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Pakistan > Real estate and construction Tier 2

Nawaz Hussain Sikander's caseload includes a mix of property-related transactions and disputes, and recently advised on a steady flow of major housing projects. It counts developers, corporate end-users, REITs, private equity and pension funds, and institutional lenders as its key clients. Practice head, Imran Nawaz Memon is recommended for property related transactions and disputes and leads the team alongside Shamail Sikander, who handles land purchases, leasing, financing and tax maters. Meanwhile, Mehrunnissa Katpar specialises in REITs and and project financing.

Practice head(s):

Imran Nawaz Memon; Shamail Sikander

Other key lawyers:


‘The partners of this firm have diverse and extensive experience, and this is the reason they have made a prominent presence in the entire legal industry in such a short span of time. They are always focused on achieving the best outcome for their clients.’

‘Shamail Sikander’s strategic approach and attention to detail in every aspect of the matter differentiate him from other lawyers.’

‘The practice is unique in a way that it provides personal attention to every matter and client which makes clients feel valued.’

‘The quality that I value the most in them is that they address all my concerns and ensure that I am well informed about every legal implication that might arise in my case.’

‘Shamail Sikander possesses extensive and diverse experience in providing legal services related to real estate and construction. What sets him apart from others is his ability to resolve complex legal matters.’

‘The entire team at Nawaz Hussain Sikander is highly professional and hardworking. They have a strong grasp of the law, excellent commercial knowledge and a deep understanding of the real estate and construction market.’

‘Shamail Sikander is an excellent lawyer particularly for handling legal matters related to real estate and construction projects.’

‘Well known for its legal expertise in real estate and construction due to its strong commercial knowledge of this industry.’

Key clients

Indus Estate (Private) Limited

Arif Habib Dolmen REIT Management Limited

Paragon Constructors (Private) Limited

Creek Marina (Private) Limited

Task Builders

ACM Properties (Private) Limited

Ghani Builders and Developers (Private) Limited

Fortune Builders

Arif Habib Real Estate Services (Private) Limited

Sheikhani Builders and Developers

Burj Builders and Developers

Faysal Asset Management Limited

Alfalah GHP Investment Management Limited

Work highlights

  • Representing a set of high-profile investors for the establishment of an industrial zone on the proposed piece of land by entering into a Joint Venture Agreement with the seller.
  • Advised on the development of a residential and commercial housing society in Karachi, Pakistan.

Pakistan > Banking and finance Tier 3

Nawaz Hussain Sikander has considerable experience in the banking industry, advising major banks and financial institutions on bilateral/syndicate conventional and Islamic financing transactions, structuring transactions, and trade products. The team is also well-versed in developing financing strategies and providing advice on financial documents for both the borrower and the lender. Co-leading the group from Karachi is Imran Nawaz Memon, who leverages his wide-ranging knowledge of corporate and financial transactions, and corporate lawyer, Mir Nasar Ahmad. Mehrunnissa Katpar advises clients on a range of matters including load syndication, Islamic finance, debt restructuring, secured and unsecured lending, and project financing transactions. Umed Ali is another key figure in the team.

Practice head(s):

Imran Nawaz Memon; Mir Nasar Ahmed

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Abhi (Pvt.) Limited

Pak Brunei Investment Company Limited

Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited

Work highlights

  • Advised Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited on creating and perfecting security under financing being availed by CDC Trustee Silk Islamic Development Real Estate Investment Trust.
  • Acting for Pak Brunei Investment Company Limited in a Sukuk transaction worth PKR 1 Billion.

Pakistan > Projects and energy Tier 3

Nawaz Hussain Sikander's client roster features a diverse array of clients from the banking, real estate, infrastructure and energy sectors, regularly representing explorers, producers, electric power generation companies and distribution companies, public procuring agencies, and EPC constructors. The team advises on project structuring, drafting and negotiating concession agreements, project and finance documents, engineering, procurement and construction contracts, and PPP projects. Co-leading the practice is Imran Nawaz Memon, a well-known PPP specialist, and corporate lawyer, Mir Nasar Ahmad. Memon is supported by Mehrunnissa Katpar who has recently advised on a number of large-scale motorway projects. Usman Siddiqui and Umed Ali are further names to note.

