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Orizzo Marques Advogados concentrates on small and mid-cap transactions on behalf of domestic and international companies operating in a multitude of sectors, including retail, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and construction. Its broad service offering not only includes M&A, corporate restructuring and strategic contracts, but also covers succession planning, shareholder disputes and regulatory matters before the CVM. Alessandro Orizzo is entirely devoted to corporate and M&A mandates, while Fábio Marques, who has a notable background in accounting and tax planning, works primarily in investment rounds and restructurings. Other key practitioners include Guilherme Coltro and Débora Torres Paulo Ribeiro. Luiz Gustavo Mesquita is no longer at the firm.

Practice head(s):

Alessandro Orizzo; Fabio Marques; Guilherme Coltro; Débora Torres Paulo Ribeiro


The Orizzo Marques team is highly qualified, always willing to support its clients in a deep and personalised way.

Fabio Marques, Alessandro Orizzo and Débora Ribeiro are professionals with extensive knowledge in several areas of law and have always provided very good service.

Key clients

Adubos Real


P4 Engenharia

Rossi Residencial

Topaz CRK

Cury Construtora e Incorporadora


Grupo GPS

Marubeni Brasil

Ribeira Empreendimentos Imobiliários


Internal Coaching Federation


Grupo Serveng


Rodovias Santa Cruz

VBI Real Estate

VF Brasil

Tubos Ipiranga

N.E.W.S Logistics

Terlogs Terminal Marítimo

BD: Becton e Dickinson

Singular Medicamentos

Inloog Holdings

Habitram Empreendimentos Imobiliários

Even Construtora

Travelex Bank

BR Company

Polywork Brasil

MSN Laboratories

Santa Marcelina Saúde

Santa Marcelina Cultura


Work highlights

  • Advised MSN Pharma on the setting up of operations in Brazil and on the acquisition of a QC lab company named Milimpex.
  • Assisted IntNet with the sale of an equity stake to Gaucha Tecpar.
  • Advised Group GPS on the acquisition of Sulzer.

Orizzo Marques Advogados originated from the convergence of the desires and the abilities of our partners to provide customized, hands-on service to its clients—medium and large Brazilian and multinational companies in a wide range of industries (retail, nutrition, chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, public utilities, and several types of services).

Our founding partners have ample experience in corporate law. We are headquartered in the city of São Paulo, and currently our team has approximately 30 professionals – partners, associates, and third-party affiliates – specializing in the several different areas which concern corporate law (contracts, civil litigation, tax, social security, employment law, and industrial relations).

Our portfolio includes not only the active management of ongoing lawsuits and permanent legal counseling, but also a wide array of strategic services, such as tax planning, assistance in mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, preparation and negotiation of strategic technology and intellectual property contracts, facilitation of foreign direct investment in Brazil, assistance in public procurement procedures, and estate planning.

The firm is vastly experienced in carrying out multidisciplinary projects, under committed and creative coordination.

Department Name Email Telephone
Contracts; M&A; Corporate Law. Alessandro Orizzo aorizzo@orizzomarques.com.br +55 (11) 5200 0500
Contracts; Due Diligence; Technology, Digital Businesses, Startups and Venture Capital. Fábio Margiela de Fávari Marques fmarques@orizzomarques.com.br +55 (11) 5200 0500
Public Contracts and Public-Private Partnerships; Public Procurement and Biddings; Technology, Digital Businesses, Startups, and Venture Capital. Daniel Gabrilli de Godoy dgabrilli@orizzomarques.com.br +55 (11) 5200 0500
Contracts; Legal Due Diligence; Technology, Digital Businesses, Startups, and Venture Capital. Débora Torres Paulo Ribeiro dribeiro@orizzomarques.com.br +55 (11) 5200 0500
Litigation; Tax Law. Erika Regina Marquis Ferraciolli eferraciolli@orizzomarques.com.br +55 (11) 5200 0500
Corporate Law; Estate and Family Planning; M&A. Guilherme de Paula Eduardo e Coltro gcoltro@orizzomarques.com.br +55 (11) 5200 0500
Real Estate Law; Estate and Family Planning. Henrique Gallo hcgallo@orizzomarques.com.br +55 (11) 5200 0500
Litigation, Dispute Prevention and Resolution João Baroni Neto jbaroni@orizzomarques.com.br +55 (11) 5200 0500
Employment and Union Law Simone Marino smarino@orizzomarques.com.br +55 (11) 5200 0500
Commercial and New Business Wanderley D'Ugo Filho wdugofilho@orizzomarques.com.br +55 (11) 5200 0500