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JunZeJun Law Offices
11F, Jinbao Tower, 89 Jinbao Street
Dongcheng District
Beijing 10005, P.R.C

China > Regional coverage: Other notable firms in Beijing Tier 2

JunZeJun Law Offices was one of the first partnership law firms in China. Founded in 1995, it specialises in banking and finance, capital markets, corporate and M&A, dispute resolution, and WTO and international trade. The firm assists both international and domestic clients with contentious and non-contentious issues within the finance space, and has been rapidly expanding its scope, with significant recent growth at the partner level. The firm is co-led by Xiangchun Zhong, who specialises in financial asset management and family wealth management, Yunbo Li, who handles finance litigation and arbitration, and Yang Li, who focuses on foreign direct investment, investment and M&A, and corporate advisory.

Practice head(s):

Xiangchun Zhong; Yunbo Li; Yang Li


‘JunZeJun has many years of experience in financial legal services. It is extremely professional and has practical experience in various financial fields such as banking, trust, securities, public funds, private equity funds, and insurance.  Especially noted is its work with non-bank financial institutions has a very high reputation in the industry.’

‘Xiangchun Zhong has a strong legal background and rich experience in financial law. He has the ability to provide solutions and recommendations that align with business logic and customer requirements.’

Key clients

Bank of China

China Minsheng Banking Corp.

TTCO Trust Co.

Huaxia Financial Management Co.

ICBC Financial Assets Investment Co.

Foreland Wealth Management Co.

Shandong Internation Trust Co.

Avic Trust Co.

China Xiong’an Group Co.

Kweichow Moutai Co.

Xicheng District Industrial Venture Capital Guiding Fund

BAIC BluePark New Energy Technology Co.

Huaneng Guicheng Trust Corporation

Zhongyuan Bank

China Galaxy Asset Management Co.

Ministry of Commerce, PRC

Risen Energy Co.

Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Group Co.

Work highlights

  • Assisted Bank of China with conducting due diligence and issued PRC legal opinions (Project Atlantic).
  • Advised CMBC Wealth Management Co. on its smooth opening.
  • Assisted China Xiong’an Group Co. with legal services for the client and its affiliates’ projects and was selected into the 2022-2025 legal service organisation database of the client.

China > WTO/international trade: PRC firms Tier 2

JunZeJun Law Officesperforms very well in international trade matters‘. Acting for the Chinese government, industry organisations and exporters, the team provides a wide range of trade remedy and WTO legal services; and its investigations routinely involve the EU, US, Canada, Australia, and Asian and Latin American countries, in relation to the chemical, steel, electronics, machinery, textiles and foodstuff industries. Co-leading the group, Fayin Li, who ‘always provides the best solution‘, focuses on international trade remedy investigations, in relation to anti-dumping, countervailing, and safeguard measures, as well as WTO disputes; Zhengyang Wang specialises in litigation, arbitration, and foreign investment; and counsel Yanchun Li represents major Chinese exporters and exporting industries in foreign governments’ anti-dumping and countervailing investigations.

Practice head(s):

Fayin Li; Yanchun Li; Zhengyang Wang


Fayin Li is very proficient in anti-dumping cases, including dealing with data review and on-site inspections – achieves very good case results.’

‘Fayin Li is very good. In addition to his legal knowledge, he has extensive knowledge of international trade and various industries.’

‘Fayin Li has outstanding foreign language abilities and always provides the best solution within the shortest time.’

‘The team performs very well in international trade matters. It not only has rich professional knowledge, but is also very familiar with the trade rules of the US, Canada, Europe and other countries, and has a lot of practical case experience.’

‘The fees are reasonable, and the charging method is able to adopt flexible methods such as total price package, hourly charging, etc.’

‘The firm has abundant overseas lawyer resources in the field of international trade. No matter which country encounters trade conflicts, the team can help clients match the most suitable foreign lawyer in a timely manner.’

Key clients

Ministry of Commerce, PRC

Risen Energy Co

Boviet Solar Technology Co

Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Group Co

Nanjing Dongsheng Shelf Manufacturing Co

Guangdong Dongyuan Kitchenware Industrial Co

Guangdong Yingao Kitchen Utensils Co

Dalipal Pipe Company

Shandong Continental Petroleum Equipment Co

Shanghai Hilong Group

Work highlights

  • Acted for the PRC Ministry of Commerce in a WTO dispute case between China and the US.
  • Represented Boviet Solar Technology Co in an anti-circumvention investigation by the US into imports of solar products from four South East Asian countries.