Practice head(s):

Imran Nawaz Memon; Mir Nasar Ahmad

Other key lawyers:

Mehrunnissa Katpar; Usman Siddiqui; Umed Ali


‘The experience in PPP projects, particularly in structuring projects from the feasibility stage, makes NHS a go-to firm for clients in infrastructure and real estate sectors.’

Projects are one of the practice areas that this firm manages and handles extremely well. Their legal expertise extends to the commercial understanding of these projects and their ability to identify legal risks and advise the client on all the risks involved makes their practice unique.’

‘Imran Nawaz is now a well-known legal expert in the PPP projects market in Pakistan.’

‘The team at this practice is truly exceptional and stands head and shoulders above many others in the industry. What sets them apart is their commitment to not only deliver but also innovate. Potential clients should be aware of the team’s unparalleled analytical skills, adaptability, and client-focused approach, ensuring tailor-made solutions for every unique challenge.’

‘Compared to other firms, this practice has a more holistic approach. They not only consider the immediate problem but also think several steps ahead to provide sustainable and efficient solutions. One of the most commendable innovations they have introduced is their technology-driven approach to collaboration. It streamlines communication, making it easier for clients to stay in the loop and for team members to work synergistically.’

‘Working with the individuals in our team has truly been a rewarding experience. Their dedication and passion consistently make them stand out from any competitors I’ve interacted with in the past. What particularly differentiates them is their unique approach to problem-solving and their unwavering commitment to excellence. I’ve valued their proactive nature, effective communication skills, and ability to adapt to evolving situations.’

Imran Memon is one of the few lawyers who understands the complex nature of projects and offers legal services, innovative solutions, and timely responses to meet the specific needs and objectives of his clients.’

The whole team at this place works hard and is very professional. They always show a deep understanding of the law and are determined to achieve favorable results. I was impressed by their personalized approach, ensuring that I was made aware of every risk involved in the transaction and could make the right decision.’

Key clients

Sardar Muhammad Ashraf D. Baluch (Private) Limited

Sachal Engineering (Private) Limited

LRC (Private) Limited

Management and Development Centre (Private) Limited

PPP Unit Sindh

Indus Estate (Private) Limited

Shahrukh Engineering (Private) Limited

MBC & Sons Builders and Developers

Fazal Brothers

Sapna Construction (Private) Limited

Quality Builders Limited

Balochistan Public-Private Partnership Authority

Javedan Corporation Limited

Arif Habib Dolmen REIT Management Limited

Techno Engineering Services (Private) Limited

Karachi Development Authority

Lyari Development Authority

Balochistan Public-Private Partnership Authority

Transport Department, Government of Balochistan

Work highlights

  • Acting as project counsel to the Concessionaire in Hyderabad – Sukkur (M6) Motorway Project.
  • Providing legal advisory services to the successful bidder for Kharian-Rawalpindi Motorway Project.
  • Acting as project counsel to the Concessionaire in M9-N5 Link Road Project.

Pakistan > Corporate and M&A Tier 4

Nawaz Hussain Sikander boasts a comprehensive corporate practice, with a presence in both the public and private sector. On the M&A front, the team concentrates on assisting sellers and buyers, investors and owners, and boards of directors with a strategic focus on transaction financing. Co-leading the group is Imran Nawaz Memon, an expert in corporate, financial, and commercial matters, and Mir Nasar Ahmad, who specialises in M&A, antitrust and competition law, equity and debt capital makets. Mehrunnissa Katpar is skilled at advising clients on investment, corporate, and regulatory compliance matters and has notable experience in the fintech sector. Usman Siddiqui and Umed Ali are other names to note.  

