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TMT Tier 1

At leading tech and IT firm Disini & Disini Law Office, 'tasks are well delegated and communication is efficient', and the team is 'professional, courteous and knowledgeable'. The firm is held in particularly high regard for data privacy; in this space, it advises on compliance, risk assessment, process mapping, gap analysis and data breach and security incident management. Other strengths include fintech, e-commerce and cybercrime. Mark Parcia 'is transparent to his client and values integrity'. Senior associate Aiken Larisa Serzo advises media and tech companies on the rules, regulations and commercial issues relevant to their products and services. Managing partner JJ Disini and senior partner Rowena Disini are also key contacts.

Practice head(s):

JJ Disini; Rowena Disini; Mark Parcia

Other key lawyers:

Aiken Larisa Serzo; Marian Salanguit; Roberto Miguel Rañeses; Paolo Sumilong


Disini & Disini Law Office is very polite and very professional. The team responds to every email, and always takes the time to explain in detail the procedures and information we need‘.

The team is very responsive and gives comprehensive and practical advice‘.

JJ Disini is experienced in many fields; he gives precise and straight to the point answers and advice‘.

Aiken Larisa Serzo conducts thorough research on any topic and gives extensive and relevant answers in a timely manner‘.

Paolo Sumilong provides timely answers and gives appropriate follow ups‘.

Mark Parcia is highly commendable because of his professionalism, integrity, good character and competence. He has the best advice on data privacy-related issues‘.

Key clients


QBO Innovation Hub

Facebook, Inc.


Philippine Life Insurance Association

Blogapalooza Inc.

Social Light Inc.

Banking and finance Tier 3

Drawing on its vast experience and reputation in the tech sector, Disini & Disini Law Office has carved out a niche for itself in the areas of fintech, virtual currencies and digitalisation. It is often sought out by financial services companies to advise on digital transformation initiatives and fintech partnerships. The firm also advises banks, payment companies and fintech companies on compliance projects including Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering regulations. Managing partner JJ Disini, senior partner Rowena Disini and junior partner Mark Parcia are the names to note.

Practice head(s):

JJ Disini; Rowena Disini

Other key lawyers:

Mark Parcia; Aiken Larisa Serzo; Marian Salanguit

Corporate and M&A Tier 4

Highly regarded firm Disini & Disini Law Office specialises in the technology sector, where it acts for household name multinational and local companies. Its corporate department advises on M&A, corporate governance, reorganisations and IPOs, among other areas. Managing partner JJ Disini has experience in foreign investment, corporate matters and project finance. Rowena Disini is another key contact.

Practice head(s):

JJ Disini; Rowena Disini

Other key lawyers:

Mark Parcia; Aiken Larisa Serzo; Marian Salanguit

Key clients

UnionBank of the Philippines


Social Light

The firm: Founded in 2000, Disini & Disini has been a leader in the TMT field in the Philippines. Members of the firm lobbied for the passage of the E-Commerce Act and drafted the implementing rules on behalf of the government. The firm was also instrumental in drafting the Supreme Court’s rules on electronic evidence and the first rules on data privacy in the country. In 2014, the Supreme Court promulgated the landmark case on the Cybercrime Prevention Act entitled Disini v Secretary of Justice where the petition filed by the members of the firm was selected by the court as the most meritorious among 15 others that sought to question the constitutionality of the act.

The firm conducts seminars on intellectual property, e-commerce, electronic evidence, data privacy, cybercrime and other related topics. Lawyers in the firm have taught in the most prestigious law schools and institutions in the country. They have been invited to speak in local and international conferences on a wide range of legal topics. Members of the firm have also provided training for the Philippine Judicial Academy, the University of the Philippines Law Center, the Department of Justice, and the Prosecutor’s League of the Philippines, among others.

From its deep knowledge of issues surrounding technology, society and the law, the firm has grown into a boutique practice representing local and international clients operating on various platforms. The firm has been engaged for projects which implement cutting-edge technologies, innovative online business models and disruptive ideas. The firm sees itself as a champion for clients as they forge ahead into uncharted territories.

Responsive and cost-effective: the team supports its clients by delivering fast, cost-effective and exceptional legal service. It constantly maintains a solid relationship with clients by being responsive to their needs, and valuing their time and hard-earned money.

Unique solutions: the team believes that excellent legal service comes from creative solutions delivered by a team sensitive to the demands of its clients but faithful to the rule of law. It prides itself in formulating non-intuitive and unique answers to the challenges faced by clients. Its lawyers are up to date with business shifts and global trends, enabling them to provide sound legal advice in anticipation of future business conditions.

Areas of practice: Technology and telecommunications: the practice is one of the most established and respected practices in the country. It counseled the country’s first B2B platform and the first internet service provider. Since then, it has acted for numerous clients engaged in various activities in this space, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, from local government to national government agencies, including leading technology and trade organisations. The lawyers possess a full understanding of the technological aspects of digital commerce and technology projects, providing an extensive and thorough protection to the endeavors of clients.

Data privacy: the team initiated the country’s first criminal prosecution for data privacy breach, and regularly provides advice on data privacy and protection to clients. With the enactment of the Data Privacy Act, it has been engaged in drafting data privacy policies, addressing privacy breach issues and mapping out compliance processes for clients in various sectors such as education, consulting services, BPOs, manufacturing and FMCG, and public utility.

Mergers and acquisitions and investment: it has represented both local and foreign clients in mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, bond flotation, issuance of debt securities and back-door listings, and has acted on their behalf in relation to investments in nationalised industries, preferred areas with incentives and pioneering ventures.

Cybercrime: it has handled cybercrime cases as defense counsel and as private prosecutors in areas such as online fraud, hacking, online forgery, identity theft, cybersex, piracy and financial crimes.

Intellectual property: the team has assisted emerging companies with technological assets in obtaining intellectual property rights protection for various works before the Intellectual Property Office, and ensures that they enjoy the full benefit of protection under the law. It has given advice on trade marks, copyright, patents, and trade secrets and has been involved in the assignment and licensing of those rights.

Department Name Email Telephone
Litigation J J Disini
Corporate services Rowena Disini
Technology and telecommunications J J Disini
Emerging media J J Disini
Data privacy J J Disini
Data privacy Mark Anthony Parcia
Banking and finance Rowena Disini
M&A, investment and securities Rowena Disini
M&A, investment and securities Mark Anthony Parcia
Employment and immigration J J Disini
Intellectual property Rowena Disini
Real estate J J Disini
Entertainment J J Disini
Number of lawyers : 14