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The firm: Joyce A. Tan & Partners LLC is a Singapore law firm with its roots dating back to 1998. The firm is an award-winning business-centric commercial law practice with particular strengths in intellectual property, technology, telecommunications, media and privacy and a strong international outlook. The firm is renowned for its legal excellence and has been active in cutting-edge cross-border legal transactions and regulatory reviews, often involving new and significant business trends.  Its industry-focused approach enables the firm to combine in-depth industry experience with sophisticated legal skills to provide its clients with a unique and informed perspective. The practice has earned a solid reputation for thorough and insightful legal representation.

The firm offers business-driven premium legal services with a personal touch that is well attuned to management, commercial and business sensibilities. Its service philosophy is to make each client experience seamless and uncomplicated. The firm’s pre-emptive, holistic, thoughtful and commercial approach to its work and strategies underpins its mission to be lawyers who lead, in the business needs of its clients and in its field.

The firm also offers a suite of bespoke personal law capabilities covering family, children, and inheritance, succession and administration solutions. We have special expertise and access to a global network when such issues transcend different jurisdictions and legal systems. Such matters are handled with the necessary sensitivity, discretion and confidentiality, with both litigation and mediation options.

Areas of practice
Corporate and commercial:
practice includes establishment and maintenance of companies, corporate compliance, private equity investment and M&A projects, sale and purchase of assets, businesses and companies, joint ventures, strategic alliances, partnerships, various forms of business collaboration and business finance transactions. Commercial transactions handled range from toll manufacturing, franchising, agency, distribution and supply, to complex multi-jurisdictional business acquisition and global brand development projects. Also advises on competition law.

Intellectual property: expertise includes trade marks, domain names, patents, copyright, designs and trade secrets. The firm handles registration of trade marks, designs and patents, enforcement, exploitation, licensing, commercialization, acquisition and disposal of IP assets. The firm handles anti-counterfeiting work and enforces IP rights, including litigation in Singapore and the region, arbitration and mediation of IP disputes.

Information technology: practice leverages industry developments such as cloud computing, ‘Big Data’, Artificial Intelligence and the ‘Internet-of-Things’. Projects include electronic payment systems and fintech transactions, IT outsourcing, digital distribution of sound and multimedia data, electronic tracking of digital data consumption, electronic management of documents and inventory control, supply-and-demand online exchanges and virtual private networks across jurisdictions. Advises on regulatory aspects of Internet content and service providers, computer misuse and electronic transactions.

Telecoms: advises on regulatory requirements and handles financing and other transactions on the establishment and operation of telecommunication networks, including interconnection and sharing of telecommunication infrastructure and facilities. The firm has acted for facilities-based and services-based operators who provide domestic telecom services or operate transnational network architectures for the establishment of corporate communications systems with points-of-presence or network operation centres in Singapore and elsewhere.

Dispute resolution: provides litigation and alternative dispute resolution services for wide-ranging subject matter, including intellectual property, information technology disputes, confidential information, company and shareholder disputes, minority oppression, corporate receivership, oil and gas, engineering, banking and finance, employment, negligence, partnership, sale of goods and supply of services, landlord and tenant, and debt recovery.

Experienced in handling and managing multi-jurisdictional litigation and arbitration.

Privacy and data protection: advises on data protection laws in Singapore and the region, developing policies and processes for compliance (including data breach response plans, collaboration frameworks and legal review of data governance solutions). The firm’s team has helped install, upgrade, develop and future-fit compliance frameworks and programmatic solutions, as well as develop, adapt and negotiate contracts and processes for the collection, use, disclosure and processing of personal data including guidelines for the business, employees and data protection officers; and the team has in-depth expertise on drafting, negotiating and navigating documentation to ensure legal cross-border flows of data, audits and compliance reviews, data breach crisis management including dealing with data protection regulators and law enforcement.

Cybersecurity: expertise include advising on regulatory compliance, establishing legal regulatory and incident response solutions and plans, implementing and management legal risk strategies and accountability frameworks. The team advises clients that manage critical information infrastructure, develops legal policy and management frameworks to meet and improve legal readiness for cyber incidents.

Personal Law – family, matrimonial, children, inheritance and succession: bespoke specialized and dedicated personal law capability in child law, divorce, family, inheritance and succession which includes advising and managing separation, divorces, custody, parental abduction and relocation disputes, complex asset tracing, division of matrimonial assets and maintenance issues. We leverage on the practice expertise within the firm as well as external consultants in the field of private investigation, counselling services, valuers and forensic accountants and a global network of international family lawyers in order to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. The team has the ability to offer solutions involving pre-action strategies, negotiations, litigation, mediation and other forms of meaningful and collaborative dispute resolution formats.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate and commercial Joyce A. Tan +65 6333 6550
Information technology Joyce A. Tan +65 6333 6550
Telecommunications Joyce A. Tan +65 6333 6550
Data protection and privacy Jeffrey Lim +65 6871 1070
Intellectual property Joyce A. Tan +65 6333 6550
Digital media, advertising and entertainment Joyce A. Tan +65 6333 6550
Dispute resolution and litigation Daniel Lim +65 6871 1071
Private client and wealth management Malathi Das +65 6871 1072
Employment Joyce A. Tan +65 6333 6550
Cybersecurity Jeffrey +65 6871 1070
Photo Name Position Profile
Ms Malathi Das  photo Ms Malathi Das Director
Mr Daniel Lim  photo Mr Daniel Lim Director
Mr Jeffrey Lim  photo Mr Jeffrey Lim Director
Ms Joyce A. Tan  photo Ms Joyce A. Tan Managing Director
Number of fee-earners : 8
Contacts : Joyce A Tan (
Contacts : Daniel Lim (

