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Sri Lanka > Legal market overview

Sri Lanka > Banking and finance Tier 1

The team at Julius & Creasy is particularly well versed in the drafting of loan and supporting security documentation for domestic lenders; they also provide local banks with expertise on general banking and regulatory matters. In addition, the team’s thorough knowledge in aircraft leasing matters means the practice is often acting as local counsel to foreign clients in such mandates. The team is overseen by Janaki Kumaraguru, she is particularly knowledgeable in financial regulation, services and structuring in addition to property and trade financing. Often, she assists major domestic and international clients on funds, derivatives and security. Priya Sivagananathan co-leads the team and is a seasoned practitioner who is often engaged in the de-listing of companies from the Colombo stock exchange.

Practice head(s):

Janaki Kumaraguru; Priya Sivagananathan

Key clients

Avolon Aerospace Leasing Limited

Sri Lanka > Corporate and M&A Tier 1

Julius & Creasy works alongside top-tier international law firms, advising clients on a diversity of matters including foreign direct investments, drafting security documentation over moveable assets and reviewing commercial agreements across various industry sectors. The team is overseen by Amila Fernando, an expert in matters within IT and telecommunication, hospitality and leisure, finance, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors. Alongside Fernando, Anandhiy Gunawardhana co-leads the group, and is a specialist within capital markets, corporate and commercial laws, as well as IT, media and telecommunications law. Partner Diluka Rodrigo advises local and international clients on a diversity of mandates such as capital reductions, restructures and disposal of subsidiaries, whereas Shane Silva provides the group with experience in security, corporate restructurings and FDIs and start-ups.

Practice head(s):

Amila Fernando; Anandhiy Gunawardhana

Other key lawyers:


‘The team is very capable of helping clients understand the legislative and regulatory implications of new business initiatives and expansion plans, both locally and internationally.

‘The individuals have very high commercial awareness which enables them to provide pragmatic, business-minded legal advice.’

‘Our interaction with Anandhiy Gunawardhana alongside her knowledge of the laws applicable to capital markets and commercial contracts in Sri Lanka has been exceptional.’

Key clients

HID CID Limited

Corporate Managers & Secretaries (Pvt) Ltd

Bluepoint Capital Partners (USA)

Work highlights

  • Advised Corporate Managers & Secretaries (Pvt) Ltd pertaining to a situation covered under the Companies Act No. 07 of 2007, the governing for corporate law in Sri Lanka.
  • Assisted CID Limited by drafting a Joint Venture agreement and Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Conducted a legal due diligence of the Sri Lankan entity in respect of the acquisition of Stax group by Bluepoint Capital Partners.

Sri Lanka > Dispute resolution Tier 1

Sri Lanka > Intellectual property Tier 2

The intellectual property division at Julius & Creasy advises on diverse matters such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs and domain names, among others. The group represents numerous multinational clients, including Fortune 500 companies, as well as several leading Sri Lankan conglomerates, and is well-versed in issues before the National Intellectual Property Office (NIPO). It is also regularly instructed by leading global trademark agents in regions such as the UK, USA and Hong Kong. The team, which handles an array of other IP-related matters, is led by Anomi Wanigasekera who has extensive experience in the full range of enforcement, management and transactional matters pertaining to IP law.

Practice head(s):

Anomi Wanigasekera

Key clients

NGB Corporation

Kilpatrick Townsend

Merck & Co

Unilever PLC

CPA Global

Victoria’s Secret Stores Brand Management Inc

Toyota Technical

TATA Motors

Apple Inc

Honda Motor Co. Ltd

Hayleys PLC

Astra Zeneca



Pfizer Inc

F . Hoffmann-La Roche AG

Shangri La



Work highlights

  • Appointed as consultants to the Ministry of Higher Education on patent-related matters.
  • Negotiated over 20 trademark disputes where the infringing party agreed to change the mark.
  • Acted for Google providing YouTube advice on copyright infringement on review videos.

