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Crime: general Tier 1

Tuckers Solicitors is especially strong in representing individuals involved in serious crime matters, including murder, manslaughter, fraud, corruption, bribery and sexual assault. The practice is led by Richard Egan, Jim Meyer and Sarnjit Lal.

Civil liberties and human rights Tier 2

The 'fantastic' team at Tuckers Solicitors undertakes a broad spectrum of human rights work related to police reform, inquests, judicial review and data protection. Practice head Hind Ibrahim specialises in actions against the police and has vast experience in both criminal and civil proceedings. Zareena Mustafa, who heads the firm's public law team, is recommended for her experience in high-profile terrorism and arson cases.


‘Hind Ibrahim is a self-effacing star who does not seek the limelight but continuously delivers stellar performances which mark her out as a standout. She clearly leads by example and is never afraid to intervene with helpful advice to her colleagues.’

‘Ibrahim is tenacious, obdurate but, above all, compassionate.’

‘Andrew Sperling is one of the most respected prison lawyers from both sides of the table. Not only is his knowledge and advocacy first rate, but he has a sensible and realistic approach.’

Fraud: white-collar crime Tier 3

Tuckers Solicitors advises on criminal defence, regulatory, civil liberties and prison law. Areas of expertise include business crime, corruption, risk management, compliance, regulatory matters, crisis management and cross-border fraud investigations. Clients include companies, financial institutions, government authorities and high-net-worth individuals. Richard Egan is recommended for his experience in fraud, private client instructions, money laundering and international criminal conspiracies.

Key clients

Robert Bevan

Diezani Alison-Mudueke

Matthew Hird

Nathan Wyatt

Ralph Murphy

Health and safety Tier 4

Tuckers Solicitors is often instructed by the Health and Safety Executive for criminal prosecutions and to defend enforcement notice appeals. Criminal litigator Jim Meyer leads the team and regularly acts in cases involving corporate manslaughter and gross negligence manslaughter.


The team at Tuckers combines the forensic skills of criminal litigators with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of health and safety law and practice. The team provide the highest standards of client care and are accessible always, 24/7.’

Jim Meyer is a seasoned practitioner who combines his unrivalled knowledge of health and safety law with the wily instincts of a criminal defence lawyer.’

Julia Thomas is formidable and professional in equal measure. She has great knowledge of health and safety law but her strength is in the practical application of that knowledge.’

Key clients

Health and Safety Executive

Simon Thomerson

Tuckers Solicitors is a leading UK firm, specialising in criminal law and civil rights. It has a national reach and significant local depth in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Kent, Sussex, Stoke & Taunton. Its offices are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, enabling the delivery of immediate legal advice and representation.

The firm: Tuckers Solicitors delivers highly specialised and nationally recognised services in fraud, white-collar and business crime, serious and complex cases, computer crime, and actions against the police, as well as undertaking a very large volume of general criminal defence work. Its experience in these fields is vast, and the practice is instructed by an impressive array of clients including government departments, corporate organisations, business directors, public figures and high-net-worth individuals. Tuckers Solicitors undertakes both private and legal aid work, and is structured into dedicated teams, led by expert and award-winning solicitors. The firm has a first-class in-house advocacy team, consisting of counsel and solicitor High Court advocates. The firm’s website is:

Types of work undertaken: Serious fraud and business crime: Tuckers Solicitors are instructed in many high-profile fraud investigations in the UK, defending actions brought by prosecuting agencies as diverse as the Serious Fraud Office, HM Revenue and Customs, the Financial Services Authority and the Office of Fair Trading. The firm is a member of the Legal Aid Agency’s Specialist Fraud Panel.

Complex crime and special casework: a dedicated department deals solely with criminal matters that involve complex or novel issues, or where the evidence is voluminous and warrants specific resources. It expertly defends large conspiracies involving drug importations, corruption and money laundering and has a well-deserved reputation for delivering solid advice and getting results.

Computer and IT crime: highly trained lawyers with specialist computer knowledge utilise advanced resources ensuring that Tuckers Solicitors has an outstanding reputation for defending proceedings based on or incorporating information technology.

