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C.P. 1014
Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic > Tax Tier 2

With much experience of negotiating with the Dominican tax authorities, such as working with them on the tax elements of a real estate swap, Alburquerque Abogados – Consultores acts for clients who have received sanctions for late declarations of taxes or differences in income declared, often gaining settlements to achieve lower payments or exemption from paying surcharges. The firm also aids tourism clients, such as Caliente Club & Resorts and Aqualandia Punta Cana, with the revaluation of their assets by the tax authorities, both through running administrative and jurisdictional appeals against the authorities and through designing structures to divide shares in order to adapt to the new valuation. With additional advice on tax exemptions and tax-efficient corporate structures, managing partner José Manuel Alburquerque Prieto and Gina Hernández Vólquez co-lead on all of the firm’s work, assisted by corporate senior associate Derick Hernández Grau.

Practice head(s):

José Manuel Alburquerque Prieto; Gina Alexandra Hernández Vólquez

Key clients

Aqualandia Punta Cana S.R.L.

Caliente Resorts

Calzados Paris/Alcentro

Compañía Dominicana de Hipermercados – CDH CARREFOUR

Inversiones El Valle Realty

Inversiones Acinsi

Inversiones Latinas

Inversiones Naschtia S.A.

Sigma Alimentos, S.A.

Tesktiler Services S.A.


Work highlights

  • Aided Caliente Club & Resorts with a decision made by the General Directorate of Internal Taxes  where there was a revaluation of the declared value of the client’s properties, increasing from approximately US$350,000 to US$7,535,282.90, involving filing administrative and jurisdictional appeals against the revaluation until a favourable decision was obtained.
  • Assisted Aqualandia Punta Cana in the recommendation and design of a structure to be executed for the revaluation of real estate assets and an increase in value of shares because of a request from the Dominican tax authorities, and further preparation of the documentation recommending and approving the capital increase and the equal repartition of shares between shareholders.
  • Assisted Calzados Paris/Alcentro in designing a tax benefit structure to have the minimum impact from a taxation point of view after the dissolution of a corporate group, including exchange of stocks and real estate properties.

Dominican Republic > Corporate and M&A Tier 4

Part of the Terralex international network, Alburquerque Abogados – Consultores is experienced in advising global companies, particularly in the tourism, retail, real estate, energy and financial services sectors, on their commercial activities. The team also handles cross-border M&A, the establishment of new companies in the Dominican Republic and corporate due diligence. Managing partner José Manuel Alburquerque Prieto advises on M&A and restructurings; he leads the team with Gina Hernández Vólquez, who stands out for her expertise in the tourism sector.

Practice head(s):

José Manuel Alburquerque Prieto; Gina Alexandra Hernández Vólquez

Key clients

Calzados Paris/Alcentro

Caliente Club & Resorts

Catalonia Hotels and Resorts

Pernod Ricard Dominicana

Ribo Capital

Laurus Master Fund

Caribbean Venture LQV

Tui Dominicana

World2meet (W2m)

Work highlights

  • Advising Inversiones F&G on its investments in the tourist area of Las Terrenas.
  • Advised Calzados Paris and Alcentro on the separation of the corporate group.
  • Advised Laurus Master Fund on the due diligence related to the purchase of land and the Punta Alta tourism project in Puerto Plata.

Dominican Republic > Real estate and tourism Tier 4

José Manuel Alburquerque Prieto and Gina Hernández Vólquez co-lead the majority of Alburquerque Abogados – Consultores‘ real estate work, with GSM Investissements Dominicana as a key client; the pair advised on its US$403m tourism project, including hotel operation licences, tax exemptions, and negotiated with authorities including the Ministry of Tourism over matters such as a land access agreement and land use non-objection certificate. Laura Polanco Coste co-leads on advice to individuals on their property purchases, as well as acting for a financial institution in its acquisition of a property. Other work includes loan advice for a hotel, due diligence prior to sale of a tourist resort and division of properties due to the split of a corporate group.

Practice head(s):

José Manuel Alburquerque Prieto; Laura Polanco Coste; Gina Hernández Vólquez


‘Confidence, service, availability and knowledge of the sector.’

