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Crime: general Tier 1

Howard & Byrne advises clients on local, national and international criminal matters spanning murder, child abuse, sexual assault and rape. Managing partner and 'lawyer's lawyer' Kevin Blount leads the team, which also includes the 'charismatic and driven' Colin Byrne, who has notable expertise in extradition matters; Jacky East, who leads the prison law practice; and Lee-Anne Robins-Hicks, who has experience in animal welfare cases.


Howard & Byrne is exceptionally diligent and hardworking and is highly deserving of the status it has in the local, national and international market‘.

Colin Byrne is a skilled advocate and a firm but diplomatic negotiator. He is an exceptional lawyer, incredibly hardworking and has a significant reputation among his peers‘.

Colin Byrne is charismatic and driven and uniquely experienced in international criminal defence‘.

Kevin Blount is a lawyer’s lawyer. He is particularly astute and brings a great deal to the tactical aspects of defending complex crime.

Colin Byrne and Kevin Blount go the extra mile for their clients. They are first-class lawyers and they care‘.

Crime: fraud Tier 3

Howard & Byrne's criminal defence practice fields specialists in fraud and financial crime, who represent clients locally, nationally and internationally from the firm's York base. The 'industrious and knowledgeable' Kevin Blount leads the group, which also includes 'charismatic and driven' senior partner Colin Byrne, who handles cross-border matters in jurisdictions including Europe, US, Russia and the Middle East.


Howard & Byrne is a proactive and hardworking firm, which provides quality representation and cares about its clients‘.

The team is exceptionally diligent and hardworking and is in the detail of all matters, It is highly deserving of the status it has locally, nationally and internationally‘.

Howard & Byrne is an established York firm with a national and international reach. At its core, it represents the people of York and North Yorkshire facing criminal allegations. However, through the hard work and determined approach of the partners, it has carved out a national reputation in fraud‘.

Howard & Byrne specialises in complex and difficult fraud cases, and has an international practice, which clients literally come from all over the UK to instruct them. It fights for clients and has a level of attention to detail that is frankly amazing‘.

Colin Byrne is very hardworking and has excellent judgement‘.

Kevin Blount is industrious, knowledgeable and ensures all cases are properly prepared and that clients needs are met throughout the criminal process‘.

Colin Byrne is an exceptional lawyer; there is no wonder he is attracting cases from all over the UK‘.

Colin Byrne is charismatic and driven and uniquely experienced in international criminal defence. Despite this, he retains a clear supervisory role over his team, and ensures quality of service. Kevin Blount is a lawyer’s lawyer. He is particularly astute in matters of fraud and money laundering and brings a great deal to the tactical aspects of defending complex crime‘.

Howard & Byrne is a specialist firm offering exceptional criminal defence representation.

The firm: Founded in 2000, the firm began as a high-street criminal defence practice. Since then, it has developed to become the leading supplier of criminal defence work in the region, with a national reputation.

Howard & Byrne now has a reputation in defending fraud and regulatory matters, as well as general criminal defence, acting in a number of high-profile cases.

Howard & Byrne is an established firm, which prides itself on the quality of its representation. It is recognised for its expertise in local, regional and national heavyweight crime, together with confiscation and Bribery Act work. Its cross-border investigations (including extradition) are also recognised. Although the firm has a significant private client base, it also has a legal aid contract to enable it to carry out all kinds of work, including VHCC and prison law work. It will also do agency work for other solicitors.

Types of work undertaken: General crime: everything from motoring to murder. When someone is facing prosecution or investigation, whatever the offence is, they require specialist defence services. Therefore the firm provides defence services across a range of offences. The firm also has a strong reputation advising in appeal work. Howard & Byrne’s expertise covers all types of investigation, including: police; Serious Fraud Office; benefits agencies including Department of Work and Pensions; Health & Safety Executive; foreign investigation agencies, including FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission; Environment Agency; Trading Standards; RSPCA; local authorities; and HM Revenue and Customs. It also regularly deals with the CPS specialist units and investigations by the SFO or SOPA. Its lawyers understand that being arrested is a daunting experience, and are on hand to ensure that clients know what is happening and what their options are. They can help clients feel better equipped to explain their side of things or advise them on when to use other options. With its specialist team, Howard & Byrne can examine the case against its client, give straightforward, easy to understand advice, and prepare the case for court. It has an excellent team of in-house advocates as well as access to specialist barristers to make sure clients get the best representation possible.

Fraud, confiscation, regulatory and Bribery Act: Howard & Byrne acts for individuals and companies, and has the expertise and capacity to act in a wide range of cases. Fraud, corruption and bribery allegations need a specialist team, with the ability to advance a proactive defence. The firm has experience in both national and international fraud, corruption and bribery, and is recognised by The Legal 500 for its work. It is also a member of the Exchange Chambers’ Fraud Forum. Howard & Byrne can also assist individuals and corporations, in the UK and abroad, that are being investigated under the Bribery Act or similar multi-jurisdictional legislation including FCPA. Its specialist team can provide clients with a bespoke Bribery Act compliance package. This is essential for companies to protect them from liability. The firm has experience of dealing with all prosecuting authorities and investigative agencies both in the UK and abroad. This includes, for example, the SFO, DOJ, SEC and FBI.

Department Name Email Telephone
Senior partner Colin Byrne
Managing partner Kevin Blount
General crime Kevin Blount
Fraud Colin Byrne
Crime: corporate/regulatory Colin Byrne
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Kevin Blount photo Mr Kevin Blount
 Colin Byrne  photo Colin Byrne
 Jacky East  photo Jacky East
 Lee-Anne Robins-Hicks  photo Lee-Anne Robins-Hicks
Number of UK partners : 4
Number of other UK fee-earners : 8