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Tian Yuan Law Firm
10/F, China Pacific Insurance Plaza
28 Fengsheng Hutong
BEIJING 100032

Antitrust and competition: PRC firms Tier 2

Tian Yuan Law Firm's Wei Huang is particularly experienced in investigation and litigation, with experience in handling merger control filings and compliance matters. Huang is assisting Didi with the government investigation following its merger with Uber, and advised Wanda Film on the merger filings related to its acquisition of Wanda Film & Television Media. Fan Zhu and Guizhen Han are also recommended.

Key clients

SK Hynix Semiconductor

Security & Knowledge Support Services




Wanda Film

Corporate and M&A: PRC firms Tier 2

Tian Yuan Law Firm remains at the forefront of education, healthcare, real estate, energy and TMT deals. It has extensive record in equity purchases, investments, mergers and restructurings, and it continues to impress in big-ticket cross-border M&A transactions. The team assisted Will Semiconductor with its $2bn purchase of OmniVision Technologies, the world's third-largest image sensor provider, and handled Wanda Film Holdings' RMB10.5bn acquisition of Wanda Media. Capital markets specialist Xiaohui Zhu and Juanjuan Song are names to note in the healthcare sector; Yanling Ren is recommended for assisting SOEs with corporate system reform; Aihua Xiao and Lihua Wang are also highly recommended.

Key clients

Wanda Cinema Line Corp

Sinomach Automobile Company

Shenzhen Qianhai Financial Holdings

China Resources Land


China Jinmao

Far Eastern Horizon

Projects and energy: PRC firms Tier 2

Tian Yuan Law Firm stands out for cross-border PPP projects, with a particular focus on infrastructure. The group also handles a wide variety of work in the energy sphere, mostly advising foreign corporations on inbound investments and Chinese entities on outbound work, especially in relation to One Belt One Road projects. The department is jointly led by cross-border M&A expert Jie Chai, Xiaodong Zhu  (whose focuses include investment, financing international engineering contracts and arbitration) and corporate generalist Xiong Yin.

Capital markets: PRC firms Tier 3

Tian Yuan Law Firm's team advises Chinese companies on domestic and overseas listings, with clients across a range of industries, including education and healthcare, biotech, fintech, energy and natural resources. The group is led by Yan Liu, who has expertise in the spectrum of capital markets transactions.

Dispute resolution: PRC firms Tier 3

Tian Yuan Law Firm's experience encompasses litigation and arbitration, including contract disputes and contentious matters pertaining to financing, investment, real estate, with a strong intellectual property dispute practice. The department is jointly led by commercial and civil litigation expert Mei XuMingxu Yu (whose clients include SOEs and governmental agencies) and general commercial litigator Zhuo Chen.

Real estate and construction: PRC firms Tier 3

Tian Yuan Law Firm stands out for handling investment schemes for large real estate projects and has a varied client roster of developers, project owners and contractors. On the real estate front, the group is experience in equity and asset acquisitions, asset restructuring, PE investment and land development. It also advises on urban regeneration projects, PPPs, and outbound construction projects related to the One Belt One Road initiative. Department head Yanling Ren specialises in real estate financing and investment.

Private equity: PRC firms Tier 4

Tian Yuan Law Firm's clients spans a broad spectrum of industries, including education, healthcare, TMT, fintech, new energy and Media which it advises both the private equity and venture capital firms as well as the invested companies in high value investment, restructuring and M&A transactions. Recent highlights include assisted Sequoia Capital with its participation in VIPKID's Series D+ financing and advising Sequoia Capital on its Series C financing for Burning Rock Biotech, a Chinese company specialising in next-generation sequencing diagnostics solutions for precision medicine in oncology. Jiayun XieZhihua Xia andXiaohui Zhu are highly recommended.

Key clients

Sequoia Capital

IDG Capital


Ant Financial

Silver Lake Partners


Intellectual property: PRC firms

Tian Yuan Law Firm advises on the full gamut of intellectual property services including trade mark application and litigation, patent invalidation and infringement litigation, IP licensing and implementation, trade secret infringement litigation, strategic management consultation and IP-aspects of transactions. Practice head Yan Sun is particularly experienced in the IT sector and works closely with Qi Wang who specialises in contentious IP matters.