‘Unbeatable competence and attitude. reliable and honest.’

‘Service is 100% effective and on time, with an unparalleled human quality.’

‘They are very available and organized. You don’t have to chase to get a response. Answers are always complete and well argued.’

‘Good technology – filing and handling of information, files, follow-ups. Good knowledge of subjects, sectors, particularities of our business, etc…’


Key clients

Arístides Lazo

GSM Investissements

Carles Aymerich

Catalonia Hotels and Resorts

Caliente Club & Resorts

Calzados Paris/Alcentro


César Latrilla

Grupo Nolan

John Alfonso López

Laurus Master Fund

Morgane Capital

Robert Bruno

Teófilo Cruz

Work highlights

  • Provided legal counsel to GSM Investissements Dominican on all aspects related to the development, construction, and establishment of a US$403m project in Macao, including comprehensive advice on project management, obtaining permits, negotiating the operator contract, negotiating with local authorities for the partial use of land to access the beach by the local community for work and leisure, and lastly obtaining a license permit from the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Advised Grupo Nolan regarding the drafting of promissory sale agreements for US$105,000, exchange of revisions to the promissory and definitive sale agreements, meetings, and document compilation, drafting of documents relating to the cancellation of existing indebtedness against J&H Engineers, drafting of payment receipts, document compilation, updating of definitive sale agreements and joint assistance and follow-up for the cancellation of existing mortgages surrounding the properties.
  • Assisted Teófilo Cruz in the process of purchasing and transferring property, performing all the due diligence, and drafting the sales contracts for US$97,500 between the entity Grupo Puntacana and the client.

Dominican Republic > Dispute resolution

Alburquerque Abogados – Consultores has notable expertise in damages claims and criminal proceedings, with clients including international and domestic companies and high-profile Dominican families.

ALBURQUERQUE Abogados – Consultores is a consulting law firm based in the Dominican Republic with a rich history of more than 40 years of experience in the local and international market. Our goal is to provide services that meet the highest quality standards and comply with our core values: excellence, respect, responsibility, justice and equity.

We cater the perfect combination of traditional legal assistance with the most modern and innovative legal practices offered to worldwide companies including sectors such as aviation, communication, construction, energy, finance, food and beverages, IT, medical devices, mining, pharmaceuticals, real estate, retail, tourism, among others, which play an important role in the national economy.

At ALBURQUERQUE we are a multidisciplinary team that turns ideas into actions, serving tailor-made solutions that ensure optimal results and that lead our clients to position themselves and consolidate their presence in our country, while promoting their expansion into new markets.

We evolve with time and trends, the development and economic growth of the Dominican Republic and the advances caused by the growing flows of Foreign Investment. Now is the time to do business in the DR, let us guide you through the right path.

Managing Partner José Manuel Alburquerque
Corporate Business Partner Gina Hernández Vó
José M. Alburquerque C. photoMr José M. Alburquerque C.Founding Partner
José Manuel Alburquerque Prieto photoMr José Manuel Alburquerque PrietoManaging Partner
Angie Del Jesús Garcia photoMiss Angie Del Jesús GarciaBusiness Development Director
Leslie Florián Castillo photoMiss Leslie Florián CastilloLabor Law and Social Security Associate
Kendy Mariel García Acosta photoMrs Kendy Mariel García AcostaDispute Resolution & Immigration Senior Associate
Gina Alexandra Hernández Vólquez photoMrs Gina Alexandra Hernández VólquezCorporate Business Partner
Prinkin Jiménez Chireno photoMrs Prinkin Jiménez ChirenoLabor & Social Security Partner
Laura Polanco Coste photoMrs Laura Polanco CosteDispute Resolution Partner
Laura Rosario Mejía photoMiss Laura Rosario MejíaDispute Resolution Paralegal
Isabel Ruiz Ricart photoMiss Isabel Ruiz RicartDespute Resolution Junior Associate
Partners : 5
Associates : 6
Paralegals : 3
Administrative Staff : 9