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Sweden > Data privacy and data protection Tier 3

Kompass Advokat's data privacy practice advises a client portfolio comprised of financial services, e-commerce, trade union and public sector clients. Co-head Anna Lööv is highly experienced in advising on issues relating to processing and retaining patient data, while fellow co-head Anna Karin Pettersson is noted for her GDPR knowledge and acts as DPO for a diverse array of clients. Senior associate Karin Schurmann is also a core member of the team.

Practice head(s):

Anna Lööv; Anna Karin Pettersson

Other key lawyers:

Karin Schurmann


‘They are easy to work with which is very important. This firm really provides practical advice tailored to the business. Their advice has proven to be very useful in the long run and has given us successful tools to work with in a very good way. They have delivered accurate, high-quality advice, both at the level of detail and with a helicopter perspective. It can be seen that several of the individuals working at the firm have experience of working in the business.’

‘Their advice is very hands-on and also includes tools for implementation. They have been at the forefront when it comes to having an open dialogue when setting the scope of the assignment. They have put effort into understanding our needs and expectations and helped us to prioritise and set the scope. It has been a collaboration. They have been very transparent when it comes to estimates and billing. We have appreciated open discussions on how their advice can provide the greatest benefit for us.’

‘Kompass Advokat builds a long lasting and rewarding relationship by continuously offering interesting seminars, creating qualitative networks, and by giving proactive and informative updates in case of legal changes. Anna Lööv has substantial experience within her expertise areas and brings innovative and proactive advice. She is present, committed and responsive.’

‘The lawyers Anna Lööv and Karin Schurmann are accomplished within the legal areas that we use them i.e. GDPR compliance and cybersecurity. They understand perfectly what type of help we need and when. They had no problem adjusting to our interaction level and have easily met our expectations.’

‘Anna Lööv and Kompass Advokatbyrå established an all female data privacy network for women working in Stockholm and active in the privacy field. The network has shown a success with growing numbers of members and it is considered very valuable as a scene for discussing legal and practical challenges within the privacy field.’

‘Anna-Karin Pettersson – has comprehensive knowledge of data protection and data privacy and the ability to clarify and ‘concretise’ the everyday challenges for businesses within this area and come up with short-term and long-term practical and hands-on solutions.’

‘The team has strong collaboration and a culture where all ideas and discussions are welcome. The workplace in general has a culture that is very rare within law firms, where everyone is treated like equals, are fairly and generously compensated, and work-life-balance is not just a goal but a reality. This results in engaged and alert co-workers who like their job, and this shows in the work results. They genuinely care about delivering top-class advice to clients.’

Key clients

JUC Sverige – filial

Livförsäkringsaktiebolaget Skandia, ömsesidigt

S R Intelligence AB

SFF Försäkringsutveckling AB

PO Söderberg & Partner AB

Dina Försäkring AB

Gränges AB

Hannover Re /HDI Global Specialty SE, Swedish branch

Nordea Livförsäkring Sverige AB

Svedea AB

W. R. Berkley Insurance AG, Swedish branch

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Filial Sweden

Gar-Bo Försäkring AB


Dometic Group AB

Movestic Livförsäkring AB

Sweden > Insurance Tier 3

Kompass Advokat provides non-contentious insurance advice to a client portfolio of domestic life insurers as well as UK and Germany-based names. Founding partner and practice head Anna Lööv, with assistance from senior associate Kawin Mårtensson and associate Lina Sandmark, routinely advises on regulatory matters, global expansions, portfolio transfers, insurer and distributor negotiations, FSA applications and distribution agreements.

Practice head(s):

Anna Lööv

Other key lawyers:

Kawin Mårtensson; Lina Sandmark


‘Very nice to work with and dedicated.’

‘Anna Lööv, Lina Sandmark and Kawin Mårtensson have good knowledge of insurance law which is quite rare. They are not big but always make sure to deliver a usable answer within the set timeframe. They work proactively and take contact when they think its needed.’

‘Anna Lööv is well-experienced within insurance law and always tries to meet the client’s need. She always make sure that she understands the question correctly, and delivers usable answers quickly.’

