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Hong Kong Bar > Commercial disputes Tier 1

Temple Chambers enjoys a reputation for being ‘the leading chambers in respect of commercial litigation work‘ with ‘a very deep bench‘ – ‘the go-to set in the market‘. Bernard Man SC and Anthony Chan are acting for Giant Harvest in a dispute arising from Orange Sky Golden Harvest’s HK$3.3bn sale of its Mainland cinema business to the Nan Hai Group. Rimsky Yuen SC and Jonathan Chang SC are defending in Remedy Asia Ltd v Patrick Tong Hing Chi & Ors, a commercial claim against alleged shadow directors of a subsidiary company in liquidation. Abraham Chan SC is sought after for his expertise in handling commercial disputes which frequently overlap with public law issues. The senior end of chambers was recently bolstered with the elevation of Law Man-Chung SC to silk in May 2021; the set is also home to Charles Hollander QC, who shares dual tenancy with London set Brick Court Chambers, and Charles Manzoni SC (a dual silk in England), who remains a full member of 39 Essex Chambers.

Leading Silks

Charles Hollander QC - Temple ChambersHe is sharp, focused and always has the bigger picture in mind. Exceptional on his feet.'
Victor Joffe QC - Temple Chambers 'A formidable counsel you would like to have on your side.'
Charles Manzoni SC - Temple Chambers 'A first-class barrister; legally and tactically astute, sharp and a superb advocate.'
Paul Shieh SCTemple Chambers 'A heavyweight silk, whose submissions are highly respected by the bench.'
Rimsky Yuen SC – Temple ChambersA very hands-on silk, he pays attention to minute details and provides very practical, commercial and sound legal advice to clients.’
Victor Dawes SC - Temple Chambers 'His advocacy skills are top-notch without being unnecessarily aggressive.'
Abraham Chan SC - Temple Chambers 'Abraham is a composed silk, who is a pleasure to work with.'
Alexander Stock SC - Temple Chambers 'A calm advocate with excellent judgement, and quietly persuasive in court.'
Bernard Man SCTemple Chambers 'An intelligent, genuine 'all-round' silk'.
Jat Sew-Tong SC - Temple Chambers 'A heavyweight of the Hong Kong Bar. He has a very sharp mind and impeccable advocacy skills.'
Wong Yan-Lung SCTemple Chambers 'Wong is a superb advocate, who pays attention to the minutiae.'
Richard Khaw SC – Temple Chambers 'He is easy to work with and great with difficult clients.'
Jin Pao SCTemple Chambers 'A sharp advocate.'
Eva Sit SC - Temple Chambers 'Eva is incredibly bright and one of the sharpest minds at the Hong Kong Bar, and is also a strong and tenacious advocate.'
Laurence Li SC - Temple Chambers 'A very persuasive advocate with a sharp mind. A solution-driven, analytical thinker.'

2020 Silks

Jonathan Chang SC - Temple Chambers 'Jonathan is a detail-orientated, client-focused and user-friendly silk.'

2021 Silks

Law Man-Chung SC - Temple Chambers 'A good strategist who works exceptionally hard. A thorough silk.'

Leading Juniors

Anthony Chan - Temple Chambers 'A well-seasoned advocate who provides incisive views on complex issues.'
Queenie Lau - Temple Chambers 'She is an eloquent advocate, and handles difficult legal issues very elegantly on her feet. An incredibly bright junior who communicates very well with judges.'
Sara Tong - Temple Chambers 'Sara is pro-active and conscientious. She is always well-prepared and quick on her feet - an incisive advocate in court and a great cross-examiner.'
Justin Ho - Temple Chambers 'Justin is an outstanding commercial junior; he has first rate analytical abilities and attention to detail, coupled with strong drafting skills.'
Martin Ho - Temple Chambers 'A brilliant junior with in-depth knowledge in the area of commercial litigation.'
James Man - Temple Chambers 'James is pragmatic, knowledgeable and works like a machine. He has very strong technical skills and sound judgement, and can handle difficult judges and clients.'
Bonnie Cheng - Temple Chambers 'An outstanding junior counsel. Very bright, dedicated and meticulous. She can single-handedly deal with complex commercial cases.'
Val Chow - Temple Chambers 'Val has solid legal knowledge and good commercial understanding. A responsive junior with a sharp analytical eye.'
Julian Lam - Temple Chambers 'Julian is a clear thinker, demonstrating attention to detail and sharp focus. His knowledge and grasp of the law is evident. His advocacy style is calm and authoritative.'
Wilson LeungTemple ChambersHe is very focused, hardworking and extremely thorough in his preparation. A fearless advocate in court.’


