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Kangda Law Firm
8/F, Emperor Group Centre
No.12D, Jianwai Avenue, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100022

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Kangda Law Firm is able to advise a diverse client list with issues which span multiple practice areas due to its full-service offering, but has particular strength in securities and dispute resolution. The firm has been increasingly active in civil and commercial dispute resolution cases over recent years, and is known for its government and public affairs expertise. The group also includes a notably strong healthcare and medical services team. The team heads are Hua Jiang, Yan Lian, Qingbo Chen, Lina Meng, Wei Peng, and Min Wei. Lian specialises in non-litigation and litigation for finance and corporate entities, Chen handles complex commercial cases, and Meng is experienced acting as government legal counsel. Peng leads on bankruptcy administration and reorganisation cases, while Wei is a healthcare specialist.

Practice head(s):

Hua Jiang; Yan Lian; Qingbo Chen; Lina Meng; Wei Peng; Min Wei

Key clients

China United Property Insurance Co., Langfang Center Branch

Keda Industrial Group Co.

COFCO Fortune Holdings

Aerospace Nanhu Electronic Information Technology Co.

Foshan Blue Rocket Electronics Co.

Luzhou Laojiao Co.

The Chaoyang District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality

Western Gold Co.

Beijing Chaoyang District Construction and Engineering Co.

Beijing Cancer Hospital

Beijing Chaoyang District Housing Acquisition Affairs Center

Beijing International Business Center Development and Construction Group Co.

Chang An Property and Liability Insurance, Ningxia Branch

PICC Property and Casualty Company

Jiangsu Lilan Group Co.

Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co.

State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Chaoyang District People’s Government of Beijing

Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources Chaoyang Branch

Work highlights

  • Assisted Keda Industrial Group Co. with the issuance of global depositary receipts (GDR) as legal counsel.
  • Assisted COFCO Fortune Holdings with meeting business development needs and optimising its shareholder structure as legal counsel.
  • Assisted Foshan Blue Rocket Electronics Co. with special legal services related to conducting and IPO and listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE).

China > Capital markets: PRC firms Tier 3

Kangda Law Firm has deep experience in capital markets projects including IPOs, and share and bond issuances. The firm excels at assisting clients in a wide range of sectors, from commercial and retail to special equipment manufacturing. The practice is headed by Hua Jiang and Aidong Lou, who has over 30 years of experience in capital markets matters, where she has represented both domestic and international clients.

Practice head(s):

Hua Jiang; Aidong Lou


‘Kangda Law Firm showed excellent professional and execution capabilities in our company’s IPO project, and the project was pushed forward very smoothly.’

Key clients

Keda Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd.

COFCO Fortune Holdings Limited

Aerospace Nanhu Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Hebei Huami New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Fujian Highton Development Company Limited

Monte Bianco Diamond Applications Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Rich Technology Co., Ltd.

G. Tech Technology Ltd.

Foshan Blue Rocket Electronics Co., Ltd.

Work highlights

  • Acted as domestic counsel to Keda Manufacturing on a GDR issuance project.
  • Assisted Zhongtai Group with successfully issuing the first Shanghai free trade zone offshore bond in the central and western regions.
  • Assisted the core business of COFCO Group, Fulinmen Company, in successfully completing a CNY 21 billion private equity financing.

China > Dispute resolution: Litigation: PRC firms Tier 4

Delivering ‘very good results‘, Kangda Law Firm‘s litigation team is increasingly active in major civil and commercial disputes. The firm’s nationwide presence is also growing, further to its opening of new outposts in Chongqing, Hefei and Ningbo during 2022. Co-heading the team are Yan Lian, Rui Qiao and Lina Meng.

Practice head(s):

Yan Lian; Rui Qiao; Lina Meng

Other key lawyers:

Qingbo Chen; Wenxuan Lu; Jun Liu; Yu Xia


Delivers very good results.

Kangda’s legal team is very stable.

Has always maintained a high standard.

The lawyers have good coordination skills among themselves, are good at handling and responding to complex situations, and the timeliness of the feedback is also very satisfactory.

Strong perseverance in complex cases and extremely attentive.

Wenxuan Lu is very reliable, friendly, humble, responsible and perseverant, and has strong English communication skills.

Key clients

China United Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Langfang Center Branch

Nanchang Quanfei Industrial Development Co

Zhuhai Ansjer Electronics Co

Hangzhou Weinian Brand Management Co

Shenmu County Coal Co., Ltd. Shenguang

Langji Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.

SOCOL Corporation Limited

Fushun Special Steel Co

Palm Eco-Town Development Co., Ltd.

Beijing Hotgen Biotech Co

Work highlights

  • Acted for China United Property Insurance Co in a case involving continued enforcement liability insurance.
  • Acted for Zhuhai Ansjer Electronics Co in a patent infringement case.
  • Acted in a complex case involving an ultra vires guarantee for the financing of PPP projects.