Key clients

ERGO Direkt Versicherungen AG

Dina Försäkring AB

Nordea Bank Sveriges Pensionsstiftelse

Nordea Livförsäkring Sverige AB

SFF Försäkringsutveckling AB

Maiden General Försäkrings AB and Maiden Life Försäkrings

W. R. Berkley Insurance AG, Swedish branch

Hannover Re/ HDI Global Specialty SE, Swedish branch

Försäkringsbolaget PRI Pensionsgaranti, ömsesidigt

Svedea AB

Livförsäkringsbolaget Skandia, ömsesidigt

Fortnox Försäkringar AB

Gar-Bo Försäkring AB

LeasePlan Sverige AB

Solid Försäkring AB

Nordeuropa Försäkring AB

Trygg Hansa Försäkring filial

The firm. We are specialists within insurance law, data privacy, e-commerce, marketing law, trademark, corporate and contract law. In addition to the fact that several of our competences are unusual at the Swedish market, we differ from others through our approach to our clients and coworkers. Our main driving force is to simplify and create values in the practical reality of or clients. We work best when the whole team thrives. Therefore, participation, respect and a sustainable work environment are basic values of our business. We strive for a personal and professional approach, with strong commitment and involvement in our clients’ businesses.

Insurance. We assist insurance companies in all legal issues that may arise in an insurance business, from corporate law, insurance business law and product law to regulatory matters. We assist in drafting and reviewing insurance policies, internal instructions, cooperation agreements with insurance brokers, outsourcing agreements, portfolio transfer agreements as well as provide day-to-day advise for example regarding corporate governance and internal restructuring matters.

Data Protection and Data Privacy. Our data protection compliance package provides clients with large customer databases and listed companies an assurance of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and associated Swedish regulations. We also provide day-to-day advices regarding our clients’ personal data processing and assist in contacts with the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection. We have extensive experience in data protection issues in the financial sector. In addition, we assist other law firms with data protection related questions that may occur in connection with mergers and aquisitions.

Marketing law, trademark, e-commerce, corporate and contract law. We provide reviews and feedback on marketing campaigns of different industries, including banking and insurance, to ensure compliance with the Swedish Marketing Act and other applicable regulations. We also provide advice within e-commerce. We have extensive experience of the application of marketing law in the financial sector.

A company brand is an important asset in order to reach the market effectively and successfully. We help companies to determine how they best invest in protecting their own brand and also what opportunities are available to act against others who violate company rights. In order to avoid infringing someone else’s rights, we help companies to pre-explore the chosen brand before launch. We have long experience with licensing issues and by developing brand and brand strategies that make the company’s own work on brand issues clearer and more cost effective. We also have extensive experience of the specific issues that need to be handled in terms of purchase and sale on the internet and advise on both the marketing teams and special laws relating to e-commerce, distance contracts, electronic communications and personal data management.

We advise companies and associations in matters concerning corporate governance, restructuring and reorganization, capital protection, minority shareholders protection, directors’ liability and other corporate law issues.

We draft, negotiate and review different types of commercial contracts, for example cooperation agreements, general terms and conditions, letters of intent, shareholders agreements and service agreements.

Department Name Email Telephone
Insurance, Data Privacy and Data Protection Anna Lööv
Data Privacy and Data Protection Anna Karin Pettersson
Data Privacy and Data Protection Karin Schurmann
Insurance Kawin Mårtensson
Photo Name Position Profile
 Anna Lööv  photo Anna Lööv Partner. Insurance Law, Data Privacy and Data Protection, Technology and Innovation, Marketing Law,…
 Kawin Mårtensson  photo Kawin Mårtensson Partner. Insurance Law, Data Privacy and Data Protection, commercial contracts, disputes, maritime and…
 Anna Karin Pettersson photo Anna Karin Pettersson Partner. Data Privacy and Data Protection, Technology and Innovation, Marketing Law, Trademark Law…
 Lina Sandmark photo Lina Sandmark Senior associate. Insurance Law, Data Privacy and Data Protection, Corporate Law and commercial…
 Karin Schurmann photo Karin Schurmann Partner.  Data Privacy and Data Protection, Insurance Law, Marketing Law, commercial contractsKarin…
Number of laywers (partners included): : 6
Number of partners : 4
Number of employees : 7
Contact - Anna Lööv (Managing Partner) :

Kompass Advokat sees diversity as an important asset in the business, in that people with experience of different cultures, and genders, often have new angles on issues we are faced with and thus a different ability to understand and meet the needs of our Swedish and international clients. Kompass Advokat’s founder is a second generation immigrant with a Swedish-Colombian background and one partner is a first generation immigrant (from Thailand). A majority of employees are currently women.