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South Korea > Antitrust and competition: local firms Tier 3

Sang Mo Koo is the lead competition partner at DR & AJU LLC, which is primarily instructed in investigations and litigations with the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC). Former KFTC investigator, Ki Sung Lee is another key litigator. Jeong Ran Lee holds over 15 years of experience in competition law and responding to investigations.

Practice head(s):

Sang Moo Koo

Other key lawyers:

Ki Sung Lee; Jeong Ran Lee

Key clients

LG Household & Health Care Ltd.

DL E&C Co., Ltd., KCC Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.

Jeil Construction

LG Household & Health Care, Ltd.

Kolon Global Corporation

Work highlights

  • Successfully represented DL E&C Co., Ltd., and KCC Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. in the Korean Fair Trade Commission  investigation and review proceedings.
  • Represented LG Household & Health Care, Ltd. in reporting Coupang to the KFTC for its violation of the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act, and the KFTC imposed a fine of approximately KRW 2 billion on Coupang.
  • Represented defendant, Kolon Global Corporation in long-standing litigation, which ultimately led to  the decision to reject all of the Claimant’s damage claims after eight years of litigation.

South Korea > Dispute resolution: local firms Tier 3

Managing partner Tae Kyung Kim leads the department at DR & AJU LLC, a firm specialising in civil litigation, international arbitration and mediation. Hyo Jong Choi is the key partner for insolvency-related disputes, working alongside Wang Min Lee , working predominantly on corporate restructuring and rehabilitation mandates. Seon Hee Oh  handles a broad range of commercial litigation.

Practice head(s):

Tae Kyung Kim

Other key lawyers:

Hyo Jong Choi; Wang Min Lee; Seon Hee Oh


‘Great collaboration, reasonable charges and highly professional lawyers’

Key clients

Korea Line Corporation

Republic of Korea (Korea National Railway)

Samsung SDS Co., Ltd.

Kodeco Energy Co., Ltd.

Korea Railroad

South Korea > Intellectual property: local firms Tier 3

DR & AJU LLC offers capabilities in patent litigation and prosecution, largely operating in the biochemical and technology sectors. Practice head Jong Sun Choi and Shin Jeong Lee are its key figures.

Practice head(s):

Jong Sun Choi

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Orange Engineering Co., Ltd., Songho Golf Design Co., Ltd.

Sunhae F&S Co., Ltd

UTI Co., Ltd.

Gallery K Co., Ltd

Shinsung Materials Co., Ltd.

Nikkagaku Co., Ltd.

NextEra Co., Inc.

Fugenbio Co., Ltd.

JW Household & Health Care

Work highlights

  • Represented Orange Engineering Co., Ltd., and Songho Golf Design Co., Ltd., a golf course design company, in litigation for prohibiting infringement of copyright and claiming for damages against a business entity that manufactures and sells screen golf systems.
  • Represented Sunhae F&S Co., Ltd., in litigation for the prohibition of misappropriation of trade secrets, changing jobs, and a claim for compensation for damages against former employees who misappropriate trade secrets taken out of when they moved to a competitor.
  • Represented Nikka Limited., a Japanese company holding a patent right in litigation for patent infringement and a claim for compensation for damages.

South Korea > Projects and energy: local firms Tier 3

Mihyun Melissa Park, who is qualified in New York and Australia, leads the projects practice at DR & AJU LLC, which continues to be a popular choice for sponsors and developers on a greenfield renewable and energy storage system projects in Australia, UK and Europe. The practice is among the first to participate in the development of green hydrogen project development, and is continuing to advise LG Chem on construction of a hydrogen production plant in Daesan.

Practice head(s):

Mihyun Melissa Park

Key clients

Hana Financial Investment Co., Ltd.

Samchully Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Korea East West Power Co. Ltd.

Korea Western Power Co., Ltd.

Energy Infra Asset Management

Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (K-Sure)

POSCO International

Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd.