Key clients

Sichuan Yema Automobile Co., Ltd

Beijing Education Star Technology Co., Ltd.

Hongjun Industrial Development Co., Ltd

Beijing Watchdata Co., Ltd.

China Tianchen Engineering Corporation

The firm

Founded in 1992, Beijing Tian Yuan Law Firm (Tian Yuan) was one of first private partnership Chinese law firms. After more than 20 years’ rapid development, Tian Yuan is now one of the leading domestic firms, with offices in four cities, ie Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu. Over 300 lawyers work for the firm, most of whom are selected for their strict standards, and have degrees such as LLB, LLM and/or JD from well known domestic and/or overseas law schools. Its lawyers are capable of speaking in Mandarin, English, French, Japanese and Korean. The firm now practices in a wide range of fields, and is dedicated to rendering quality and professional legal services to domestic and international clients.

Areas of practice

General corporate; mergers and acquisitions; restructuring and reorganisation; securities law and capital markets; foreign direct investment; overseas investment and reverse merger; private equity; financing; banking; education-related investment; intellectual property; real estate development; infrastructure projects; power projects and project financing; insurance; antidumping and antitrust; government procurement and project bidding; information and internet; litigation and arbitration; insolvency.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate M&A Xiaohui Zhu
Corporate M&A Guanxiong Wu
Securities law and capital markets Yan Liu
Securities law and capital markets Ping Xu
Foreign direct investment Xiong Yin
Foreign direct investment Xi Zeng
Overseas investment and reverse mergers Jie Chai
Overseas investment and reverse mergers Yu Piao
Competition Wei Huang
Competition Ke Yang
Intellectual property Qi LI
Intellectual property Yan Sun
Real estate development Yanling Ren
Real estate development Zhi Lin
Infrastructure projects Peng Xie
Infrastructure projects Aihua Xiao
Power projects and project financing Jie Chai
Power projects and project financing Xin Zhao
Insurance Zaizai Huang
Insurance Wei Xu
Information technology Zhihua Xia
Information technology Yutian Chen
Media services Cheng Cheng
Media services Guanxiong Wu
Natural resources and mining Jianhui Li
Natural resources and mining Xin Zhao
International trade and law compliance Zhihua Xia
International trade and law compliance Bangmin Wang
Dispute resolution Xiaodong Zhu
Dispute resolution Mei Xu
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Siqi Fu  photo Mr Siqi Fu
Mr Wei Huang  photo Mr Wei Huang
Mr Zaizai Huang  photo Mr Zaizai Huang
Ms Yan Liu  photo Ms Yan Liu
Ms Yanling Ren  photo Ms Yanling Ren
Mr Lihua Wang  photo Mr Lihua Wang
Ms Aihua Xiao  photo Ms Aihua Xiao
Mr Wei Xu  photo Mr Wei Xu
Mr Xiaohui Zhu  photo Mr Xiaohui Zhu
Number of lawyers : 292
at this office : 211









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罗克佳华·科创板 明阳智能·主板
鸿远电子·主板 卓胜微·创业板


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  • 天元为长江电力35.9亿美元竞标收购美国Sempra Energy出让的秘鲁配电公司股权提供法律服务,这是2019年以来中资企业最大的海外并购项目,也是近三年全球最大的电力行业并购项目。
  • 天元助力中公教育圆满完成185亿借壳亚夏汽车重大资产重组并登陆A股,成为国内A股第一个通过借壳上市的教育企业,目前市值接近千亿。
  • 天元助力韦尔股份155亿收购全球著名图像传感器芯片供应商北京豪威,这是2019年最大的半导体并购项目之一。
  • 天元助力万达电影105亿收购万达影视,布局中国电影全产业链,这是近年来通过并购重组审核的唯一一家民营影视文化企业。
  • 天元助力双汇发展吸收合并双汇集团暨重大资产重组(收购方罗特克斯的法律顾问),交易对价近400亿,这是2019年A股并购重组市场最大的并购交易之一。
  • 天元助力华润置地增资79亿入股城投置地,这是天津近三年最大国企混改项目。
  • 天元助力京投交通科技与东方网力达成收购华启智能95%股权交易,对价约11.9亿港元,致力于智慧轨道交通新格局。
  • 天元代表厦门秦淮科技有限公司的管理层,联合贝恩资本于近日完成对秦淮数据及其子公司的管理层收购及秦淮数据与Bridge Data Center的合并,为中国管理层并购的教科书式案例。


