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Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law Firm
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Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law Firm is a prominent Serbian law firm with strong international focus. We provide comprehensive multidisciplinary legal assistance to Serbian and foreign companies, mainly from Europe and China, on various cross-border legal matters and in their operations in Serbia.

With its network of offices, Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law Firm can provide national and regional-specific expertise in the whole area of Southern-Eastern Europe, including Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia.

China focus
We are the first law firm in Serbia specialized in providing high quality business law advice to Chinese companies investing in South Eastern Europe in areas such as infrastructure, energy, construction, banking, agriculture, real estate industry and other industries.

Our legal expertise, ability to provide service in Chinese language, as well as our strong relationship with top Chinese law firms allows us to provide effective solutions to Chinese corporations carrying out business in the region.

Apart from the services provided to Chinese corporations investing in China we also provide advice on doing business in China. Our close relationship with top Chinese law firms as well as our expertise in Chinese law enables us to advise on entering the Chinese market and different aspects of doing business in China, such as such establishing corporate structures, including joint ventures, wholly owned subsidiaries and representative offices.

Comprehensive legal advice
We provide a multidisciplinary legal advice based on a successful combination of international focus and excellence of our lawyers offering practical and efficient solutions to our clients. Our fully integrated team, with hands-on partner involvement, provides comprehensive legal solutions to international and domestic clients across a broad range of cross-border and domestic transactions.

Managing Partner Ivana Kopilovicikopilovic@advokatibeograd.rs(+381)63 1288 760
Managing Partner Srecko Kopilovicskopilovic@advokatibeograd.rs(+381)63 288 760
Ivana Mitrovicimitrovic@advokatibeograd.rs(+381) 62 862 3866
Ivanka Jotovic Zivanovicijotovic@advokatibeograd.rs(+381) 61 616 7134
Jovana Arsic photoMs Jovana ArsicSenior associate – Attorney at law
Tamara Bibic photoMs Tamara BibicSenior associate – Attorney at law
Ivanka Jotovic Zivanovic photoMs Ivanka Jotovic ZivanovicAttorney at law – Junior Partner
Srecko Kopilovic photoMr Srecko KopilovicManaging Partner
Ivana Kopilovic photoMs Ivana KopilovicManaging partner
Ivana Mitrovic photoMs Ivana MitrovicAttorney at law – Junior partner
Ivana Ristovic photoMs Ivana RistovicSenior associate – Attorney at law
Sinisa  Zivanovic photoMr Sinisa ZivanovicSenior Associate – Attorney at Law
Hana  Zornic photoMs Hana ZornicAttorney at law – Senior associate
Managing partner : 2
Partner : 2
Attorneys at law : 6
Back office : 2
Serbian Bar Association
Camera di Commercio Italo - Serba

CLIENT: Zhou Rui (Grace)
TESTIMONIAL: Kopilović & Kopilović Law Firm, a domestic law firm with an international focus, has always provided multidisciplinary and the most up-to-date legal vision to our project of hydropower plants reconstruction in Serbia. We developed a great partnership and friendship during the cooperation. We appreciate their approaches to helping Chinese companies improve their strategy of project execution in not only Serbian but also South-eastern European market. We expect to seize the opportunity and have more practices together with Kopilović & Kopilović Law Firm in the future.

TESTIMONIAL: Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law Firm is a very professional and sophisticated firm with a very professional team of lawyers who have always adhered to the client-first work philosophy. We have established a cooperative relationship with K&K since we entered the Serbian market and have been working together for almost five years. K&K has provided us with professional and timely legal advice and assistance in the fields of corporate, labor, real estate, construction, taxation and contract. For us, K&K is a trustworthy and reliable law firm, which is one of the best choices for Chinese enterprises to enter the Serbian market.

COMPANY/FIRM: China Railway Construction Electrification Bureau Group CO., Ltd
TESTIMONIAL: Our company – China Railway Construction Electrification Bureau Group CO., Ltd – has a long and successful cooperation with Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law firm. Based on our long – standing collaboration, we have recognized Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law firm as a reliable business partner who steadily supports our company in all legal matters.

All of our company’s legal business is conducted through Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law firm, the team are amazing, and they instill a sense of confidence by laying out the facts, caselaw, and risk assessment to help make well informed decisions. If we need a response at short notice the turnaround time has been great!

Their communication is always crystal clear, and they always place our best interests as their utmost priority.

We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for legal representation for any legal matter. They are truly experts.

