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Indonesia > IT, Telecoms and Fintech Tier 1

K&K Advocates is particularly known for work involving data protection and privacy, but also highly killed in digital media over-the-top services, e-commerce and fintech. Justisiari Kusumah’s background is in intellectual property, and as such is highly skilled in overlapping areas such as data protection as well as advertising and copyright associated with digital media and software.

Key clients

Tencent Holdings Limited

HSBC Holdings


Blizzard Entertainment

VMware Singapore

AxeTrading Limited

Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.


Arm Treasure Data

Transaction Network Service

WeLab Group


The Trade Desk

Konami Holdings Corporation

Ernst & Young

Indonesia > Intellectual property Tier 2

K&K Advocates is an intellectual property boutique with an enviable client roster containing major domestic and intentional names such as Hugo Boss, Gojek and Tik Tok. Managing partner Justisiari Kusumah is a respected name in the market, having assisted in drafting legislation and acted before the Indonesian Commercial Court and Supreme Court. Fellow founding partner Risti Wulansari is an expert in prosecution as well as in enforcement and advisory issues.


‘K&K team has the capability to manage the IP portfolio of big companies and the tech industry like us. Their team has a deep understanding of the IP matters and maintains a good relationship with the IP office.’

‘Risty Wulansari is the partner who handles our IP portfolio. She is a top IP counsel and very responsive. She is able to manage her team to deliver the works in a timely manner.’

Key clients

Gojek (PT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa)

Hugo Boss

Ralph Lauren

British American Tobacco Indonesia

Donaldson Inc


ByteDance (TikTok)

Soho Global Health

Kalbe Group


The Sunrider Corporation DBA Sunrider International

PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom)

SAIC Wuling

The Procter & Gamble Company

The Procter & Gamble Home Products Indonesia

The Gillete Company LLC

Perum Peruri


Shell Brands International AG

Christian Louboutin

PT Paragon Technology and Innovation

Oakley Inc and Luxottica S.P.A.

PT Djarum


Bird & Bird ATMD

Kim & Chang

The firm: K&K Advocates – is a boutique law firm specialized in providing services across the entire spectrum of intellectual property, technology, media and telecommunication and general corporate. The firm’s local and overseas clients represent a diverse range of industries.

K&K’s intellectual property practice has acquired a long-standing reputation and been repeatedly awarded as one of the leading intellectual property law firms in Indonesia. K&K’s is the most active law firm in IP enforcement practice.

K&K’s corporate practice has also provided legal services in many commercial sectors, which include IP commercial, general corporate issues with a strong focus on the investment, corporate secretarial, M&A, and construction. In addition, the firm has been frequently requested to advise companies from various industries in relation to technology, privacy and data protection regulatory compliance issues.

The firm’s team will endeavour to provide maximum service and dedication in order to understand clients’ objectives and provide a customised legal solution that best suits clients’ needs.

Department Name Email Telephone
Intellectual property (IP prosecution such as patent, trademark, industrial design, copyrights,and also litigation and enforcement)
Franchising, licensing, distributorship
Data protection
Corporate technology
IT and e-commerce
Media and telecommunication
General corporate
Government outreach
General litigation

Justisiari Perdana Kusumah, Managing Partner 

Managing Partner Justisiari Perdana Kusumah explains how the firm is adapting to clients’ changing needs

What do you see as the main points that differentiate K&K Advocates  from your competitors? 

From the very beginning that K&K Advocates was established in 2011, together with my co-founder, Mrs. Risti Wulansari, I understand that K&K has a unique position in the market that distinct the firm from its competitors in Indonesia legal market. The uniqueness derives from the fact that we are not only having an in-depth knowledge on intellectual property and technology issues but we have also a solid team of litigators that understand and very skillful in handling litigation matters. As we all might be aware, handling litigation matters in a developing jurisdiction like Indonesia, especially in relation to issues that might involve dispute on invention, newly discovered innovation, cutting edge technologies or wellknown trademarks, requires a team of lawyers that not only understand the issues but also able to translate the issues into a proper and easy-to-understand legal documents to be submitted to the court or to be presented to relevant enforcement agencies. K&K Advocates is proudly able to offer this unique blend to our clients. 

These characteristics I mentioned above create a uniqueness of our firm in the market, and that is why clients coming to our firm not only seeking for our advice to protect their IP through registration or commercialization . They also often come to us to seek for our advice on how to create an effective and efficient defense or litigation strategies. Our team of lawyers also remain aware of the latest developments pertaining IP or technology issues that might affect on how our clients should protect their business in Indonesia, such as issues regarding IP infringement through online commerce platforms or social medias that require different approach. We are also willing to be creative and flexible with fees structure in addressing the issues in order to achieve maximum efficiency in implementing our strategies.  

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that? 