NH-Amundi Asset Management

Woori Bank

Hyundai Asset Management Co.,Ltd.

Kookmin Bank

Hyundai Motor Securities

Lotte Non-Life Insurance

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

CGN Korea Holdings Co., Ltd.

LG Chem Ltd.

GAIA Australia Pty Ltd

GS Engineering & Construction

Work highlights

  • Advised Hana Financial Investment and Samchully Asset Management on the construction management and selling of 162MWac solar PV project.
  • Advised GAIA Australia and LS Electric on 200MWac solar PV project with the battery storage facility up to 300MW in Bonshaw, New South Wales.
  • Advised Hyundai Asset Management, Hana Financial Investment and Hyundai Motor Securities on the restructuring of a portfolio comprising 21 solar farms with a total capacity of 97MWac located in UK.

South Korea > Tax: local firms Tier 3

DR & AJU LLC focuses on corporate tax, international tax, customs and representation in tax investigations. Managing partner Kyu Chul Lee and Shin Hee Kim are the lead partners for VAT, corporate tax and tax appeals.

Practice head(s):

Kyu Chul Lee; Shin Hee Kim

Work highlights

  • Advised Head of Seocho District Tax Office and Head of Banpo District Tax Office in an investigation on whether the principle of prohibition of double tax investigation was violated, following a tax audit.
  • Represented a group of individuals and corporations who paid the comprehensive real estate tax in a class action claiming the unconstitutionality of the Comprehensive Real Estate Holding Tax Act.

South Korea > Shipping: local firms Tier 4

Sang Bong Lee is the lead partner at DR & AJU LLC‘s shipping practice, which specialises in dry and wet shipping disputes, namely marine accidents, loss or damage in international transport, charter party disputes and bankruptcy.  

Practice head(s):

Sang Bong Lee

Key clients

Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Government of the Republic of Korea

Busan Port Authority (BPA)

Employee of Korea Water Resources Corporation

Namhae Chemical

Work highlights

  • Representing Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Government of the Republic of Korea in a case with the largest amount of damages among the maritime cases in South Korea in 2020. A container ship collided with structures, such as cranes, etc., while entering the Busan New Port Terminal.
  • Acting for Busan Port Authority in a dispute over who is the operator of the harbour construction works.
  • Successfully acted for the bereaved family of a victim-sailor who went missing from the sinking of Samsung No. 1.

DR & AJU LLC, established through a merger between two law firms- Daeryook and AJU in 2009, aims to be a law firm that is competent, accessible and contributive.

DR & AJU has become the eighth top law firm in Korea by steadily growing in size and developing capabilities in accordance with its principle of ‘patiently and steadily grow based on strong fundamentals.’ Moreover, DR & AJU has established a wide global network to tackle the new paradigm of the rapidly changing legal market. In particular, in preparation for the legal market in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, DR & AJU has pioneered as the first law firm in Korea to adopt AI. We conduct researches, seminars and lectures on new legal issues, such as blockchain, cryptocurrency and IoT.