China > Banking and finance: PRC firms Tier 3

JunZeJun Law Offices offers banking and finance services to a wide range of financial institutions, including commercial banks, trust companies and securities companies. The firm has a strong focus on the areas of trusts, securitisations and financial derivatives. The practice is headed by Xiangchun Zhong, whose areas of expertise include financial asset management and project investment and financing, Yunbo Li and Wenhua Liu.

Practice head(s):

Xiangchun Zhong; Yunbo Li; Wenhua Liu

Other key lawyers:

Xiuming Tao; Xiaolian Bao


‘Xiangchun Zhong’s team is extremely professional and has a strong innovative spirit in the financial field. The team members work well together and the support for clients is strong.’

‘Xiangchun Zhong and the other team members have strong academic backgrounds and outstanding working abilities. They can solve problems for any organisation.’

Key clients

CMBC Wealth Management Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Branch of Hua Xia Bank Co., Limited

Yingkou Bank Corporation, Ltd.

Bank of China Limited

Chang Chun Railway Traffic Group Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Provincial Government

Work highlights

  • Acted as PRC counsel to Bank of China on Project Atlantic, the first green bond issued by Chinese-funded financial institutions in Africa, and Project Evergreen, the first sustainable development bond for a Chinese institution in Australia.
  • Advised CMBC Wealth Management Co Ltd on its establishment in China.

China > Private wealth: PRC firms Tier 3

JunZeJun Law Offices provides a full range of family wealth management and inheritance services for high-net-worth customers, including equity top-level design, family trust establishment, family tax planning, and family property heritage planning. The private wealth practice is led by Xiangchun Zhong, a financial asset management, family wealth management, and dispute resolution expert, and Yinan Zhang. Xiuxiu Liang specialises in traditional trust business, asset management, private equity and family trust, and Haizhou Huang provides family wealth and asset planning legal services such as will inheritance, domestic and overseas asset planning and design, and living trusts.

Practice head(s):

Xiangchun Zhong; Yinan Zhang

Other key lawyers:


‘Partners Xiangchun Zhong and Xiuxiu Liang are the first lawyers in China to conduct business in the fields of private wealth, family wealth management, and family trusts. They have rich experience and are capable of providing innovative business solutions and proposals for new businesses. Zhong and Liang are highly educated and experienced; the fees are reasonable and competitive.’

‘Good quality of legal professionalism; high work efficiency; quick response; strong business ability. Can provide reasonable solutions from a professional point of view.’

Work highlights

  • Provided family trust legal services with wealth management and inheritance as the core concept for Foreland Wealth Management Co., Ltd.
  • Advised on the establishment of Shandong Trust-Deshan Qijia No. 101 Wealth Heritage Property Trust.
  • Provided stable operation and risk prevention and control solutions for the actual beneficial owner of Optima Integration Group.

China > Regional coverage: Guangdong Province: Guangzhou and Shenzhen Tier 4

The Guangzhou office of JunZeJun Law Offices specialises in asset-backed security, structured finance, PPP in public infrastructure, urbanisation, and real estate, catering to both domestic and overseas clients. Meanwhile, the Shenzhen office concentrates on finance, capital markets, infrastructure, and real estate. Jian (Danny) Ye heads the Guangzhou office with a focus on intellectual property and litigation, while Deyuan Jiang leads the Shenzhen office, focusing on finance, compliance, and dispute resolution.

Practice head(s):

Jian (Danny) Ye (Guangzhou); Deyuan Jiang (Shenzhen)

Other key lawyers:

Xiaoqu Wu (Guangzhou)


‘JunZeJun’s intellectual property business covers many aspects such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and domain names, and its industries involve telecommunications, electronics, software, semiconductors, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, media and other traditional industrial fields.’

‘Xiaoqu Wu has rich experience in intellectual property rights protection, is professional and rigorous, and has strong communication skills. He can provide customers with comprehensive services and has a strong ability to handle complex cases.’

Key clients

Guangzhou Duo Yi Network Co.

Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (kotra)

Guangzhou Ewan Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Eworld Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Dyson Technology Limited

Shanghai Yidian Information Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Chuangwen Information Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Red Moon Information Technology Co., Ltd

Guangdong Galanz Microwave Oven and Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Wuhu Kuaiyou Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Dongjing Computer Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Microlive Vision Technology Co., Ltd. (Douyin)

Work highlights

  • Fully representing Dyson to participate in civil litigations and request for compensation, to fully secure the right of the IP owners.
  • Representing China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd in a case involving unfair competition, trade secret infringement and patent ownership disputes for rights protection.
  • Representing Shanghai Ewan Information Technology Group Co. LTD and Guangzhou Ewan Network Technology Co., LTD for rights protection.

