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Vietnam > Tax Tier 2

Led by founding partner Vu Thi Thu Ha, the practice at ATS Law Firm advises domestic and international clients on the tax aspects of corporate transactions, compliance issues, VAT, and tax planning. It also has demonstrable experience in tax litigation. Other key contacts in the team include Vu Thi Cam Trang, who joined the firm in January 2022, and Bui Hong Hanh.

Practice head(s):

Vu Thi Thu Ha

Other key lawyers:

Vu Thi Cam Trang; Bui Hong Hanh; Nguyen Tien Dat; Pham Hung Anh

Key clients

Luye Pharma Hong Kong Limited

Vietnam > Dispute resolution: litigation Tier 3

ATS Law Firm‘s dispute resolution team is highly adept across a range of disputes, covering construction, insurance and real estate issues. Managing partner and firm founder Vu Thi Thu Ha heads up the practice; she is supported by Tran Hong Nhan, who is a former judge.

Practice head(s):

Vu Thi Thu Ha

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Turner Vietnam Co., Ltd

The British International School

SPG Mining Pte Ltd

SPG Vietnam Trading Company Limited

Thong Nhat – Bac Viet Company Limited

Horiba Instruments Pte Ltd

Orion Food Vina Co., Ltd

Musashi Auto Parts Vietnam Co., Ltd

Lotte Cinema Vietnam Co., Ltd

TKV, V-ITASCO Corporation

Vietnam > Labour and employment Tier 3

ATS Law Firm’s client roster includes foreign and domestic companies in both the public and private sector; it advises on a range of matters, from contact reviewing to labour contract disputes. Founder and managing partner Vu Thi Thu Ha leads the practice, and Trong Hong Nhan and Nguyen Thi Ha are also active in this arena. Vu Thi Cam Trang joined the team in early 2022 having spent over 20 years as an in-house lawyer at various corporations.

Practice head(s):

Vu Thi Thu Ha

Other key lawyers:

Trong Hong Nhan; Nguyen Thi Ha; Vu Thi Cam Trang

Key clients

OPL Logistics Joint JSC

International Executive Service Corps

Turner Vietnam Company Limited

Daiichi Jitsugyo Co Ltd.

Vietnam > Real estate and construction Tier 3

Founder and managing partner Vu Thi Thu Ha heads the group at ATS Law Firm. The team supports its client roster on regulatory procedures, construction mandates and contractual matters. Bui Hong Hanh is another key figure in the team, alongside Vu Thi Cam Trang, who joined the firm in January 2022.

Practice head(s):

Vu Thi Thu Ha

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Turner Vietnam Company Limited

NT Bay in Scenia Bay Project

Aurecon Vietnam Company Limited

Arup Vietnam Company Limited

K2 Management Vietnam Company Limited

Ecopark Corporation Joint Stock Company

Who we are

At ATS Law firm, also comprehended as ATS Lawyers, our deeds reflect our creed – to provide the most satisfactory professional legal services and to achieve and maintain our client’s trust and satisfaction.

Established in 2014, ATS is a Vietnam-based law firm that has extended its practice and influence globally, specifically in investment, corporate/M&A, HR management, taxation, and litigation. Over many years of operation, we have a growing list of international and local clients satisfied with the high quality of our services and the results we achieve. They include many state enterprises, NGOs, leading conglomerates, companies, and foreign investors in diverse sectors, including real estate, construction, trade, energy, healthcare, banking, and investment projects.

We are headquartered in Hanoi and have an office in Ho Chi Minh City.

Our approach is client-focused, solution-oriented, and innovative. We constantly work to enhance our ability to meet the needs of our clients, allowing them to minimize administrative overheads and concentrate on their core business activities.

To become a top-level legal service provider on domestic and international matters, we have formed associations with many local, national, and international consultancy organizations and law firms.

We pride ourselves on our capability to build client trust and support them in navigating applicable laws. We have a remarkably heightened success rate for accomplishing our clients’ objectives, consistently exceeding expectations.