Ho Bong Ahn photo Ho Bong AhnPartner
Su Min Ahn photo Su Min Ahn
Dong Jin An photo Dong Jin AnAttorney
Ji Hye An photo Ji Hye AnAttorney
Kwang Hyun Back photo Kwang Hyun BackAttorney
Ji Woong Baek photo Ji Woong BaekAttorney
Chang Hwan Byon photo Chang Hwan ByonAttorney
Dong Eon Cha photo Dong Eon ChaPartner
Yong Hyeon Chae photo Yong Hyeon ChaeAttorney
Yoon Suk Chae photo Yoon Suk ChaeAttorney
Ki Hoon Chang photo Ki Hoon ChangAttorney
Jee Ung Cheong photo Jee Ung CheongForeign Attorney
Sang Yeon Cho photo Sang Yeon ChoPartner
Jae Min Cho photo Jae Min ChoAttorney
Yong Ki Cho photo Yong Ki ChoPartner
Kwan Haeng Cho photo Kwan Haeng ChoPartner
Kwang Hyun Cho photo Kwang Hyun ChoPartner
Dong Yang Cho photo Dong Yang ChoPartner
Seon Young Cho photo Seon Young ChoAttorney
Jeong Eun Cho photo Jeong Eun ChoAttorney
Chang Yoon Choe photo Chang Yoon ChoeAttorney
Seung Won Choi photo Seung Won ChoiForeign Attorney
Yun Su Choi photo Yun Su ChoiPartner
Eui Sang Choi photo Eui Sang ChoiAttorney
Jeong Jin Choi photo Jeong Jin ChoiPartner
Ji Hye Choi photo Ji Hye ChoiAttorney
Da Eun Choi photo Da Eun ChoiAttorney
Young Cheol Choi photo Young Cheol ChoiPartner
Jong Seon Choi photo Jong Seon ChoiPartner
Byung Cheol Choi photo Byung Cheol ChoiPartner
Kyeong Won Choi photo Kyeong Won ChoiLegal Counsel
Eun Soo Choi photo Eun Soo ChoiLegal Counsel
Hyeon Joon Choi photo Hyeon Joon ChoiAttorney
Ho Gyeong Choo photo Ho Gyeong ChooLegal Counsel
Jin Gyoo Chung photo Jin Gyoo ChungHonorary Managing Partner
Joong Keun Chung photo Joong Keun ChungPartner
Yai Bin Chung photo Yai Bin ChungAttorney
Byung Ha Chung photo Byung Ha ChungPartner
Piao Dongmei photo Piao DongmeiForeign Attorney
Kyung Pil Go photo Kyung Pil GoAttorney
Sung Cheol Han photo Sung Cheol HanPartner
Min Woo  Hong photo Min Woo HongPartner
Chang Sik Hong photo Chang Sik HongPartner
Kyu Min Hwang photo Kyu Min HwangAttorney
In Wook Hwang photo In Wook HwangAttorney
Adeline Hyun photo Adeline HyunAttorney
Yong Seon Hyun photo Yong Seon HyunPartner
Sung-Hoon (Sonny) Im photo Sung-Hoon (Sonny) ImForeign Attorney
Hyun Soo Im photo Hyun Soo ImAttorney
Seong Ug Jang photo Seong Ug JangPartner
Kyung Hui Jeon photo Kyung Hui JeonPartner
Son Ju  Jeon photo Son Ju JeonPartner
Yaera Jeon photo Yaera JeonAttorney
Sang Young Jeong photo Sang Young JeongPartner
Ho Jeong Jeong photo Ho Jeong JeongAttorney
Eui Seon Jeong photo Eui Seon JeongAttorney
Seong Tae Jeong photo Seong Tae JeongManaging Partner
Hee Kyung Jeong photo Hee Kyung JeongAttorney
Kyeong Rok Jeong photo Kyeong Rok JeongOperations Managing Partner
Hyo Jung Joo photo Hyo Jung JooAttorney
Jae Ki Jun photo Jae Ki JunPartner
Yu Jin Jung photo Yu Jin JungAttorney
Yong Ha Jung photo Yong Ha JungAttorney
Han Joon Jung photo Han Joon JungAttorney
Yeon Bok Jung photo Yeon Bok JungPartner
Hyo Shang Kang photo Hyo Shang KangSenior Advisor
Hun Gu Kang photo Hun Gu KangPartner
Kyong Kook Kang photo Kyong Kook KangPartner
Jun Bae Kim photo Jun Bae KimPartner
Sang Yeon Kim photo Sang Yeon KimPartner
