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Insolvency boutique Sundgaard Advokater advises on the full spectrum of insolvency matters, including turnarounds, restructurings and bankruptcy estates. In addition to offices in Copenhagen, the firm has expanded its geographical reach to Hillerød in order to increase its presence in the SME sector. Practice leadership is split three ways between Gunvor Sundgaard Happe, Agnete Brus Krusell and Thomas Torré Christiansen.

Practice head(s):

Gunvor Sundgaard Happe; Agnete Brus Krusell; Thomas Torré Christiansen

Key clients

SDK Installation ApS

Advokatfirmaet C.S.C.R. ApS

Abildhill ApS


Protesekompagniet A/S

Electro Energy A/S

Bowa ApS

HJR Murer ApS

Taxivognmand Arne Christensen

Work highlights

  • Appointed trustee in the estate of Advokatfirmaet C.S.C.R. ApS, a Copenhagen based law firm, in bankruptcy.
  • Assisting Vognmand Arne Christensen with its restructuring under the new restructuring rules.
  • Appointed trustee for MONT DOR ApS in one of the first ever Danish bankruptcies that came to be as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Boutique up-and-coming law firm specializing in insolvency and restructuring law

Sundgaard Advokater is a boutique law firm primarily focusing on restructuring and insolvency.

The law firm advises within all aspects of insolvency, including turnarounds, restructuring, and as court-appointed administrators/liquidators in liquidations, bankruptcy, and winding up proceedings. We also offer advice and services to creditors in general—secured and unsecured.

We have made a conscious and strategic choice to focus on insolvency and areas of law adjacent to insolvency. We believe that this strategy makes us less vulnerable to conflicts of interest, which would otherwise hinder our possibility to act independently. Furthermore, as a firm, we also have a strong profile in commercial law assisting clients of all sizes. We advise on litigation and dispute resolution, business and corporate matters, labour and employment law, real estate transactions, and various personal and corporate liability issues—including litigation of liability cases.

A firm undergoing steady expansion

Since our establishment, we have grown increasingly in both numbers of cases as well as employees. When the law firm was founded, it was represented by three partners and one assistant attorney. Since then, Sundgaard Advokater has more than doubled in numbers. Today, the firm consists of the 3 original partners, 1 associate partner as well as 11 employees including three assistant attorneys and several independent case handlers and legal trainees. We continue to steadily grow and look to take on more cases as well as employees in the future.

In addition to our Copenhagen office, we have opened an additional office in Hilleroed north of Copenhagen.

Paving the way for a higher representation of female partners in Law

Sundgaard Advokater is proud to highlight that 66 pct. of our equity partners are women.

It is a vision for our female partners to show that with hard work, strong ambitions, and a supportive family you can make it to the top in a field that traditionally has been mainly represented by men.

In addition to the fact that our female partners have made it to the top at one of the biggest and most competitive law firms in Denmark, our partner Gunvor Sundgaard Happe has also obtained the honourable permanent administrator position within the Bankruptcy Division of the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court. Gunvor was and still is the youngest to hold that position out currently only 18 individuals in Denmark.

Main areas of practice

Insolvency and Restructuring: We provide advice on all aspects of the insolvency area. We take pride in thinking outside the box when finding solutions to secure assets and results. At Sundgaard we deal with close to 200 bankruptcies every year – making us one of the most experienced insolvency firms in the country.

Litigation: The task of litigating is at the core of the legal profession. We have great experience all questions regarding litigation, which is expressed, among other things, by the fact that our partner lawyer Gunvor Sundgaard Happe is represented on the board of the Danish Association of Litigation Attorneys. Furthermore: partner Thomas Torré Christiansen teaches the course on litigation for assistant attorneys in training at the University of Copenhagen

Corporate/Commercial:  We advise on most aspects of commercial and company law matters. Most of our clients are small and medium-sized companies, which we follow in all aspects of their business. When advising, we emphasize both the legal and business aspects, and deal closely with the specific circumstances relevant for the business and its stakeholders.

Insolvency, Restructuring, Litigation, Corporate/Commercial Gunvor Sundgaard 25 10 05 03
Insolvency, Restructuring, Litigation, Labour law Agnete Brus 25 10 05 69
Insolvency, Restructuring, Litigation, Labour law, Corporate/Commercial Thomas Torré 40 92 29 65
Insolvency, Restructuring, Corporate/Commercial, International affairs Pierre Martin Ellegaard 61 51 41 61
Pierre Martin Ellegaard Adolfsen photoMr Pierre Martin Ellegaard AdolfsenPierre Martin Ellegaard Adolfsen is an associate partner with Sundgaard Advokater, which…
Thomas Torré Christiansen photoMr Thomas Torré ChristiansenThomas Torré Christiansen is a co-founding partner with Sundgaard Advokater and has…
Gunvor Sundgaard Happe photoMrs Gunvor Sundgaard HappeGunvor Sundgaard Happe is a founding partner at Sundgaard Advokater. She is…
Agnete Brus Krusell photoMrs Agnete Brus KrusellAgnete Brus Krusell is a co-founding partner with Sundgaard Advokater and has…
Employees : 16 and growing
Danish and the Scandinavian languages

Sundgaard Advokater is proud to highlight that 66 pct. of our equity partners are women. Both female partners have a background as former partners at the largest law firm in Denmark. It is a vision for our female partners to show that with hard work, strong ambitions, and a supportive family you can make it to the top in a field that traditionally has been, and still is, overrepresented by men.

Our youngest employee is less than 20 years old—and our oldest is more than 60.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone at Sundgaard Advokater is free to be themselves—without prejudice of age, gender, disability, race and ethnicity, sexuality, and social class.

Besides being committed, we also act—which our results can attest to.

Sundgaard Advokater are specialized in insolvency. We offer advice concerning to distressed businesses and creditors – including regarding cross border matters.

In addition, Sundgaard Advokater specializes in litigation and conflict resolution as well as commercial and business law matters. Our core value is personal commitment, focus on cooperation, and finding the right solution for the client, which is why we make a great effort to know and understand the clients.

We advise both private and public actors, including small and medium-sized businesses, financial institutions, and public institutions. Advice is provided to clients throughout the country as well as to foreign clients.

Sundgaard are proud and active members of JCA, IR Global and INSOL Europe, which provides us with an international reach and network of trusted advisors.