protection and exploitation of intellectual property, technologies and interactions with various regulated environments and defense of competition.

The corporate professionals coordinate with those in the tax, litigation, real estate and labor areas, so that clients’ issues and problems find comprehensive solutions that consider all aspects and legal implications of each case.

To this end, they seek knowledge of clients’ business and its strategies and objectives, for individualized guidance and advice, and for joint planning of positioning tactics for negotiations and pre-dispute situations.

Tax Law: Huck Otranto Camargo’s tax practice provides the clients with customized, innovative and up-to-date tax solutions. Integration with other areas, as well as lasting and constant contact with customers, ensures efficiency, clarity and security to the strategic decision making process.

The law firm, also highly regarded in this area, offers extensive advice to national and foreign individuals and legal entities, in the advisory and litigation, administrative and judicial fronts. We offer legal advice in the assessment, rationalization and optimization of tax costs in corporate, real estate, succession, agribusiness, corporate restructuring, as well as structuring, incorporation and organization of new companies and businesses in Brazil and abroad, as well as acting incisively in judicial and administrative representation of its clients and in the assessment of risks and chances of success in claims where the clients are plaintiffs or respondents.

Huck Otranto Camargo’s tax team is made up of lawyers with a solid academic and professional background, who work in an integrated manner with the other areas of our law firm. The accumulated experience in working before the administrative and judicial courts and in tax consultancy and planning brings confidence to clients from the creation of new businesses to the conduct of administrative and judicial proceedings in the upcoming instances. We also count on the collaboration of the Brasilia office, which enables the direct and immediate follow-up of the proceedings before the higher courts.

Real Estate Law: The real estate law involves a broad spectrum of transactions: typical real estate transactions (such as buy and sell, barter, donation and lease), more complex businesses (such as built-to-suit leases, sale and leaseback, turn-key transactions, constitution of surface rights), structuring of atypical real estate developments, real estate-backed financial transactions, among others.

Huck Otranto Camargo is recognized for its broad experience in the industry and for its pioneering spirit and constant updating in developing new ways of undertaking real estate and structuring atypical businesses. Its performance involves both urban and rural real estate, with extensive knowledge of the various alternatives available for exploitation, and creativity to suggest new possibilities of exploration. It performs audits, analysis of urban aspects, business structuring, negotiation and drafting of contracts and real estate regularization.

The real estate area is made up of a team with exclusive dedication, which acts in a personalized manner and coordinates with other areas of the firm (especially with the tax and corporate areas), seeking to provide the client, for each investment or venture, with the most complete, most suitable, most efficient and least costly instrument while remaining safe.

Labor and Social Security Law: The proper structuring of employment relationships is a strategic issue for the success of any business. It is essential to have specialized legal advice, updated and attentive to the interests of clients, seeking excellence in the defense of their interests in this area of ​​law subject to frequent legislative changes and case law changes.

Huck Otranto Camargo has a tradition of strategic advice and effective defense in labor and social security, administrative and judicial litigation. Our law firm acts in all Labor Justice courts as well as before the Ministry of Labor and the Public Prosecution Service in individual labor claims and collective bargaining, public civil actions, civil inquiries, negotiation of conduct adjustment agreement – TAC, collections of social contributions/INSS and FGTS, indemnity actions for work accident or illness, harassment and discrimination, interdiction of facilities and equipment and other related issues. The attorneys in the area assist clients in assessing contingencies and possibilities of success for joint strategic decision making, and closely monitor the case in each phase. The law firm’s objective is to tailor the clients’ defense to the specific situation of each case and the most appropriate legal theses.

Strategic, market and multidisciplinary vision is our mark in defining the litigation line of action and in general labor and social security legal advice, as well as when representing clients in collective bargaining, strike situations, labor inspections, social security issues and audits.