Sri Lanka > Private client, wills and probate Tier 2

Sri Lanka > Shipping Tier 2

Sri Lanka > Tax Tier 2

Photo Name Position Profile
Anomi Wanigasekera photo Mrs Anomi Wanigasekera Partner


  • Council Member – Asia Patent Attorneys Association
  • Trademark Committee Member – Asia Patent Attorneys Association
  • Joint Secretary – Asia Patent Attorneys Association, Sri Lanka Group
  • Member – International Trademark Association (INTA)
  • Member – Institute of Trademark Attorneys, UK (ITMA)
  • Member – American Chamber of Commerce
  • IPR Committee Member – American Chamber of Commerce
  • Life Member – Bar Association of Sri Lanka
  • Life Member – Colombo Law Society
  • Examiner Sr Lanka Law College


  • Parallel Imports and some aspects of Trademark Law (co-authored) 2008 BASLJ p.49
  • Trademark Conflict on the Internet
  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Sri Lanka
  • Comparison of Hague-Visby and Hamburg Rules
  • Women in Intellectual Property Law
  • Patent Protection in Sri Lanka
  • Comparison of Hague-Visby and Hamburg Rules


Award Publication/Awarding Body/Miscellaneous

Intellectual property, Asialaw Profiles, Anomi Wanigasekera, Julius & Creasy
Best overall firm by aggregate score, Asialaw Profiles, Julius & Creasy
Asia’s top women in law, Asia Business Law Journal, Anomi Wanigasekera


Award Publication/Awarding Body/Miscellaneous

Winner – Sri Lanka – Patents 2019, Asia IP Awards, Anomi Wanigasekera

Law Firm of the Year, Sri Lanka, Corporate LiveWire 2019 Global Awards –

Leading Adviser Awards – Leading Intellectual Property Attorney of the Year, Sri Lanka Acquisition International, Anomi Wanigasekera

Intellectual Property Law firm of the Year in Sri Lanka, Global Law Experts Annual Awards – 2019, Anomi Wanigasekera

Certificate of Excellence for outstanding performance in: Full Service Law, Advisory Excellence, Anomi Wanigasekera


Award Publication/Awarding Body/Miscellaneous

Certificate of Excellence for outstanding performance in: Intellectual Property Law Advisory Excellence, Anomi Wanigasekera

Excellence in IP Law Services CorporateLiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2018, Anomi Wanigasekera

IP Lawyer of the Year 2018 – Sri Lanka IP Excellence Awards 2018, Anomi Wanigasekera


Award Publication/Awarding Body/Miscellaneous

Best IP Law Firm 2017 – Sri Lanka Acquisition International Excellence Awards 2017, Anomi Wanigasekera

Acquisition International Excellence Award 2017 Best IP Law 2017 – Sri Lanka, Anomi Wanigasekera

Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year in Sri Lanka 2017 CorporateINTL Global Awards 2017, Anomi Wanigasekera


Award Publication/Awarding Body/Miscellaneous

2015 Asia IP Awards Sri Lanka trademarks firm of the Year Sri Lanka copyright firm of the Year, Anomi Wanigasekera

Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year in Sri Lanka 2015 Corporate International Magazine Legal Award, Anomi Wanigasekera

SC. Appeal 92/2019 – Unilever Sri Lanka Limited vs. Nature’s Beauty Creations Limited

We act on behalf of the Plaintiff-Appellant. We have filed action on behalf of our clients against the Defendant-Respondent for publishing / airing disparaging advertisements against our clients in contravention of Section 160 of the Intellectual Property act No. 36 of 2003. Although, the Hon. Commercial High Court made Order refusing the Interim Injunction prayed by us, The Supreme Court has granted leave to our clients in appeal of the said Order. Supreme Court further granted an Interim Order restraining the Defendant-Respondent from publishing / airing the three specific advertisements. The said Appeal has been fixed for Argument.

