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Intellectual property: Independent local firms Tier 2

Nakamura & Partners’ patent attorneys are experienced in the application procedures for patents, design registrations, trademark registrations and demands for appeals. The firm combines this expertise with lawyers who are skilled in the enforcement of intellectual property rights and dealing with other legal matters. The team is co-led by legal section head Shinichiro Tanaka; trademark expert Hiroyuki Itaki; Hiroyuki Suda, who focuses on electronics and IT; Yasufumi Yamamoto, who advises on mechanical matters; Kazuo Yamasaki, who handles the chemical and biotechnology area; and design specialist Mitsuru Matsushita.

Key clients

Sony Corporation

FUIFILM Corporation

Mazda Motor Corporation

TDK Corporation

Hirose Electric Co., Ltd.


MIZUNO Corporation

The firm: Nakamura & Partners was established as a patent and law firm in 1914 by patent attorney Morio Nakamatsu, who served as the ninth commissioner of the Japanese Patent Office from 1907-13. In 1946 the eldest son of Morio Nakamatsu, Kannosuke Nakamatsu, succeeded his father at the firm. Kannosuke Nakamatsu was deeply involved in public activities and held many prestigious positions, including acting president of Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association, president of the Japan Patent Attorneys’ Association and president of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations. In 1963 the firm was reorganised as a partnership. In 1983 the firm was renamed Nakamura & Partners, ushering in a period of rapid expansion. From 1987-1992, Minoru Nakamura, Kazuko Matsuo and Fumiaki Otsuka acted as representative partners of the firm. From 1993-97, Fumiaki Otsuka, Kaichi Shishido and Yoshio Kumakura acted as representative partners. From 1998-2007, Yoshio Kumakura acted as a representative partner. From 2008-10 Koichi Tsujii and Nobuo Ogawa acted as representative partners. From 2011-14, Koichi Tsujii, Atsushi Hakoda and Takaki Nishijima acted as representative partners. Since 2017, Shin-ichiro Tanaka, Kazuhiko Yoshida and Takeshi Deshimaru have been acting as representative partners for all other partners and associates at the firm (including 19 attorneys-at-law and more than 60 patent attorneys).

Areas of practice: The scope of the firm’s practice is extensive and includes both the enforcement of intellectual property rights and all other legal affairs relating to intellectual property law. Specifically, the firm handles patent applications, design applications, trade mark and service mark applications, oppositions, and trials before the Japanese Patent Office. The firm also provides expert advice and representation relating to these intellectual property rights.

The practice focuses on litigation and arbitration relating to intellectual property, including patents, trade marks, unfair competition prevention and copyright. Work also includes drafting and negotiations related to joint ventures, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, international business transactions, and general corporate affairs. Nakamura & Partners’ lawyers have been involved in substantial intellectual property litigation, representing foreign and major domestic companies worldwide. Its expertise in technology work includes IT, hi-tech electronic, chemical, biotechnological and engineering fields.

The firm has in-depth experience in advisory and prosecutory work relating to business model patents for trading companies, financial institutions and other organisations.

Department Name Email Telephone
Intellectual property litigation Yoshio Kumakura
Intellectual property litigation Koichi Tsujii
Intellectual property arbitration Koichi Tsujii
Intellectual property arbitration Shin-ichiro Tanaka
Intellectual property-related opinion work Yoshio Kumakura
Intellectual property-related opinion work Eiji Tomioka
Intellectual property-related antitrust work Yoshio Kumakura
Intellectual property-related antitrust work Kazuhiko Yoshida
Anti-counterfeiting work Shin-ichiro Tanaka
Anti-counterfeiting work Kei Iida
Licensing of technologies and trade marks Koichi Tsujii
Licensing of technologies and trade marks Kazuhiko Yoshida
R and D contracts Shin-ichiro Tanaka
R and D contracts Kei Iida
Joint venture and distributorship contracts Yoshio Kumakura
Joint venture and distributorship contracts Koichi Tsujii
International commercial dispute Shin-ichiro Tanaka
International commercial dispute Eiji Tomioka
International transactions Koichi Tsujii
International transactions Kazuhiko Yoshida
General corporate Akira Watanabe
General corporate Kazuhiko Yoshida
Patent, utility model and design prosecution Takaki Nishijima
Patent, utility model and design prosecution Takeshi Deshimaru
Trade mark prosecution Hiroyuki Itaki
Number of lawyers : 19
Number of patent attorneys : 63