  • 天元助力长安保险增资获批,再助保险机构化解金融风险,开创了地方政府联合地方金融资产管理公司救助保险机构的先河,这也是银保监会合并后至今保险机构控股权变更审批最快的项目。
  • 天元助力前海金融控股有限公司与厦门国贸集团股份有限公司联合收购世纪证券有限责任公司91.65%股权项目获深圳证监局正式核准,这是安邦保险集团股份有限公司被中国银保监会接管后处置的旗下第一块金融资产。
  • 天元代表国开金融下属基金,为其退出上海文化地标“梦中心”项目权益提供全程法律服务,挂牌成交价格约64亿元。
  • 天元代表专项计划一方全程参与处置了海航浦发大厦类REITs项目(上海证券交易所第一单类REITs)的成功市场化退出。
  • 天元助力交易所首单央企汽车融资租赁ABS项目“国金-汇益租赁一期资产支持专项计划”挂牌发行。
  • 天元助力首只上报的科创板主题基金“华夏科技创新混合型证券投资基金”获得发行。


  • 天元代理京东对天猫实施“二选一”行为的反垄断诉讼,该案受到社会各界的广泛关注,必将对互联网领域的竞争格局和发展方向带来深远影响。
  • 天元代理海南省物价局在中国首起纵向价格垄断行政处罚司法审查案中胜诉,纵向价格垄断执法口径首次得到最高院确认,成为中国反垄断史上的里程碑式案件。
  • 天元在反垄断调查领域持续发力,在国家市场监督管理总局针对DRAM制造商的调查、针对音乐独家版权的调查等最受关注的案件中,为客户提供服务。
  • 天元继续就经营者集中申报领域深耕,部分案件包括汇顶科技收购恩智浦、领益智造收购赛尔康等。
  • 随着2019年7月《人类遗传资源管理条例》的生效,中国正式进入对人类遗传资源管理的强监管时代,天元已为若干企业提供新规下的监管应对、咨询和申报。


  • 天元在继新东方、好未来、环球雅思、枫叶教育、博实乐、宇华教育、尚德机构、朴新教育、希望教育、春来教育、卓越教育上市服务后,2019年继续助力中公教育、新东方在线、跟谁学、网易有道等登陆境内外资本市场,助力国内IT职业培训领军企业传智播客递交A股IPO申请,东软教育集团递交港股IPO申请,继续领跑在线教育机构、职业教育机构和高等教育机构的境内外上市法律服务。
  • 天元继续活跃在民办教育行业一系列具有标杆意义的投融资、并购和国际合作交易中,包括:


宇华教育收购Laureate教育集团下属的泰国Stamford International University,成为民办教育跨境并购的经典案例;





-代表汉普教育集团引进英国顶级私立学校(Gordonstoun School)品牌及教育资源,并协助制定在中国落地办学的法律方案;



  • 天元2019年继续助力若干领先的生物科技和医疗机构登陆境内外资本市场:海尔生物(科创板物联网科技生态第一股),康希诺(港股第一支疫苗股),翰森制药(港股最大医药类IPO),锦欣生殖(港股最大医疗类IPO),德视佳(第一家登陆香港资本市场的德国眼科企业),东曜药业(香港联交所第10家按照新规则上市的生物科技公司),易恒健康(纳斯达克互联网非医大健康综合服务第一股)。
  • 天元持续多年于医疗大健康业务领域深耕细作,在社会办医、企业医院、政府办公立医院、互联网医疗、医药、养老、医养结合等相关细分领域均具有丰富经验,代表客户包括中信产业基金、北大医疗集团、远东宏信医疗集团、中国生物技术、红杉资本、IDG、高济医药、万达大健康、同方大健康、金浦基金、信达资本、泰康资产、金融街投资等多家知名机构。
  • 天元助力万达集团与美国匹兹堡大学医学中心合作中国首家国际顶级品牌医院。
  • 天元代表新里程医院集团,为其收购川煤集团旗下6家医院及多家基层医疗机构提供全程法律服务,该交易系天元参与国企医院改革剥离的又一代表业绩。






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