Practice head(s):

Imran Nawaz Memon; Mir Nasar Ahmad


‘Very responsive and offers solution-based advice on a range of corporate matters. The practice pays great attention to detail and offers a holistic approach.’

‘Imran Memon’s problem-solving skills are a great aide to the legal advice rendered, and can provide insight into various perspectives, aiding stakeholders in their decision making.’

‘Highly professional and accommodating. They have a good knowledge of law as well as a commercial understanding of different industries. 

‘Imran and Shamail provide a one-window solution for all your legal matters, especially related to corporate and real estate matters.’

The team has a great mix of expertise that is very rare to find in a firm in Pakistan at least. Their commercial awareness of the sector is an additional factor that sets them apart from their competitors.’

‘Provides exceptional legal expertise along with unwavering dedication.’

‘Imran Nawaz is an outstanding lawyer and has deep knowledge of the corporate laws of Pakistan. The quality that I value the most about him is his commitment to achieving the best outcomes for clients.’

‘Mehrunissa Katpar has stood out as a beacon of wisdom and strategic insight. Her advice, often a blend of deep legal knowledge and keen market acumen, proved pivotal in navigating the multifaceted challenges we encountered. Mehrunissa’s unparalleled grasp of both the fintech ecosystem and Pakistan’s regulatory nuances ensured that I was always equipped with foresight, turning potential roadblocks into steppingstones. Her unwavering dedication and transparent communication instilled a profound sense of trust, and her recommendations were often the bedrock upon which key decisions were made. It isn’t just her vast expertise, but her genuine commitment to the success of the project, which made her advice invaluable. The triumphant establishment of the loan marketplace owes as much to Mehrunissa’s sage counsel as it does to the collective efforts of all involved, marking her as an exemplary advisor in the industry.’

Key clients

Sindh Education Foundation

LRC (Private) Limited

Techno Engineering Services (Private) Limited

ACM Gold (Private) Limited

Matrixfit (Private) Limited

Abhi (Pvt.) Limited

Falcon-i (Private) Limited

Zahir Khan & Brothers

Patakero (Private) Limited

Manditech (Private) Limited

Farmwell (Private) Limited

Dosslani Hospitals (Private) Limited

Sardar Muhammad Ashraf D. Baluch (Private) Limited

Work highlights

  • Advised Techno Engineering Services (Private) Limited in structuring a project company for one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Pakistan. The cost of the project is PKR 307 Billion.
  • Assisted Blumont Pakistan (SMC-Private) Limited with the alignment of concession agreements of Education Management Organizations in Sindh.

Pakistan > Dispute resolution Tier 4

Nawaz Hussain Sikander handles a broad range of commercial disputes, criminal, NAB and FIA matters. The team represents major clients and corporations at the highest courts and has significant experience in complex trial litigation. Tax litigation is also a strength of the team. Ahmed Ali Hussain co-leads the practice alongside Shamail Sikander, who also handles white-collar crime litigation. Zaeem Hyder‘s recent caseload included handling disputes arising concerning PPP projects.

Practice head(s):

Shamail Sikander; Ahmed Ali Hussain

Other key lawyers:


‘The practice can provide the most pragmatic resolutions in cases of disputes between parties, creating a win-win situation.’

‘One of the most professional teams in Pakistan….they do the homework and work hard for the clients.’

The strategic approach of Shamail Sikander and Ahmed Ali Hussain, to resolve complex legal matters differentiates them from other lawyers. They ensure that the client\’s concerns are addressed and always strive for the most favorable outcomes.’

I am impressed by Shamail Sikander’s ability to effortlessly resolve complex matters. He always ensures that his clients are satisfied with his services. I highly recommend this firm.’

‘Hardworking, committed and honest.’