A leading set of chambers with impressive and distinguished counsel.’

Great bench strength.’

A reliable set.’

Very strong in civil and commercial litigation at both senior and junior levels.’

Hong Kong Bar > Family and private client Tier 1

Temple Chambers stands out as ‘an impressive set‘ in the family law arena in Hong Kong. The senior end of chambers was recently reinforced by the elevation of Deepak Nagpal QC (who maintains dual tenancy with London-based set 1 King’s Bench Walk), who has ‘an excellent command of the law and superb advocacy skills‘, to silk in 2021. Bernard Man SC, the ‘highly meticulousBonnie Cheng and Theresa Chow (‘a strong litigator‘) are regularly instructed in high-value, complex matrimonial finance cases. Richard Todd QC remains a dual tenant of 1 Hare Court in London.

Leading Silks

Richard Todd QC - Temple Chambers 'A highly regarded, specialist matrimonial silk.'

2021 Silks

Deepak Nagpal QC - Temple Chambers 'He is a true expert in the field of matrimonial finance. An extremely bright and user-friendly silk, who is great with judges.'

Leading Juniors

Bonnie Cheng - Temple Chambers 'Bonnie's dedication to her client's cause is only matched by the incisiveness of her first class brain. As an advocate, she is robust and sensible, quick on her feet, and reads the judge well.'
Theresa Chow - Temple Chambers 'A junior who is very learned in family law. She is dedicated and hard-working - strong in her paperwork and strong on her feet.'


‘A top-class set.’

Temple Chambers has eminent and sought-after counsel.’

A set with a lot of talent.’

Hong Kong Bar > Administrative and public law Tier 2

Temple Chambers is home to a team of practitioners with solid expertise in representing respondent clients in a range of public and administrative law matters. Abraham Chan SC is regularly instructed on behalf of respondent-side authorities in high-profile judicial reviews, and acted for the Director of Immigration before the Court of Appeal in a case concerning jurisdictional questions regarding the refusal to extend time to apply for a judicial review out of time. Among the juniors, Anthony Chan is defending the Hong Kong government in a long-running systemic constitutional challenge to the New Territories Small House Policy.

Rising Stars

Martin Ho - Temple Chambers 'A stellar advocate. His knowledge of public law is impressive, and his advice is practical.'

Leading Silks

Abraham Chan SC - Temple Chambers 'Abraham is a brilliant and well-respected barrister. He has a first-class brain and is very easy to work with.'

Leading Juniors

Anthony Chan – Temple Chambers 'A very user-friendly junior.'
Bonnie Cheng - Temple Chambers 'Bonnie is very detailed and meticulous, and has wide-ranging experience in the administrative and public law area.'


An efficient and friendly set.’

Hong Kong Bar > Competition Tier 2

Temple Chambers is home to Abraham Chan SC, who ‘grasps the issues quickly and his advice goes right to the point‘. Chan SC is regularly instructed by the Competition Commission in a range of matters, and often appears before the Competition Tribunal. He appeared for the Commission in the long-running case of Competition Commission v. W. Hing Construction Limited & Ors, involving alleged market-sharing and price fixing issues. Eva Sit SC and Charles Hollander QC (who shares dual tenancy with English set Brick Court Chambers) are also key names.

Leading Silks

Abraham Chan SC - Temple Chambers 'Abraham is extremely easy to work with, cerebral, and always able to distill complex legal issues in a way that the lay client can understand. He is a solid advocate who always has a good rapport with the Bench.'
Eva Sit SC - Temple Chambers 'An iron fist in a velvet glove.'


Extremely strong in terms of calibre.’

Hong Kong Bar > Labour and employment