Dong Kuk Kim photo Dong Kuk KimAttorney
Byung Chan Kim photo Byung Chan KimPartner
Sung Mook Kim photo Sung Mook KimPartner
Soo Hyung Kim photo Soo Hyung KimPartner
Tae Kyung Kim photo Tae Kyung KimPartner
Yong Hun Kim photo Yong Hun KimPartner
Dae Uk Kim photo Dae Uk KimPartner
Jung Ho Kim photo Jung Ho KimPartner
Jae Won Kim photo Jae Won KimPartner
Pil Kyu Kim photo Pil Kyu KimLegal Counsel
Shin Hee Kim photo Shin Hee KimPartner
Tae Byung Kim photo Tae Byung KimPartner
Jin Dong Kim photo Jin Dong KimPartner
Hyung Kil Kim photo Hyung Kil KimPartner
Young Kyu Kim photo Young Kyu KimPartner
In Jin Kim photo In Jin KimPartner
Dae Hui Kim photo Dae Hui KimManaging Partner
Hyo Seon Kim photo Hyo Seon KimAttorney
Dhong Joo  Kim photo Dhong Joo KimPartner
Nam Eun Kim photo Nam Eun KimPartner
Seon Jung Kim photo Seon Jung KimLegal Counsel
Hyengyeal Ian Kim photo Hyengyeal Ian KimForeign Attorney
Ki Il Kim photo Ki Il KimPartner
Jung Gon Kim photo Jung Gon KimPartner
Jun Woo Kim photo Jun Woo KimPartner
Ha Young Kim photo Ha Young KimAttorney
Boo Sik Kim photo Boo Sik KimPartner
Bo Hoon Kim photo Bo Hoon KimPartner
Hye Seon Kim photo Hye Seon KimAttorney
Yun Hyung Kim photo Yun Hyung KimAttorney
Areum Kim photo Areum KimAttorney
Hyuk Kim photo Hyuk KimAttorney
Sung Jin Kim photo Sung Jin KimAttorney
Sung Ryul Kim photo Sung Ryul KimAttorney
Suk Soo Kim photo Suk Soo KimLegal Counsel
Seo Hyeong Kim photo Seo Hyeong KimAttorney
Kyeong (Catherine) Kim photo Kyeong (Catherine) KimForeign Attorney
Jeong Eun Kim photo Jeong Eun KimPartner
Jung Dong Kim photo Jung Dong KimPartner
Jin Han Kim photo Jin Han KimManaging Partner
Hee Jin Kim photo Hee Jin KimForeign Attorney
Seong Eun Kim photo Seong Eun KimAttorney
Kwang Soo  Kim photo Kwang Soo KimPartner
Ji Woong Kim photo Ji Woong KimAttorney
Sang Mo Koo photo Sang Mo KooPartner
Min Jeong Kwon photo Min Jeong KwonAttorney
Kyung Hee Kwon photo Kyung Hee KwonAttorney
Dae Hyun Kwon photo Dae Hyun KwonPartner
Ye Seul Kwon photo Ye Seul KwonAttorney
Dong Woo Lee photo Dong Woo LeeAttorney
Sang Bong Lee photo Sang Bong LeePartner
Da Som Lee photo Da Som LeeAttorney
Chang Uk  Lee photo Chang Uk LeePartner
Kyu Chul Lee photo Kyu Chul LeeManaging Partner
Ki Sung Lee photo Ki Sung LeeAttorney
Chang Min Lee photo Chang Min LeePartner
Bo Hyun Lee photo Bo Hyun LeePartner
Bo Kyung Lee photo Bo Kyung LeeAttorney
Shin Hye Lee photo Shin Hye LeeAttorney
Jeong Ran Lee photo Jeong Ran LeePartner
Shin Jeong Lee photo Shin Jeong LeePartner
Byung Chang Lee photo Byung Chang LeePartner
Wang Min Lee photo Wang Min LeePartner
Dae Kwan Lee photo Dae Kwan LeeAttorney
Seung Hyun Lee photo Seung Hyun LeeAttorney
Seung Ik Lee photo Seung Ik LeeAttorney
Sung Ha Lee photo Sung Ha LeeAttorney
Yong Bok Lee photo Yong Bok LeePartner
Han Woong Lee photo Han Woong LeeAttorney
Doe Ahn Lee photo Doe Ahn LeeAttorney
Dong Soo Lee photo Dong Soo LeePartner
Eun Sung Lee photo Eun Sung LeeAttorney
Jong Won Lee photo Jong Won LeePartner
Yu Ji Lee photo Yu Ji LeeAttorney
