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Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP

Fraud: white-collar crime Tier 1

Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP advises on fraud, bribery & corruption, money laundering, tax fraud, sanctions and cartel defence matters. Other areas of expertise include private prosecutions, multi-jurisdictional cases, extradition, INTERPOL matters and Mutual Legal Assistance. The department works closely with the corporate crime and civil fraud teams and handles asset recovery alongside criminal matters. Michael O’Kane heads the team and focuses on corruption, cartels, sanctions and extradition. Jasvinder Nakhwal represents individuals in major investigations conducted by a number of investigative agencies, including the SFO, FCA, CMA and overseas prosecutors. Hannah Laming is experienced in advising on corruption, complex fraud, money laundering, and contentious regulatory. Maria Cronin was promoted to partner and Peter FitzGerald was promoted to of counsel. Monty Raphael QC retired.

Practice head(s):

Michael O’Kane

Other key lawyers:

Jasvinder Nakhwal; Hannah Laming; Maria Cronin; Peter FitzGerald; Neil Swift; Nick Vamos; Dr Anna Bradshaw;


‘A superb team; dedicated and professional with great ability and judgment’.   

‘Michael O’Kane is outstanding’.

‘Jasvinder Nakhwal is a fine lawyer with great vision and is well liked for her client skills’.

‘An extraordinary concentration of white-collar crime knowledge in a boutique firm’.

‘Peters & Peters’ depth of knowledge and experience is what makes them stand out from other firms’. 

‘Nick Vamos gives clear, practical advice and his judgement of legal risks and likely outcomes is impeccable’            

‘Knowledgeable, experienced; great client service’.         

‘Nick Vamos has a fabulous manner with clients; he is extremely knowledgeable on cases with an international element, particularly the law and process on extradition’.


Key clients

Richard Boath

Khadem Al Qubaisi (‘KAQ’)

Walid Choucair

Zsolt Hernádi

Hermitage Capital Management / Bill Browder

Girish Patel

Regulatory investigations and corporate crime Tier 1

Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP advises both businesses and individuals on corporate and white collar crime and investigations work, taking the lead on allegations of fraud, corruption, money-laundering, sanctions, mutual legal assistance and data protection matters. It also helps companies bring private prosecutions and has been seeing increasing instructions relating to financial crime compliance issues. Head of team Michael O’Kane specialises in cases of corruption, cartels, sanctions and extradition. Jasvinder Nakhwal handles investigations brought by the SFO, the police,the  Competition and Markets Authority and also foreign prosecuting authorities. Maria Cronin was promoted to partner and Peter Fitzgerald was promoted to of counsel. Leading fraud lawyer  Monty Raphael QC retired and is now a special counsel to the firm.

Practice head(s):

Michael O’Kane

Other key lawyers:

Jasvinder Nakhwal; Maria Cronin; Peter Fitzgerald; Anna Bradshaw; Nick Vamos; Hannah Laming 

Key clients

MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company

Bunnvale Limited and TICOM Management LLC

Khadem Al Qubaisi and related companies

US card processing company

Scan Thors

Cunico Resources N.V.

Fraud: civil Tier 2

Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP - described as 'one of the best litigation boutiques in London' - handles multijurisdictional civil fraud cases and business crime litigation. Areas of expertise include freezing and disclosure orders, breach of contract claims, multi-party litigation, asset recovery, fraudulent misrepresentation and fraud investigations. Keith Oliver is head of international at the firm and is an expert on asset tracing. 'Excellent strategist' Jonathan Tickner is head of commercial litigation and civil fraud and is experienced in high-profile litigation.

Practice head(s):

Keith Oliver; Jonathan Tickner

Other key lawyers:

Jason Woodland; Sarah Gabriel; Emma Ruane; Amy Harvey


‘Very experienced and well organised team’.

‘The firm is small but extremely responsive to client needs and inventive in finding solutions to complex problems’.

‘They have excellent international connections and operate well in cross-border disputes’.           

‘Keith Oliver has excellent judgement and finds practical solutions to the most complex recovery issues’.

‘Jonathan Tickner is a really excellent strategist and hard fighter’.

‘Jason Woodland has learnt from the best and really knows what he is doing’.                  

‘One of the best litigation boutiques in London’.