Key clients

Sardar Muhammad Ashraf D. Baluch (Private) Limited

Cantonment Board Clifton

Karachi Port Trust

Pakistan Refinery Limited

Defence Housing Authority

Sindh Industrial Trading Estate

Ansari Textile Industries

Huffaz Seamless Pipe Industries Limited

Zahir Khan and Brothers

Ahsanabad Cooperative Housing Society

Dolmen Real Estate Management (Private) Limited

Falcon-i (Private) Limited

Principal Builders

Nawaz Hussain Sikander (NHS) is a Pakistan based law firm that is focused on various specialist areas. 

NHS boasts a cadre of highly qualified and experienced partners who are highly proficient in handling project consultancy and corporate affairs for clients in major industries, including energy, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, retail and e-commerce, sports, technology, and transportation.

We approach every representation with an equal commitment to first understanding, and then efficiently and effectively advancing the interests of our clients and arriving at the best results.

Our partners have represented several individuals and entities in several areas including multinational corporations (operating within and outside Pakistan) in several corporate transactions and several clients, including some of the biggest national corporations and high net worth individuals, in landmark cases before the High Courts of Pakistan.

Our extensive legal team includes barristers-at-law, solicitors, and advocates, who are highly experienced in Pakistan corporate, commercial, civil, and criminal laws.

We believe in delivering incomparable full-service products to our clients. As part of that commitment, we provide legal services, complete project consultancy, and commercial solutions (where required).

Our unique approach fosters continuity, efficiency, and cost-saving results for corporate entities as well as individuals.

Our main office is located in Karachi, the commercial hub of Pakistan, with a regional office in Sukkur and a remote office in Islamabad.

Department Name Email Telephone
Projects, Energy and Infrastructure, Mergers and Acquisitions, Company and Commercial, Start Up and Early Stage Businesses and Intellectual Property Imran Nawaz Memon +92 333 3881512
Litigation, Regulations and Investigations and Customs and Tax Ahmed Ali Hussain +92 334 3630550
Litigation, Regulations and Investigations and Real Estate Shamail Sikander +92 300 2001001
Photo Name Position Profile
Aman Aftab photo Mr Aman Aftab Senior Associate – Karachi Office
Muhammad Aizaz Ahmed photo Mr Muhammad Aizaz Ahmed Associate – Karachi Office
Mansoor  Ahmed  photo Mr Mansoor Ahmed Associate – Karachi Office
Syed Naimat  Ali Shah photo Mr Syed Naimat Ali Shah Associate – Sukkur Office
Jawad Anwar Cheema photo Mr Jawad Anwar Cheema Associate – Karachi Office
Rehan Khan  Domki  photo Mr Rehan Khan Domki Associate – Sukkur Office
Mahnoor Haider photo Ms Mahnoor Haider Associate – Karachi Office
Ahmed Ali Hussain photo Mr Ahmed Ali Hussain Partner
Wahiba Junejo photo Ms Wahiba Junejo Associate – Karachi Office
Mehrunnissa Katpar photo Ms Mehrunnissa Katpar Senior Associate – Karachi Office
Umed Ali Khamisani photo Mr Umed Ali Khamisani Associate – Karachi Office
Kuldeep  Kumar photo Mr Kuldeep Kumar Associate – Karachi Office
Muhammad Zubair  Malik photo Mr Muhammad Zubair Malik Senior Associate – Sukkur Office
Imran Nawaz Memon photo Mr Imran Nawaz Memon Partner
Zaeem Hyder Musavi photo Mr Zaeem Hyder Musavi Senior Associate – Karachi Office
Zaeem Hyder Musavi photo Mr Zaeem Hyder Musavi Senior Associate – Karachi Office
Muhammad Zuhaib  Shaikh photo Mr Muhammad Zuhaib Shaikh Associate – Sukkur Office
Usman Siddiqui photo Mr Usman Siddiqui Associate – Karachi Office
Shamail Sikander photo Mr Shamail Sikander Partner
Arshad Mehmood Sundrani photo Mr Arshad Mehmood Sundrani Associate – Sukkur Office
Hamza Yousuf photo Mr Hamza Yousuf Associate – Karachi Office
Partners : 3
Senior Associates : 4
Associates : 13
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