Chan Hee Lee photo Chan Hee LeeAttorney
Su In Lee photo Su In LeeAttorney
Eun Jeong Lim photo Eun Jeong LimAttorney
Young Bin Lim photo Young Bin LimAttorney
Sin Jung Loh photo Sin Jung LohAttorney
Seung Ho Lyoo photo Seung Ho LyooAttorney
Kyeong Jin Min photo Kyeong Jin MinPartner
Ki Ho Min photo Ki Ho MinPartner
Elena Min photo Elena MinSenior Foreign Attorney
Hye Min Moon photo Hye Min MoonAttorney
Kyoo Sang Moon photo Kyoo Sang MoonPartner
JooHye Moon photo JooHye MoonAttorney
Kyung Won Na photo Kyung Won NaLegal Counsel
Kyeong Sik Na photo Kyeong Sik NaAttorney
Dong Hwan Nam photo Dong Hwan NamPartner
Cheon Woo Nam photo Cheon Woo NamAttorney
Hyun Chul Noh photo Hyun Chul NohPartner
Seon Hee Oh photo Seon Hee OhPartner
Young Ho Oh photo Young Ho OhAttorney
Sung Jin Oh photo Sung Jin OhPartner
Yu Jin Oh photo Yu Jin OhAttorney
Hyun Jung Oh photo Hyun Jung OhAttorney
Kwang Soo Oh photo Kwang Soo OhManaging Partner
Jong Hyun Paik photo Jong Hyun PaikAttorney
Su Beom Park photo Su Beom ParkAttorney
Je Yeon Park photo Je Yeon ParkAttorney
Tae Yeon Park photo Tae Yeon ParkAttorney
Jae Hoon Park photo Jae Hoon ParkAttorney
Yun Jeong Park photo Yun Jeong ParkAttorney
Young Youl Park photo Young Youl ParkManaging Partner
Jin Young Park photo Jin Young ParkPartner
Melissa Park photo Melissa ParkForeign Attorney
Sung-Soo (Alex) Park photo Sung-Soo (Alex) ParkForeign Attorney
Sang Soon Park photo Sang Soon ParkPartner
Ki Hoon Park photo Ki Hoon ParkAttorney
Yong Joon Park photo Yong Joon ParkPartner
Min Jae Park photo Min Jae ParkPartner
Jaesung (Jason) Park photo Jaesung (Jason) ParkForeign Attorney
Gwan Soo Park photo Gwan Soo ParkPartner
Dong Pyo Roh photo Dong Pyo RohPartner
Kook Ryang Ryoo photo Kook Ryang RyooPartner
Rin Ha Seo photo Rin Ha SeoPartner
Kyeong Joo Seo photo Kyeong Joo SeoAttorney
Jae Don Shim photo Jae Don ShimPartner
Phil Seon Shim photo Phil Seon ShimPartner
Byung Jae Shin photo Byung Jae ShinPartner
Yong Gan Shin photo Yong Gan ShinPartner
Ji Young Shin photo Ji Young ShinPartner
Dong Su Shin photo Dong Su ShinAttorney
Jae Young Shin photo Jae Young ShinPartner
Song Hyun Shin photo Song Hyun ShinAttorney
Gyu Jong Song photo Gyu Jong SongPartner
Ju An  Song photo Ju An SongAttorney
Yeon Soo Suh photo Yeon Soo SuhForeign Attorney
Myung Eun Suh photo Myung Eun SuhAttorney
Woo Rin Sung photo Woo Rin SungAttorney
Jae Min Uhm photo Jae Min UhmPartner
Jong Uk Wi photo Jong Uk WiAttorney
Dong Hyun Yeo photo Dong Hyun YeoAttorney
Sang Jo Yeo photo Sang Jo YeoHonorary Managing Partner
Hyun Jin Yim photo Hyun Jin YimAttorney
Sun Deok Yong photo Sun Deok YongPartner
Myung Ki Yoo photo Myung Ki YooPartner
Seung Soo Yoo photo Seung Soo YooPartner
Joon Keun Yoo photo Joon Keun YooAttorney
Seon Jong Yoo photo Seon Jong YooAttorney
Seul Ki Yook photo Seul Ki YookAttorney
Sang Hwa Yoon photo Sang Hwa YoonPartner
Sohyun Yoon photo Sohyun YoonPartner
Dae Hae Yoon photo Dae Hae YoonPartner
Suk Joon Yoon photo Suk Joon YoonAttorney
Ji Muk Yun photo Ji Muk YunAttorney
Number of lawyers : 240+