CLIENT: Jost P. Bescht, Head of Strategic Engagements, Sourcing Advisor Relationship South Europe & Senior Strategic Negotiator at Infosys Limited
COMPANY/FIRM: Infosys Limited (
TESTIMONIAL: On our Joyce A. Tan – “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the fantastic work you did for us in the course of the negotiations of the … Agreements. …, I and our team were impressed by your legal competence, your structured approach to negotiations, your deep passion for what you do, your perseverance and your personal convincing style. It was just phenomenal to see you operating.”

CLIENT: Shawn Tan Su Shong, Legal Director
COMPANY/FIRM: Singapore Health Services (
TESTIMONIAL: “Jeffrey Lim has very ably helped us navigate complex data protection regulatory and IT issues over the past years to present, and is outstanding in the way he understands our needs and delivers effective responses. He is a pleasure to work with and is highly skilled. We are very appreciative of Jeffrey’s wise and valuable counsel and very much value the bond that we have developed over the years”…

CLIENT: Jeremy Bek, GM Global Country Management
COMPANY/FIRM: Rakuten Inc (
TESTIMONIAL: “Jeffrey Lim is a great legal partner to have in helping us navigate the uncertainties of starting new businesses across multiple jurisdictions. He understands the core objectives quickly and strategically helped us identify the key important areas to address to ensure that our regulatory requirements are covered. I would recommend Jeffrey if you want a lawyer who seeks to understand your business goals and cuts to the chase”

CLIENT: Phyllis Yan, Head Compliance & Legal
COMPANY/FIRM: Network for Electronic Transfers (
TESTIMONIAL: “I have worked with Jeffrey Lim and his team over many years for fintech, IP and IT matters. Jeffrey is the first lawyer my company turns to for any queries on such matters. We have had a very pleasant and harmonious working relationship. Jeffrey is always responsive to queries. He is also sharp and accurate in analyzing the nuances of regulations, terms and conditions, relating them to the reality of the situations we face on the ground, and providing a consistently high level of support and assistance. I also appreciate that fee quotations have always been transparent and reasonable. I will definitely recommend Jeffrey.”

CLIENT: Koh Wee Leng, Chief Technology Officer
COMPANY/FIRM: Deep Identity Pte Ltd (, a Temasek Capital Management Pte Lrd group company
TESTIMONIAL: “It has been a great journey working with Jeffrey and his team. The commitment, dedication and unwavering focus to identify and address strategic risks before they arise; the amazing teamwork with the financial and technical teams; there is not very much else a client can ask for in a fast paced, time sensitive contract negotiation. Highly recommended and preferred partner in the IT space.”

CLIENT: VP legal (confidential)
COMPANY/FIRM: A Wealth Management Fund (confidential)
TESTIMONIAL: “Jeffrey Lim has been a trusted legal advisor over the years and has advised on a range of complex IP related issues including those applicable to artificial intelligence applications to IP generation collaborations and distribution matters. We rely significantly on both his legal expertise and ability to distil legal knowledge into practical, implementable action points for our business.”

CLIENT: Daniel Tan Hock Keng, Legal Counsel
COMPANY/FIRM: Nitto Denko (Singapore) Pte Ltd (
TESTIMONIAL: “We’re delighted to have worked with Jeffrey Lim on a complex data protection regime requiring setting up an internal data protection regime and an external data protection mechanism for our product used across multiple jurisdictions. His insights on data protection law helped address complex matters through sharp summaries. He helped distil our needs in a way that was focused and effective, detail oriented, efficient in managing cost and consistently added value to the review. We recommend him highly.”

Joyce A. Tan, Managing Director

Managing Director Joyce A. Tan speaks to how the firm strengthens its clients in a fast paced and increasingly complex world.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Joyce A. Tan & Partners LLC from your competitors?

Perhaps, we should start with who we see as our competitors. Over the past 23 years of the firm’s existence, we have consistently and successfully procured mandates and built relationships with clients, either beating out or being empaneled with top tier firms, many of which outnumber us in headcount. So what differentiates us?

One formula for our success lies in our holistic and integrated approach to the client’s needs. We do not see clients as an opportunity for different practice groups to divvy up their attention, with their respective output pulled together in a superficial patchwork of disparate pieces. Instead, our design thinking takes root at the underlying architecture and engineering of our solutions. Our work for a client is not dictated by how we happen to organize ourselves into practice groups. On the contrary, we organize ourselves according to the client’s practical and business circumstances, which may, for example, require the tactical structuring of a corporate transaction to achieve a commercial objective driven by technology or intellectual property considerations. For that, the client gets an integrated end-to-end solution, not different pieces from different corners of the firm.

