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Labour and employment: PRC firms Tier 2

Contentious employment mandates have been prominent in River Delta Law Firm's recent workload, with a focus on cases involving allegedly illegal terminations of employee contracts. The team has also been advising domestic and multinational clients on multiple employee terminations following company closures. Key figures in the department include founding partner Jason Lu and senior partner Cathy Qu. In June 2019 Sun Lin and Jun Shen moved to AnJie Law Firm's Shanghai office.

The firm: Established in 2004, River Delta is a commercial law firm with a strong focus on providing legal services in labour law and human resources management for large and small enterprises all throughout China. The practice and theoretical study of labour and employment law has been River Delta’s main focus since its inception, therefore River Delta is the first law firm with such dedication to providing labour and employment law services in China, making it a leader in this field. River Delta strives to provide its clients with the most reliable and accurate legal services and its focus is the key to the success of its comprehensive human resources legal services.

Additionally with its headquarters in Shanghai and branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu, Ningbo, Tianjin and USA Bay Area, River Delta is the biggest employment law service team in China, with more than 150 individuals, of which 100 are lawyers. River Delta Law Firm has built a highly professional legal team, with each lawyer in a specialised division according to their expertise. Its lawyers, some of the best in the industry, all have substantial experience with litigation and non-litigation labour law projects, allowing the firm to provide comprehensive legal services. Every team member has focused on their areas of expertise for many years and accumulated a wealth of experience. Through this specialisation, not only can the firm provide professional and effective legal services for its clients, but more importantly constructive solutions to its clients’ problems.

Areas of practice: River Delta Law Firm is highly skilled at providing professional and reliable services on employment issues that its clients may face. Its expertise in labour and employment law covers a broad scope of services and industries. River Delta Law Firm further differentiates itself from others by offering a ‘five in one’ model of services. Through this comprehensive service, it can accompany its client in every situation related to labour and employment, from preemptive to proactive actions.

Legal counselling: River Delta provides prompt and accurate legal solutions on HR and corporate management issues such as drafting and reviewing legal documents that are used in the daily practice of employees and enterprise management. Additionally, River Delta guides HR and legal professionals through important management decisions, ensuring that their actions are in accordance with the law in order to prevent potential disputes.

Representation: a specialised team of lawyers helps enterprises to settle disputes through consultation and negotiation. If the case is not settled at this stage, River Delta Law Firm represents clients in arbitration and litigation. Meanwhile, River Delta gives constructive advice to enterprises regarding the root causes of disputes to prevent similar cases in the future.

Specialised legal services: River Delta Law Firm provides project-based comprehensive legal services with regard to employment issues: design and review of labour contracts, rules and regulations, recruitment, management of special categories of employees, trade unions, collective bargaining, employees’ arrangement during enterprises’ shutdown, dissolution, M&A, relocation, etc. Larger projects may require more than an expertise in labour and employment law. For those cases that exceed the scope of employment law, River Delta’s commercial law department can work in cooperation with the labour law teams regarding intellectual property, M&A and liquidation, anti-corruption, compliance and disputes.

Training: during the last year alone, River Delta Law Firm has held over 100 events regarding employment law all over China. Overall, River Delta has provided internal training sessions for more than 700 domestic and foreign-funded enterprises.

Information: River Delta’s lawyers in the research and information centre provide services including interpretation of new laws and regulations, Q&A and typical case studies mainly within the scope of labour and employment. The information services ensure that clients are updated, remain aware of the newest information on labour and employment law, understand the hot and difficult legal issues and gain an insight into current judicial and legislative trends. Various platforms are used such as HR Legal magazine, newsletter e-periodicals, the firm’s official WeChat accounts and the website

Number of lawyers : 98
at this office : 62

CLIENT: Ms. Yi Xia –  Human Resources Manager
COMPANY/FIRM: Schlumberger Oilfield Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
TESTIMONIAL: We want express our appreciation for all the hard work that the three lawyers provided to Schlumberger. They are: Lawyer Sun Lin, Lawyer Yang Zhe and Lawyer Liu Lu.
In 2015, these three lawyers provided their expertise and representation on around 10 employees’ lawsuit cases. Especially in some cases requiring strong technical understanding, Mr. Yang, Ms. Sun and Ms. Liu spent time sitting with us to dig into the case. For consulting hours, we also get their professional advices in a quick time manner. These later became the solid legal foundation when we communicate and advise to product line managers and center managers here. Our product line managers and center managers also speak highly on these three lawyer’s expertise advices.Not only during the process, we also got very pleasant results for last year, which we can never achieve without Mr. Yang, Ms. Sun and Ms. Liu’s hard work! We hope that your firm can also recognize their hard work internally!

CLIENT: Ms. Sharon Shen – Human Resources Director China
COMPANY/FIRM: Hormel Foods International Corporation
TESTIMONIAL: Hormel engaged River Delta Law Firm in a project to transfer the current employees to a new registered holding company in 2015.  During the project, Ms. Cathy Qu worked very closely with our internal HR team to prepare a detailed and comprehensive implementation plan, not only the necessary legal documents and process, but also the communication Q&A for line managers and employees. They also act as a bridge with our legal counsel in US HQ to explain the specific labor law situation in China. The project was completed very smoothly without any employee dispute. I was really impressed by their professionalism.

CLIENT: Senior Legal Counsel
COMPANY/FIRM: Electronic Company
TESTIMONIAL: I have worked with Mr. Shen Jun for more than 5 years in various labor cases. I can proudly say that all of these cases ended with a good results and he has become the most reliable lawyer in the labor area. Due to Shen Jun’s focus on the labor industry, he is very familiar with the insight of the industry and its developments. Every time when we discussed the strategy of the case, he can always find an innovative angle to address the issue and make a good case for the client. Furthermore, he is very smooth in communicating with not only the in-house counsel, but also the business colleagues and HRs, making the subtle relationship in the case easy to understand.

CLIENT: Ms. Amie Ji – Human Resources Director
COMPANY/FIRM: Beijing CBRE Property Management and Services Ltd.
TESTIMONIAL: I am quite impressed by the professionalism and service level provided by River Delta Law Firm. They provide the advice not only based on the legal perspective, but also consider the feasibility of the company which differentiate them from the other law firms. We have operations across China and they can cover all of the regions. This helps a lot for the foreign companies who have plans to open new offices/branches in China.

CLIENT: Mr. Mark Yu – Legal Manager
COMPANY/FIRM: Shanghai Roche Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
TESTIMONIAL: Focusing on labor law and human resources practice, with good command of knowledge and experience both in legal services and acting in procedures on behalf of clients, the team has devoted so much to the healthy operation of multinational corporations in the labor law field and human resources business. The hard work of every team member does impress many clients.