Our expertise
ATS Lawyers is known as a proficient law firm operating across a full range of practice areas, including mergers and acquisitions, investment, business structure and management, human resources management, taxation, alternative dispute resolution, corporate and compliance consultancy in various business industries such as banking, real estate, insurance, telecommunications, trade, distribution, logistics, software and shipping, etc. ATS has been providing services to international and local clients for many years. We have served various state enterprises, non-government organizations, companies, and well-known foreign investors.

Investment Projects; Project Finance; Mergers & Acquisitions; Business Structure & Management; Corporate & Compliance; Real Estate & Construction; Banking & Finance; Securities & Capital Markets; Dispute Resolution Mediation; Dispute Resolution Litigation; Contracts & Agreements; Labor & HR Management; Taxation Vu Thi Thu 24 3751 1888
Dispute Resolution Mediation; Dispute Resolution Litigation Tran Hong 24 3751 1888
Investment Projects; Project Finance; Mergers & Acquisitions; Business Structure & Management; Corporate & Compliance; Real Estate & Construction; Banking & Finance; Securities & Capital Markets; Dispute Resolution Mediation; Dispute Resolution Litigation; Contracts & Agreements; Labor & HR Management; Taxation Tran Minh 24 3751 1888
Investment Projects; Mergers & Acquisitions; Business Structure & Management ; Corporate & Compliance; Real Estate & Construction; Dispute Resolution Mediation; Dispute Resolution Litigation; Labor & HR Management Nguyen Thi Thu 24 3751 1888
Dispute Resolution Mediation; Dispute Resolution Litigation Nguyen Thi 24 3751 1888
Mergers & Acquisitions; Business Structure & Management; Corporate & Compliance; Labor & HR Management Hoa 24 3751 1888
Investment Projects; Mergers & Acquisitions; Business Structure & Management Joseph 24 3751 1888
Hanh Bui photoMrs Hanh Bui▶ Corporate & commercial ▶ Construction & real estate ▶ Banking &…
Hanh Bui photoMrs Hanh Bui▶ Corporate & commercial ▶ Construction & real estate ▶ Banking &…
Tran Minh CHAU photoMs Tran Minh CHAU▶ Corporate & commercial, ▶ Construction & real estate, ▶ Banking &…
Hoa Co photoMrs Hoa Co▶ HR function/ management system establishment in newly setup or re-build in…
Vu Thi Thu HA photoMrs Vu Thi Thu HA▶ Corporate & commercial, ▶ Construction & real estate, ▶ Banking &…
Kavitha KANNAN photoMrs Kavitha KANNAN▶ Corporate and Commercial ▶ „Litigation ▶ Deeds and Conveyance ▶ Property…
Tran Hong NHAN photoMr Tran Hong NHAN
Number of lawyers : 15
World Mediation Organization (WMO)
Canadian Business Chamber (CANCHAM)
Indian Business Chamber (INCHAM)
Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (ICHAM)
European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EUROCHAM)
Vietnam Business Forum (VBF)
Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)
International Bar Association (IBA)

CLIENT: MR. CHEAM TECK ENG – General Director

“ATS have supported us on numerous transactions over the years (mainly investment deals of various forms). We have found them to be reliable and thorough, very comprehensive on the preparatory side of deals, and proactive in moving things towards the finishing line. They compare very well with law firms we use elsewhere in Asia, and I have recommended their corporate team to others on a number of occasions.”

CLIENT: MR. HA VINH ANH – General Director

“We have turned to ATS for support on quite a range of employment matters, particularly in the areas of employee benefits and contractual matters and also in some contentious areas. We have always found them to be very reliable and responsive, and sensible on billing – good value for money”.


“They are clearly experienced in this area and were able to provide necessary advice, including setting out various structuring alternatives and their ramifications. We continue to use them for certain matters which are ongoing, and would certainly recommend them. We wish ATS continued success.”


