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Launched at the beginning of 2019, Amadagana & Partners pursues a sector-specific approach to corporate, financing and regulatory work. Managing partner Lynda Amadagana and her team have considerable knowledge of energy, mining and infrastructure matters and are involved in numerous innovative projects including renewable energy developments and the establishment of the mining industry in Cameroon. Furthermore, the firm is well able to assist with public-private partnerships and has recently expanded its service portfolio to include a broad range of corporate and finance work. Amadagana, who is also admitted to the Paris Bar, heads the practice together with business law and litigation expert Charly Kwahou.

Practice head(s):

Lynda Amadagana; Charly Kwahou

Other key lawyers:

Elise Ngo Nyobe; Guy Mbenda


‘This practice is very high quality. Professional, speed, speciality, depth of skills, speed of service and very strong professional ethics ’

‘Lynda Amadagana is smart, articulate, bright, professional, highly specialized and bilingual. Stands head and shoulders above the competition. ’

‘The team provides good services and well-prepared documentation.’

‘Lynda Amadagana is capable of bringing parties together based on her practical experience.’

Key clients


Cameroon Power Holdings


CCA Bank


Dibamba Power Development Company

EDFI Management Company

EGIS Projects





Fonds Routier du Cameroun

Kribi Power Development Company

Lion Services

Makoe Ventures

Maua Africa

Rainbow World Group

Razel BEC

Razel Cameroun

Red Water Academy


Sharaz Holding Group


Southbridge Group


UK High Commission

UK Cameroon Chamber of Commerce

Upowa SAS


Amadagana & Partners is a modern and innovative business law firm based in Yaoundé, Cameroon, founded by Lynda Amadagana, an attorney at the Paris and Cameroon Bars.

The firm has a recognised expertise in OHADA business law and in the energy, mining and infrastructure sectors. A&P advises international institutions and corporations, investment funds, private and public companies in the structuring and management of their projects in Cameroon and Africa, with a particular focus on the OHADA zone.

Amadagana & Partners has its main office in Yaoundé, Cameroon, and two others offices in Paris, France, and Kinshasa, in Democratic Republic of Congo.

A&P is a truly international firm which stands out for the quality and excellence of its services and has a strong reputation in the energy, mining, infrastucture and financing sectors. The firm advice and assistance is based on an in-depth knowledge of the legal, regulatory and business environments in Africa, with a full understanding of its clients’ business objectives.

Amadagana & Partners is a fast-growing law firm, devoted to the African continent which aims at supporting projects with a high impact on african economies. The firm is really innovative in its flexible hierarchical structure which provides greater efficiency and responsiveness. The cohesion of its staff and the prevailing team spirit is a true competitive edge.

Amadagana & Partners also has a strong commitment towards social responsibility and implements best practices to promote diversity within the firm.

With its lawyers experienced in handling high level and complex transactions, Amadagana & Partners is the relevant choice for national and international investors looking for a trustworthy and skilled partner for their projects in Cameroon.

Department Name Email Telephone
Managing Partner, Head of Advisory Lynda AMADAGANA +237 655 45 76 81
Partner, Head of Litigation & Arbitration Charly KWAHOU +33 6 51 27 51 28
Photo Name Position Profile
Me Lynda AMADAGANA  photo Me Lynda AMADAGANA Managing Partner
Me Charly KWAHOU  photo Me Charly KWAHOU Partner
Mr Guy MBENDA  photo Mr Guy MBENDA Senior Associate
Me Elise NGO NYOBE  photo Me Elise NGO NYOBE Of Counsel
Associates : 12
Communication Officer : 1
Administration Officers : 3
General Services : 4

Since its creation, Amadagana and Partners has been committed to placing individuals and their differences among its major assets for the benefit of the firm’s performance.

This commitment to diversity is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

We promote gender diversity. As a firm run by a woman, we understand and appreciate the challenges that women face in the job market, especially in the field of law, which is considered to be very masculine and competitive. We refuse and sanction any discriminatory behaviour towards our female employees, who make up more than half of our staff. We also reject any pay gap between men and women with equal skills and equal positions.

