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Comprised of a sizeable team of practitioners with diverse technical and legal backgrounds, Top Team International Patent & Trademark Office has for several decades offered clients expertise in all aspects of IP rights protection, including in relation to patent applications, trademark infringement and IP portfolio strategy. Firm founder and veteran patent attorney Henry Hong leads the practice, while executive director Peggy Wu has worldwide patent prosecution and IP filing expertise. Lydia Wong has experience in the construction, renewable energy, food and beverages, and media sectors, among others. Patent department head Jessica Chen advises on patentability, non-infringement, and patent searches as well as other IP prosecution matters.

Practice head(s):

Henry Hong

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Media Tek

Christopher Ward



TOP TEAM International Patent & Trademark Office (TOPTEAM) is one of the largest and most reputable specialty IP firms in Taiwan. With a staff of over 180, the firm provides services in all aspects of IP rights protection and has helped its clients secure tens of thousands of IP rights in Taiwan, the US, Europe, Japan, and other major markets, since 1985.

TOPTEAM is well-known for its capabilities of patent drafting as well as worldwide patent prosecution. Each year, more than 3,000 patent applications filed in Taiwan and abroad, covering various high tech sectors.

TOPTEAM has built a strong reputation in the areas of chemicals, specialty materials, bio-tech, pharma, mechanical and industrial designs. The firm’s core service team is made of over 70 professionals, including 30 patent attorneys, agents, and attorneys at law, from diverse technical backgrounds.

Our proven expertise, practice experiences, and work ethic enable us to assist clients in handling complex cases, challenging situations, and delicate issues.

On top of the outstanding prosecution performance, our services in support of other IPR aspects are equally powerful. We advise on IP strategy planning, from filing, licensing, trade secret managing, company IP management, to dispute resolution proceedings.

TOPTEAM also specializes in design strategy. In addition to the filing strategy for clients’ design applications in various countries, our firm also helps European and US clients plan their design filing strategies for relevant matters in Taiwan.

TOPTEAM’s trademark department is led by knowledgeable and skilled attorneys with substantial civil and administrative litigation expertise. This enables us to draw up a commercially sensible and cost-effective solution with clients seeking practical advice on trademark portfolio management and enforcement, online brand protection, and taking adequate measures to curb infringements of any sort.

Our attorneys also counsel on copyright law issues in a wide variety of fields. Image licensing is one of our fortes.

At TOPTEAM, we genuinely listen to clients’ need and concerns, and team up together to safeguard their brand identity, reputation and market distinction connected to their marks. We work with businesses of various scales, from start-ups, and SMEs through world leading companies, across electronics, IC design, energy, entertainment, sporting goods, clothing, internet markets, online food ordering, and the press, among other industry sectors.

Department Name Email Telephone
Firm Leadership Henry C.W. Hong 886.2.26551616
Patent, Design Peggy Wu 886.2.26551616
Patent Jessica T.C. Chen 886.2.26551616
Trademark, Copyrights and IP Legal Service Lydia Wong 886.2.26551616
Japan Team Mei-Chun Wang 886.2.26551616
Photo Name Position Profile
Jessica T.C. Chen photo Ms Jessica T.C. Chen Executive Director Patent Attorney
Henry C.W Hong photo Mr Henry C.W Hong Owner and President
Mei-Chun Wang photo Ms Mei-Chun Wang Senior Executive Manager
Lydia Wong photo Ms Lydia Wong Principal Attorney at Law
Peggy Wu photo Ms Peggy Wu Executive Director Patent Attorney
Number of Patent Attorneys and Agents : 28
Number of Attorneys at Law : 3
Number of Patent Engineers : 70
Number of Staff : 185
Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association (TWPAA)
Taiwan Trademark Association (TAA)
Taiwan Bar Association (TWBA)
Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA)
International Trademark Association (INTA)
International Bar Association (IBA)
Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Industrielle (AIPPI)
Licensing Executives Society Chinese Taipei (LESCT)

冠群國際特許商標事務所(TOP TEAM)は1985年に創設されました。知的財産制度を運用する社会的環境が未整備であった時期から成熟の段階へと移行する台湾国内の変化と同期して、当事務所は数度にわたる調整と変革を経て組織を拡大していきながら、経営理念と発展の方向を確立させました。現在は、草創期の小規模形態から、スタッフ約205名を抱える規模の事務所にまで成長しました。