DR & AJU LLC has expanded its legal expertise and capabilities in global operations by working closely with Taylor Wessing LLP as it’s official associated firm since 2014. Taylor Wessing is an international law firm with over 1,100 lawyers in 29 offices across 17 jurisdictions in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Pursuant to the association agreement between the two firms, DR & AJU is licensed to use the phrase “in association with Taylor Wessing LLP.” DR & AJU and Taylor Wessing currently provide integrated legal services to their international clients. In particular, DR & AJU has provided legal services to Korean corporations together with Taylor Wessing LLP in jurisdictions in the UK, Germany, Poland, France and Dubai, where Taylor Wessing have offices. DR & AJU has also provided legal services to European and US clients together with Taylor Wessing LLP in Korea.

Additionally, DR & AJU opened its Washington office, D&A Advisory, Inc. in May 2022 to safeguard people, assets, and facilities of both multinational companies operating in the Asia-Pacific arena and Asia-based companies operating internationally. It reinforces its capability to blend international standards with Asian expectations through the close communication between its Washington headquarters and branches in Seoul and tailors its services to provide clients with expertise and cultural insight previously unavailable in South Korea, assisting clients in fulfilling their targeted security requirements and achieving their operational objectives in Asia and internationally.

D&A Advisory’s key strength lies in the collective power of its experienced consultants that provide timely and relevant advisory for a vast range of cross-country investment projects and operations and its closely-knit international network that gives coverage for the entire continuum of corporate security risk management, which is comparable to previous methods of risk management where companies assemble an assortment of providers that do not have established communication channels. D&A has been providing Crisis Management support to many Fortune 500-type companies that are operating in Asia and Europe and have also managed outsourced security programs integrating personnel, process, and technology.

CLIENT: Hong-joong LEE (Managing director)

COMPANY/FIRM: H Asset Management Co., Ltd.

TESTIMONIAL: In the first quarter of 2021, I worked with DR & AJU Kyong Kook KANG on an M&A case regarding Hyundai Heavy Industries Power Systems Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group. Our company was in charge of the acquisition of Hyundai Heavy Industries Power Systems as the general partner of a private equity fund. We were very pleased with the content of work and advisory services. I plan to work with DR & AJU’s M&A team again for other future M&A projects, and would highly recommend Mr. KANG to anyone looking for M&A advisory.

CLIENT: Jeong-gun KIM

COMPANY/FIRM: Celebrity Golf & Resort Co., Ltd.

TESTIMONIAL: Hello. I am Kim Jeong-gun, the managing director of Celebrity Golf & Resort Co., Ltd.