China > Restructuring and insolvency: PRC firms Tier 5

Based in Beijing, Kangda Law Firm acts as bankruptcy administrators in a number of cities including Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, and Shenyang. The firm focuses on bankruptcy liquidation and reorganisation cases and does significant work for the real estate, construction, and commercial industries. Wei Peng leads the team and is experienced in non-performing assets management and disposal, debt restructuring, and pre-organisation matters. Co-head Lei Lei specialises in real estate and banking related bankruptcy and reorganisation cases from Shenyang. Juan Luo is another name to note on the Beijing team.

Practice head(s):

Wei Peng; Lei Lei

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Liaoning Xinglong Group Enterprise

Chengdu Yingxiang Real Estate Development Co.

Beijing Chaoyang District Construction and Engineering Co.

Beijing Xiangfa Auto Service Co.

QianJiang Spring (Beijing) Co.

Sichuan Guolong Group Enterprise

Beijing Jinzhao Hongye Investment Co.

Crisis Consultant of Zhongchang International Holding Group Co.

Shaanxi Jinyuan Real Estate Development Co.

Nine enterprises including Chemact (Liaoning) Petrochemicals Co.

Jianhe Zhongheng Investment Co.

Chengdu Xingneng Real Estate Co.

Chengdu Hongchang Jiatai Real Estate Co.

Sichuan Emei Husheng Industrial Co.

Chengdu Nanlian Food Packaging Machinery Co.

Sichuan Zhengxing Farmer Entrepreneurship and Employment Concentrated Development Zone Construction Co.

Jiu San Group Chengdu Grain, Oil and Food Co.

Chengdu Fuel Corporation

China Water Resources and Hydropower Materials Chengdu Company

Jinchuanchuan Tourism and Culture Investment Co.

Sichuan Shente Jinpeng Co.

Work highlights

  • Assisted Liaoning Xinglong Department Store Group Co. as trustee with developing a restructuring plan for the debtor.
  • Assisted Chengdu Yingxiang Real Estate Development Co. with coordinating multiple parties to continue project construction based on reality after obtaining approval from the court following suspension due to asset problems.
  • Assisted nine enterprises including Chemact (Liaoning) Petrochemicals Co. with clearing up the debt burden of enterprises, achieving a complete turnaround of the enterprise group through substantive merger and restructuring of affiliated enterprises.

China > Insurance: PRC firms

Kangda Law Firm‘s insurance practice fields insurance and reinsurance specialist Wenxuan Lu, who heads up the team, and Leiming Chen, an expert in marine, property, engineering, liability and guarantee insurance.

China > Real estate and construction: PRC firms

Kangda Law Firm mainly handles land development and consolidation, construction projects, and commercial housing transactions from Beijing and Tianjin. Its skills in dispute resolution and legal risk prevention for real estate developments is also noted.

China > Shipping: PRC firms

Kangda Law Firm is co-led by Leiming Chen and Yuan Yuan, who both predominantly assist shipping companies and enterprises around the Yangtze River and Pearl River with maritime cases.

Kangda Law Firm is a large full-service law firm headquartered in Beijing, China. It was founded in 1988 and is among the first private partnership law firms approved by the Ministry of Justice of China. The firm has won many honors, including “National Outstanding Law Firm” and “Beijing Outstanding Law Firm” several times. At present, Kangda has 20 branch offices with more than 1,200 legal practitioners, including outstanding representatives of the first batch of legal practitioners after the restoration of the law system in China. The firm’s staff also includes former core personnel from the public security organs, procuratorates, and people’s courts, as well as young and seasoned elite lawyers who graduated from well-known law schools at home and abroad. They all share a commitment to providing domestic and foreign clients with professional, high-quality, and efficient legal services.

As a full-service law firm, Kangda has maintained its traditional competitiveness in criminal defense and civil and commercial dispute resolution, which it prides itself on, and has also been ranked among the top in capital market legal services for the past decade. Kangda has notable expertise in other practice areas, such as bankruptcy liquidation and reorganization, government and administrative legal affairs, intellectual property, tax law, corporate legal services, maritime legal services, foreign-related legal services, labor law/labor arbitration, etc.

By adhering to the cultural and spiritual inheritance of openness, inclusiveness, modesty, and solidarity, Kangda has developed into a large-scale, specialized, and branded law firm providing full services after more than 30 years of effort, forming a modern legal service system through cross-regional and multi-cultural integration and exchange, as well as service expansion and cooperation in various fields. Keeping up with the pace of China’s social development, Kangda will, as always, forge ahead and contribute to the rule of law in China.