‘For civil fraud they have some of the best and most experienced individuals’.

‘Jonathan Tickner is very impressive technically, hugely knowledgeable and also very creative in coming up with an appropriate strategy’.

Key clients

Alexander Tugushev

Secretary of State for Health and the NHS Business Services Authority

Anthony Barness & 121 others

17 Claimants, including 16 former professional footballers

Newmafruit Farms Limited

Dr Jampana

Ian Billington

Baglan Zhunus, (First Defendant in proceedings brought by Kazakhstan Kagazy)

Ramu and Palaniyapan Ramasamy

Pure Energy Development Sàrl and Elnur Aliyev

Crime: general Tier 3

Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP provides 'a wealth of experience and an innovative approach' to cases. The firm is traditionally strong in INTERPOL matters, mutual legal assistance and extradition cases, yet is equally strong in handling a range of criminal matters, with recent work including cases of murder, sexual offences, serious violence and theft. Michael O’Kane - 'a great tactician with a wonderful ability to put clients at ease' - leads the practice. Nick Vamos and Neil Swift are key individuals.

Practice head(s):

Michael O’Kane

Other key lawyers:


The firm is equally at home advising companies and individuals‘.

Michael O’Kane can best be described as a rainmaker; he inspires great confidence‘.

Financial services: contentious Tier 3

Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP has experience advising corporates and individuals on internal and regulator led investigations into alleged regulatory and criminal misconduct in the financial services sector. The firm also acts in insider dealing and market abuse cases, in combination with its white-collar criminal defence practice, often working on matters involving multiple regulators and cross-border issues. White collar specialist Neil Swift is known for advising individuals in the Financial Conduct Authority and DOJ’s investigations into misconduct in the bond market. He leads the team with the 'thorough, considered and practicalHannah Laming, who acts for a range of clients including bankers, traders and senior executives within international financial institutions.

Practice head(s):

Neil Swift; Hannah Laming


‘Peters and Peters’ very collegiate  team provide prompt, effective and practical support for the client’

‘Great strategic depth and vast experience in guiding individuals through the most difficult situations and complex allegations’

‘They give clients great confidence and reassurance and always identify the right tone of engagement’

‘Hannah Laming is one of the legends of the industry with her criminal and civil experience and her insights from time working for the regulator. She is an extremely tough and shrewd operator’

‘Strong technical skills combined with client care skills, they are genuine experts’

VAT and indirect tax Tier 3

Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP has a niche in handling parallel civil and criminal HMRC investigations in relation to VAT disputes, representing a variety of high-net-worth individuals and corporates. The group, which is led by Michael O’Kane, has a strong track record in reaching a favourable settlement with the Revenue and is regularly instructed in cases involving offshore tax structures where there are allegations of overseas tax fraud. Neil Swift is also noted for criminal tax defence matters.

Practice head(s):

Michael O’Kane

Other key lawyers:

Neil Swift; Christopher Gribbin


Neil Swift is exceptional, very professional and gives clients a sense of security.

The team really impresses with its client service and attention to detail.

Neil Swift and Christopher Gribbin are impressive and approachable.

Public international law Tier 4

Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP has developed 'very good' expertise across the full range of economic sanctions issues, including challenging sanctions in court, defending clients accused of breaching sanctions and advising corporations on sanctions compliance. The practice also represents governments and investors in ICSID and other investor-state arbitral forums. Michael O’Kane leads the public international practice and has 'a superb reputation' acting for investors in challenging the decisions of states through arbitration, advising on EU sanctions and representing clients facing human rights violations. Nick Vamos is highly experienced in international criminal law, especially from the side of the prosecutor; Jasvinder Nakwal is a name to note for cases involving human rights violations.

Practice head(s):

Michael O’Kane

Key clients

Hermitage Capital

MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company

Khadem Al Qubaisi

Former founders / board members of a leading Saudi Arabian construction company

Commercial litigation Tier 6

Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP is 'an excellent boutique for commercial work, with an emphasis on quality and customer service'. It is traditionally known for fraud matters but now acts in major commercial and corporate litigation with or without fraud elements. The team assists with high-profile, international cases, including matters where freezing and disclosure orders are obtained. Keith OliverJonathan Tickner, Sarah Gabriel and Jason Woodland are all highly rated practitioners.

