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Boutique firm Vakhidov & Partners advises and represents foreign investors across Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries on a wide range of issues, including M&A and resolving complex regulatory issues, for major industries such as corporate, pharmaceutical and anti-corruption. Zafar Vakhidov is the head of the team and specialises in providing legal advice on corporate and commercial legal issues.

Practice head(s):

Zafar Vakhidov


‘The quality of legal services by Vakhidov & Partners is very high. Key strengths are: great expertise of legal area particularly for Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, good understanding of international companies’ requirements and governance, reliable practical approach,  absolutely corporative approach, good execution on timely manner, business agility.”

‘Competence and professional attitude.’ 

‘Good ‘Big 4′ background and experience of key people in organization. The excellent ratio “cost vs quality of services”,  fast and accurate client-oriented approach.’

‘Zafar is very experienced and has unique understanding of the business and the existing practice.’


Key clients

Bayer Consumer Health

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Association for Support and Development of Pharmaceutical Activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan


Novo Nordisk




Work highlights

  • Provided continuous full scale legal support to Teva (ratiopharm Kazakhstan) on a broad range of matters of their business operation in Kazakhstan, including personal data issues, pharma regulations, marketing agreements, and advertising.
  • Advised on various issues, including public procurement, competition law and regulatory matters, concerning a proposed pharmaceutical manufacturing localization project.

The firm: Vakhidov & Partners is the first legal consultancy boutique in Central Asia focused on life sciences (pharma, medical devices, healthcare), FMCG, retail, and IT/Telecom.

Our lawyers have worked at leading international law firms, major pharmaceutical and other companies, Big 4 consultancies, and government agencies.

For over 18 years our members of our team have been advising and representing foreign investors in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and other Central Asian countries on a wide range of issues, including inter alia corporate, pharmaceutical, anti-corruption, competition, labor, telecommunications, and intellectual property.

Members of our team provided legal support to various major international pharmaceutical, FMCG, telecom, manufacturing and other companies in their day-to-day business, resolving complex regulatory issues, analyzing and mitigating legal and compliance risks in both Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We have also assisted numerous international companies on M&As and corporate restructuring projects in Central Asia.

We have also served as national experts in developing the draft legislation on key regulatory issues, managing the legislative process with the key stakeholders.

For many years we have been leading specialized legal committees to proactively serve the industry and have participated in determining and providing legal and GR support to achieve the development strategy of major companies in the local markets.

Our efficient team is here to use the wealth of our experience, expertise, and resources to lead your business to its goals in compliance with highest ethical standards.

Almaty, Kazakhstan: Founded in 2021, the Almaty office of Vakhidov & Partners has rapidly forged strong partnerships with esteemed international clients spanning diverse industries, including life sciences (encompassing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare), FMCG, retail, antitrust, information technology, and telecommunications.

The firm actively engages with government agencies, industry chambers and professional associations . Vakhidov & Partners plays a pivotal role in contributing to the enhancement of the country’s regulatory framework, underscoring its dedication to fostering positive changes in key sectors. Through collaborative efforts with various stakeholders, the firm strives to be a catalyst for improvements that have a lasting impact on the business environment and regulatory landscape.

Namely the firm’s partner Zafar Vakhidov chairs Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Committee of KazBAR (Legal Consultants’ Chamber) and acts as honorary counselor to the Association for Support and Development of Pharmaceutical Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our purpose and values: The core values of Vakhidov & Partners form the foundation of the firm’s practice and team relationships.

The firm’s core values stand from finding COMPLIANT SOLUTIONS FOR BETTER HEALTH AND MARKET.

Vakhidov & Partners achieve its purpose by adhering to the following values:

Integrity and high ethical standards. At Vakhidov & Partners, an unwavering commitment to integrity is maintained in all interactions, whether among colleagues, in cooperation with our clients, or valued partners. The most stringent ethical principles are upheld, ensuring that services are delivered with utmost honesty and professionalism.

Excellence, quality and constant improvement. At Vakhidov & Partners, the steadfast pursuit of excellence propels continual enhancement. The firm strongly supports self-improvement of its employees, dedication to refining processes, as well as embraces a culture of growth and feedback.

Impact. At Vakhidov & Partners, ensuring a tangible impact in the life sciences, FMCG, IT/Telecom, and other industries is a priority. The firm’s resolved commitment to making a difference shapes its every action. The firm dedicates itself to achieving tangible solutions for both our clients, industry, and society.

Diversity, inclusion, equity. Vakhidov & Partners celebrates and respects each individual’s uniqueness and identity. Equal opportunities are provided to all employees, fostering an environment where talent thrives, and differences are embraced. This commitment to diversity and inclusion not only enriches the firm’s workplace culture but also strengthens its ability to serve its clients effectively.

Vakhidov & Partners is committed to fostering gender equality in both hiring and career advancement. The firm actively supports young talents ensuring a fair selection process based on merit and knowledge.

Balance. Vakhidov & Partners cares for the well-being of its people, with a sincere value placed on each person. The firm fosters an environment crafted to encourage a healthy work-life balance. This emphasis ensures that team members feel valued and supported, strengthening their ability to flourish both personally and professionally. Moreover, by fostering a culture that prioritizes holistic wellness, the firm’s aim is to create a positive and rewarding workplace environment for all.

In this age of flexibility Vakhidov & Partners fully integrated a ‘remote employment’ mode of work. All of the firm’s team members always have available option to “work from home” to reduce carbon footprint of getting to the office in the morning traffic and back home in the evening. Along with that Vakhidov & Partners reduces paper use by choosing to work from home option and maintaining most of the work processes online.

