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Fraud: civil Tier 5

gunnercooke LLP advises clients on various civil fraud matters, including asset tracing, cross-border issues, offshore work, search order supervision and cyber fraud. The firm also deals with insolvency litigation, commercial dispute resolution, and obtaining and defending emergency interim relief, including freezing injunctions, search orders and third-party disclosure orders. Client sectors include financial services, insolvency, mining and leisure, and the team acts for a number of high-net-worth individuals.

Commercial litigation Tier 8

gunnercooke LLP's Shilpen Savani's cases are high-value and frequently involve an international element. Fergus Buckley is focused on civil fraud matters while David Herbert has particular expertise in civil fraud and asset tracing.


gunnercooke is one of the UK’s fastest growing law firms, providing a wide range of corporate and commercial legal services to businesses, banks and financial institutions. The firm’s model allows its lawyers to spend time building strong relationships with clients, so they can find opportunities to add extra value to their work. 

The firm: gunnercooke was founded in 2010, on a business model led by insight directly from businesses. The firm held discussions with business owners, leaders and CEOs about what it was they didn’t like about how their legal services were delivered.  Responses were consistent.  Clients wanted: 

  • Transparency and certainty over costs 
  • Senior, authoritative lawyers to deliver the service 
  • Commercial and trusted advisors 

gunnercooke was founded on the basis that all of its lawyers would provide seniority by requiring them to have a client-focused approach and at least 10,000 hours’ practising experience. Of the firm’s lawyers, 90% have worked in-house, meaning they have strong commercial awareness and are equipped to advise high-net-worth clients and large businesses. gunnercooke lawyers operate on a fixed-fee basis, meaning work is scoped out from the outset and cost certainty is guaranteed. 

As a result, all clients have access to trusted advisors who have a breadth of experience and knowledge, enabling them to work on all matters from straightforward transactions to complicated cases that require complex solutions. And because all of gunnercooke‘s partners are senior lawyers, they can draw on each other when a clients’ requirements fall outside of their practice area and work to each other’s strengths. 

gunnercooke is now an established corporate and commercial law firm.  In 2019, the year after being named ‘Law firm of the Year- Large’ at the Law Society Excellence Awards, gunnercooke was given the overall Business Culture Achievement Gold Award at the Business Culture Awards.  The firm has also been shortlisted for two National Business Awards which will be announced in November of 2019.  

Types of work undertaken: gunnercooke‘s practice areas are constantly expanding. The firm is particularly well known for its work in corporate and M&A, employment, commercial, dispute resolution, family law, business crime, restructuring and business growth, pensions, private client, banking and finance and real estate. 