“ATS provided us with invaluable support over the course of a long-running dispute. They were always responsive and managed to set (and keep to) a clear strategic path over what turned out to be a protracted series of proceedings. Overall we were very happy with the service they provided and the levels of legal and tactical input they brought to bear. We have not had cause to instruct them since, but would certainly return to them should the need arise.”

Vu Thi Thu Ha, Director – Managing Partner

ATS Law Firm (alternatively known as “ATS Lawyers” or “ATS”) is a leading full-service law firm in Vietnam, headquartered in Ha Noi and branch office located in Ho Chi Minh City which has set a high standard for providing innovative and effective legal services.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate ATS LAW FIRM from your competitors?

Focusing on our clients’ demands for an outstanding legal service model that creates value distinguishes ATS from its competitors. ATS strives to provide efficient and effective processes with cost certainty for analyzing, tracking, and reporting clients’ issues to offer the most reasonable and flexible solutions to lessen legal risks while complying with the current law and enhancing fruitful results. This motto is even more practical, appropriate, and respected in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges in many aspects of life, including the legal consultancy services. Our focus for the next 12 months includes:

Corporate and M&A

The global shock of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses to shelve significant investments. At the same time, control measures applied in many countries worldwide to prevent the spread of the disease have frozen both domestic and international trade activities. However, the need for divestment and financial rebalancing in many businesses will leave a door to workers after this period. Enterprises, especially emerging potential businesses, will need more capital to continue surviving after the harmful impact of the pandemic. On the other hand, investors with solid capital will have advantages when they quickly grasp the market.

Given the above motivations, as a safe and stable investment environment after global pandemic, Vietnam will have a favorable position in the post-COVID-19 M&A market. The State is strengthening effective control measures. Nevertheless, as traditional views of the market may no longer be relevant in the “new normal,” the buyers need professional law firms’ assistance in assessing the legal issues and identifying the potential legal risks of the target companies.


The COVID-19 crisis has changed many concepts and models of costs. In the context that Vietnam’s economy is gradually adapting to the “new normal” business owners must change their direction and continue to balance a strategy of cutting costs without affecting the business, including tax factors. The enterprise faces difficulties in enforcing tax laws mainly due to inconsistent tax policies for different types of economic transactions or enterprises. Several international economic practice and trade operations that Vietnam has not yet encountered, leading to a lack of clear instructions promptly.

Thus, law firms play a vital role in consulting tax compliance, advising on handling specific cases, and regular advice. When the dispute about the tax increase, the needs to solve and support tax declaration and preparation, tax incentives, tax refunds, specific tax policies, tax effects during the investment phase, corporate separation, restructuring, and cross-border trading practices… will be increased accordingly.

ATS’s practices in the area of taxation included advising clients on local and international tax planning and compliance works, customs duty matters. Our experienced team also handling several clients’ litigation cases related to resolution of tax disputes.

Dispute Resolution: Mediation and Litigation

With the widespread infection, the Covid-19 epidemic has been global concern. This epidemic affects many industries, and of course, the handling of dispute resolution cannot avoid such adverse effects. The economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic leads to many risks of contractual disputes. This may arise from the parties currently having or expecting future difficulties in cash flow, significant impairment, or insolvency. Most of these difficulties do not stem from bad intentions of parties but objective or unforeseen changes of factors.

When resolving such disputes, to maintain good relationships with clients’ partners in the hope of restoring business in the future, the best solution for both parties is to negotiate in good faith for a reasonable settlement. Mediation is recommended always because it is quite tricky for conflicting parties to reach mutual agreement by themselves. Additionally, litigation at the court sustains rapid growth in Vietnam as a traditional dispute settlement method due to the parties’ mentality of needing a solid assurance regarding judgment enforcement.

Labour and Employment

The fourth outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has been causing high pressure on all facets of the Vietnamese economy in general and the labour market in particular. Various companies’ operation have been significantly and badly impacted due to project suspensions, delayed payments, non-communicative attidudes, lack of phase completion-payments in combination with significant project prolongation. Each and every company has ceaselessly tackled these multiple challenges in order to maintain and develop a company’s operation, human resources are one of the most critical forces by cutting down a large number of unproductive personnel at such a challenge time, even though it is reasonable to the fact and procedure under laws of Vietnam. Therefore, personnel are subject to high requirements for technical competencies and skills. Acquiring talented people helps businesses meet the demand for specialized skills in the workplace to survive and further develop.