In the first half of 2022, I worked with DR & AJU Wan Min LEE and Jung Dong KIM for the acquisition of Golden Bay Golf & Resort (GC) from Hanwha Group. I was very satisfied with the quality of their advisory on legal due diligence, negotiations with the seller, contract signing, etc. I look forward to working with DR & AJU again for future projects.

CLIENT: Hyun Min OH (Secretary General)

COMPANY/FIRM: Seoul Association of Social Welfare Centers

TESTIMONIAL: Young Kyu KIM provided us with advisory services on serious accidents in the last quarter of 2022.

I asked him to review the Manual for the Serious Accidents Punishment Act published by the Seoul Association of Social Welfare Centers. I was fully satisfied with the content of review opinion and advisory services provided by DR & AJU.

I would like to work with him again for another advisory projects and I would recommend Young Kyu KIM and DR & AJU to anyone in need of a law firm and lawyer for advisory in the Serious Accidents Punishment Act.


COMPANY/FIRM: Korea Land & Housing Corporation. (Legal office)

TESTIMONIAL: I worked with DR & AJU Young Kyu KIM on a Personal Information Protection Act violation case in the second quarter of 2022.

At that time, the legal office I belonged to was in charge of the defense and response process for investigations. The outcomes, including defense, advisory, etc., made by DR & AJU was very professional and sophisticated.

Mr. Kim is one of the most professional lawyers that I have worked with, thus I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a law firm or an attorney for criminal defense on the Serious Accidents Punishment Act.


COMPANY/FIRM: Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)

TESTIMONIAL: In 2022, I worked with DR & AJU Chang Uk LEE and Young Bin LIM and received legal advisory services on industrial accidents.

I recall being impressed with the content and quality of their legal advisory.

I would highly recommend DR & AJU’s Serious Accidents Practice Group to anyone in need of legal advisory and look forward to working with the team again for future projects.


COMPANY/FIRM: Esang Networks, a KOSDAQ listed company. (CEO)

TESTIMONIAL: I worked with Byung Chang LEE on a restructuring case regarding the 2022 lease agreement for the Exhibition Hall near Suwon Station.

We received advisory on a case against KCC Co., Ltd. Both our company and our subsidiary, Suwon Messe, thought that the level of advisory work conducted by DR & AJU was very high in quality.

If there is a related project in the future, I would like to work with the relevant team of DR & AJU again. If you are looking for advice on a related project, I would like to recommend Mr. LEE.


COMPANY/FIRM: Tradestone Co., Ltd. (CEO)

TESTIMONIAL: I worked with Byung Chang LEE of DR & AJU in the second half of 2022 to establish a corporation in the US and prepare an important exclusive agency contract with a US local corporation.

The stellar quality of advisory provided by DR & AJU resulted in the successful conclusion of the exclusive agency contract and included provisions in our company’s best interests recommended by DR & AJU.

I wish to work with DR&AJU again for future projects, and if you are looking for advice on a related project, I strongly recommend Byung Chang LEE.

DR & AJU successfully represented Samsung SDS Co., Ltd. in a lawsuit against the Republic of Korea to claim full compensation for providing service. Samsung SDS Co., Ltd. obtained and completed an order for the C4I improvement project from the government-affiliated Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA). However, the DAPA refused to pay about KRW 7.4 billion (approximately USD 6.1 million), which is equivalent to the liquidated damages for delay in delivery. Accordingly, Samsung SDS filed a lawsuit against the Republic of Korea to claim full compensation for its services. In this lawsuit, fierce arguments continued over who was responsible for the delay in delivery. A detailed understanding of the C4I improvement project and the relevant technologies was required to evaluate the responsibility for the delay as a wide range of high technologies was integrated in the project.

DR & AJU proved in various ways that the reason for the delay in delivery was due to the complex contents of the project and successfully persuaded the Court that the DAPA was responsible for the delay. Although the Republic of Korea appealed, DR & AJU represented Samsung SDS in the appellate trial and prevailed in court on May 25, 2022.