Number of UK partners: 193 

Support Team (gcTrust): 33 

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Department Name Email Telephone
Co-Founders Darryl Cooke
Co-Founders Sarah Goulbourne
Photo Name Position Profile
 Sunil Abeyewickreme  photo Sunil Abeyewickreme
 Nisha Aggarwal  photo Nisha Aggarwal
 Remi Aiyela  photo Remi Aiyela
 Ammar Al-Tabbaa  photo Ammar Al-Tabbaa
 Chris Allan  photo Chris Allan
 Amanda Allen  photo Amanda Allen
 Nicky Androsov  photo Nicky Androsov
 Claire-Elaine Arthurs  photo Claire-Elaine Arthurs
 Sam Ashoka  photo Sam Ashoka
 Robert Ashworth  photo Robert Ashworth
 Guillaume Barlet-Batada  photo Guillaume Barlet-Batada
 Simon Baum  photo Simon Baum
 Max Beazley  photo Max Beazley
 Rodney Bellamy-Wood  photo Rodney Bellamy-Wood
 Patrick Billyeald  photo Patrick Billyeald
 Edward Black  photo Edward Black
 David Blackburn  photo David Blackburn
 Menna Bowen  photo Menna Bowen
 Chris Bushnell  photo Chris Bushnell
 Matthew Cahill  photo Matthew Cahill
 Richard Cannon  photo Richard Cannon
 Gary Carter  photo Gary Carter
 Sarah Cato  photo Sarah Cato
 Michelle Chen  photo Michelle Chen
 Stephen Cook  photo Stephen Cook
 Darryl Cooke  photo Darryl Cooke
 Elena Cooper  photo Elena Cooper
 Carol Copland  photo Carol Copland
 Alistair Crellin  photo Alistair Crellin
 Natalie Da Silva  photo Natalie Da Silva
 David Darvill  photo David Darvill
 Rebecca Davidson  photo Rebecca Davidson
 Anne Davies  photo Anne Davies
 Peter Davis  photo Peter Davis
 Peter Dempsey  photo Peter Dempsey
 Wyn Derbyshire  photo Wyn Derbyshire
 Chris Dias  photo Chris Dias
 Mathieu Doublet  photo Mathieu Doublet
 Tim Drake  photo Tim Drake
 Emma Easton  photo Emma Easton
 Alan Erwin  photo Alan Erwin
 Paul Estlin  photo Paul Estlin
 Laya Falsafi  photo Laya Falsafi
 Rob Fawke  photo Rob Fawke
 Julie Forsyth  photo Julie Forsyth
 Kelly Fox  photo Kelly Fox
 Paul Friedman  photo Paul Friedman
 Sapna Garg  photo Sapna Garg
 Jeremy Glover  photo Jeremy Glover
 Jonathan Golden  photo Jonathan Golden
 Jeremy Goldring  photo Jeremy Goldring
 Oliver Goodwin  photo Oliver Goodwin
 Sarah Goulbourne  photo Sarah Goulbourne
 Nick Gould  photo Nick Gould
 Séamas Gray  photo Séamas Gray
 Natalie Griffiths  photo Natalie Griffiths
 Sue Hall  photo Sue Hall
 Nicholas Hall  photo Nicholas Hall
 David Herbert  photo David Herbert
 Tim Heywood  photo Tim Heywood
 Christian Hook  photo Christian Hook
 Peter Huth-Wallis  photo Peter Huth-Wallis
 Rebecca Ireland  photo Rebecca Ireland
 Shugufta Jabeen  photo Shugufta Jabeen
 Harvey Jaskel  photo Harvey Jaskel
 Kirsten Jepsen  photo Kirsten Jepsen
 Clare Jones  photo Clare Jones
 Sofia Jorgensen  photo Sofia Jorgensen
 Michael Joshua  photo Michael Joshua
 Laurence Katz  photo Laurence Katz
 Lucy Keeble  photo Lucy Keeble
 Veronika Koroleva  photo Veronika Koroleva
 Michael Krantz  photo Michael Krantz
 Mark Langford  photo Mark Langford
 Yvonne Lazarowicz  photo Yvonne Lazarowicz
 Frances Leung  photo Frances Leung
 Wyn Lewis  photo Wyn Lewis
 Richard Linskell  photo Richard Linskell
 Tessa Lorimer  photo Tessa Lorimer
 Tejinder Mahil  photo Tejinder Mahil
 Carol Martin  photo Carol Martin
 Stephanie McDonald  photo Stephanie McDonald
 Chris McFadzean  photo Chris McFadzean
 Simon McLeod  photo Simon McLeod
 Angus Menzies  photo Angus Menzies
 David Merson  photo David Merson
 Erika Moralez-Perez  photo Erika Moralez-Perez
 James Nicholls  photo James Nicholls
 Chris Powell  photo Chris Powell
 Jon Redding  photo Jon Redding
 Graham Reid  photo Graham Reid
 Alyson Reilly  photo Alyson Reilly
 Rich Roberts  photo Rich Roberts
 Liz Roberts  photo Liz Roberts
 Jeremy Rosen  photo Jeremy Rosen
 Howard Ross  photo Howard Ross
 Daniel Rubie  photo Daniel Rubie
 Welmoed Rutgers  photo Welmoed Rutgers
 Claire Saffer  photo Claire Saffer
 David Salamons  photo David Salamons
 Shilpen Savani  photo Shilpen Savani
 Martin Scott  photo Martin Scott
 Matthew Searle  photo Matthew Searle
 Jodie Seddon  photo Jodie Seddon
 John Shield  photo John Shield
 Ken Smith  photo Ken Smith
 Clare Smith  photo Clare Smith
 Renée So  photo Renée So
 Graham Stott  photo Graham Stott
 Tim Thornton Jones  photo Tim Thornton Jones
 Clive Thorp  photo Clive Thorp
 Roger Tynan  photo Roger Tynan
 Thalis Vlachos  photo Thalis Vlachos
 Marc Weisberger  photo Marc Weisberger
 Mark Whittaker  photo Mark Whittaker
 Michelle Wilkinson  photo Michelle Wilkinson
 Alastair Wilson  photo Alastair Wilson
 Louise Wolfson  photo Louise Wolfson
Number of UK partners : 193
Support Team (gcTrust) : 33
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