Extradition and mutual assistance: the firm is recognised internationally for its expertise in protecting the interests of clients in complex extradition and mutual assistance cases.

Confiscation, restraint and cash forfeiture proceedings: the firm acts for clients and third parties who are subject to restraint orders or cash forfeiture proceedings or face the threat of their assets being confiscated as a result of criminal conviction.

Road traffic defence: Tuckers Solicitors’ experience in this niche area of law ensures clients an excellent service. The firm defends road traffic offences, including allegations of causing death by dangerous driving, alcohol and drugs-related offences, regulatory matters such as driving without insurance, driving without a valid licence, speeding and VOSA enforcement investigations.

General criminal defence: Tuckers Solicitors is a high-ranking criminal law firm and has a long-established, enviable reputation for its extensive knowledge and experience in a range of criminal defence work. At any one time the firm’s lawyers defend allegations of murder, kidnapping, robbery, theft, drugs offences, firearms offences, serious sexual offences and offences against the person.

Civil liberties, human rights and actions against the police: the team features leading experts, is known for vigorously pursuing complaints against the police and is engaged in all aspects of redress for police misconduct including claims, the disciplinary process, compensation and judicial review.

Prison law: Tuckers Solicitors has a well-earned reputation for its extensive breadth of knowledge across the spectrum of prison law-related matters, including IPP and life sentence prisoners and challenging decisions affecting prisoners by judicial review.

Regulatory law and disciplinary proceedings: the department provides first-class legal advice on a wide range of regulatory and disciplinary arrangements relating to professional institutions, trade bodies and industry regulators.

Health and safety enforcement: the firm has a wealth of experience dealing with cases involving fatalities, the breaching of the general duties under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 through to regulatory enforcement and appealing and issuing of enforcement notices.

Private immigration: a team of expert lawyers provide advice and representation to private individuals and companies on matters of immigration, nationality and asylum law.

Military law: the team provides exceptional legal assistance to military personnel in the UK and abroad, acting at every stage from Military Police interview through to courts martial and Summary Appeal Court hearings.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing partners Franklin Sinclair
Managing partners Barry Tucker
Serious fraud and business crime Richard Egan
Serious fraud and business crime Jim Meyer
Serious fraud and business crime Franklin Sinclair
Serious fraud and business crime Leigh Wright (Manchester)
Complex crime and special casework Richard Egan
Complex crime and special casework Jim Meyer
Complex crime and special casework Neil Hampson
Complex crime and special casework Franklin Sinclair
Complex crime and special casework Leigh Wright (Manchester)
Complex crime and special casework James Turner (Birmingham)
Computer and IT crime Jim Meyer
Extradition, mutual assistance and immigration Richard Egan
Extradition, mutual assistance and immigration Russell Nicholson
Extradition, mutual assistance and immigration Barry Tucker
Confiscation, restraint and forfeiture proceedings Seamus Austin
Confiscation, restraint and forfeiture proceedings Jim Meyer (London)
Confiscation, restraint and forfeiture proceedings Leigh Wright (Manchester)
Road traffic defence Asim Ali
Road traffic defence Alex Atkins
General criminal defence Tim Brown
General criminal defence Fiona Dunkley
General criminal defence Nicholas Inge
General criminal defence David Targett (London)
General criminal defence Lisa Paton
General criminal defence Michelle Seager
General criminal defence Franklin Sinclair
General criminal defence Claire Parrott (Manchester)
General criminal defence James Turner
General criminal defence Alex Atkins
Civil liberties, human rights and actions against the police Andrew Clovis
Civil liberties, human rights and actions against the police Hind Ibrahim (London)
Civil liberties, human rights and actions against the police Keiron Walsh (Manchester)
Prison law Samina Ahmed (Manchester)
Regulatory law and disciplinary proceedings Jim Meyer
Health and safety enforcement Jim Meyer
Private immigration Richard Harrold
Military law Kelly Thomas (London)
Military law Stewart Smith (Manchester)
Number of UK partners : 20
Number of other UK fee-earners : 150