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With offices in Southend, Braintree and Benfleet, Jerman Samuels & Pearson LLP is especially recommended for expert advice on murder and manslaughter cases. The firm is led by Mark Jerman in Benfleet and ‘strategist and fine tactician’ Simon Samuels in Southend, with Jerman having a track record in handling complex murder, fraud and other violent cases, and Samuels’s practice extending to high-value frauds and organised major drug cases. Ian Clift in Braintree heads up the crown court and complex crime department, and is well versed in handling charges related to violent offences. Matthew Bone left the practice after being appointed as district judge in January 2023.

Practice head(s):

Mark Jerman; Simon Samuels

Other key lawyers:


‘The standard of solicitors throughout the firm is uniformly very high. They are extremely professional and efficient while still being approachable and client friendly.’

‘Simon Samuels has an unrivalled following and reputation throughout Essex. Widely admired as a strategist and fine tactician.’

‘Ian Clift is a fine advocate as well as a case management expert. Judges and other firms go to him for advice on case management and professional issues.’

‘This is a very experienced team which all work together. They have a mixture of experience, which means that the right solicitor can be appointed to the right cases.’

‘Ian Clift is a very senior solicitor who manages a very high case load, yet always prepares each case fully. He is supportive to counsel and always available to discuss any hearing or case.’

‘The firm’s instructions and each solicitor’s hands-on knowledge and involvement in their respective cases have been first rate.’

‘The firm’s case preparation, essential for any substantial case, is meticulous from the off, and they provide a thorough, dynamic and scrupulous service from first to last.’

‘Simon Samuels has a wonderful manner with clients which puts them very much at ease. He is able to distil quickly and effectively the important issues in a case, and explain them clearly and simply.’

JSP Solicitors is exclusively a Criminal defence practice and is the largest crime-only firm providing this service in Essex. The firm provides criminal and road traffic law defence services both locally and nationally.

The firm: JSP Solicitors  was established in June 2002 by two leading Essex-based solicitors, Simon Samuels, Mark Jerman, who each have over 30 years of experience in the profession and a long established presence in Essex Magistrates’ Courts. The firm’s focus is on quality – in terms of legal technical excellence and in terms of delivery of legal advice to its clients.

Many of JSPs’ new clients are the result of introduction from other professionals or personal recommendations by existing clients. JSP’s aim is to create a client experience of high-quality, coupled with extensive experience. JSP’s success is founded upon excellent knowledge of its chosen area of legal practice. JSP is considered to be the specialist law firm in all aspects of criminal litigation. It boasts an in-house advocacy department which allows for the continuity of representation in even the most serious of cases before the Crown Court.

The firm is regularly instructed in high-profile cases and takes great care to supervise and monitor the quality of the work carried out on behalf of its clients.

Currently, the Southend  and Braintree offices are staffed by teams of police Station Representatives, Magistrates’ Court Advocates, Crown Court litigators and Higher Court advocates. All lawyers are either solicitors or accredited Police Station Representatives. The firm provides a high-quality crime and motoring specialist service and has a substantial wealth of experience, including in serious crime. JSP is also VHCC accredited.

The specialist services currently on offer are made possible by a blend of staff experience. The firm’s aim is to optimise this mix so as to give clients the very best quality legal services whilst remaining competitive on price in respect of reduced fees payable by the LAA and for those clients who wish to instruct JSP privately.

Types of work undertaken: The management and development of these services has been made possible by the quality, training and development of employees, and by key individuals within the business.

Mark Jerman: Mark was admitted as a solicitor in 1987 and has practiced criminal law in Essex for over 30 years. A serious and accomplished advocate, Mark has, during his career, represented clients throughout the United Kingdom for matters including murder and drugs conspiracies. Mark is based at the Southend office.

Simon Samuels: Simon was admitted as a solicitor in 1987. He is the solicitor most likely to be asked for by clients detained at Southend Police Stations and has a huge following in Southend. In addition to his Magistrates’ Court work, Simon has also represented clients for multiple murder, serial rape and substantial drug Imports. Simon is based at the  Southend  office.

Ian Clift: Ian was admitted as a solicitor in 2001 and was appointed as a solicitor-advocate (Higher Courts Criminal) in 2007. He is a trial advocate, a specialist in all fields of criminal law and is head of the Crown Court and Complex Crime department. Ian is based at the Braintree office.

Carly Denniss: Carly was admitted as a solicitor in 2012 and is the newest director. Carly was appointed as a solicitor-advocate (Higher Courts Criminal) in 2014 and specialises in serious and complex casework.  Carly is based at our Southend  office.

Other offices: Southend and Braintree

Department Name Email Telephone
Directors Mark Jerman 01268 820111
Directors Simon Samuels 01268 820111
Directors Ian Clift 01268 820111
Directors Carly Denniss 01268 820111
Associate Director Amie Harris 01268820111
Associate Director Carly Pharoah 01268820111
Associate Director Ciara Bruin 01268820111
Associate Director Zoe Banfield 01`268820111
Criminal Litigation all fee-earners 01268820111
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