Practice head(s):

Jonathan Tickner; Keith Oliver

Other key lawyers:


A small but effective team, with good access to senior individuals – clients won’t find themselves passed on to junior members‘.

Keith Oliver has many years of experience and is well known in the industry‘.

Sarah Gabriel is totally committed to her clients and prepared to work above and beyond the call of duty; she handles more difficult clients with ease, and while tough she never loses sight of negotiated resolutions‘.

Jonathan Tickner leads a team of talented lawyers with wide experience in commercial dispute resolution and a focus on fraud-related claims‘.

Jason Woodland is an extremely safe pair of hands‘.

Key clients

Alexander Tugushev

Mohammad Al Mojil and Adel Al Mojil

Secretary of State for Health and the NHS Business Services Authority

Group claim against Ingenious Media

18 clients bringing claims against Scion Media

Swiss Post International (UK) and Asendia UK

Pure Energy Development and Elnur Aliyev

Newmafruit Farms

This specialist practice is best known as a market-leading firm in business crime, civil fraud, commercial litigation and regulatory work, for which it attracts an impressive client base.

The firm: Peters & Peters was one of the first City law firms to develop a key multidisciplinary approach, allowing the firm to act for corporate and individual clients in fraud-related cases that require both civil and criminal expertise. Much of its work is high-profile and international in scope, with the firm providing advice to foreign regulators, worldwide organisations and governments, and forging close relationships with overseas law firms.

Types of work undertaken: Civil fraud/asset tracing: the acclaimed team, led by market-leading partners Keith Oliver, Jonathan Tickner, Sarah Gabriel and Jason Woodland, enjoys a formidable reputation both in the UK and internationally for the breadth and depth of its expertise, acting for both claimants and defendants. It has extensive experience in applications for emergency remedies within and outside the UK. Its parallel sanctions expertise enables it to undertake civil fraud and criminal/regulatory litigation in tandem. The team conducts internal investigations for corporations.

Commercial litigation/arbitration: complex international commercial litigation and arbitration and contentious sports law disputes are widely recognised as one of the firm’s core strengths. Recent cases include contentious trust litigation, contractual disputes and corporate bankruptcy and related insolvency. Each of the team’s partners has acted in high-profile, complex and significant commercial disputes in recent years. The team has acted in claims surrounding Formula 1, and for the Department of Health and the NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management Service in various private competition law damages claims against major pharmaceutical companies, as well as in arbitrations both domestic and international.

Business crime: acting for both corporate and individual clients, the firm’s long-standing experience and pre-eminence in commercial fraud and regulatory issues is universally acknowledged.

Anti-bribery/corruption: the firm has been involved in many significant cases of the last 50 years. Monty Raphael QC, special counsel, is internationally acknowledged and author of Blackstone’s Guide to the Bribery Act (2010) and the acclaimed text book ‘Bribery Law and Practice’, published in March 2016. Partner Neil Swift is also a contributing author of Blackstone’s Guide to the Bribery Act (2010).

Economic sanctions: the firm advises national and multinational companies on transactional matters and corporate compliance. It also acts for governments, corporates and individuals facing sanctions imposed by the UN, EU and individual states. Winner of ‘Sanctions Law Firm of the Year, Europe’ 2015, the firm recently acted for a high-profile Russian national facing both US and EU sanctions. The firm also brought the most complex sanctions challenge ever brought before the EU General Court on behalf of 123 Zimbabwean individuals and entities, and is very active with multiple clients facing sanctions relating to Egypt and Iran. Michael O’Kane is the co-author of the leading EU sanctions blog at

Criminal antitrust (cartels): the firm has acted for more individuals in national and international criminal cartel investigations than any other UK law firm. Cases include auto parts, BA/Virgin, air cargo, marine hose, DRAM and construction. Michael O’Kane is the author and Jasvinder Nakhwal a contributing author of The Law of Criminal Cartels and Procedure (OUP), the seminal work on this subject.

Extradition/international mutual legal assistance: the team, led by Jasvinder Nakhwal, has acted in many of the leading extradition cases of recent years, often from Russia or CIS jurisdictions. Such cases include acting for former Yukos executives, Evgeny Chichvarkin and the Hermitage Group.

