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Dispute resolution Tier 3

Litigation boutique Advocates Smith Taubitz Unsworth Ltd acts on significant domestic criminal, regulatory, personal injury, employment and family matters, as well as fielding instructions from international companies, trusts and private clients. The diverse expertise of the three partners - criminal defence specialist Darren Taubitz, civil and commercial litigation expert Vicki Unsworth and personal injury and negligence leader Hazel Smith - ensures the full range of mid and high-value disputes are catered for. Also noteworthy is the firm’s experience in representing money laundering reporting officers in Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings.


An outstanding team with the ability to grasp the essential issues in the case and apply to them excellent legal knowledge coupled with good judgement

Knowledgeable and experienced

The firm is always accessible, polite and informative

‘Hazel Smith is highly regarded for her patience and pragmatic approach’

‘Vicki Unsworth is a rising star of the practice and is prepared to take on high-value matters and turn them around effectively and efficiently’

Darren Taubitz and Vicki Unsworth are a pleasure to work with

Vicki Unsworth is extremely able in court

‘Hazel Smith is a force to be reckoned with’

Key clients

Kaupthing Hf

Alistair Stennett


Juan Turner

DWF Claims

Rex Lewis

Advocates Smith Taubitz Unsworth Ltd is a specialist litigation practice in the heart of Douglas, the Isle of Man’s capital.

The firm: The three experienced directors of Advocates Smith Taubitz Unsworth Limited,  Hazel Smith, Darren Taubitz and Vicki Unsworth, have pooled their knowledge, experience and skills to offer their clients a fully functioning litigation practice. Each of the directors brings their own expertise and reputation for demanding high standards and obtaining the best result possible for each client to a practice that strives to offer a gold-standard service to all clients.

Whereas many firms in the Isle of Man are limited in their scope of practice, the experience and expertise of the directors means that the entire spectrum of litigation is covered by the firm, a rare benefit in the Isle of Man. Further, the team of directors and fee-earners work together on cases to ensure clients get the full benefit of knowledge and experience on offer, with the directors assisted by associates Kate Alexander, Andrew Baker, Matt Wilshaw, Frances Whitehead and trainee Sara-Jayne Dodge.  In addition, Advocates Smith Taubitz Unsworth Ltd has a number of consultancy agreements in place with senior barristers and Advocates, which expands on the expertise and experience on offer to clients.

The firm is very well regarded and receives a number of referrals from larger firms. All Advocates are very positively received by the courts, and are routinely praised by the judiciary for their advocacy and case presentation.

A large percentage of the firm’s clients are based on the Island, however Vicki Unsworth’s practice spans the globe. The firm acts for clients from every walk of life, and is not afraid to give a voice and a chance to the most vulnerable members of society, even if it means working on a pro bono basis. At the other end of the spectrum the firm is involved in a lot of high-value litigation working with some of the leading firms in the UK, the Caribbean and the US. A number of large clients and national insurers are now instructing the firm in place of tier 1 and 2 firms that they historically instructed.

Throughout 2019, Advocates Smith Taubitz Unsworth Ltd has grown from strength to strength and has been exceptionally busy. Darren Taubitz and Vicki Unsworth have been instructed to act in a number of very high profile regulatory cases forging the way with defending the first prosecutions in the regulatory sphere as well as working with the FSA on mutual cooperation cases and litigation avoidance.  The reputations, hard work and court room ability of all of the Advocates have ensured success, and that the firm continues to grow organically, with the associate Advocates now becoming leading junior Advocates.

Types of work undertaken: Advocates Smith Taubitz Unsworth Ltd covers all areas of court work.

Commercial litigation: Vicki Unsworth is known for international commercial litigation including insolvency and trust litigation, with both of Darren Taubitz and Vicki Unsworth having an excellent reputation in regulatory compliance and financial crime and data protection.  Andrew Baker and Matt Wilshaw assist in these matters.

Criminal litigation: Darren Taubitz is one of the Island’s leading criminal defence advocates.  Each of Kate Alexander and Matt Wilshaw are experienced in criminal litigation and are known to be two of the leading juniors at the criminal bar.

Matrimonial and children law: Hazel Smith is a leader in the field of matrimonial and children, being one of the Island’s most experienced advocates.  Kate Alexander and Frances Whitehead assist Hazel Smith, with Kate Alexander developing as a leading junior Advocate in this field.

Personal injury and medical negligence: Hazel Smith and Vicki Unsworth are both renowned as being leading advocates in personal injury (both claimant and defendant) and medical negligence cases.  Each of Kate Alexander, Matt Wilshaw and Frances Whitehead also work within these areas of law.

The firm also has extensive experience in general civil litigation and employment law, in respect of which all associates assist.

All fee-earners regularly appear before the courts from the Summary Court up to the Court of Appeal.

Department Name Email Telephone
Director Hazel Smtih 00 44 1624 677888
Director Darren Taubitz 00 44 1624 677888
Director Vicki Unsworth 00 44 1624 677888
Civil litigation Vicki Unsworth 00 44 1624 677888
Commercial litigation Vicki Unsworth 00 44 1624 677888
Criminal litigation Darren Taubitz 00 44 1624 677888
Matrimonial and children Hazel Smith 00 44 1624 677888
Personal injury/medical negligence Vicki Unsworth 00 44 1624 677888
Regulatory Compliance Darren Taubitz 00 44 1624 677888
Regulatory Compliance Vicki Unsworth 00 44 1624 677888
Data Protection Darren Taubitz 00 44 1624 677888
Data Protection Vicki Unsworth 00 44 1624 677888
Photo Name Position Profile
 Kate Alexander  photo Kate Alexander
 Hazel Smith  photo Hazel Smith
 Darren Taubitz  photo Darren Taubitz
 Vicki Unsworth  photo Vicki Unsworth
 Frances Whitehead  photo Frances Whitehead
 Matt Wilshaw  photo Matt Wilshaw
Number of UK partners : 3
Number of other UK fee-earners : 8
Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)
Institute of Directors

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