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Specialised in corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability and human rights, Szazi, Bechara, Storto, Reicher e Figueirêdo Lopes Advogados attracts large domestic and international organisations, charities and NGOs operating in a number of industries such as education, culture, healthcare and sports, among others. In addition to its strong track record advocating for the enactment of laws related to human rights, the firm has increasingly handled tax litigation, administrative disputes and compliance programmes. Eduardo Szazi is a key contact for matters related to tax and CSR, and Paula Raccanello Storto focuses on public law. Other key names include Erika Bechara, Aline Gonçalves Videira de Souza, Lais De Figueirêdo Lopes and Stella Camlot Reicher, who together combine extensive expertise in ESG matters and human rights.

Practice head(s):

Eduardo Szazi; Erika Bechara; Paula Raccanello Storto; Stella Camlot Reicher; Lais de Figueirêdo Lopes; Aline Gonçalves de Souza


‘The firm has great differentials, always presenting innovative solutions to challenges and opportunities, especially in the fields of entrepreneurship, governance, investment and legal solutions for integration between the third sector, investors and businesses.’

‘The professionals who work at the firm are highly qualified and with multidisciplinary expertise.’

‘They are always up to date in regard to guidelines and laws on socially responsible investments in Brazil.’

‘One of the main reasons this firm is considered unique to us is empathy. They understand the problems of the parties involved and commit to solve them clearly, safely and firmly.’

‘Erika Bechara is a specialist in environmental and civil law matters. Eduardo Szazi is a tax specialist and always provides clear and safe guidance.’

‘The professionals are committed, very well prepared and are always available to meet the client’s demands.’

‘Specialised legal advice for third-sector organisations. They have professionals specialised in all areas of law, who present solutions to the problems from various legal fields.’

‘Erika Bechara and her associates are specialised in all matters related to the third sector and sustainability. They always listen to our needs and perspectives, delivering enhanced results. A transparent and direct relationship also plays a key role in maintaining our long-standing and reliable partnership with the firm.’

Key clients

IDESAM – Instituto de Conservação e Desenvolvimento Sustentável da Amazônia

Associação Hospitalar de Proteção à Infância Dr. Raul Carneiro – Hospital Pequeno Príncipe

Instituto Alana

Abong – Associação Brasileira Organizações não Governamentais

Volkswagen do Brasil Indústria de Veículos Automotores

Hospital Infantil Sabará

Fundação José Luiz Egydio Setubal

GIFE – Grupo de Institutos Fundações e Empresas

Visão Mundial

Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia (IPAM)

Ipê – Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas

Work highlights

  • Advised IDESAM on tax, corporate and environmental matters in connection with the creation of AMAZ Startup Accelerator.
  • Assisted Caritas Brazil in advocating for adequate regulation for civil society organisations.
  • Advised World Resources Institute Brazil on compliance matters related to data protection.

Founded in 2002, Szazi, Bechara, Storto, Reicher and Figueirêdo Lopes Advogados (“SBSA”) is a pioneering law firm specialized in charities, social responsibility, environment and human rights, that connects the experience its partners – Eduardo Szazi, Erika Bechara, Paula Raccanello Storto, Stella Camlot Reicher, Laís de Figueirêdo Lopes and Aline Gonçalves de Souza, who since mid-1990s have been working in the field of civil society organizations (CSO).

The firm respects persons with disabilities, gender, ethnic-racial, sexual, and religious diversity. It values sustainability by encouraging the recycling of materials and the purchase of organic and local products. It encourages freedom of expression and opinion. SBSA also cares about  the work environment and adopts practices aimed at avoiding discrimination, harassment, and constraints. Women are a majority among the partners and team members. In internal relations, hiring and relationships with stakeholders, the firm respects diversity and repudiate all forms of discrimination.

Involved in consultancy and advocacy, SBSA partners directly participated in the formulation of laws affecting civil society organizations and human rights, such as Law 9.790/1999 (OSCIPs Law), the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2006 and Law 13.019/2014 (Legal Framework for Civil Society Organizations – MROSC).

They have also been involved in other legal initiatives to enable a better environment for civil society organizations, in matters involving tax exemptions, tax incentives, and labour and voluntary work regulation, at national, state and municipal levels. They are professionals with significant experience in the field, acting as lecturers and teachers in undergraduate and graduate courses related to the subjects they work with, and participate in research and consulting projects of renowned educational institutions such as PUC/SP, FIA/USP and FGV.

The firm’s clients are leading national and foreign associations and foundations operating in various fields, such as environmental, educational, sports, cultural, assistance, health, human rights, local development, information technology, protection of children, adolescents, people with disabilities and the elderly, among others. The clients are also companies from different economic sectors, especially those aligned with ESG practices, B corps, those maintaining corporate institutes and foundations, and those adopting corporate social responsibility, diversity, and inclusion programs.

In 2018, its longstanding practices and values were consolidated in its Compliance Program, Integrity Policy and Code of Ethics and Conduct, and the firm’s expertise in this field is also offered to its clients.

SBSA practices combine deep knowledge on charities and the non-profit sector with comprehensive understanding of case law and precedents in matters concerning social business and human rights law. Legal practice in this field is still quite rare. What most prominently distinguishes SBSA’s from other law firms in Curitiba is that we focus on CSO demands, social business and human rights law, providing legal advice through a team of extremely specialized attorneys.

Tax Law and Charities and Nonprofit Law Eduardo (41) 3233-9040
Environmental Law and Charities and Nonprofit Law Erika (41) 3233-9040
Public Law and Charities and Nonprofit Law Paula Raccanello (41) 3233-9040
Public Law and Charities and Nonprofit Law and Human Rights Laís de Figueirêdo (41) 3233-9040
Constitutional Law and Charities and Nonprofit Law and Human Rights Stella Camlot (41) 3233-9040
ESG and Social Business and Charities and Nonprofit Law and Human Rights Aline Gonçalves Videira de (41) 3233-9040
Erika Bechara photoMrs Erika BecharaMrs. Bechara has extensive professional experience in advising companies on issues related…
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Laís de Figueirêdo Lopes photoMrs Laís de Figueirêdo LopesMrs. Lopes has almost 20 years of legal, regulatory, and procedural management…
Partners : 6
Associates : 12
Interns : 2
Paralegal : 1
Administrative : 3
English (fluent)
American Society of International Law

Draft Declaration of “Inter-American Principles on the legal regime for the creation, operation, financing, and dissolution of non-profit civil entities”

A team of legal experts led by Eduardo Szazi, of Szazi Bechara Storto Reicher and Figueiredo Lopes Advogados of Brazil, has compiled and analyzed the laws and practices regulating civil society organizations (CSOs) lifecycles of thirty-five of the Organization of American States (OAS) member countries, comparing them to relevant international standards.