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Spain > Dispute resolution Tier 5

Clients of Zurbarán Abogados appreciate the team’s ‘involvement, dedication and commitment‘. From its offices in Seville, Madrid and Zaragoza, the team handles a diverse range of cases, from shareholder disputes to litigation concerning breaches of privacy. It has recently been active in litigation involving banking, real estate and energy-sector companies, and private clients also seek the team’s assistance in complex cases. José Manuel García Quílez and Adolfo Cuéllar lead the team; Ricardo Astorga Morano and Miguel Cuéllar Portero are also noted.

Practice head(s):

Adolfo Cuéllar; José Manuel Garcia Quílez


‘Apart from its technical knowledge, the involvement and closeness with the client on the part of the team members, it is very remarkable.’

‘Experience, closeness to clients, involvement and dedication. I’d highlight José Manuel García-Quilez and Ricardo Astorga.’

‘They are differentiated by their closeness and dedication regarding the study of matters.’

‘The experience in the sector, but above all the closeness and dedication with which they study the recommended matters. The service is highly personalised and that improves the attorney-client relationship. It is a multidisciplinary firm, so we mention two of its partners with whom we work most closely: José Manuel Garcia-Quílez and Miguel Cuellar Portero.’

‘It is a compact team, capable of embracing the different branches of law and the needs of clients.’

‘What stands out is the closeness, the experience, and the adequacy of the responses to the needs that arise in each case.’

‘Involvement, dedication, commitment, how they empathise with the client.’

‘Confidence and poise in conversations and then translated into action. The availability shown by those involved and especially the partner. The quality of the work and the presentation of the cases.’

Key clients


Spain > Commercial, corporate and M&A

Principally active in the real estate, biotech, industrial and energy sectors, Zurbarán Abogados handles company acquisitions and dispositions, related financings and corporate governance mandates, among others; Ángel Zamora and Ricardo Astorga Morano co-lead the practice.

ZURBARÁN ABOGADOS, is a multi-disciplinary firm which results from the merger of  Zamora de Claver,  Cuéllar Abogados and attorneys José Manuel García-Quílez and Ricardo Astorga Morano. It is very active in the main sectors of the Spanish economy and has offices in Madrid, Seville, Zaragoza and London.

The founding partners of ZURBARÁN ABOGADOS, as well as García-Quílez and Astorga, are Adolfo and Miguel Cuéllar Portero (Cuéllar Abogados) and Javier Romero Iribas and Ángel Zamora González de la Peña (Zamora de Claver), attorneys with a solid background and firmly established careers.

Their common connection is the performance of their profession with extreme accuracy from a  personal and traditional profile without incurring in any production automatisms.

This new step they take together represents a favourable chance to offer clients a high value multidisciplinary service, benefiting from all the synergies produced and the extraordinary experience accrued.

From its four strategically located offices, ZURBARÁN ABOGADOS serves clients in the whole country. 

Corporate M&A: We have a long, solid track record in the full range of corporate and commercial matters, including:

  • Company acquisitions
  • Dispositions and related financing arrangements
  • Capitalisations
  • Entity selection and formation
  • Governance matters
  • Capital markets and advice to listed companies

Dispute resolution: We have extensive experience in the full range of commercial, company and civil law litigation, including:

  • Shareholders´ disputes
  • Insolvency litigation
  • Challenges to corporate financing agreements
  • Enforcement of shareholder agreements
  • Challenging company resolutions and board of directors’ decisions
  • Civil and commercial contracts
  • General terms and conditions
  • Termination and rescission of contracts
  • Validity, interpretation and enforcement of civil and commercial contracts
  • Liability: Contractual and tort
  • Claims for payment
  • Construction defects
  • Breaches of the rights to honour, privacy and personal image
  • Class actions

Our expertise also extends to arbitration, with partners Ángel Zamora, Adolfo Cuéllar, Ricardo Astorga and José Manuel García-Quílez frequently acting as arbitrators.

