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CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office
BEIJING 100031

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CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office is a full-service intellectual property firm headquartered in Beijing which provides consultation, prosecution, mediation, administrative enforcement and litigation services relating to patents, trade marks, copyrights, domain names, trade secrets, unfair competition and other related matters. Spearheaded by Hao Ma, the firm represents clients across a vast array of industry sectors. Zhongqi Zhou and Chuanhong Long are also key names to note in the senior ranks. Gang Hu is best known for his work in complex and high-value trade mark disputes, while Ji Liu focuses on patent prosecution.

The firm: CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office is the oldest and one of the largest full-service intellectual property law firms in China. The firm has 294 patent and trademark attorneys, with 87 qualified attorneys-at-law. Its mission is to render tailored services to clients with high quality, efficiency and reliability in a cost-effective manner. The firm strives to continually improve the reliability and flexibility of its portfolio management system and the effectiveness of its quality control mechanism. It appoints teams of professionals with complementary expertise and organises brainstorming discussions when necessary. Its professionals are encouraged to be both proactive and creative, providing commentary and guidance and creating value-added solutions for its clients.

The firm’s reputation for professionalism is widely recognised among peer professionals and clients, both domestically and internationally. Since 1999, it has been ranked among the top Chinese intellectual property law firms in the annual surveys conducted by publisher Managing Intellectual Property and has been nominated time and again as a leading Chinese intellectual property firm by institutes such as Asia Law & Practice, Asia Legal Business, intellectual Asset Management and Chambers & Partners.

Areas of practice: Patents: pre-filing consulting; patent prosecution and re-examination; patent administrative litigation; patent searching and analysing; patent invalidation; patent infringement search and analysis; administrative and judicial enforcement; patent licensing and technology transfer; annuities payment; patent and non-patent document search and surveillance.

Trade marks: trade mark registration consulting; trade mark application and review; trade mark administrative litigation; disputes concerning trade mark registration and use; trade mark opposition and invalidation; trade mark licensing, transfer and contract drafting; trade mark renewal; due diligence investigation; trade mark search and surveillance; administrative and judicial enforcement.

Others: copyright and computer software registration; domain name registration and dispute resolution; registration of integrated circuit layout design; recordation of intellectual property with customs; consulting and litigation on trade secret and unfair competition; intellectual property financing and transaction.

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Patents Hao Ma
Patents and Trademarks Chuanhong Long
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Mr Yimin Chai  photo Mr Yimin Chai
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Mr Yong Cheng  photo Mr Yong Cheng
Mr Xiaojun Guo  photo Mr Xiaojun Guo
Mr Tengyun He  photo Mr Tengyun He
Mr Gang Hu  photo Mr Gang Hu
Ms Shuhui Huang  photo Ms Shuhui Huang
Mr Aimin Huo  photo Mr Aimin Huo
Mr Jianzhong Kang  photo Mr Jianzhong Kang
Mr Bo Li  photo Mr Bo Li
Mr Fan Li  photo Mr Fan Li
Mr Ji Liu  photo Mr Ji Liu
Mr Chuanhong Long  photo Mr Chuanhong Long
Mr Juhua Luo  photo Mr Juhua Luo
Mr Linhong Lv  photo Mr Linhong Lv
Mr Hao Ma  photo Mr Hao Ma
Ms Rui Qu  photo Ms Rui Qu
Mr Yingying Shen  photo Mr Yingying Shen
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Ms Yuanyuan Tian  photo Ms Yuanyuan Tian
Ms Hongyan Wang  photo Ms Hongyan Wang
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Mr Tao Zhang  photo Mr Tao Zhang
Mr Zhongqi Zhou  photo Mr Zhongqi Zhou
Number of lawyers : 87