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Golden Quill is a translation company that understands the specific requirements of the legal sector, including those that undertake legal aid work. How? Because that’s where we came from…

Golden Quill’s mission is to deliver unrivalled quality in translation work. Our services are tailored perfectly for legal professionals and those working in the criminal justice system. We understand the pressures of turnaround times, and the frustrations professionals handle at the hands of many translation companies. Whether due to poor quality, or delayed turnaround times these disappointments can lead to serious issues.

We understand because this is why Golden Quill was established.

After many years of failed attempts at finding the perfect translation service for legal documents, Golden Quill was our solution. A service created by legal industry professionals for the legal and criminal justice system.

Department Name Email Telephone
Maria Grande-Gil 0333 023 7602
Karen Sutcliffe 0333 023 7602
Judy Matthews 0333 023 7602
Millie Feeney 0333 023 7602
Luanne Reed-Waller 0333 023 7602
Golden Quill is dedicated to ensuring that we can consistently deliver our high standards of service and high quality of translation, regardless of the language for your document translation requirements. We maintain direct relationships with translators that have committed to meeting those standards in 77 listed languages.
If the language you require is not currently listed, we will be pleased to try and expand the scope of our services to meet your needs.
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