Private prosecutions: Peters & Peters has a proven track record in bringing and defending private prosecutions. Recently, it represented an interested party in Haigh v Westminster Magistrates’ Court [2017] EWHC 559 (Admin), successfully resisting an attempt by the claimant to overturn a six-figure costs award made against him following his abandoning an application for summonses. In 2014, Peters & Peters brought what is believed to be the largest private prosecution of an individual ever seen in this country: the case of R v Somaia, at the Central Criminal Court, which resulted in nine convictions for obtaining a money transfer by deception, contrary to s15A Theft Act 1968 (as amended), with a total value of US$19.7m.

Other areas of expertise: HMRC inquiries and investigations; financial regulation/ data protection/freedom of information; regulatory and corporate governance matters; policy-making and crisis management.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing partner Helen McDowell
Senior partner Michael O'Kane
Anti-bribery and corruption Monty Raphael QC
Anti-bribery and corruption Neil Swift
Anti-bribery and corruption Hannah Laming
Business crime Michael O'Kane
Business crime Hannah Laming
Business crime Helen McDowell
Business crime Jasvinder Nakhwal
Business crime Monty Raphael QC
Business crime Neil Swift
Civil fraud and asset tracing Keith Oliver
Civil fraud and asset tracing Jonathan Tickner
Civil fraud and asset tracing Sarah Gabriel
Civil fraud and asset tracing Jason Woodland
Commercial litigation Keith Oliver
Commercial litigation Jonathan Tickner
Commercial litigation Sarah Gabriel
Commercial litigation Jason Woodland
Competition litigation Jonathan Tickner
Competition litigation Jason Woodland
Criminal cartels Michael O'Kane
Criminal cartels Jasvinder Nakhwal
Extradition and mutual assistance Jasvinder Nakhwal
Extradition and mutual assistance Michael O'Kane
Extradition and mutual assistance Helen McDowell
Extradition and mutual assistance Neil Swift
Financial regulation Hannah Laming
Financial regulation Helen McDowell
Financial regulation Keith Oliver
Financial regulation Monty Raphael QC
Financial regulation Neil Swift
Investigations Michael O'Kane
Investigations Hannah Laming
Investigations Helen McDowell
Investigations Jasvinder Nakhwal
Investigations Keith Oliver
Investigations Monty Raphael QC
Investigations Neil Swift
Investigations Jonathan Tickner
Private prosecutions Michael O'Kane
Private prosecutions Hannah Laming
Sanctions Michael O'Kane
Sanctions Hannah Laming
Tax, customs and excise Monty Raphael QC
Tax, customs and excise Neil Swift
Tax, customs and excise Sarah Gabriel
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 Anna Bradshaw  photo Anna Bradshaw Anna is a Partner in the Business Crime Department.  She specialises in…
 Maria  Cronin   photo Maria  Cronin  Maria is a Partner in the Business Crime Department.  She specialises in…
 Sarah Gabriel  photo Sarah Gabriel Partner recommended in leading directories who deals with a wide variety of…
 Hannah Laming  photo Hannah Laming Hannah is a leading global investigative lawyer with expertise in business crime,…
 Helen McDowell  photo Helen McDowell Managing partner, and partner in the business crime department. Helen specialises in…
 Jasvinder Nakhwal  photo Jasvinder Nakhwal Partner in the business crime team. Jasvinder is renowned for her specialism…
 Michael O’Kane  photo Michael O’Kane Senior Partner and Head of the Business Crime Department. He specialises in…
 Keith Oliver  photo Keith Oliver Partner at Peters & Peters and Head of International. He is also…
 Neil Swift  photo Neil Swift Partner in the business crime department. He has extensive experience in business…
 Jonathan Tickner  photo Jonathan Tickner Partner highly recommended in leading legal directories, Jonathan specialises in commerciallitigation, with…
 Nick Vamos  photo Nick Vamos Nick is a leading criminal lawyer who acts for individuals and corporations…
 Jason Woodland  photo Jason Woodland   Jason specialises in heavyweight commercial litigation and arbitration, often involving allegations…
Number of UK partners : 10
Number of other UK fee-earners : 49