Areas of practice: Our key areas of practice include the following:

Life sciences: The firm’s specialized emphasis on pharmaceutical and healthcare regulation uniquely positions Vakhidov & Partners to navigate complex issues within the healthcare arena, covering areas such as promotion, public procurement and pricing regulations for medicines, medical devices and equipment, as well as healthcare policies. The firm’s vast experience in life sciences field enables Vakhidov & Partners to provide tailored solutions to its clients while also taking account international best practices. This strategic alignment underscores the firm’s commitment to delivering targeted, compliant strategies within the very regulated landscape of pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, the firm’s team leads various expert workgroups and committees in life sciences area of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

E-commerce and data protection: The firm supports its clients in complying with the evolving landscape of e-commerce and data protection legislation, encompassing aspects such as online advertising. Vakhidov & Partners offers guidance and support in drafting and reviewing data transfer agreements, formulating internal data protection policies, and developing templates for the collection, processing, and storage of personal data to ensure its protection. The firm’s services extend to addressing various facets of compliance and strategic measures in response to the dynamic challenges posed by the rapidly advancing realms of cross-border e-commerce and data protection.

Competition law: Vakhidov & Partners specializes in offering expert guidance and support concerning antimonopoly and unfair competition matters, including the thorough drafting and review of various agreements and analyses. The firm’s expertise extends to the development of internal policies aimed at identifying and mitigating potential competition law risks. Through the firm’s proactive approach, it assists clients in navigating the complexities of antimonopoly regulations and unfair competition challenges. The firm’s goal is to ensure that its clients are well-equipped to address and manage risks associated with competition laws effectively. Moreover, the firm’s partner actively participates or leads various competition law related expert boards.

Contracts: Vakhidov & Partners remains dedicated to assisting its clients by creating and reviewing a diverse range of commercial agreements, spanning the sale and distribution of medicines, medical devices, equipment and consumer goods, as well as contracts related to manufacturing, marketing, and market research. Whether dealing with intricate and extensive agreements or concise ones, the firm meticulously crafts contracts tailored to meet the specific business requirements of its clients. Count on Vakhidov & Partners to navigate the intricacies of commercial agreements, ensuring that your contracts not only meet legal and ethical standards but also serve as valuable tools in advancing your business objectives.

Compliance: The firm actively aids its clients in navigating challenging and continually evolving legal landscape in Central Asia, providing ethical support for compliance. By diligently identifying and mitigating legal and ethical risks, Vakhidov & Partners ensures that clients can conduct their business operations seamlessly and without reputational risks. The firm’s comprehensive assistance encompasses guidance on currency control matters, legal support related to anticorruption and antimonopoly initiatives, ethical considerations, due diligence processes and investigations, as well as other compliance tasks.

Corporate and M&A: The firm’s assistance in this area encompasses the drafting and review of agreements and other documents, spanning the acquisition or sale of companies, shares, or interests in companies, changes in executive leadership as well as involvement in reorganizations and establishment of business presence.

Vakhidov & Partners actively supports its clients by thoroughly analyzing transactions, offering valuable assistance during negotiations with counterparties, and conducting legal due diligence. The firm’s commitment extends beyond analysis of transactions, as it engages in strategic negotiations to secure favorable outcomes for its clients.

Vakhidov & Partners is dedicated to ensuring that its clients’ corporate matters are managed with precision and efficiency. The firm’s comprehensive approach ensures clients receive robust assistance across diverse corporate transactions/ M&A/corporate reorganizations challenges.

GR Support: Vakhidov & Partners offers tailored ethical support in the dialogue with both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders. The firm also provides assistance in negotiating regulatory and policy matters with these organizations, which is strongly supported by network and deep legal expertise. The firm’s aim is to ensure that its clients’ perspectives on pertinent issues are not only acknowledged but effectively communicated in their interactions with government and public entities. Vakhidov & Partners works diligently to make certain that its clients’ voices are heard, facilitating a constructive and impactful dialogue with relevant authorities in the highest ethical manner.

Labor and employment: Vakhidov & Partners excels in offering advice on a spectrum of labor and human resources (HR) concerns. The firm’s proficiency extends to the meticulous drafting and review of various employment documents, encompassing agreements, internal policies, migration documents and more. The firm is able to navigate the intricacies of employment matters, ensuring that its clients receive comprehensive advice tailored to address their specific HR and labor-related needs.

Department Name Email Telephone
Zafar Vakhidov +7 705 2099159

Vakhidov & Partners celebrates and respects each individual’s uniqueness and identity. Equal opportunities are provided to all employees, fostering an environment where talent thrives, and differences are embraced. This commitment to diversity and inclusion not only enriches the firm’s workplace culture but also strengthens its ability to serve its clients effectively.


Vakhidov & Partners is committed to fostering gender equality in both hiring and career advancement. The firm actively supports young talents ensuring a fair selection process based on merit and knowledge.




Since the establishment of Vakhidov & Partners the firm has been providing legal services in Kazakhstan (Almaty) and Uzbekistan (Tashkent). Both teams possess a deep understanding of the national legal framework in their respective jurisdictions. Moreover, the firm partner and associates keep involved in various work groups and committees in each of these countries to both keep abreast of the developments and professionally participate in development of relevant laws and regulations.


The firm offers services to international clients in English, Russian, Kazakh, and Uzbek languages.


At the request of our key clients we also often coordinate multijurisdictional work in partnership with our the most reliable law firms in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Tajikistan.