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Fraud: white-collar crime Tier 2

Janes Solicitors handles criminal litigation, fraud, regulatory, worldwide freezing orders, confiscation and money laundering proceedings. Clients include multinational companies, entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals. David Janes heads the team and specialises in taxation cases, and fraud including banking, trading and derivatives, bribery, corruption, proceeds of crime and defence of SFO and HMRC prosecutions. Fiona Gavriel joined as partner from Bark&co and David Frearson joined as consultant solicitor from Alston Asquith.


‘A very close-knit team of excellent individuals who have worked closely together over a number of decades’.

‘David Janes is outstanding, bright, tactful and tactical with a genuine interest in the law’.

‘They are hardworking, pleasant and knowledgable’.

‘Wide experience in cases of the utmost complexity over many years. Team work together rather than as individuals’.

‘David Janes is an accomplished lawyer that makes even the most complicated fraud understandable’.

‘Fiona Gavriel is bright and energetic, she has a charisma that puts clients at ease but belies a strong work ethic’.

‘Their key strength is their relentlessness in defence of their clients’.

‘David Janes is one of the most dogged, indefatigable and creative lawyers’.

‘Highly experienced, very capable lawyers across the board’.

‘David Frearson is a young, energetic, committed lawyer who has a bright future ahead of him’.              

Crime: general Tier 4

Janes Solicitors is 'an excellent firm' where 'a client feels looked after from the moment they walk in the door'. Recent cases have included drugs conspiracies, fraud, sexual assault and murder. The 'innovative and hardworking' Robert Berg leads the team. James Mullion and Alex Mincoff are also recommended.


Robert Berg is hugely experienced; his tactical knowledge and ability to get to the essentials of a case is impressive‘.

Janes Solicitors is a niche firm specialising in fraud, tax, bribery and corruption, and serious crime. Janes is also very experienced in proceeds of crime matters including confiscation, freezing orders and civil recovery proceedings. The firm demonstrates fearless commitment to the cause of its clients and prides itself on its professional esteem and standards.

The firm: Janes Solicitors was founded more than 30 years ago and from its inception has had a strong and renowned presence in the field of serious fraud and crime. It has successfully defended many SFO and HMRC cases. The firm has consolidated itself at the forefront of the field, with success built on the solid foundation of a team of skilled litigators with a wealth of experience. Current instructions include the SFO Rolls Royce inquiry, Operation Amazon, HMRC inquiry into alleged breach of UN Sanctions Order against Iran, investigation into MLRO banking of just short of a billion pounds and inquiry by HMRC in respect of loans from Middle East to UK.

Janes Solicitors is accustomed to high-profile cases and has conducted many renowned cases – including, to name but a few, Peter Foster (‘Cheriegate’), the Jubilee Line fraud case, Fergal Lynch (the race fixing trial), the London Metal Exchange fraud trial (Anand Jain), the Grillo sisters (the Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi case) and the Libor broker case (R v Goodman). In each matter a specialised team has been put together, tailor made to the particular case.

Types of work undertaken: Serious fraud: Janes Solicitors has extensive experience in this highly skilled and demanding field, and has the technical expertise and ability to deploy appropriate resources to such cases. It has been instructed in some of the largest and most high-profile matters in recent years and continues to be sought after by clients involved in serious and complex cases. The firm has successfully defended two major SFO prosecutions – the TAF fraud trial and Libor broker trial.

HM Revenue and Customs: the firm is regularly instructed in particularly complex and large- scale cases concerning the highly regulated area of VAT and excise duties before the VAT and Duties Tribunal and associated tribunals. It also provides representation in civil investigations by HMRC in relation to both VAT and personal and corporate tax affairs. The firm has been instructed for over eight years in the Operation Amazon case, the largest direct taxation prosecution of its type. Janes Solicitors also successfully represents in film scheme cases such as Operation Crystallite and Operation Lunar.

Bribery and corruption: Janes Solicitors is experienced in this field dating back to the Jubilee Line case and currently instructed by nine current or previous executives of Rolls Royce in respect of the SFO inquiry.

Serious crime: Janes Solicitors has great experience in cases of serious crime. Led by Robert Berg there is a devoted team of the most able and knowledgeable practitioners. The firm continues to act for clients accused of all manner of serious crime including murder, robbery, drug offences and trafficking, and allegations of sexual assault.

Money laundering and POCA: the firm has particular expertise in matters relating to confiscation proceedings, cash seizure/forfeiture, restraint orders, property freezing orders and civil recovery orders under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. Janes Solicitors has succeeded in recovering substantial sums of money on behalf of clients whose assets have been seized in cash forfeiture cases.

Regulatory proceedings: the firm offers advice and representation in regulatory proceedings, for example concerning the Financial Services Authority, HM Customs and Revenue and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The firm offers more specialist advice to clients who are subject to the provisions of the Money Laundering Regulations, or who require representation in connection with proceedings before professional disciplinary bodies.

Extradition: Janes Solicitors has built up considerable experience in representing clients who are subject to extradition proceedings. The firm has established close connections with foreign lawyers and legal experts to ensure that it is able to call upon a wide body of expertise in many foreign jurisdictions.

Privy Council: Janes Solicitors is one of the few firms authorised to handle cases before the Privy Council.

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