Department Name Email Telephone
Marketing Nan Zhang nan_zhang@kangdalawyers.com +8610 5086 7710
Photo Name Position Profile
Jincheng HUO photo Mr Jincheng HUO Partner
Hua JIANG photo Mr Hua JIANG Senior Partner
Quanlin LIAN photo Mr Quanlin LIAN Senior Partner
Yan LIAN photo Mrs Yan LIAN Senior Partner
Aidong LOU photo Mrs Aidong LOU Senior Partner
Lina MENG photo Mrs Lina MENG Senior Partner
Wei PENG photo Mr Wei PENG Senior Partner
Changying SONG photo Mr Changying SONG Senior Partner
Shengjun WANG photo Mr Shengjun WANG Senior Partner
Min WEI photo Mrs Min WEI Partner
Rongkuan YANG photo Mr Rongkuan YANG Senior Partner
Baojun ZHANG photo Mr Baojun ZHANG Senior Partner
Number of partners : 182
Number of associates : 1083

CLIENT: ZHOU Hong, Vice General Manager
COMPANY/FIRM: Beijing Tourism Group
TESTIMONIAL: Kangda lawyer LOU Aidong works conscientiously and responsibly and can provide long-term, high-quality legal services for clients; Broad vision, good legal thinking, and judgment, understanding of the client’s business logic, able to provide constructive advice for the formulation and conclusion of the final transaction scheme in complex transactions and help clients formulate feasible schemes. Have good team cooperation ability and comprehensive coordination ability.

CLIENT: LIU Shufeng, Chairman
COMPANY/FIRM: Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd.
TESTIMONIAL: As a senior legal adviser, Kangda lawyer WANG Xuechen has served Shengyi Technology in-depth for more than 20 years. In Shengyi Technology’s legal affairs, especially in capital market business, he has always innovatively proposed practical solutions from the perspective of enterprise operation and completed various legal works with high quality. He is well versed in capital market business, and has rich experience in corporate shareholding reform, IPO, securities issuance of listed companies, mergers and acquisitions, share trading reform, overseas listing, debt financing, incentive mechanism, and other fields, has led and completed various types of capital market projects, including industrial mergers and acquisitions, overall listing, split listing, securities issuance and other types of transactions. We highly recognize his professionalism, legal wisdom, professional ability, and professional experience.

CLIENT: YAN Lin, Head Office Legal Affairs Director
COMPANY/FIRM: China Development Bank
TESTIMONIAL: Kangda lawyer LIAN Yan has profound legal knowledge and rich legal practice experience, and is serving the Bank in issuing financial bonds and other securities; Financial derivatives, asset securitization, international syndicated loans, non-performing asset disposal, and other aspects have the profound theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, providing us with professional and efficient legal services.

CLIENT: HUANG Cuijuan, Chairman
COMPANY/FIRM: Jiangsu Lilan Group Co., Ltd.
TESTIMONIAL: I have been doing business for so many years, and I have contacted tens of millions of lawyers. I think that a good lawyer must stand higher and see farther than the client in addition to being conscientious. He is the operator and helmsman on the way to seeking the legitimate interests of the client. Through my case, I think Kangda lawyer LIU Jun is such a good lawyer in the six years of contact. He was upright at the beginning of his intervention, and his surprise in the process was the final victory of my case, The key to maximizing the probability of obtaining the execution benefits is that I opposed some opinions and plans in the process, but now it seems that without lawyer LIU Jun’s professional integrity and extreme persistence, I am afraid I would not be as calm as I am now. I have witnessed his strength with my own eyes. Evidence investigation, financial mixed audit, outsider’s objection to the first letter of interest, outsider’s confirmation of the invalidity of the guarantee agreement, etc. are professional, familiar with the rules, and smart in technique, I am lucky to meet him. I would like to share it with more entrepreneurs like me to know LIU Jun and enjoy his services and his team’s services.

CLIENT: GUAN Min, Head of Litigation Department
COMPANY/FIRM: Oriental Yuhong
TESTIMONIAL: SONG Changying and XIA Yu, two lawyers, showed Kangda’s outstanding professional standards and professionalism when representing our company in litigation cases. In the process of cooperation, because we are in a disadvantageous litigation position and the response time is urgent, the company has a low expectation of the case and hopes that lawyers can reduce some losses as much as possible. However, after accepting the entrustment, the two lawyers carefully sorted out the materials of the whole case and made a systematic analysis. They took the initiative to propose to our company that the case might pursue a better goal and suggested that our company actively respond to the lawsuit. Finally, through the unremitting efforts of the two lawyers, our company won a comprehensive victory in the lawsuit.

CLIENT: CHEN Xiaohui, Financial Manager
COMPANY/FIRM: Zhuhai Eeasy Technology Co.,Ltd
TESTIMONIAL: Kangda lawyer CHEN Yu will take the initiative to communicate with us in-depth when accepting the case. After taking over the case, he will make inquiries in many ways and communicate with us many times on every detail of the case. Work hard, service attitude is very good, professional skills and business level are excellent, start with details, fully consider for our company, be good at finding breakthrough points, and be able to comprehensively organize evidence materials on breakthrough points. He is an excellent lawyer who can protect the legitimate rights and interests of our company to the greatest extent.