Our experience includes advising on the structuring and restructuring of the personnel, sectors and teams, including start-ups, advising companies entering the Brazilian market and outsourcing processes, flexible working hours, job and salary planning, variable compensation, awards as well as other incentives, as well as effects on payroll and discipline of labor reflexes, promotions and changes in positions and transfers, hiring and granting of incentive benefits, PLR and PDV, in addition to termination of contracts, in bulk and in strategic positions, sale and purchase, closing units, occupational safety and medicine, corporate training and legal advice on accident prevention and harassment and discrimination, always seeking to optimize and provide security to clients.

Family and Successions Law: The family and succession area requires a personalized and careful service, capable of understanding the specific concerns and interests of each person and the family the person belongs to.

Huck Otranto Camargo is aligned with this form of service and has extensive experience in the area. Our law firm acts in the structuring of family and succession planning, providing advice in the corporate and patrimonial organization, in the preparation of documents such as prenuptial agreements, coexistence contracts and wills. We also advise and defend clients in legal and extrajudicial discussions concerning marriage, common law marriage, property regime, custody and visits of minors, alimony, property sharing, inventories, enrollment and interdiction. Furthermore, we perform mediations.

The law firm has a team fully dedicated to family and successions law, which, in order to offer a complete and personalized service, works in conjunction with the corporate, tax and real estate teams to provide the best service to clients.

Compliance: Since August 2013, when the Brazilian Anti-bribery Act was enacted, companies operating in Brazil have one more reason to focus on Compliance. The momentum has increased significantly as a result of the Car Wash Operation and other major investigations carried out by the Brazilian enforcement authorities since then. Designing, implementing, and maintaining an effective Compliance Program, assessing risks and adopting mitigating actions are basic activities. And yet, still a significant challenge to business organizations.

Our interdisciplinary team covers different areas of the Law that intertwine with Compliance. We advise and support our clients in the design, implementation, and evaluation of Compliance programs, ABC and third party due diligence, risk assessment, internal investigations, raising awareness, and training its executives and workforce, based on the peculiarities and specific risks of each organization.

Implementing adequate prevention, detection, and remediation mechanisms, with a view to rendering them effective and compliant with applicable laws, regulations, and guidance issued by enforcement authorities (Brazilian Anti-bribery Act, FCPA, UKBA, FCPA Resource Guide, OECD’s Good Practice Guidance on Internal Controls, Ethics, and Compliance), without unnecessarily or excessively impacting the company’s business and operations requires extensive knowledge and experience. We have lawyers on our team who have over two decades of hands-on Compliance experience, both as in-house and outside counsel, which places our firm in a very special position to assist its clients by means of a broad and interdisciplinary approach, effectively uniting theory and practice.