Such an approach allows us to optimize for the client, the second reason we do better. Our clients know that we don’t try to fit their problems into pre-packed boxes of solutions, in the hope that one of them will work. We understand, we optimise and we lead.

Which brings us to the third reason. When we say that we are lawyers who lead, it means taking responsibility for a client’s needs and leading the way in matters of law, which may sometimes even include formulating the required services, as opposed to merely providing services described to or requested of us.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

I do see a connection between our core practice areas and the growth sectors. I can mention 2 generally.

First, anything and everything to do with technology will accelerate and this includes investment in technology (including corporate mergers and acquisitions or fund raising), classic TMT work, intellectual property, and regulatory and governance. The drivers are obviously the much larger macro issues around digitalization – increasingly rapid fire automation, the growth and adoption of new technologies.

Secondly, we are arriving at a new geopolitical world order so that as governments shift in their attitudes to globalization and the balance of power, the roles that businesses and the business community play undergo important adjustments. For example, we see the influx of resources and business leadership positions here in Singapore in the wake of US-China tension.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

It’s in vogue to speak of how law firms adopt technology, and though we find ourselves doing that as well, that isn’t what stands out for me. Of all the changes that are important, we have consciously moved to broaden our practice base over the years – to add carefully curated capabilities. We know clients’ needs evolve and we anticipate where these needs are going and we have been doubling down on future-proofing our expertise.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Yes and no.

Yes, in that technology adds efficiency opportunities (but also risks!) and allows us to move up the “value chain” in terms of tasks and where we can operate more efficiently and meaningfully with and for clients.

But no, in the sense that what drives the clients’ motivation to work with us continues (and will continue to be) our judgment and our ability to be attuned to what is truly needed in the moment. Technology might make us smarter, but not necessarily wiser.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

We could talk about a range of ways we do so, but perhaps I can share an anecdote that hopefully speaks to the managers and teams that run businesses and make decisions.

A multinational client of mine was dealing with its post-merger integration exercise and the classic problem of melding 2 different work cultures, 2 different set of resources and 2 different operations, etc. (and all the anxiety that comes with such an exercise). Their legal counsel introduced me to their global head of HR who was managing the transition across the affected jurisdictions. This brave soul had been in meetings with other external lawyers, all of whom had run her through the usual slew of legal concepts like compliance with regulatory obligations, contractual commitments, handling of redundancy, harmonization and rationalization of policies, benefits and documents, and abstract concepts like “synergy” etc.

This HR director was obviously fatigued, head in a dizzy spin with an overload of legal technicalities, wondering how in the world lawyers were helping her. After taking an initial brief on the practices of their 2 merged companies vis-à-vis their large workforce from senior management to clerical staff working across multiple campuses, replete with a laundry list of disconnected practical issues that lacked any framework, I simply started with “let’s talk about car park arrangements”. Later, the legal counsel told me that I “had her at car parks”. Not because the legal issues weren’t going to be addressed – but because she was assured that this was going to be done with the practicalities at the forefront..

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

It does depend on the client. Some clients are highly transactional – they want a deal done and after that, they move on and seldom think of their legal advisors beyond that. Others better understand what is meant by legal “counsel”. These clients do need reliable counsel who will always have their back and add to the way they see things strategically, over a longer term and a wider range of matters beyond pure legal ones. I do believe that lawyering will evolve in a much more interesting way.

This segues in the point that as time goes by, the true irreplaceable value is in the wisdom and judgment of the team. I certainly see us growing further in that direction and adding more like-minded and fellow counsel to our team, growing in the way that truly matters.


Joyce A. Tan & Partners LLC is located in Singapore but serves international clients from around the world and supports domestic clients across the globe in transactions, disputes and regulatory matters in areas of technology, telecommunications, data privacy, cybersecurity, intellectual property and in both niche and mainstream industry corporate mergers and acquisitions, often in a cross border context. The firm is adept at managing and navigating cutting edge fields, with particular proficiency in frontier legal issues and responsiveness to its clients’ needs for local, regional and global expertise amidst fast moving legal and industry developments.

The firm routinely faces and advises on pioneering legal projects and innovative solutions and business models, including those that involve financial technology, healthcare technologies, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, data analytics, technology transfer, licensing, research and development.

The senior members of the firm include individuals who are recognised leaders in their own fields, and engaged in leadership or contributing roles in communities of practice, often collaborating with regulators or assisting on national projects. Key practitioners of the firm actively participate in legal forums, as well as in organisations that go beyond the law, a mark of their industry-specific depth of experience and exposure.

Members of the firm have also spent time as key in-house counsels in international corporations, experiences which have indelibly attuned them to organisational dynamics between stakeholders and management teams, imbibed them with a practical and balanced view as to risk and opportunities, and allowed them to take the claim of “truly understanding the client” to the next level.

The firm’s logo of “Lawyers Who Lead” is realised in the firm’s practice approach that looks to more than mere-matter lawyering, often looking to attune solutions which are robust not only for here and now but for the balance of interests going beyond.