CLIENT: Sun Baoyuan
TESTIMONIAL: I cannot thank Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law firm enough for all their help with the business so far.

They are always there to provide professional support and advice with a personal touch, and nothing is ever too much trouble.

There is no “one size fits all” approach, instead, they have acted in complete interest of the business providing a bespoke approach and documentation to match. Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law firm has assisted me every step of the way; not only providing advice for the matter at hand, but also guidance on how to safeguard the business for the future.

They are a friendly, transparent and responsive modern law firm that I would recommend.

CLIENT: Sun Yiming
COMPANY/FIRM: Haitian Machinery Ruma d.o.o.
TESTIMONIAL: Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law firm has a dedicated, highly experienced team drawing upon strengths in various related disciplines and able to respond quickly and provide focused advice and representation.

We have been extremely impressed by the knowledge, professionalism and guidance received. Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law firm made sure to guide us through all steps to protect our company’s interests.

I like the efficient way in which the Law firm operates – they make excellent use of email and are almost always available for a quick phone call. From our viewpoint, client service is definitely a priority for Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law firm.

CLIENT: Liu Houxi
TESTIMONIAL: With the almost six-year cooperation, Kopilović & Kopilović Law Firm provides us satisfying services with its high-standard profession, excellent competence and reliance. It also can response in a timely manner and put clients’ interests as its priority. Besides, multilingual services, especially in Chinese, really bring us great conveniences.

Every time when it comes any law issue regarding our company, we can always obtain a quick and fruitful responses. Anyway if you are looking for a law firm to cooperate with, Kopilović & Kopilović Law Firm must be the best option. Looking forward to a better cooperation with Kopilović & Kopilović Law Firm in the future.

CLIENT: Dušanka Talić
COMPANY/FIRM: GrECo International doo, Beograd
TESTIMONIAL: Collaboration with Law Firm Kopilović & Kopilović started in 2017 when we met during an important project for one of our Chinese clients. Upon the project’s realization, I recognized the professionalism and level of technical knowledge that Ivana and her team demonstrated, which determined me to further develop our relationship. Ivana and her team were impeccable in understanding the business along with its peculiarities as well as in removing the language barrier between us and our Chinese clients. Proactive business approach along with high attention to detail, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication demonstrated by Law Firm Kopilović & Koplinović always lead GrECo to extend this delightful, professional and enjoyable cooperation.

CLIENT: Giacomo Bosisio
TESTIMONIAL: My company has been co-operating with Kopilovic Law Firm for years and had several opportunities to appreciate the professional and highly qualified services they provide on a number of legal issues, in particular sensitive commercial and business dealings as well as tax litigation. Ivana Kopilovic’s superior language skills (namely, her command of English, Chinese and Italian) are surely a unique asset made available to the foreign companies operating in Serbia and the wider region.

CLIENT: Chen Zhongzheng
COMPANY/FIRM: China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Balkan Ogranak Beograd
TESTIMONIAL: Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law firm is a reliable law firm, with a strong network of highly professional, dedicated and knowledgeable attorneys and staff.

Our company, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Balkan Ogranak Beograd, really appreciates working with people who are trustworthy, experienced and caring towards their clients.

Something we value highly in our long- term cooperation with Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law firm, is the fact that they take a pragmatic and efficient approach in dealing with various legal issues, drafting legal documents, giving legal advices, preparing reports, etc, and always keeping us informed.

We highly recommend their services.

We at Kopilović & Kopilović are very proud of the diverse and inclusive society we have built together.

In order to provide our clients with the best quality legal services, we draw upon the various experience of our lawyers and their individual expertise. Navigating through the difficult waters of law, we are proud that the helm of our law office is in the hands of female partners, who include the entire law firm in the decision-making process.

We are open and welcome to all individuals of expertise regardless of their identity or orientation which can be seen as we offer our clients legal services in 4 different world languages which include Chinese, English, Italian and Serbian.

Our practice primarily deals with investors coming from China, which offers our lawyers a chance to enrich themselves in a culture that is different from what they know. It is for that reason that we put an emphasis on cultural diversity and education in our office, so our team knows and learns about different cultures in order to offer the best possible legal guidance to our clients, as well as understand their needs and ideas as they arise and bring them to fruition.

Through almost 10 years of our practice, we have learnt that the big ideas come from removing boundaries and opening our doors even further for the next generation of lawyers. For that reason, we will continue to learn and empower regardless of orientation or affiliation and will work even harder on being inclusive and diverse, since it is our belief that diversity can only improve on our excellence.