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M.A. Global Consulting
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Tax Tier 2

M.A. Global Consulting has a large tax practice and its newly-formed collaboration with global tax consultancy Andersen Global has considerably broadened the firm's exposure to international clients. It is 'one of the best and leading tax firms in Morocco, for both the quality of its advice and the availability of its team'. Managing partner Mehdi El Attar and specialist tax partner Manar Fadriq are the key contacts.

Practice head(s):

Mehdi El Attar; Manar Fadriq


‘The team is very professional through Mehdi El Attar and the associates working with him. The associates show great dedication to the work required and are very reactive whenever issues arise.’

‘Compared to other firms, MA Global Consulting is constantly bettering its abilities and team and that is why we have never changed our advisors once we met MA Global Consulting eight years ago.’

‘Mehdi El Attar clarifies the applicable financial regulations from step A to step Z.’

‘In my point of view, MA Global Consulting, is one of the best and leading tax firms in Morocco, for both the quality of its advice and the availability of its team for the clients. Last but not least, they have the ability to provide genuine solutions of the customer’s tax issues.’

‘I find the individuals I worked with highly effective, humble and sincere. When I make a request I am sure to have a sufficient oversight of the issue I’m asking for, its risks, remedies and optional choices. That makes me feel backed, and this is a priceless feeling.’

‘What is good is the people available for the case stay on the case until they close it. They have a panel of expertise.’

‘The individuals are very accessible and available. Most of the work is being done on-site with immediate results.’

‘The difference is the degree of involvement of the top management who are personally involved, a concern for perfection. The attention to detail and performance, with a great sense of ethics increasingly rare in Morocco and elsewhere.’

Key clients

SGTM Immobilier

Merck Maroc


Saham Immobilier


Groupement Pour la Construction du Port de Nador (GCPN)

Tumag Câbles

Société Immobilière El Fal

Energy Transfo

Jenan Ammar

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

M.A. Global Consulting focuses on corporate, commercial, finance and tax matters. Oussama Fedane and Mehdi El Attar are noted for their work in sectors such as renewable energy, construction, finance, education and manufacturing. The firm serves as the local partner of Andersen Consulting, giving it a key role in a growing number of cross-border transactions.

Practice head(s):

Oussama Fedane; Mehdi El Attar


‘The team is highly professional and very available for our needs. They provide us with very precise answers even at short notice. The level of the deliverables provided by Dr. El Attar and Mr. Fedane is impressive and competes with the best firms in Casablanca.’

‘Dr. El Attar is a very highly regarded professional that enjoys great humility as he is constantly learning and improving his skills.’

‘Mr. Oussama Fedane is a very pragmatic lawyer with a very impressive thinking speed. His negotiation skills are as impressive as his mind.’

‘M.A. Global Consulting is unique when it comes to advisory services because it is a one-stop shop for all needs. The lawyers are very skilled and the expertise is global and covers all aspects of transactions. We only work with M.A. Global Consulting on our deals and are happy with the quality of the services.’

‘Oussama Fedane is a very professional lawyer with very precise knowledge on the matters that are submitted to him. He is a very good negotiator and a very skilled lawyer that is recognised by his peers as extremely competent.’

‘A really hardworking team. They are always delivering on time. When I happen to meet or be in contact with other colleagues they show same level of eagerness to answer our expectations.’

‘The team is unique because it is composed of high level profiles only. All partners were top level associates in big firms and that shows in the quality of the services provided and the profiles recruited that compose the team. M.A. Global Consulting enjoys a very great reputation on the market and that reputation is bettering year after year.’

‘We work with Dr. El Attar and Mr. Fedane on our transactions. Dr. El Attar is a very well known expert with a great reputation and many connections. He always has precise information and knows when to warn us about dangerous decisions.’

Key clients

Société Générale des Travaux du Maroc (SGTM)

Société de Promotion conjointe au Maroc (SPCM)

Société Générale des Travaux du Maroc (SGTM)


Advanced Vision Africa

AKMH Invest

GreenYellow Morocco

MIF Maroc

Falomen – a subsidiary of the El FAL Group

Advanced Vision Morocco


MA Global Consulting is a Casablanca-based legal and tax one-stop-shop with great expertise in all Corporate Law and Mergers and Acquisitions matters. The firm provides outstanding services and advises major national and international operators on their Business Law related problematics.

The Corporate M&A practice provides a wide ranges of services covering all legal and financial aspects of the transactions from the letter of intent to closing. It also covers all related procedures before the Exchange Office, the Competition Council and other authorities involved in approving mergers and/or investments in and from Morocco.