In Cameroun more than 200 ethnic groups live side by side. This ethnic diversity, which is one of the country’s strengths, is reflected in the firm’s staff. We promote diversity of ethnic backgrounds. We promote the representation of the diversity of society in all its differences and richness. We also promote racial diversity within our workforce, as our employees come from different countries. Thus, we implement every day the notion of “living together” at A&P. (r

We promote socio-cultural diversity. Within the Firm, all social classes rub shoulders. We vary our sources of recruitment to seek and acquire talent from all social strata. The Firm gives itself the best possible chance to retain skills and attract people, beyond any categorization. It is a strategy based on rational economic ethics.

In a global way, we promote the application of the principle of non-discrimination in all its forms in all the Firm’s management and decision-making acts, and in particular in all stages of human resources management. A&P builds and develops a working environment where everyone, regardless of their ethnic origin, social background, religion, gender, age or disability, feels valued. By creating an atmosphere conducive to the development and fulfilment of all employees, the entire firm benefits.

Lynda Amadagana, Managing Partner

Managing partner Lynda Amadagana gives an insight into the firm and explains her vision for the future.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate AMADAGANA & PARTNERS from your competitors?

Amadagana and Partners (“A&P”) is an innovative client-focused law firm. Indeed our strategic positioning since our creation in 2019 is as to provide deep technical expertise in the energy, mining, infrastructure and financing sectors in Africa. Thus, our differentiating feature is the sectorial approach of our services. We are advising national and international investors, government entities and key players in African economies in structuring and managing their projects in the abovementioned sectors in Cameroon and Africa, with a particular focus on the OHADA zone.

At A&P, we have a recognized local expertise in the market combined with a mastery of international standards. These two factors combined with our sectorial approach are our competitive edge.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

The CEMAC zone in general, and Cameroon in particular, is a dynamic region with a strong untapped energy and mining potential and growing demand due to the strategic approach towards industrialization. We expect to see significant growth in energy, mining and infrastructure transactions, as the various governments enter into public-private partnerships to boost the development and financing in these sectors.

We also anticipate seeing tech, data and telecom law to evolve with the growing use of electronic data and dematerialization of transactions. In addition, we see sports law as an area of potential growth, as African leagues are becoming more professional and are in growing need of transactional expertise.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

Since the launching of A&P, we have been focusing on meeting our client’s needs. Indeed, we are providing our clients with the business and sectorial information they need to make informed decisions. We regularly publish online weekly briefing news and legal and tax newsletters. Th is information is key as it enables our clients, particularly multinationals, to have at a glance, the economic and legal state of affairs in Cameroon and Africa. We get positive feedback from our clients on this business-centered approach.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

From the beginning, the use of technology has been essential to our communication with clients. We communicate with our offices in other cities (Paris, Kinshasa) and with our clients through several tools such as zoom, teams, skype etc… We are also very active on social networks such as Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook and regularly update our various accounts. We ensure that we provide timely and efficient services with tehcnilogy as we can finalize transactions, provide written consultations, hold meetings through our technological tools. We also provide systematic reporting to our client using the same tools.

The arrival of the pandemic and the closing of borders has only amplified this trend, with meetings systematically held by audio and video conference between team members and our various clients around the world.

We can validly say that technology has amplified our productivity, allowing us to save time and to provide even faster and more fit-for-purpose services to our clients.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

One of our main clients is a large group in the mining sector, which was looking to establish its presence in Cameroon. We acted as legal counsel for the implementation and provided assistance on all legal and regulatory issues in the mining sector in Cameroon.

The assistance was complex due to the lack of implementing provisions of the Cameroonian mining regulations making it difficult to give a clear opinion on the applicable law. Fortunately, thanks to our legal support and innovative and collaborative approach with the regulator, administrative bodies and our client, the operation was successfully completed.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three years’ time?

Stability, productivity and balance are qualities that are highly valued by our clients, which we strive to cultivate on a daily basis.

In three years’ time, our firm’s objective is to expand our reach by opening new offices in Central and West Africa to provide a global service to our clients. We also have the ambition to strengthen our human resource by hiring new senior Associates to continue to provide high quality service and assistance to our clients in several sectors.