We will see a remarkable growth on our Corporate and Technology practice group as the need of lawyers in technology sector is growing. Particularly on personal data protection issues. The issue of Personal Data Protection and privacy will be the hot and growing issues in Indonesia in the next 12 months or so. Why? because our understanding the massive of use of data or substantial exchange of data from one data center (or data keeper) to another as a consequence of the vast growing digital based activities would create huge issues on how such data is being used as well as issues on how to protect the owner of such data. In addition, we also understand that the Indonesian government together with the parliament is  currently in the process of completing the draft law on Personal Data Protection, which we proudly claimed that we have been some way involved in the making of this piece of legislation since 3-4 years ago. 

K&K has been the frontliners in bringing-up the data protection issues and since then we have been active in creating awareness among our clients and among the Indonesian public at large through various initiatives such as seminar, articles writing, focus group discussion and publication. I myself has been a member of various task forces set up by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics that deals with the issues, my other partner, Danny Kobrata, he has been very involved talking to relevant parties and stakeholders. Most recently, late last year, together with other privacy practitioners in Indonesia, he established an association of Indonesian data protection officer which I serve as a member of the supervisory board in the said association, and Danny also serve as a member of the board of that 

association. So, this is going to be the hot issues and our firm is gearing up to make sure that we are ready to assist client in addressing the issues. 

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients? 

Since 2 years ago we have actually been setting up a team within our firm that is responsible to enhance our technology infrastructure that would help us in providing a more efficient and effective way in handling clients’ instruction. This will not only provide a better way of handling instruction, especially in relation to IP prosecution works, but will also provide possibility for client to enjoy a more efficient approach in handling their IP inquiries in Indonesia. We have invested in improving our technology and our human resources, the investment is still ongoing now despite the current pandemic. As a matter of fact, the pandemic has given us an opportunity to seat and revisit the whole practice of the firm and give us the opportunity to reset the way we communicate with peers within the firm and clients as well as with relevant agencies in Indonesia. Because of the pandemic, we have to work from home, therefore we have to make sure that we implement a system and technology that are able to mitigate this situation without jeopardizing clients’ need to protect their interest amidst the challenging situation. As such, we committed to deliver an infrastructure that would assist our team to practically able to work from anywhere, anytime 24/7 and having a good access to our secured database. This would enable our team to serve clients effectively and seamlessly.   

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them? 

Yes indeed, the technology and the current digital disruption has changed the way we deal with things and changed the way we deal with our peers and esteemed clients. 

We are lucky enough to have already initiated an improvement program to our technology infrastructure since couple years back. So this already enable us to offer effective and efficient way of communication with our client. Clients can be rest assured that they can reach out to us by any technological means, beyond email or phone call. We have gearing ourselves up with all platforms that can be accessed by clients in order to give clients opportunity to reach out to us efficiently, and I think our clients will happily embrace this new mean of communications with us. 

In term of services, because of this technology, in relation to prosecution works for example, we can assist clients with relatively more efficient way in filing a trademark registration works, even during the pandemic where everyone has to stay home, we have actually assisted clients in securing protection of a very large copyright portfolios related to software at the comfort of our seat at home. 

So this technology improvement, in general has changed the way we provide services to our clients bridge our communication with relevant agencies and as a result we can work effectively despite the fact that we may not in the office but all instructions can be done properly as expected by clients. 

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business? 

One example to this is in relation to trademark application work. Since the Indonesia Trademark Office has implements electronic filing system in addition to the offline filing system, we have been encouraging clients to use this e-filing instead of physical filing, for -some reasons, one because e-filing system offers relatively cheaper official fees as well as more efficient budgeting structure since the disbursements (that amongst other include travelling or transport) would be very minimum. Furthermore, during the pandemic, this system has offer an opportunity to attend the instruction despite the fact that the Trademark Office apply lockdown policy. 

We are also developing an app which allows the client to track the progress of their IP registration through an app. Our goal is to make it easier for client to get the update and track the progress of their IP registration. This app will be very beneficial for client which has a large portfolio of IPs. 

This fact can only be properly and sufficiently attended by us if we have a proper technology infrastructure, and we proudly have such resources. 

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time? 

 Yes we see the trends that clients refer to us for more strategic directions in doing their activities in Indonesia. They expect us as their counsel, not only able to help them with ‘day-to-day’ legal issues but also insight and propose strategies in addressing their legal need in general and in a long run, so it is more like we are helping them also in setting up a proper road map in relation to their intellectual property strategies. 

 This requires us not only knowledge in how to undertake the instruction but also understanding in providing effective strategies to protect clients’ business in Indonesia as a whole. 

 Further, because of these developments, it is very important to position ourselves as their continuing trusted advisor and we have to make sure that K&K Advocates is their “top of mind” when it comes to their legal need. 

 Because of the things I mentioned above, I see that in 3 years’ time, K&K Advocates would invest heavily in our human resources as well as technology infrastructure. 

 We also have to make sure that we understand the importance of creating strategies that not only legally current to clients but also commercially acceptable. This would include ability to create more efficient and effective way of doing business in Indonesia as well as effective way in communication in order to be able to provide a better services and more efficient service to clients.