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Wei Tu Law Firm has a broad client offering and advises clients on a range of matters relating to litigation and arbitration, corporate, employment, intellectual property, ship finance, marine and international trade. Managing partner Zoe Zhou has a strong background in M&A, overseas listing, private equity and foreign direct investment. Henry Zhu is also noted and specialises in dispute resolution.

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Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd


Wei Tu Law Firm (“Wei Tu”) is a PRC law firm based in Guangzhou. Its professional team consists of veteran lawyers in their areas of practice including, particularly, dispute resolution, corporate, finance, employment and intellectual property. With a fully integrated and experienced professional team and in-depth local knowledge, Wei Tu has an insight into how business is done in the region, providing full range of PRC law legal services.

Stephenson Harwood and Wei Tu Law Firm entered into an association under the name “Stephenson Harwood – Wei Tu (China) Association” with approval of Guangdong Department of Justice. The association allows us to offer a ‘one stop service’ for Hong Kong, English and PRC law advice, with Wei Tu providing the PRC law advice and services.

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of global services including arbitration, corporate, employment, intellectual property, litigation, marine and international trade and ship finance.

Working hand-in-hand with our regional offices and associations in Singapore, Seoul, Myanmar and Jakarta, and our friendly law firms in other parts of Asia, we are able to provide a comprehensive Asian law service to clients operating within Asia.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner Zoe Zhou +86 20 83880590
Office Manager Suhua Du +86 20 83880590
Photo Name Position Profile
 Yongzhu Chen  photo Yongzhu Chen Associate
 Yingshi Liang  photo Yingshi Liang Associate
 Geting Lin  photo Geting Lin Associate
 Karen Wang  photo Karen Wang Associate
 Yun Wang  photo Yun Wang Consultant
 Zoe Zhou  photo Zoe Zhou Managing Partner
 Henry Zhu  photo Henry Zhu Partner
Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin)
English (fluent)
British Chamber of Commerce