With qualified and experienced professional team, ATS Lawyers advises many clients on labor-related matters and is a trusted resource for companies during and after Covid 19 pandemic. Our services cover areas including compliance, hiring and firing, HR management procedures, personal income tax matters, and labour dispute resolution.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

One of our most notable innovations in recently is the increase in using conference and video calls in an effective and productive manner as, or even more than, traditional face-to-face meetings; digitizing documents and dossiers, applying smart – technology to process and manage clients’ works. This system supports ATS’s lawyers to always access to complete their works whether working from home or at office or on-site. As a result, our firm’s operation during the Covid epidemic goes smoothly and effectively. Such improvement has reached its fullest efficiency in the context of the full-blown global pandemic when clients’ requests and concerns are thoroughly considered and discussed without any delay.

We have also standardized our processes and provided clients with clear and simple written advice. This has helped clients better visualize the steps to carry out necessary procedures according to Vietnamese law such as business registration, investment license application, litigation proceedings, etc. As a result, it reduces processing time for both law firms and clients to understand legal issues and keep track of our work effectively.

Another reason for ATS to gain trust of clients is our service provided by a professional team. As expanding categories of service, ATS keeps expanding recruitment and calling for co-operation of talented lawyers and experts in diverse fields to ensure that our solutions offered to clients are highly practical and at the same time, ensure attorney’s fees acceptable for clients. Our aim is to be the one-stop shop for all your client’s needs related to corporate services in Vietnam and mutually benefit our firm as well as our clients in a seamless experience.

In addition, ATS continues to enhance its strengths as a pioneer law firm in cross-border disputes and commercial matters through globalize members of ATS by co-operate with several international law firms from UAE, Panama, Ukraine, Singapore, etc.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients and the services you can provide them?

Yes, it is. As stated above, technology allows us to bridge time and space cost-effectively, maintaining consistent and relevant communication with clients throughout the pandemic, leaving no room for misunderstanding or delays. We make our services accessible around the clock on all available communication platforms and networks with similar quality.

Another advantage of technology is that lawyers and associates in various fields can collaborate on significant matters with practical tools like Microsoft Teams, Viber, WhatsApp, Zoom, Dropbox, Google Docs, Slack, etc. Lawyers and law firms can now serve more clients irrespective of geographical locations.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

Besides giving legal risk warnings regarding internal management, human resources, and labour, ATS has been an effective bridge to connect enterprises and investors, which enables clients to gain more benefits in business. Understanding clients’ financial problems due to the global pandemic, ATS has proactively introduced qualified investors who want to invest in potential projects in Vietnam to our clients. Many of our introductions have become successful M&A cross-border transactions.

ATS Lawyers performs comprehensive services to its clients in the area of M&A. These range from performing due diligence and advising on minimizing costs and procedures to completing consolidation, merger, and share purchase agreements.

Furthermore, ATS provides well-prepared monthly bulletins from our experienced lawyers via email. It helps our clients update law changes and receive our predictive notes of vital issues that the enterprises should consider recently.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Nowadays, many clients seem to need the law firm’s assistance closely, preventing them from potential risks arising from a fast-changing dynamic economy. Hence, ATS builds up our ability and relationship with clients as a trusted companion and aims to be the law firm with the most significant annual growth rate in the number of regular/loyal clients.

With the vision of becoming a top-tier legal services provider on domestic and international matters, ATS is maintaining our team specializing in Corporate and M&A, Taxation, Litigation, Labour and Employment, and Commercial matters.

Our success certified that we are one of a few Vietnamese law firms that are capable to handle complicated multinational legal cases; global legally co-operation. Currently, Vietnamese law firms like ATS could stand independently in cross-border legal cases.