China > TMT: PRC firms

The TMT practice at JunZeJun Law Offices, under the leadership of Jian Ye and Xicheng Chen, focuses on intellectual property matters, handling disputes for domestic and international clients.

JunZeJun Law Offices (“JunZeJun”) was founded in 1995 with its headquarters in Beijing. It is one of the earliest partnership law firms in China, as well as one of the largest, well-recognized law firms in China.

JunZeJun has so far established 17 branch offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Chengdu, Changsha, Changchun, Zhuhai, Haikou, Kunming, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Jinan, Hangzhou and Hong Kong (which is in association with Nixon Peabody CWL). JunZeJun has a team comprised of about 160 partners and 900 professionals in total, who graduated from top law schools and have excellent professional skills and rich working experience.

JunZeJun’s lawyers are proud of their expertise and competitive edges in the fields of finance, capital markets, equity investment, dispute resolution, infrastructure and utilities, foreign trade and WTO, enterprise liquidation and bankruptcy, real estate and construction, intellectual property rights, compliance, human resources and labor law and public welfare and charity.

By deepening specialisation and centralizing resources, JunZeJun is able to provide clients of different cultural and industrial backgrounds with cost-efficient and tailored legal services. JunZeJun’s lawyers have been widely praised by clients for providing high quality, solution-oriented, creative and value-added services.

JunZeJun has a broad and solid client base including over a hundred major Chinese and international financial institutions, dozens of Fortune 500 companies, a large number of state-owned enterprises, listed companies as well as well-known private enterprises. JunZeJun also provides legal services to government agencies, international organisations, industry associations and the likes.

JunZeJun has long been an active participant in various legislative and regulatory activities in respect of financial markets. JunZeJun’s sustained depth of research capabilities and good reputation in academic area has won it wide recognition and respect among regulatory bodies and financial industries.

JunZeJun’s lawyers have also played an active role in formulating industry standards for financial and capital markets, and provided professional training for the relevant markets.

JunZeJun has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to public service by actively encouraging its lawyers to engage in pro bono work.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and Finance Xiangchun Zhong zhongxiangchun@junzejun.com
Banking and Finance Yunbo Li liyunbo@junzejun.com
Capital Markets Wenhua Liu liuwenhua@junzejun.com
Capital Markets Weigang Shi shiweigang@junzejun.com
Arbitration Xiuming Tao taoxiuming@junzejun.com
Investment, Merge and Acquisition Yang Li liyang01@junzejun.com
Real Estate and Construction Engineering Huijuan Ma mahuijuan@junzejun.com
PPP/Infrastructure and Public Utilities Hongmei Pu puhongmei@junzejun.com
Intellectual Property Danny Ye yejian@junzejun.com
Sports/Entertainment Chi Liu liuchi@junzejun.com
Foreign Investment, Foreign Trade and WTO Fayin Li lifayin@junzejun.com
Enterprise Liquidation and Bankruptcy Pingye Wang wangpingye@junzejun.com
Dispute Resolution Deyuan Jiang jiangdeyuan@junzejun.com
Compliance Thomas Wang tanggy@junzejun.com
Human Resources and Labor Law Richard Li liyi1@junzejun.com
Public Welfare and Charity Shengli Wang wangshengli@junzejun.com
Photo Name Position Profile
Fayin Li photo Fayin Li The main practice area of Mr. Fayin Li is international trade remedy…
Total Staff Number : 900+
Number of Partners : 160+
Number of Associates : 400+
Chinese (Mandarin)
Chinese (Cantonese)


JunZeJun provides services in Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), English, Japanese and Korean.

JunZeJun Hong Kong Office

JunZeJun Hong Kong Office (hereinafter referred to as “Hong Kong Office”) was established in 2016. Hong Kong office, is executed in association with Nixon Peabody CWL and dedicated to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of our clients in Hong Kong and worldwide. Nixon Peabody CWL is also in association with Nixon Peabody LLP, which is one of the largest and reputable global international law firms.