Real estate: Our multidisciplinary real estate practice advises on the full range of issues associated with the building and construction of real estate, from planning and financing matters to the sale of completed projects. Our expertise extends to:

  • Legal assistance and consulting services for acquisitions and registry entry of all types of real estate
  • Legal issues associated with the management of land
  • Drafting and negotiation of real estate investment contracts
  • Drafting and negotiation of real estate development contracts
  • Turnkey projects

We also advise on contentious issues affecting the real estate and construction sectors, including the challenging of license granting refusals, mortgage foreclosures and executions.

Employment: We have extensive experience in the full range of employment issues such as:

    • Strategic advice on human resources and labour relations
    • Collective bargaining agreements
    • Restructurings
    • Legal assistance in litigation and criminal proceedings

We act on behalf of a varied portfolio of clients across multiple industries, including:

    • Engineering
    • Construction
    • Leisure and hotels
    • Energy
    • Manufacturing
    • Academia
    • Non-profit organisations
    • Public companies and administrations

Energy: Our multi-disciplinary energy team, led by Ángel Zamora, handles the full range of legal issues faced by energy clients, from corporate and commercial matters to regulatory, litigation and corporate crime issues.

We act on behalf of a wide range of clients, including high-profile energy companies, developers, investors, finance providers and providers of equipment, components and services.

We have a solid track record advising on solar, wind and bio-fuel projects, from “Greenfield” to “Ready to Build”, including the design of corporate structures for and assistance with related tax matters.

Our expertise extends to:

    • Co-development, construction, supply, maintenance and BoP contracts
    • Project finance
    • Sale and acquisition of energy projects and energy generation plants
    • Representation in litigation, arbitration and criminal proceedings

Public law: We cover the full range of administrative law issues, including:

    • Actions for contractual and extra contractual liability of public administration
    • Public procurement processes and related disputes
    • Litigation cases against central, regional and local government bodies
    • Representation in disciplinary proceedings, correction actions and actions for the protection of fundamental rights
    • Expropriations, representation in administrative sanctioning proceedings, filing of complaints and claims before all PA entities
    • Lodging of complaints and claims before the Public Judicial Administrative Jurisdiction

We have extensive experience in public subsidies and grants, and frequently represent clients in litigation proceedings arising from these.

Our client portfolio includes public entities and public capital companies, foundations, groupings of municipalities and Public Administration employees.

Corporate crime: We offer the highest quality advice on the full range of white-collar crime matters, including:

    • Embezzlement
    • Bribery
    • Documentary falsehood
    • False administration
    • Moral integrity offences

Our longstanding focus and experience on corporate crime matters ensures we provide clients with qualified defence in complex investigations which often span several years.

Tax: We advise corporate clients on the optimization of their taxation and the design of tax strategies aligned with this objective. We assist with every aspect of tax law, including:

    • Taxation of corporate deals and restructurings, assisting with planning and optimization
    • Indirect taxation, including VAT, assets transfer and certified legal documents tax
    • Prices of transfers and related transactions, including comparison analysis and assessment
    • Taxation of family businesses
    • Tax litigation, assisting in management proceedings, tax inspections and sanctioning proceedings , as well as in claims deriving from clients’ litigation with the Spanish Tax Authority

Anglo-Spanish group:  The Anglo-Spanish Group provides corporate legal advice to clients with interests in Spain and in the United Kingdom, although it also covers the Philippines and the United States of America. Anglo-Spanish Group works closely with the various departments at ZURBARÁN ABOGADOS enabling us to advise when  knowledge of a Spanish based civil legal system, business practices or language is needed.

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Dispute Resolution, White Collar Crime Adolfo Cuéllar Porteroacuellar@zurbaran.net0034 954 049 496
Public Law, Employment Law Miguel Cuéllar Porteromcuellar@zurbaran.net0034 954 049 496
Corporate M&A, Dispute Resolution, Real Estate Francisco Esteban Bernalfesteban@zurbaran.net0034 954 049 496
Dispute Resolution, White Collar Crime José Manuel García-Quílezjmgquilez@zurbaran.net0034 954 049 496
Public Law Elena Oviedo Moraleoviedo@zurbaran.net0034 954 049 496
Tax Law Javier Romero Iribasjromeroiribas@zurbaran.net0034 976 292 381
Corporate M&A, Real Estate, Energy Law Ángel Zamora González de la Peñaazamora@zurbaran.net0034 913 192 443
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