Department Name Email Telephone
Litigation and arbitration Alexandre Domingues Serafim +55 11 3038-1223
Real estate and infrastructure Alexia Almeida Rodrigues +55 11 3038-1018
Real estate and infrastructure Amanda Salis Guazzelli +55 11 3038-1011
Corporate/M&A Ana Carolina Barbuio Affonso +55 11 3038-1066
Tax Ana Flora Vaz Lobato Diaz +55 11 3038-1066
Corporate/M&A Antonio Heraldo Wajnman Lima +55 11 3038-1066
Tax Barbara Weg +55 11 3038-1217
Litigation and arbitration Beatriz Toratti +55 11 3038-1018
Litigation and arbitration Brenda Ferreira Almeida +55 61 3039-8430
Corporate/M&A Bruno Robert +55 11 3038-1010
Corporate/M&A Camila Marchetti Villares +55 11 3038-1066
Corporate/M&A Carol Saposnic +55 11 3038-1217
Labor and employment Célia Mara Peres +55 11 3038-1217
Corporate/M&A Daniela Maria Rosa Nascimento +55 11 3038-1018
Corporate/M&A Diego Billi Falcão +55 11 3038-1066
Corporate/M&A Eduardo de Oliveira Lima +55 11 3038-1019
Litigation and arbitration Elaine Perez +55 61 3039-8430
Real estate and infrastructure Estela Lemos Monteiro Soares de Camargo +55 11 3038-1011
Litigation and arbitration Fábio Floriano Melo Martins +55 11 3038-1066
Litigation and arbitration Fábio Peixinho Gomes Corrêa +55 11 3038-1009
Corporate/M&A Fernanda Annenberg +55 11 3038-1217
Litigation and arbitration Gabriela Garbelini Marques de Oliveira +55 11 3038-1223
Litigation and arbitration Guilherme Gomes Pereira +55 11 3038-1223
Litigation and arbitration Guilherme Montebugnoli Zilio +55 11 3038-1018
Litigation and arbitration Henrique Ceolin Bortolo +55 11 3038-1217
Litigation and arbitration Henrique Giongo Maluf +55 11 3038-1018
Tax Henrique Mellão Cecchi de Oliveira +55 11 3038-1066
Litigation and arbitration Hermes Marcelo Huck +55 11 3038-1029
Tax Isabel Garcia Calich da Fonseca +55 11 3038-1066
Labor and employment Isabella Mara Bodo +55 11 3038-1217
Tax João Paulo de Seixas Maia Krepel +55 11 3038-1010
Litigation and arbitration Julia Samson Almeidinha +55 11 3038-1009
Litigation and arbitration Juliana Krueger Pela +55 11 3038-1010
Corporate/M&A Lucas Carneiro Gorgulho Mendes Barros +55 11 3038-1010
Litigation and arbitration Lucas Garcia de Moura Gavião +55 11 3038-1059
Tax Lucas Martini de Aguiar +55 11 3038-1009
Litigation and arbitration Luciana Valverde Grinberg +55 11 3038-1029
Corporate/M&A Luís Gustavo Haddad +55 11 3038-1059
Litigation and arbitration Luis Henrique Silva Bomfim Junior +55 11 3038-1223
Litigation and arbitration Luiz Antonio Castro de Miranda Filho +55 11 3038-1018
Litigation and arbitration Luiz Felipe Pereira Gomes Lopes +55 11 3038-1223
Corporate/M&A Luiz Otávio Rodrigues Ferreira +55 11 3038-1018
Labor and employment Luiza Cruz Greiner +55 11 3038-1217
Corporate/M&A Marco Aurélio Ibanhes Chakur +55 11 3038-1009
Litigation and arbitration Marcus Vinicius Pereira Lucas +55 11 3038-1018
Labor and employment Maria Fernanda de Medeiros Redi +55 11 3038-1010
Litigation and arbitration Matheus de Mello Adães +55 11 3038-1009
Tax Mauricio de Carvalho Silveira Bueno +55 11 3038-1066
Corporate/M&A Maurício Vedovato +55 11 3038-1223
Litigation and arbitration Mônica Naomi Murayama +55 11 3038-1019
Tax Otávio Dias Ferraz Paixão +55 11 3038-1217
Tax Paulo Cesar Butti Cardoso +55 11 3038-1066
Real estate and infrastructure Paulo Vitor Paula Santos Zampieri +55 11 3038-1018
Corporate/M&A Priscila Furgeri Morando +55 11 3038-1217
Compliance Rafael Mendes Gomes +55 11 3038-1089
Corporate/M&A Raquel Maria Sarno Otranto Colangelo +55 11 3038-1029
Litigation and arbitration Renan Varollo Perlati +55 11 3038-1019
Corporate/M&A Ricardo Vercesi Saad +55 11 3038-1009
Litigation and arbitration Rodolfo da Costa Manso Real Amadeo +55 11 3038-1059
Litigation and arbitration Rodrigo da Costa Marques +55 11 3038-1018
Litigation and arbitration Rogério Carmona Bianco +55 11 3038-1019
Real estate and infrastructure Thalita Duarte Henriques Pinto +55 11 3038-1059
Litigation and arbitration Thomas Alexandre de Carvalho +55 11 3038-1019
Real estate and infrastructure Thomaz Henrique Monteiro Whately +55 11 3038-1011
Corporate/M&A Tiago Molina Ferreira +55 11 3038-1010
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