Hong Kong office, taking business law services as the core, offer leading expertise in the fields of trust, security, capital market, investment funds, with outstanding ability in non-judicial legal works and dispute resolution. In the areas of finance and capital market, Hong Kong office provides a solid legal support in the business innovation, restructuring, liquidation, cross-border financing, foreign exchange for domestic and foreign trust companies and other financial institutions.

In the areas of security and investment funds, Hong Kong office focuses on providing different domestic and foreign companies with wide-range legal services including public offering, refinancing, bond issuing, mergers and acquisitions and venture capital investment, etc.

With creditable dispute resolution practice, Hong Kong office is also committed to offer effective and high-efficient legal advice and solutions for our clients from mainland China and Hong Kong, including but not limited to contractual disputes, tort disputes, investment and financing disputes, bankruptcy, liquidation and restructuring and other disputes, efficiently protecting the interests of clients.

Main Awards Won in Recent Years

  • Chambers Greater China Guide 2022 – Band 1 of Aviation: Finance;
  • Chambers Greater China Guide 2022 – Band 2 of Corporate/Commercial: Beijing;
  • Chambers Greater China Guide 2022 – Band 3 of Capital Market: Securitisation & Derivatives;
  • Chambers Greater China Guide 2022 – Band 3 of International Trade/WTO: Respondent;
  • Chambers Global Guide 2022 – Band 1 of Aviation: Finance;
  • Chambers Global Guide 2022 – Band 3 of Capital Markets: Securitisation & Derivatives;
  • Chambers Global Guide 2022 – Band 3 of International/WTO: Respondent;
  • The Legal 500 Asia-Pacific 2022 Edition: International Trade/WTO: Tier Two;
  • Chambers Global Guide 2021 – Band 1 of Aviation and Finance;
  • Chambers Global Guide 2021 – Band 3 of Capital Markets: Securitisation & Derivatives;
  • Chambers Global Guide 2021 – Band 3 of International Trade/WTO: Respondent;
  • Chambers Asia Pacific Guide 2021 – Band 1 of Aviation and Finance;
  • Chambers Asia-Pacific Guide 2021 – Band 2 of Corporate/Commercial: Beijing;
  • Chambers Asia Pacific Guide 2021 – Band 3 of Capital Market: Securitisation & Derivatives;
  • Chambers Asia Pacific Guide 2021 – Band 3 of International Trade/WTO: Respondent;
  • The Legal 500 Asia-Pacific 2021 Edition: International Trade/WTO: Tier Two;
  • ALB SSQ China Law Awards 2021 Debt Market Deal of the Year – Midsize;
  • ALB 2021 Regional Market Rankings: Southern China Ranked Firm;
  • ALB 2021 China IP Awards Winner: Band 3 of Trademark/Copyright Category;
  • Chambers Asia Pacific Guide 2020 – Band 2 of Corporate/Commercial: East Coast: Beijing;
  • Chambers Asia Pacific Guide 2020 – Band 2 of Aviation and Finance;
  • Chambers Asia Pacific Guide 2020 – Band 3 of WTO/International Trade: Respondent;
  • Chambers Asia Pacific Guide 2020 – Band 3 of Capital Markets: Securitisation & Derivatives;
  • Chambers Global Guide 2020 – Banking & Finance Ranked Firm;
  • Chambers Global Guide 2020 – International Trade/WTO: Respondent Ranked Firm;
  • The Legal 500 Asia Pacific Rankings 2020: Tier 2 in WTO & International Trade;
  • ALB Hong Kong Law Awards 2020 Winner – Deal of the Year in Debt Market;
  • ALB SSQ China Law Awards 2020 Winner – Deal of the Year in Debt Market;
  • ALB 2021 China IP Awards Winner: Band 3 of Trademark/Copyright Category.

TESTIMONIAL: “The JunZeJun team is always helpful and responsive, with excellent quality advice.”

TESTIMONIAL: “JunZeJun is technically very strong and responsive to queries and works well to tight deadlines.”

TESTIMONIAL: “Mr. Fayin Li has a solid track record of handling WTO disputes, safeguard measures and trade remedies. ”

TESTIMONIAL: “Mr. Fayin Li is well known and experienced.”

TESTIMONIAL: “Mr. Fayin Li has a great deal of experience and brilliant insights.”

TESTIMONIAL: “With a broad vision, rich experience, outstanding practice expertise, Mr. Xiangchun Zhong provides our company with high quality, efficient, professional and comprehensive legal services. During the cooperation period, he pursues excellence with a full cooperative attitude and a rigorous working style.”