HC (Civil) 26/2019/IP – Watawala Tea Ceylon Limited vs. Harrisons (Colombo) Limited and International Cosmetics (Private) Limited

We represented the Defendants in this matter. The Plaintiff instituted action against our clients obtaining an Enjoining Order at the first instance, restraining our clients from using, packing, supplying, advertising, promoting, marketing and selling their “Apê Thê” brand of tea. However, we have successfully defended our clients which resulted in the Hon. Court vacating the Enjoining Order against the Defendants and further refusing the Interim Injunction prayed for by the Plaintiff. As a result, the Plaintiff withdrew the action. A separate action has been initiated by the defendants against the plaintiff claiming damages for the loss caused during the operation of Enjoining Order..

HC (Civil) 37/2019/IP – Maharaja Entertainments (Private) Limited vs. Independent Television Network Limited

We represent the Plaintiff in this matter. Our client holds the exclusive territorial license in respect of the film “ASTERIX: The Secret of the Magic Potion” for commercial exploitation in the territory of Sri Lanka. This action was instituted against a television channel based in Sri Lanka for wrongfully, unlawfully and without authorization from our clients, broadcasting the said film in Sri Lanka in violation of client’s copyright and related rights. This case is fixed for Interim Injunction Inquiry by way of Oral Submissions.

HC (Civil) 03/2020/IP – CONSTANCE CARROLL Spolka Z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia Spolka Komandytowa vs. British Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd

We act on behalf of the Plaintiff – a Polish company who are the owners of the “CONSTANCE CARROLL” mark, used in relation to its world famous cosmetic products. We have instituted action on behalf of our clients against the former local distributor of the said products for engaging in Unfair Competition and violating our client’s rights under Section 144 of the Intellectual Property act No. 36 of 2003. We also represent our client in connected inquiries against the defendants at the National Intellectual Property Office and the National Medicines Regulatory Authority.

HC (Civil) 06/2020/IP – Minor International Public Company Limited and MHG IP Holding (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. vs. Dr. Anoma Jayasinghe and Mr. Rohan Jayasinghe

We represent the Plaintiffs who operate several hotels and resorts worldwide under the name and style of “AVANI”. We have filed action on behalf of our clients against the owners of boutique hotel carrying on business under the name and style of “ARVANI” VILLA. We have pleaded that the said act amounts to Unfair Competition in terms of Section 160 and trademark infringement under Section 121 of the Intellectual Property act No. 36 of 2003.

Anomi Wanigasekera, Partner

Anomi heads the Intellectual Property division at Julius & Creasy.

What has been your greatest achievement, in a professional and personal capability?

My greatest achievement would be balancing the role of being a mother and a successful lawyer in a country that has set gender roles that are not conducive to the career development of women. More specifically, being able to give off my time and attention to the role of the mother that I play in my family as well as the role of the career woman whilst staying current in the ever evolving society.

What do you do differently from your peers in the industry?

What sets me apart from my peers is patience and professionalism in which I handle both clients and circumstances. In an industry/ profession that is increasingly becoming competitive many professionals are seen going out of their way to secure clients and opportunities, at times resorting to unethical and unprofessional practices. I have always believed in doing the right thing and sending out good, positive vibes out, which has been well rewarded.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would advise my younger self to expect the unexpected and stay positive.

Can you give me a practical example of how you helped a client add value to the business?

Unprecedented COVID 19 pandemic situation has affected the global community and has had a drastic impact on the national as well as international trade and economy. Looking ahead to the next 12 months, we all got to work hard and be prepared to assist and support clients in responding to the economic slowdown due to the pandemic situation. We all have to be strong and positive in these difficult times and do everything possible to maintain good relationships with clients.

Within your sector, what do you think will be the biggest challenge for clients over the next 12 months?

I always advice and encourage clients to protect their brands, new designs and inventions by registering with the authorities. As Intellectual Property is an intangible asset which can fetch a high value to product/service as well as the business A subsidiary of Hayleys Group of companies registered their brand names, Designs and Patents in Sr Lanka as well as in foreign jurisdictions and was successful in enforcing their rights in Sri Lanka as well as in other jurisdictions such as India, UK. USA.