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Led by founding partner Dr. Arun Kasi, international trade and maritime boutique firm Arun Kasi & Co assists its roster of clients on matters involving ship arrests, international trade, cargo claims, charterparty, pollution, collision, insurance, shipbuilding and arbitration.

Led by founding partner Dr. Arun Kasi, international trade and maritime boutique firm Arun Kasi & Co assists its roster of clients on matters involving ship arrests, international trade, cargo claims, charterparty, pollution, collision, insurance, shipbuilding and arbitration.

Dr. Arun Kasi has written numerous books and articles on maritime law and arbitration. His notable books are The Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea published by Springer Singapore in 2021 and Arbitration: Stay of Court Proceedings and Anti-Suit Injunctions published by Current Law Journal Malaysia in 2014.

The notable publishers of his articles (which number about fifty) include Lloyd’s Shipping & Trade Law and The Maritime Executive (USA), Sweet & Maxwell (England and Malaysia) and Lexis Nexis (Malaysia and India). His works have numerous times been referred to by the appellate courts in reported judgements.

Dr. Arun Kasi is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and an arbitrator in the panel of a few international arbitration centres.

Arun Kasi & Co accepts instructions on both court and arbitration matters, and has been instructed by P&I Clubs and international law firms in London, Singapore and USA on maritime and arbitration matters. The said law firms and P&I Clubs include Thomas Cooper (now Penningtons Manches Cooper), London; Rajah & Tann, Singapore; Robert Allen Law, Florida; and TT Club.

Currently, Dr. Arun Kasi is having the conduct of a court case of highly complex and novel issues of admiralty and insolvency where the sums involved are in the region of USD 4.7 billion.

Maritime & International Trade Dr. Arun 4274 (Direct Line)
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Nicole Lee Hui Ching photoMs Nicole Lee Hui ChingLegal Associate

CLIENT: Prokopis Krikris (Claims Manager, Post Fixture Dept.)
COMPANY/FIRM: Meadway Bulkers Ltd, Athens, Greece
TESTIMONIAL: Dr Arun Kasi has a wide and deep knowledge of maritime disputes, particularly charter disputes. He understands the industry and its technicalities. His advice and approach are very practical and commercial. His submissions are very well organised, smooth flowing, logical and very convincing, however complex and sophisticated the issue may be.

CLIENT: Prashin Ramoo
COMPANY/FIRM: Salvin Far East Pte Limited, Singapore
TESTIMONIAL: Dr. Arun has extensive experience and deep knowledge in maritime disputes including charterparty disputes and arbitration. He has been providing us with very reliable and valuable legal advice and we have great confidence in his guidance. Dr Arun is able to explain complex legal concepts in a manner that is succinct and easy to understand. He is efficient and is able to put together well organised and professionally written legal documents in a very short period of time. Despite his substantial workload he has a very fast response time and is always friendly, approachable and a pleasure to work with.

CLIENT: Arvin Anthony
COMPANY/FIRM: Carpenters Fiji Pte Ltd, Fiji
TESTIMONIAL: Dr Arun Kasi is a strategic planner when approaching complex cross-border shipping claims, as he did for our group. He is a specialist in cargo claims. He is admirably clear in his approach and we found him to very pragmatic in his advise to us. Dr Arun was readily available to proactively tackle issues in a well coordinated manner.

CLIENT: M. Jagannath
COMPANY/FIRM: NAU Pte Ltd, Singapore (Claims Correspondents & Consultants)
TESTIMONIAL: We, on behalf of our clients, engaged Dr Arun Kasi in a Malaysian court case concerning cargo damage with the quantum being a few million dollars. He very effectively and strategically approached the matter and swiftly brought the opponent to settle on the terms that we sought. We would wholeheartedly endorse his engagements for Shipping / Maritime related matters.

COMPANY/FIRM: Aquaris Offshore Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
TESTIMONIAL: Dr Arun Kasi, an expert in Maritime Law, has helped my company manage legal matters successfully. He is absolutely dedicated and committed to advising in the best interest of clients, for the best possible outcome given the circumstances. His response time to a query is never more than 2 hours, and he attends at any time. Where time is of the essence in Maritime Law, he engages even after office hours and during the weekend. He is professional in communication, and fair & transparent in billing.

CLIENT: Robert Lim (Director)
COMPANY/FIRM: Helms Geomarine Pte Ltd, Singapore
TESTIMONIAL: Dr Arun Kasi handled my complex claim on an offshore wind farm project. He exhibited admirable professionalism and his approach was very strategic. He was clear about my case and sharp on my opponent’s case, and decomposed the complexity into simplicity. His simple and logical way of presenting the case showed his most intelligent and professional expertise.

CLIENT: Kezene Low (Director)
COMPANY/FIRM: Happe (T) Pte Ltd, Singapore
TESTIMONIAL: Dr Arun Kasi knows shipping law inside-out. He is a legal puzzle solver. He thinks out of the box and can a find a solution that hides itself. He is detailed, committed and very passionate about the job that he is doing, which brings me to respect his professionalism. He is clear, logical and persuasive in his argument.

CLIENT: Stefan Chew (Director)
COMPANY/FIRM: Global Partners LLC, Singapore
TESTIMONIAL: I have engaged Dr Arun Kasi on a cargo claim concerning M/V Xpress Pearl that caught fire and sank off Colombo in May 2021. He was finely knowledgeable about cargo claims and was thorough in his advice and work. Leaving the claim in his capable hands and letting him un-knot the complexities meant being worry-free for me. I will certainly recommend his services to any party wanting to have an experienced and knowledgeable maritime litigator.

CLIENT: Uday Kumar (Director)
COMPANY/FIRM: SU Marine AG (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
TESTIMONIAL: Dr. Arun Kasi guided our maritime casualty and investigating team in certain complex incidents like wreck, collision matters and vessel sunken cases, advising us in the area of liability. He gave us his helpful advice about approaching matters in dispute which may lead to arbitration and/or litigation especially on voyage charter party dispute claims and highlighted to us matters related to application of Hague and Hague-Visby Rules. His expert guidance and advice has been very strategic in our effectively approaching those matters. We would confidently recommend his professional services to our clients.